We Are Re-Opening the Case: Riley Kern, Young Man Killed in Coeymans Hollow, Sycamore Golf Course

07 Sep

Just when they thought they got away with it!

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The Facts are Pointing to a

As you may recall, we wrote in a July article, “Three Articles on New Baltimore Scandals: Pick One or Read All,”, asking “Did you know?” about the case of a young man who was involved in a fatal motorcycle-pickup truck accident in Coeymans Hollow. We wrote:

Editor’s Sidebar: Town of Coeymans. We’ve received reports of a fatal pick-up truck — motorcycle accident that occurred during the evening hours of Saturday, July 28, 2018, on Route 143 in the Town of Coeymans. The operator of the motorcycle, a 20-year old man was killed; the operator of the pick-up truck was allegedly Ravena resident Travis Hagen. Strangely nothing has appeared in the local media about the accident. We have contacted the Coeymans Police for confirmation facts but have not received a response. A reader has informed us that he, too contacted the Coeymans Police acting chief, Daniel Contento, and was told only that there was an accident and the police investigated and reported it to the DMV. Is this a cover up to protect a prominent Ravena family? Doesn’t the young man’s life mean anything or do we just sweep the whole thing under the carpet? We need to start asking questions. The 20-year old man is not just another raccoon, Mr Contento!

This is Riley and a Companion.

Read more about Riley at
Ryan Parker Kern  August 4, 1998 – July 27, 2018 
and leave a note of support and condolence for his family and friends.

At the time, we were suspicious that the accident didn’t get a single word of coverage on any media, and we asked Why?

Since we published that very small bit of information, we’ve received contacts from people who have read the inconspicuous item and have contacted us with a huge amount of information and many, many questions.

In the meantime, we have received some information on Travis Hagen that points to a cover-up in the case of the young man’s death. At the very minimum, a number of people involved in the investigation of the accident and reporting the so-called “facts” are going to have to answer a lot of very unpleasant questions very soon!

Travis Hagen, 48, of Coxsackie. Driver of the pick-up truck.

There are still people in this community who think they are above the law

We are now re-opening the case and will be publishing the information as it’s verified for you, our reading public, to be sickened and outraged by what’s going on in the RCS community and what’s going on in the Coeymans Police Department. There are still people in this community who think they are above the law and can get away with trying to hide a crime. We’re here to make certain the truth gets out and they are brought to justice.

Click this link to read Riley’s mom’s response to detractors of SmalbanyRiley’s Mom Responds: A Mother’s Perspective.

Unconfirmed witness reports indicate that there are inconsistencies in the Police Incident Report. Is there a possibility that the driver of the pick-up truck was … !




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5 responses to “We Are Re-Opening the Case: Riley Kern, Young Man Killed in Coeymans Hollow, Sycamore Golf Course

  1. smalbany is full of crap

    September 11, 2018 at 6:11 am

    LOL, I use to read these posts and shake my head about what you were reporting. How could any of this be going on? Ravena is absolutely screwed up I thought to myself. You lost me at prominent Ravena Family, cover up, and Ravena Man… All are false! Just because you find a pic on the internet of a man drinking a possible beer in a pool doesn’t mean their is a cover up. LOL I really can’t believe you went there. Thanks for showing your true colors in the article and your response to Mr. Irwin. I will continue to read your posts, but only as comic relief.



    • Principal Editor

      September 11, 2018 at 2:59 pm

      Thank you, Full of Crap,for your comment.

      It seems you comment just like you ejaculate — prematurely. If you weren’t so quick to shoot your load — of crapola, that is — you’d have waited for at least the follow up. But, you are typical of the local dingalings who can read only up to the next opportunity to deny facts.

      But on the upside, you mention you’ll continue reading Smalbany so there’s still hope for you and your kind.

      Thanks again for the comment! (And get to a urologist, quick!)

      The Editor


  2. I let it it went

    September 11, 2018 at 1:21 am

    It’s what your friend didn’t do that makes me doubtful it was only an accident. He’s lucky to have you by his side.
    It’s not bad that “someone” had to die, it’s TRAGIC. Riley was loved by so many and they are all hurt by this. It was unbearable pain to bury our “someone” on his birthday. What’s “bad” is investigating officers that don’t take photos of the accident scene, take reports from witness, lie to the family about this young mans condition, and not knowing the responsibilities as an investigating officer when it comes to fatal accidents; bad and neglectful.

    We love you Riley and miss you tremendously. You will forever be in out hearts💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Royal H Irwin

    September 9, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    I think its bad someone got killed. But to think the accused is above the law is highly doubtful I know and worked with him. To say he has done anything without proof is crap


    • Principal Editor

      September 10, 2018 at 4:37 pm

      Thank you for your comment.
      Very glad to know that you think it’s “bad” that someone got killed. That’s a real statement of compassion, I must admit. You must be an extraordinarily sensitive man, Royal, to make such a profound statement like that.

      You really have to get your facts straight, friend, we don’t think the “accused” or anyone else “is above the law.” In fact, that’s why we re-opened the case. You have totally misread and misundertood our statement.

      You are a bit biased, and probably prejudiced, too, because you say you know him and have worked with him. We presume you are referring to Travis Hagan. Then you know about his character and his drinking habits? You’ll make a great witness, then. We’ll pass your name and particulars on to the attorney for Riley’s family; he might be interested in talking to someone who is such good friends with Hagan.

      Careful also when you presume we don’t have good facts to back up what we write. Anyone familiar with this blog would know better than make an idiotic statement like yours. We don’t blow smoke, friend.

      And now bake to Riley: A 20 year old man was killed. A young life snuffed out and the best you can do is say “its bad,” and you can’t even manage to do that simple sentence grammatically correctly. OMG!

      Incompetent police, yahoo pickup truck drivers, illiterate comments and a dead young man. That’s the sum up of Coeymans, I guess.

      Now read the article with the eyes of one of Riley’s friends. Read it with his mother’s eyes. With his father’s eyes.

      Do you know a group of Riley’s local friends made the trip to Kansas to attend his funeral? Travis Hagan didn’t even have the decency to express condolences. So when you come up with a defense for your innocent little troll, please don’t try to feed us that shit.

      Thanks once again for your comment.

      The Editor

      P.s. Are you still at LaFarge? And what’s with Utica, anyway, you’re still in Coxsackie, aren’t you?

      Liked by 1 person


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