Is Nancy Warner Suffering PMM (Post-menopausal Mania) AGAIN?

15 Aug

Is the reigning witch on a stick of Ravena Village Hall on another PMM rampage? Have her hormones kicked in again, and is she feeling her bowels moving again after so long a bout of rage constipation? Is Nancy off her sanity medication and back on her evil pill? Have her keepers fallen asleep and she’s gotten loose?

Nancy Warner sending forth her minions.

We have our ear to the ground in Ravena and it seems that there are some real angry people and some serious complaints brewing, and it all leads back to Nancy Warner. She’s like a senile bear sow who’s awakened out of hibernation with a wicked pain in her anus and that means someone, perhaps an entire village, is going to be shat upon.

As in the past, she’s not above intimidating the low-lives in Village Hall to go out and do her dirty work nor is she above involving the local Keystone Cops in enforcing her misguided and still unlawful projects. Without competent and strong leadership in the Coeymans Police Department and with a backstabbing Coeymans Town Board, the casualty toll can be mind-boggling.

We’ve received several reports and will be investigating those along with the unlawful conduct of Ravena Code Enforcement Dingleberry, Ron Holman, as well as some questionable ticketing activity by the Coeymans Police.

What Ravena, Coeymans and New Baltimore Local Government share in Common.

One of our projects to to ask the question: “Why are the huge trucks going through Ravena in the first place? ” If they’re coming from Exit 22 at Selkirk, going through Selkirk to get to 9W would be the most logical solution. If they’re coming from the so-called gully known as the Port of Coeymans, wouldn’t it be more sensible to negotiate a passage through the Lafarge properties, perhaps even getting an access road built? Doesn’t anyone on the Village or Town Board realize that those trucks are ruining the foundations of the properties along Main Street in Ravena? And what about the ancient sewerage and water pipes under the street? At least Selkirk had the balls to oppose and stop most of the heavy trucks moving through the hamlet. You have to wonder Why? Ravena (and New Baltimore) are so indifferent and clueless about this major problem. Any answers?


Local Government at Work.
The Editor



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4 responses to “Is Nancy Warner Suffering PMM (Post-menopausal Mania) AGAIN?

  1. Sante DeBacco

    August 16, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    Dear Blogger,
    As you are aware, I am an employee of the Village of Ravena. I work part-time in the Building Department. I do not read your blog, but for just this one time I went on to read your blog about Ron Hohlman, the Zoning Enforcement Orrin our office. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not sticking up for Mr. Hohlman, something question his tactics as well. But why I would like to is: why don’t you bash Joe Burns? He is the department head of the Building Department: Both myself and Ron fall under Mr. Burns’ supervision. Ron is just a part-time employee who works 2 days a week, about 4 hours a day. I, as Joe Burns’ assistant work part-time, an average of 8 to 12 hours a week.
    In my real job I work as a firefighter. I am dedicated, highly trained, highly experienced after 35 years, and I take
    unmitigated pride in my profession in the fire service. I know you are aware that I work as a firefighter in my full-time job because I have been told that you bashed me for that several years ago in your blog. In the fire service we have a chain of command. If there is an issue, if there is a problem, if something goes wrong at the scene of an emergency or even at a non-emergency function, the officer in charge has to answer for it. Ultimately the chief is responsible. In our Building Department in the Village of Ravena, Joe Burns is our “chief”. He is responsible and must answer for all that goes on in our office. So, I feel you should go to him with your concerns, not Mr. Hohlman who is not a supervisor, decision maker, etc. He’s a worker – just doing what he’s told to do.
    Thank you for your time.
    Sante DeBacco


    • Principal Editor

      August 17, 2018 at 5:09 pm

      Thank you for your comment, Mr Debacco.

      We have responded in a special article on the Smalbany blog.

      The Editor


      • Sante Debacco

        August 19, 2018 at 9:14 am

        Good Evening Editor of the Smalbany Blog,

        I would like to comment again, on the most recent post that I am the subject of that is up on the Smalbany Blog, which contains your response to my comment from last evening. I didn’t think I was going to suddenly be blessed with all this popularity.
        First of all, my comments last evening should have been posted to the blog regarding the issue with the Village of Ravena employee Mr. Hohman. It was my mistake to post it to the blog regarding Mrs. Warner. Please forgive my lack of IT savviness.
        Secondly, you are right. My jobs at the Village of Ravena and Town of Coeymans are real jobs. In my line of work at the Town and Village, I am responsible for the safety of the public in the built environment. There is nothing more important than public safety. I apologize to anyone in the public sector of employment that I may have offended by commenting that my part-time jobs were not “real” jobs.
        Thirdly, you are right again, I do work for the public, and paid by the taxpayer, and my work as a public sector employee is public knowledge. No debate about that.
        However, I do stand behind my comment that how much I work is my own business. It is my choice to work as much as I do. In fact I actually enjoy working all of my jobs. That’s why I have longevity in my jobs. I was there for my family all through the years when I could be, and my family understood and accepted my work schedule. Despite your comment that “local kids are failures”, my children did not grow up to be failures. I feel that I did ok raising my family, despite being at work so much.
        Fourthly, right again! Those of us who are public sector employees should take responsibility for our own actions. I think my supervisors in my Town and Village jobs have the confidence in me to be responsible for my actions. But as I had mentioned in my comment last evening, the department head, or “chief”, as I had stated, is ultimately responsible, and should have to answer for our actions or inactions. But – do we (employees at the Village of Ravena ) really need to be compared to the defendants at the Nuremberg trials? Are our faults really comparable to Nazi murderers? I don’t think it’s fair to compare us to murderers.
        Fifthly, somewhere there must be record of my employment at the Albany International Airport. I have been continually employed there in the fire department since 1983.
        I was an Albany County employee there from 1983 to 1991. In 1991 the County privatized the day to day operations of the Airport. Since 1991 I have worked for the various private sector management companies that have run the day to day operations. Since 2005 I have been employed by a company called AFCO-AvPorts. The AHJ over the Airport is the Albany County Airport Authority. Technically I am not a public employee at the Airport. I am a private sector employee paid by AFCO-AvPorts, however we do serve the traveling public. Just wanted to clear the air on that issue. In reality my Airport employment has absolutely nothing to do with the issues for which the Blog is concerned. I used my Airport employment to illustrate my example of the chain of command.
        Sixthly, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Mr. Burns, my supervisor in the Village of Ravena Building Department. I disagree with your counter point that I “threw him under the bus”. Mr. Burns and I have worked together for 24 years and he has taught me a lot about the aspects of building construction that we don’t learn from a code book or sitting in a classroom. However, I stand behind my comment that he should be the person to bring concerns to if there is a discrepancy in the performance of our duties in the Building Department, since he is the department head. It is my opinion that faults or discrepancies with an individual’s job performance should not be announced in a public forum without first bringing it to the person in charge.
        Lastly, I really am interested in my community. I am not interested in the blog ( up until now since I have suddenly become popular on it ), because, as I have been told, the blog contains negative comments on our public and elected officials. It is my opinion that bashing ( to reiterate the word I used in my previous post ) us in a public forum is not the solution to straighten out our problems.
        By all means, please post this comment on the blog along with your rebuttal comments.
        Thank you again for your time and attention.
        Sante DeBacco
        Sent from my iPhone


      • Sante Debacco

        August 19, 2018 at 9:17 am

        Just another quick comment about your blog. I couldn’t sleep very well last night, thinking about all this blog stuff, for which I have become so popular. So I went on the blog and I spent a few hours reading through all the monthly archives and information on it.
        And my conclusion is: it really is derogatory and negative to us public and elected officials. Don’t get me wrong – I am not arguing the First Amendment right to the freedom of speech or freedom of expression. The blog has every right to those freedoms. But to describe us public / elected officials using the following illustrations really is negative, derogatory, and perhaps even slanderous in my opinion: terms such as “dithering”, “dumbocrap”, “witch on a stick”, “lackey”, “his dishonor”, “mouse” ….. picture of Hitler and Moussellini implying that elected officials are comparable to those two. There’s nothing much more derogatory than being compared to Hitler or Mousellini……anyway the list of negative terms goes on. I’ll give you the term “bully”, because I have seen some of us act like bullies. Actually the blog is sort of entertaining, and is definitely not boring to read.
        I agree – all of us public / elected officials have our share of problems. None of us are perfect. But I think that there are other ways to work out our problems besides bringing out faults in a negative / derogatory manner in a public forum. There is an old saying in the fire service: “praise in public, reprimand in private”. Is there anything good or positive that can be said about us on the blog?
        I have vowed never to go on the blog again to read it, even if there’s comments on it that are derogatory and negative about me. But I will stand behind the freedom of expression that the blog has the right to.
        Good luck with the blog.
        Sante DeBacco
        Sent from my iPhone



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