Election Day Recommendations. This is the moment of Truth!

06 Nov

We were right! Jenna Kate is Crandall’s daughter! No wonder she is so pissed with this blog. See “Comments” for Crandall Jr’s nasty Facebook post and our reader’s response. Seems like Crandall’s daughter is about as oblivious to reality and truth as here disgraced ole daddy is

This is it! Based on our investigations, the facts
and feedback from the community, these are

Our Recommendations for the Elections

In the Town of Coeymans

This one is really simple. “B” is for BETTER. Vote Row “B” straight on through.
It’s that simple to bring vast improvements to Coeymans Town Hall.

  • Get rid of Phil Crandall once and for all. Bring dignity back to the Supervisor’s office!
  • Ensure support for Coeymans Police Chief P.J. McKenna and his public safety efforts.
  • Keep Cindy Rowzee out of Town hall!!! She’s a Crandall lackey and lied to voters when campaigning.
  • Make certain the Clerk’s office has the staff and resources needed to serve us.
  • Clean out the Supervisor’s office!!! Get rid of the parasites devouring tax dollars
  • Take a first step to clean up the Coeymans Town Board; Get rid of Jim Youmans and Tom Dolan next time around!
  • Keep the crook and liar, incompetent DeLuke out of the Highway Department (He’s Coeymans’ version of New Baltimore’s corrupt Denis Jordan!!!)

This just in on Peter DeLuke, candidate for Coeymans Superintendent of Highways: DeLuke is Damaged Goods!

The Town of New Baltimore

As usual, nothing’s easy in the Town of New Baltimore. While Coeymans Town Hall is filled with raw political sewerage and corruption starting with the Supervisor’s office and the Town Board, New Baltimore is a mixed bag of tricks and treats. This is how we recommend New Baltimore voters make their voices heard:

There are three unopposed candidates in New Baltimore. THREE! That means the political parties in New Baltimore have left New Baltimore voters with no choice in three important positions:

Supervisor: Jeff Ruso (R, C, I) is running unopposed. Don’t fill in the oval next to his name. Find the “Write-In” for the Supervisor position and write in the words “NO CHOICE.” That way you send the message that you protest not having a choice.

Tax Collector: Diane Jordan (R, C, I) is running unopposed. Don’t fill in the oval next to her name. Find the “Write-In” for the Supervisor position and write in the words “NO CHOICE.” That way you send the message that you protest not having a choice.

For Ruso and Jordan, find the Write-in space under their positions and
write the words “NO CHOICE” in the space.
Don’t give them the numbers. Make your Protest heard!

Town Clerk: Barbara Finke (R, C, I) is running unopposed but we think she’s doing a great job. Send a Thank you! vote to her by filling in the oval next to her name. Give her the numbers as a sign of your approval!

Town Board

Shelly van Etten (R, C, I). Incumbent New Baltimore Town Board member. We would opt to keep her on the board.

As for Kelly Downes (R, C, I), Jacob Colwell (D), and James Eckl, (D), all we can say is that New Baltimore didn’t have good experiences in the past with Dems on the board, and there’s no reason to think anything’s changed with local Dems. They’re still nasty, liberal to the point of being destructive, and are too interested in downstaters to take over our town. Kelly Downs (R, C, I), is about as exciting as a wet dish rag but she’s got the right plumbing and will balance the gender gap on the board. So it’s a toss up between Colwell and Downs, with Downes syndrome taking a modest lead over Colwell. Voters’ cjpoce. voter’s risk. Can’t help you much on these newbies.

The so-called Proposals

Proposal One: NO!!! Vote NO on the Constitutional Convention!!! We need to preserve the rights we have, not surrender them to a perverse political agenda that is trying to turn us all into lab rats.

Proposal Two: YES. We think the other two proposals make good sense. Any public official who is convicted of a felony should lose his or her pension, especially if the felony is committed in the context of their official duties. There’s no reason why a public official should commit a crime against taxpayers and still get to collect. That’s simply wrong!

Proposal Three: YES. The wording as we read it supports public health and safety. It also promotes recreational facilities without violating our precious forest resources. That’s what the proposal says. But, as usual, we need to keep an eye on those sneaks in the New York State legislature to ensure that they don’t double-deal us. As the proposal is written on the ballot, though, it seems safe enough.

If you found this article helpful, please cut and paste this link: into an email and share it with your family, friends, and contacts. Keep them as well informed as you are!

The Editor


One response to “Election Day Recommendations. This is the moment of Truth!

  1. Principal Editor

    November 6, 2017 at 11:47 am

    One of our readers included a link to our blog on Facebook and someone who accepted his/her friend request got a bit “bitchy” about the post. Here’s Jenna Kate’s biatch post and our reader’s response:

    Jenna Kate: Complete and utter crap…do your research instead of mudslinging…your blog is absolutely deplorable and completely inaccurate and one sided…try interviewing people on the other side if this argument instead of writing lies of those who are biased based on selfishness and stupidity…ohh and you’ve got some nerve friend requesting me, sir…i stand for respect, dignity, honesty, and integrity…you may want to research those terms and try abiding by them…

    Our response: You are an idiot, Jenna Kate. It is a well-known fact that before we allow anything on this blog it is thoroughly researched, investigated, and the facts checked. Pull your head out of that dark wet place into which you’ve plunged it, and stop staring idiotically into your smartphone looking for a brain and you’d already be aware of what’s going on around you. Living in your state of adolescent denial makes you respond in such a way as to make you look really ignorant.

    Our reader responded appropriately, but much more gently than we would have handled Jenna Kate’s typically local hick remarks. Here what our reader had to say:

    Thank you. I do hope you continue reading our local watchdog blog, and that you continue sharing your opinions with us here. But if you have anything to say about the blog or what is published on it, you should avail yourself of the comment feature on the blog. There you will be able to state any contrary facts desiring what is in any article. You will accomplish much more by stating facts than by bitching at me. For example, if you think that what is posted on the blog is untruthful, please share what you think is untruthful. Or if you find that something is inaccurate, I’m sure you’ll do everyone a favor by stating what is inaccurate and by providing better facts. You say you stand for respect, dignity, honesty and integrity but it doesn’t show in your post. The fact is, you are a number, Jenna Kate, not a “friend”, let’s make that quite clear. Get it? You are a number, a Facebook algorithm, nothing more. “Friending” you is a perversion of Facebook; a perversion of the words “friend” and “community.” Thank you for your message. Now try getting a foothold in the REAL world as opposed to your virtual freak show. As for “mudslinging” the mud sticks where it should stick…right where we aimed it. Thank you once again for your message.

    P.s. I didn’t “friend” you. You received a request and you accepted it. Bingo. No one forced you to go to the article; you went there because all rational beings have a hunger for the truth but not all rational beings can handle it. BTW, YOU”VE BEEN BLOCKED.

    Jenna Kate must be related to one of the crooked morons we have been exposing. She and they appear to have a lot in common.

    The Editor



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