Threats of School Shooting at RCS High School!!!

27 Mar

As of March 29, 2018, we’re still waiting for the RCS District Superintendent Brian Bailey, RCS High School Principal Lisa Partierne, Coeymans Acting Police Chief Daniel Contento, Coeymans Supervisor Phil Crandall and others (see the list below) — anyone with real facts — to comment, provide a public statement, or provide the facts about the incident. No one seems to want to come out and make a statement on this important public safety, school safety issue. Why is that?

[Editor’s Note: The RCS Central School District issued a bland statement on the incident some three days after the incident, boilerplate, of course. The statement may be difficult to find because the main subject in the title is not “student safety” but “Dr Bailey”, narcissist! Read the say-nothing statement, CYA statement at “Message from Dr. Bailey – safe schools” last accessed on March 29, 2018) See our note about SNN at the end of this article.]

The Craziness Just Doesn’t Stop in Ravena-Coeymans!

What is RCS, Coeymans PD waiting for?

On Friday, March 23, 2018, three RCS high school  students were reported to be “joking” about coming into the highschool and shooting it up.

In our article “Drive-by Shooting Arrives in RCS” we were the first to break the story about the botched up investigation of a local drive-by shooting. Coeymans Police allowed the case to go cold; no real investigation, no suspects, no arrests, no prosecution. Criminals went free. Sheriff’s Department and State Police wouldn’t touch it without Coeymans Police requesting assistance. Request was never made.

If you recall, a high-school student at RCS high school was suspendid for wearing a T-shirt depicting a weapon (National Guard), and in another incident the school was locked down and a student arrested for having a rifle in his car trunk. Just recently students at Albany High School were terrorized and evacuated, and several students arrested for a school shooting incident. Why isn’t the RCS Central School District and the Coeymans Police Department reading the writing on the wall.

Three RCS highschool students Chandler L., Dylan A., and Cameran R. were apprehended and taken into the RCS high school principal’s, Lisa Patierne’s  office and suspended for five (5) days for allegedly “joking” about shooting up the high school.Five days should be just about enough time for them to plan their extracurricular criminal activities, obtain weapons and ammunition, and execute their plan for “shooting up” the high school.

RCS Central School District Superintendent Brian Bailey, RCS high school principal, Lisa Patierne, deputy principal, Joe Slichko, and Coeymans Police Department School Resource Officer, Schwebke and his boss, Coeymans Police Chief (acting) Daniel W. Contento have some questions to answer.

With the recent waves of gun violence in our schools, such “joking” must be taken to be real threats and the individuals not only taken into custody but subjected to intense psychological evaluation, surveillance and monitoring, and other controls. BUT NOT IN THE RCS CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT!!!

RCS is not the inner city, it’s not Albany Arbor Hill or Newark, NJ. And with a more than $43 million dollar budget — about 75% of which goes to salaries for personnel —, what are the teachers teaching these kids? What are the parents doing about teaching these kids correct behavior, morality, good judgment? How is it with the media coverage of the slaughter, murder, mayhem, trauma and suffering caused by students to students, to parents, to whole communities in recent shooting, that the RCS community doesn’t take “joking” about such incidents more seriously? Behind every joke is a real situation!

And with the recent scandal revolving around law enforcement misconduct and the international attention it got: Did anyone at any of the schools discuss the reasons why the conduct of two Coeymans Police personnel was reprehensible, scandalous, and outrageous? Is there anything, any room in the RCS curricula for discussions of morality, ethics, etc. or about the systemic social and political failure in the United States today that puts us at the top of the list for school shootings and other social disgraces?

Our guess is that none of this gets any discussion in the RCS Central School District and, furthermore, that most RCS parents don’t bother to discuss such things with their offspring. Judging from the response to the Coeymans Police misconduct on just one site — The Care2 Petition, which received more than 87,000 signatures (more than 10,000 in New York State alone), and the embarrassing attendance at the March 22, 2018, Coeymans Town Board meeting, at which less than 20 people showed up, three of which traveled from as far away as Queensbury to make a public statement at that meeting. That alone shows how uninterested locals are in their community. It’s a stinking shame, an embarrassment! Then you wonder why we live in such a, well, cesspool, with equally shitty elected officials, and pretty third-world services, if any? Pardon our language but there are no other words to accurately describe the situation — and you know it’s true!

We all know that our legal system will hold a host giving a party accountable for damage and injuries caused by a guest leaving the party drunk, and while under the influence, getting involved in an accident.  We say hold the teachers, the administrators, the school board members, the police department school resource officers responsible for injuries and deaths occurring on school property. PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE; the taxpayers are already being sucked dry paying for these parasites and getting nothing in return. PERSONAL LIABILITY will get these dumbasses thinking about taking their responsibilities seriously.

In the RCS Central School District, school officials and law enforcement don’t take such “joking” = “threats” too seriously. After all, the teachters, administrators, and RCS school board members are all too busy padding their pockets, planning their retirements, or budgeting school tax dollars to benefit their cronies. The Coeymans Police are too busy running over raccoons in shopping mall parking lots.

You should have a lot of questions. You should be demanding answers. Our questions are:

  • How are the three students’ parents being handled in this case?
  • Do the parents of these three students have guns, ammunition in their homes? How are they secured? Have they been seized by law enforcement during the investigation or the pending investigation?
  • Were the parents of RCS high school and middle school students informed of this threat?
  • Were students in the RCS Middle School and RCS High School, two schools on the same location, informed of the threats in a professional manner? Were they informed about ways to detect such threats and a procedure to follow? Were they educated as to what to do in such an situation? 
  • What actions, other than administrative suspension, were undertaken to investigate these students and the possibility that their “joking” was not real “threats”?
  • The RCS high school and middle school are in the jurisdiction of the Coeymans “Raccoon Killer” Police Department, what actions or plan of action do the Coeymans Police have for such threats?
  • Are these three students under supervision or surveillance?
  • What action did the RCS Central School District Superintendent, , and the RCS Central School Board of Education taken in this case?

There are some really serious questions that have to be answered in cases like this. Contact local officials to get the answers before you hear the sirens and learn about the local school shootings because nothing was done in cases like Chandler L, Dylan A. and Cameran R.


Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Brian Bailey
(518) 756-5200, ext. 6003

Philip A. Crandall
Supervisor, Town of Coeymans
18 Russell Avenue
Ravena, New York 12143
Phone: (518) 756-6006

Daniel W. Contento (SGT)
Acting Chief, Coeymans Police Department
18 Russell Avenue
Ravena, New York 12143
Phone: (518) 756-2059

RCS High School
2025 Route 9W
Ravena, NY 12143
Phone: (518) 756-5200, ext. 2003

Lisa Patierne, Principal
Joe Slichko, Assistant Principal

RCS Middle School
2025 Route 9W
Ravena, NY 12143
(518) 756-5200, ext. 3000

Pam Black, Principal
Cynthia Herron, Assistant Principal

Is the RCS Central School District, the Coeymans Police Department, the Albany County DA P. David Soares waiting for this to happen?

Click HERE to return to the OFFICER IDENTIFIED story.

Note: Superintendent Bailey uses a techy acronym “SNN” in his so-called message. For those of you not privy to Bailey’s cryptic lingo, here’s what SNN is: School News Notifier (SNN) is an opt-in e-news service designed to help keep parents and the community more in touch with what is happening at schools via e-mail and/or text message. With SNN, administrators have the power to send updates and reminders about school activities, information about school closings and delays, and notices and other news. Parents and residents can sign up to receive e-mail messages from any of the schools and/or the district. Subscribers can choose to receive any or all of the alerts listed and can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribers must provide personal information but that information will not be shared with outside organizations. Question: What about the many computer illiterate adults, parents and non-parents, or those who do not own computers in the RCS Central School District. How does the rest of the community find out about what’s going on. That is, when our public servants ignore our requests for information?


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8 responses to “Threats of School Shooting at RCS High School!!!

  1. Mrs. Truth

    March 27, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    I was close to the incident to know more than you’ve heard via hearsay [redacted] No, I DON’T live in OBM [redacted] You have an issue w/one of your readers knowing and relaying the truth via comments and giving people praise for a job well done (referring to the way RCSHS/Coeymans PD handled the situation) [redacted] I will close w/Thanx for allowing me to speak the truth on your blog! OUT!!


    • Principal Editor

      March 27, 2018 at 3:40 pm

      Thank you for your comment. We redacted the parts that were just nonsense and attacks. We kept the parts that made some reasonable sense, even though they didn’t provide any facts or information that would help understand your position.

      You may be interested to know that we did contact the RCS Central School District Board of Education, the Superintendent Bailey, the RCS High School principal and vice-principal, the RCS Middle School principal and vice-principle, the Coeymans acting chief of police, as well as the Coeymans town supervisor, but none have had the courtesy of responding or commenting. If the facts were incorrect, we would expect them to provide the correct facts. Silence is an admission of guilt.

      We did try to reach you privately with some questions but it appears you provided a fake email to leave your comments. Our email was returned undeliverable. We are still interested in your response so we’ll reproduce our email here and hope you will respond to the issues and not to the emotions.

      So now, since you seem to disagree with our take on the situation, we are asking you for your facts.

      We wrote:

      Just how close were you to the incident. What do you mean by “close?”

      Just tell us how close you are to the incident; IOW, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SAY YOU KNOW, and why, factually, your information is better than ours.

      So far you have been just as judgmental as you accuse the blog of being. You have not produced a single fact to refute what we have published. Please do that now.

      Give us your facts, we’ll check them and then if they prove to be correct and contradict anything we’ve said, we’ll consider corrections and even apologies.

      That seemsfair, don’t you think?

      The Editor

      Can you answer these questions: Do you know the individuals personally? Were you at the school when the individuals were apprehended? Were you present when they were disciplined? Were you present at any of the searches? Do you know the boys or any of the boys personally? Did you speak to any of the boys personally? Did you speak to any of the lying girls? Where did you get your information?

      Which F.O.I.L. are you referring to as “knowing it very well?” Federal or NYS?

      If you provide facts that can be checked and which refute what we have reported, we feel we owe to our readers to publish those facts.

      Thank you!
      The Editor


    • Mrs. Truth

      March 28, 2018 at 7:33 am

      OMG, you shortened my response to your response big time.

      *By the way, I don’t give my personal email address out because I prefer to respond via this blog than personally. Thank You.


      • Principal Editor

        March 28, 2018 at 7:44 am

        Yes. We did redact, “shorten” your comment substantially and we told you why. Put more simply, we don’t consider rants to be comments.

        And we redacted your most recent comment for the same reason. We asked you to provide facts, not rehashing of your previous remarks. You did not respond to our explicit questions we asked in an attempt to qualify you as a credible and reliable informant. You didn’t respond to the questions but simply repeated much of your previous remarks.

        We will not publish your statements unless they represent facts that can be verified. As stated previously, if you provide those facts and they are verified, and if those FACTS contradict anything we have written, we will apologize and correct the article.

        Simply put: Do you know the boys in question? Have you spoken personally to the boys or to the lying girls? Were you present at the school at the time of the incident? Were you present during the searches? Were you present when the school authorities and the police performed whatever they performed? Just answer the questions, and if you feel it is necessary, comment on your answers. That’s all we’re asking you to do.

        As to why you didn’t provide a truthful email: Your reason given doesn’t make sense. You are required to enter your REAL email when you make a comment. That email is not public and is not published. It is required to allow us to verify you as a commenter and your comment. Here you call yourself MrsTruth and you lie about your email. That simply doesn’t make any sense.

        Thank you!
        The Editor


  2. Mrs. Truth

    March 27, 2018 at 11:28 am

    First things first…before you went and posted the false information you received (and especially w/underage kids names…FOIA Law issue there I’m pretty sure?? gonna look into this especially because I know FOIA Law and know it well), you really need to get your facts straight!! No mention of shooting up the school even came out of any of these boys mouths. The RCSHS and the Coeymans PD handled this matter in a timely and extremely well manner!! I was involved w/this incident from close to the beginning and know that the 2 female students (and I’ll leave their names out…because I have morals/respect for others)…who decided to tell school officials about the boys ‘conversation’…a conversation that NEVER mentioned shooting up the school or it’s occupants…the girls decided to make up lies (I guess maybe because they enjoy drama??)!! These boys were dealt w/in school and also contacted after the incident and their houses were searched for weapons and ‘NO WEAPONS were found (because there was NO MENTION of shooting up the school in the boys conversation that day)!! I give Coeymans PD and school officials KUDO’s because they handled it in a timely and appropriate manner!! Students/Faculty were NEVER in any danger and…Just for talking about fireworks/guns (subjects most boys just like to talk about and think cool)…these boys were suspended for the week (had their privacy invaded having their houses searched…which was totally appropriate) and are, at this moment, dealing w/their punishments! So the boys were punished as officials saw fit and maybe the school/PD and all involved can drop the subject and go on w/all our lives and stop posting false accusations!! Please get the facts straight before putting out lies and false accusations to the public! Your not getting your facts straight will only give people another reason to judge falsely…You, in your blog, made the situation out to be 100x’s worse than it really was…I hope you can get the real truth of that day and then repost the truth and not lies. Thank You.


    • Principal Editor

      March 27, 2018 at 11:45 am

      We are publishing your comment not because it’s newsworthy or makes any sense,but because of the unreadability of it and the poor quality of the information.

      First of all, can you please tell us what the F.O.I.L. law has to do with mentioning names in a serious incident? Can you please also tell us how you know these students are “under age”? Under age to shoot up a school? Undereducated, we’d admit. We did not publish full names nor any identifing information. But you appear to know an awful lot about these first names, don’t you? Are you somehow personally involved? Maybe one of these boy’s parents? Speaking of undereducated, where did you learn you English? In Puerto Rico? Uganda? Uranus?

      How do you know so much about what came out of the “boys” mouths? Were you there? Did you speak to a witness with personal knowledge? Did you speak to the boys themselves and did they tell you their stories? Funny how stories change when your asses are on the line.

      You mention that the “girls” made up lies about what the “boys” allegedly said. Liars are liars. So which liars, lies do you want us to believe? The boys’ lies or the girls’ lies. And what happened to the “girls” who lied? These kids have great characters! Shooting up school, lies, and more lies. They certainly do learn a lot in RCS; teachers, elected officials, police, all good examples to learn character and ethics, more like lies and more lies.

      How do you know that the boys’ homes were searched? Who did the search? State Police, Sheriff’s Department, Coeymans Police (God forbid!). And where are you getting your information about the search? Hearsay? Insider information? OK. Let’s assume they did their searches. What did they find? You say no weapons. Hard to believe around here.

      You seem to know an awful lot about police activities, the boy’s stories, the girls’ lies, the search results, and the fact that no one was at risk. Can we borrow your crystal ball?

      You seem to like shooting yourself (in the foot). Shooting off your mouth. You not only impress us as a person who likes to shoot of your mouth with lunatic assumptions but are telling us to take such a situation lightly because the boys were punished “[J]ust for talking about fireworks/guns (subjects most boys just like to talk about and think cool)….” Well, some boys like to talk about fireworks and guns and shooting up schools, too, because they like to talk about what they think is cool. And they do shoot up schools because they think it’s cool. They do it while suspended from school; during suspension, when they have plenty of unsupervised free time to plot. While these boys are on suspension, who’s supervising them? Their parents, court-appointed supervision, juvenile supervision professionals, or are they under police supervision. Our guess is that they’re home alone or home unsupervised on their phones having a good old time. What’s your guess given your vast experience and profound local expertise?

      And yes, we intend to get on with our lives and not have our lives and safety threatened nor the lives and safety of our friends and neighbors threatened by the likes of three irresponsible delinquent punks, the product of a failing school system that doen’t provide education but provided jobs for a special class of parasites.

      Question: Are you a property owner or one of the local social services parasites. Is you mailing adress Oakbridge Manor? Do you get your groceries from Tom Dolan at Choices?

      Save your bad English and your silly factoids for the local rags. We’d rather smell smoke and cry FIRE than tell ouselves it’s a neighbor’s grill smoke only to have the house burn down!

      Too many unsecured guns in too many local homes and too many bored, poorly educated, depressed, angry teenagers in our schools to take any chances. We’ll run the risk of perhaps but not likely exaggerating; you apparently want to run the risk of blood-stained hands. Thanks but no thanks!

      The Editor


      • Citizen

        March 27, 2018 at 12:53 pm

        While you make a few good points about the seriousness of this situation, your argument is undercut by unnecessary and inflammatory language. What does calling teachers dumbasses and parasites accomplish? It just makes you look like a fool.

        The impact of the article would also not be lessened in any way by removing the kids’ names. Maybe you think you’re being clever and granting anonymity by using a last initial, but this is a small town and community, and people can figure out who they are. As even you say, this is an “alleged” event to which you only have basic information. To publish these kids’ names is completely irresponsible. You should remove them immediately.


      • Principal Editor

        March 27, 2018 at 1:10 pm

        Thank you for your comment.

        We will run the risk of looking like a fool if we at the same time draw the public’s attention to the fact that our children are not getting value for our taxpayer dollars. There have been many so-called “fools” in history, many of them revered and highly respected for their work and love for their communities. They may have used language that was not appreciated by the leaders-at-large, and many of the “fools” suffered for their honesty and their messages. I would refer you to the books of the Prophets of the First Covenant Tradition (for some of you, the Old Testament). Being a fool is not synonymous with being foolish, though. If humanities were properly taught when you were at school, you would know that the role of the court jester was that of a fool, a fool who would be permitted to tell his lord or king the truth and bring him to his senses and reality. So if one has to appear in the guise of the fool to call the community to their senses and back to reality, we gladly take the part.

        The names of the foolish persons and the liars should be named. We are totally sick and tired of people protecting potentially dangerous individuals by mollycoddling them, concealing them, or using some idiotic PC platonism to defuse the truth. This goes for “children” who want to act like adults as well as for adults who want to act like children, both classes claiming entitlements and privileges not their due. If these people, these ‘kids” as you call them, can make adult threats or “jokes” as some would call them, they deserve to be named and shamed as adults; they are just as dangerous as any adult. Are you so stupid to think that the students at the RCS High School are avoiding naming the perps by their full names? Wake up!

        Furthermore, by partially naming these potential perps we may be able to prevent them from using their ill-gained notariety and their well-earned suspension as badges of honor, holding themselves up to their peers as heroes. Or do you deny that this is a possibility, as well. The parents, too, are the subject of the article, because they have failed as parents and as citizens.

        Our facts are good, we’re not out to harm anyone who is innocent. We aren’t out to harm anyone at all, not even the guilty. That’s not our mission. Our mission is to promote awareness and to nurture the public weal. We do that in the way we find to be the best fit for the situation.

        These are high-school students, not elementary school infants. People at their stage in the education system should have acquired some common sense and a feeling for responsibility. They should have some sensitivity for the gravity of what they are either joking about or lying about. The role of the parent and of the teacher is to inculcate young adults with life values, morals and ethics. These young people apparently do not have the feeling for responsibility, the necessary sensitivity, and their mentors and parents have failed to foster good values, morals and ethics in these young adults. They will likely graduate unchanged in just a few years if that, and their teachers and parents will turn them loose on the world just as they are. Perhaps if they are shamed or otherwise brought to their senses, we may be able to improve their lives and the lives of those with whom they come in contact.

        We’d like to hear your arguments, or you disagreement regarding these clarifications.

        Thank you once again for your comment!
        The Editor



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