How Could You Not Know?!?!?

19 Jun


Here’s a partial list of our Smalbany articles about Denis Jordan.

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Town of New Baltimore Highway Superintendent Denis Jordan Forced to Resign
Jun 11, 2018

Why You Should Avoid Ravena-Coeymans and New Baltimore, New York
Dec 28, 2017

Complacency is a Bad Thing…Especially in Local Government
Nov 10, 2017

Election Day Recommendations. This is the moment of Truth!
Nov 6, 2017

New Baltimore Elections: No Choice. The Sequel. (And Coeymans, too!)
Nov 4, 2017

Is the Town’s Plan to Exhaust Residents Seeking Justice?
Nov 3, 2017

Open Letter to Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione
Nov 2, 2017

URGENT Advisory to Trick-or-Treaters on New Street, New Baltimore
Oct 31, 2017

Democracy is Dead!
Oct 25, 2017

Allegation that New Baltimore Highway Super Helps Employee Avoid Drug Test
Oct 17, 2017

George Amedore, NY State Senator for 46th District, Needs to do Some Homework
Oct 3, 2017

Denis Jordan Avoids Duties to Serve Special Friends: The Case of the Disappearing Creek
Sep 30, 2017

New Baltimore Town Highway Superintendent Harasses Local Woman; Demands Removal of Fence
Sep 30, 2017

A Toothless Town Board? New Baltimore Board Works for Hwy Super!
Sep 12, 2017

Campaign to Remove Denis Jordan from Public Office
Jun 30, 2017

New Baltimore Town Supervisor Dellisanti to Resident: “When does this turn into Harassment?”
Nov 4, 2016

We asked for a traffic cone … to prevent this …
Aug 11, 2016

New Baltimore Superintendent of Highways and Board to be Sued – AGAIN!
Aug 5, 2016

We Sure Can Pick’m! We did it again!
Nov 4, 2015

Our Picks for Local Elections on Tuesday, November 3rd
Oct 31, 2015

Reasons Why Denis Jordan Must Go!
Oct 29, 2015

Delisanti vs Fullerton-full-of Himself
Oct 29, 2015

What You Need to Know Before Voting on November 3rd
Oct 29, 2015

Think Before You Vote. Or Pay the Price Later!
Oct 27, 2015

New Baltimore Independence Party Voters: Don’t Disappoint Your Community!
Sep 9, 2015

BARKING DOG NUISSANCE: New Balimore Nat’l Historic District
Aug 28, 2015

George Acker, Greene County Independence Party Chairman: “We never forget.”
Jul 7, 2015

We Specialize in Rubbish Removal: A Perfect Record
Jun 25, 2015

They ran promising transparency and accountability. New Baltimore and Ravena: Check is in the mail.
Apr 25, 2015

Right Under Your Noses: Total Incompetence, Total Waste. Shame on you!
Sep 17, 2014

New Baltimore: Brooks says she will leave clerk’s office
Mar 6, 2014

A New Baltimore Resident’s Letter to the Editor: Benway, Norris Obstructing the Board?
Feb 26, 2014

Double-Talk, Double-Standards, Double-Jeopardy: An Editorial
Feb 25, 2014

“If you want me to do my job, you’ll have to pay me more…”
Feb 19, 2014

Swearing In of Elected Officials…It’s Still a Public Ceremony, Isn’t It?
Jan 8, 2014

New Baltimore Town Board to Be Roasted!
Dec 8, 2013

Local Resident Requests Publication Before New Baltimore Town Meeting
Dec 3, 2013

After the Elections in New Baltimore: O’Rorke, Benway, Norris Laying Landmines for New Administration
Nov 19, 2013

Definite Rejects: Town of New Baltimore
Nov 3, 2013 1

O’Rorke, Angelis, Jordan, Schrauf, Benway, Norris: Fascist Enemies of Local Democracy
Oct 22, 2013 1

We Want To Know Who They Are, What They Know, Who’s Behind Them!!!!
Oct 9, 2013

New Baltimore Democrat Country Club: The Sequel.
Mar 27, 2013

New Baltimore: Coeymans’ Evil Twin…Part II
Mar 22, 2013


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