New Baltimore’s Halloween “Kripple-a-Kid” Program

31 Oct


When trick-or-treating in the National Historic District of New Baltimore, both parents and kids have to move very carefully to prevent injury, thanks to the Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department. They’re the real witches and goblins you have to watch out for, and they’re paid with taxpayer money. That’s the real evil curse.

Better watch your step! The New Baltimore Highway Department is out to catch you!
Be afraid! Very afraid!

Or so the greeting goes. Some towns and villages have library programs, others have community Halloween parties, others still have dunking for apples and cider and doughnuts.In New Baltimore the scene is much grimmer: The Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department features an annual “Kripple-a-Kid” program. Here’s how it works: Each year during the Spring and Summer months, the New Baltimore Highway Department do what they call  “roadwork”, which in reality is a bunch of Neanderthals driving dump trucks and standing leaning on shovels watching the low-man-on-the-totem doing the shoveling, that is, digging holes. Part of the program is to create hazards which apparently are designed to catch adults, cause accidents, and ruin private property.

Resident on New Street in New Baltimore Hamlet had to cordon off their front entrance to prevent injuries to trick or treaters.

But each Halloween, when the trick-or-treaters are making their rounds, some of the New Baltimore Highway Department’s real masterpieces of grim lurk on the dark streets of the National Historic District. Sharp dropoffs at turns waiting to hang up an unwary driver’s vehicle. Roadside dropoffs waiting to gobble up anyone not watching his step. High built-up humps at the entrances of some residents homes waiting to trip up anyone unaware and breaking limbs. Even deep “catchments” ready to bend a rim or break a leg. Then there’s the deep ditch filled with innocent looking weeds and grass but concealing a deep drainage ditch disguised as a flat area of vegetation. Whether you’re a grown-up or a kid,  theyve set traps for you. And when residents ask the Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department to fix the damage they do, their response is: “Let them sue us!” and they hand the complaints over to their lawyers, who then tell the residents to get a lawyer!

Treats had to be set up at the end of the front entrance sidewalk to prevent injuries.

They do their mischief and when the damage is tallied up, they admit that there’s damage but they refuse to fix it or to adjust the assessment. Then they go into “lawyer mode.”

So it was under Highway Superintendent Denis Jordan and so it continues under acting Highway Superintendent Scott VanWormer and so it will be when Alan VanWormer became, Yes! “became,” because he’s become the new New Baltimore HIghway Superintended without even a single vote being cast.

Sign Explaining Why the Treats are Roadside:
“This Hazard Provided with the Compliments of the New Baltimore Highway Department”

So this Halloween don’t forget to say:
Thank you! Mr VanWormer, Mr Jeff Ruso, Mr Nick Dellisanti, and Ms Shelly vanEtten. And Thank you! too, Mr Pat Linger, Mr Joe Stanzione for all your help and care! Thanks for nothing!

Remember this story on Election Day!

Both Mr Alan VanWormer and Mr Joe Stanzione are unopposed. You have been denied your voice and your vote. Don’t waste your vote and don’t cast a vote for any unopposed candidate!

Don’t waste your vote on

Alan VanWormer running unopposed for New Baltimore Highway Superintendent

Joe Stanzione running unopposed for Greene County District Attorney

Pat Linger (opposed by Jim Eckl) for Greene County Legislature representing New Baltimore

Not one of these ghouls didn’t care enough to keep residents and our kids safe. None of these walking dead deserve a single vote!


4 responses to “New Baltimore’s Halloween “Kripple-a-Kid” Program

  1. annoyed resident

    November 3, 2018 at 8:11 pm

    What a bunch of idiots we have in New Baltimore. [redacted] The road was elevated so much so that you can no longer park on the side of the street without either blocking traffic flow or bottoming out your car. If you know what’s good for this town you will not vote for the idiot republicans. Although unfortunately in many cases they are running unopposed so you do not have a choice.


    • Principal Editor

      November 4, 2018 at 11:30 am

      Dear Annoyed Resident or Emily Rose, whichever you prefer:

      As you are aware or should be aware, we have contacted you for clarification/verification of some of the facts in your comment. As of this writing we have not heard back from you. Accordingly, we are responding with what we have.

      Thank you for your comment and for confirming what we’ve been reporting for some time now.

      Unfortunately, because of the foul language and otherwise nasty and irrelevant factoids used in most of your comment, which in fact reflected more of your personal irritation than any facts or even anything in the article you are commenting on, we have found it necessary to redact a portion of your comment. Our Rules for the Road clearly state that comments must respond to the facts in the article or provide new, verifiable facts relevant to the article. The redacted portion of your comment did neither.

      If you’d like to resubmit a more civil and informative comment responding to the facts in the article or providing new, relevant facts of interest to the community and not only to your personal axes-to-grind, we’ll be very pleased to publish it once it has passed muster.

      Quite frankly, you don’t sound like much of a neighbor nor much of a citizen of New Baltimore and, if you feel that strongly about the place and the people, perhaps it would be better for you and New Baltimore if you were to find somewhere else to live and to hate.

      We don’t think that the fact of wearing the label “Democrat” or “Republican” (by the way, the “r” in the political party is upper case, that is, Republican) has very much to do with the situation in places like New Baltimore, Greene County, or Albany County. Most Dems and Reps are DINOS or RINOS. What we are talking about in most cases is the total lack of basic competencies, qualifications, interest in the community; instead we have a bunch of power-hungry incompetents either padding their pensions or their pockets at taxpayer expense with no concept of Constitution or of principles of good government. When we have that sort of rubbish, and the anger and apathy you express, at the local level, we can’t expect much more at higher levels of partisan politics or of government. Change has to start in the home, in the family, and locally.

      Once again, thank you for your comment (we think).

      The Editor
      Smalbany Blog

      P.s. We would like to refer all commenters to the Rules for the Road. We appreciate your comments and are happy to publish compliant comments. Avoid the embarrassment of seeing “redacted” in your comment by being civil and factual.


      • z

        November 5, 2018 at 3:17 pm

        It is funny that you think I am the one who hates New Baltimore [redacted]. I was just making a comment about one particular individual.


      • Principal Editor

        November 7, 2018 at 7:56 am

        Doesn’t really matter. You’re a sociopath and not much you can say will change that. Your mother and the state should have invested all that money wasted on you at Oswego and invested it better in professional help for you.

        Marketing? The only marketing you’ll be doing is white trash: YOU!

        The Editor



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