New Group in the Albany Area: Men in Kilts

20 Mar

Serving the community and Social Justice and Engagement!

We’ve been contacted by a new group in the Capital District Area and asked for our support. Consistent with our social justice and community support platform, we have decided to support the group. It’s so unique we think it should get all the support it can get.

Now, seriously, this is no scam. We’ve done our homework as usual and have gotten the facts and verified them. But, as always, we let the group speak for itself and here’s what the spokesperson has to say about the group:

“We are a group of gay men who are passionate about the outdoors, hiking, and backpacking. There are many terrific and challenging trails in this part of the country, particularly in New York and Vermont. Our group is mixed, that is, it’s made up of experienced trekkers and novices, but all are welcome. We have one thing that sets us apart from all the rest on the trails: we are all Celts either by ancestry or spirit, and we live many of the Celtic traditions and culture, particularly the kilt. We hike the trails in kilts!” [Name withheld by Editor.]

Kilted Celts on the Trails.
You GO! guys!

Given the amount of negative material to cover in this area, this group seems to have a lot going for it. Albany’s support of the traditional American Celtic holiday, St Patrick’s day, was paltry at best. There were few musical or cultural events to commemorate the holiday or the Celtic traditions. As usual, all you could find were drunks, fights, police patrols, and the usual Albany attractions.

We applaud innovation and courage and these guys seem to have a good dose of each. Bravo for them! We’d like to see more like them out there appreciating the beauty of the area, taking care of nature and just being a part of the world. The Gay Kiltics (that’s not a misspelling, it’s what they’re called) could be a lesson for all of you locals whose mission in life is to kill, destroy, litter, pollute, and just generally be ugly!

Anyone interested in joining us in supporting the group or even in joining the group can contact Gay Kiltics Hiking and Backpacking.

The Smalbany blog supports the Gay Keltics Hiking and Backpacking group as a community organization  but is not the contact for information about or for the group. Please direct all of your inquiries to the group at Gay Kiltics Hiking and Backpacking.

Checking out the scenery.
Happy Springtime!
The Editor


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