The Cover-up Continues… A Mother’s Despair

11 Apr

The cover-up relating to a young man’s death last year in a motorcycle-pickup truck accident that was “investigated” by the Coeymans Police Department and screwed up not only by Coeymans patrolman Ian FOARD, who is a reject of the Mechanicville Police Department hired by Coeymans, and acting Coeymans Police Chief Daniel Contento, but by almost everyone involved from the Coeymans Police Department to the Albany County Coroner’s Office, to the Albany County District Attorney (Surprised? David Soares is riding the Soul Train again…to Outer Space), and that real-estate corporation posing as a healthcare provider, Albany Medical Center. What would you do if it was your son who ended up dead and ignored?

Why hasn’t Coeymans Town Supervisor Phil Crandall launched an investigation. He hasn’t even asked any questions!!! He’s an accessory to this shameful, scandalous cover up!

Riley’s mom at her boy’s casket. Wonder what she’s thinking.

Well, the kid’s mother is still trying hard to get answers. She writes:

Yes it’s taken awhile to catch on because of the malfeasance of AMC, CPD, and the Albany Coroners office. They intentionally led me in circles but what I’ve come to realize is that AMC is the ring leader of the crooks. They provided false instruments and conspired with the help from CPD and the pathologist to hide the gross negligence that occurred in their hospital all to evade exposure to regulating agencies who provide them with grants and give them their level 1 trauma center status. AMC did some horrible things to my son 7/27/18, their negligence is the reason the police accident report says my son was unconscious/ incoherent, the reason Officer Foard told me my son’s injuries were so bad the he probably never even knew what hit him, the reason why the death certificate says he died in the ER, and why the pathologist who performed the autopsy didn’t mention the lines that students placed that lacerated the wall of his right atrium and brachial cephalic vein. They killed my son and CPD and coroners office didn’t hesitate one bit to help AMC get away with it. I will not get an attorney and fight a never ending battle. I want nothing to do with these crooks however I have and will continue to willingly supply advocates and overseeing agencies with all the records and recording I have so they can investigate.

I just want to thank you for everything you have done to get the word out and for making it possible to have a tree planted in memory of my son. I look forward to visiting it this July.

Why doesn’t this community respond? Why aren’t the residents of this community up in arms at this incredible embarassment, this disgrace of this community, this county, our entire society that just sits there and lets something like this happen without a peep!?!?

Shame on you Coeymans, Albany!

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