Thanatology Café and Death Education Going Strong in the Capital District!

03 Jun

If you’re in the majority, you probably never give a second thought to death — more likely you don’t even give a first thought to death or dying — but you can’t run and you can’t hide! No one is getting out of this alive so you’d better start planning. That’s the message being sent loud and clear to the open-minded in some five counties, to an international audience of more than 10,000 subscribers, and to a large number of funeral home operators and directors in the Greater Capital Region.

The organization that meets in local libraries and restaurants is called Thanatology Café, and  is really a group of like-minded people interested in discussing the realities of deathcare and lifecare, and it’s gotten a lot of people talking, including some of the regional funeral home operators, most especially what the Chaplain calls the factory funeral services like Newcomer Funeral and Cremation Services in Albany and Latham, New York. and the huge international funeral corporation, Service Corporation International (SCI), the parent company of the group Dignity Memorial, masquerading locally as your familiar family owned and operated funeral home.

The whole campaign is to get humanity back into death and dying, and to give loved ones and survivors a sense of being cared about. The Chaplain’s whole message is to bring back community, compassion, caring and values into the greatest mystery of life, death.

The Chaplain doesn’t just target the greedy and chillingly insensitive factory funeral service providers like Newcomer and SCI, he also goes after the institutionalized church and clergy, especially the priests and ministers who walk into a wake or appear at a graveside for 10 minutes and walk away with a hefty check in their pockets. The Catholics are the worst because they send some idiotic deacon (that translates into a wannabe priest) or some creepy nun to do the graveside service which is colder than the corpse. The Chaplain accurately calls all of that cookie-cutter service.

The painful part of all that is that he’s right on the money, no pun intended, of course! We’ve all experienced it but now it’s an insider coming forward and blowing the trumpets loud and clear. Forget the whistle, he’s got a megaphone and has the corporations and the prostitute churches crapping their pants!

We’ve acquired a copy of one of his newsletters and received the links to the online versions. We’d like to provide them here for your information because you won’t read this stuff in the Times Union and you won’t get the information from the factory funeral homes or from your local priest or minister. Get ready for some seriously good reading.

According to the Compassionate Care Associates’ funeralization blog, the next issue will be devoted to a discussion of the clergy and funeral home cooperation, or should be call it collusion. We can’t wait to see what the Chaplain is going to have to say but we’re sure it’s going to get a lot of people talking!

Here’s the link to the Spirituality and Griefcare blog site where the links can be found:


If you like what you read there, tell us. If you don’t like what you read there, tell them. We’re just the messenger but we do think that he makes a hell of a lot of sense and has all of his ducks in a row as he takes pot-shots at them with deadly accuracy. 



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