Enuf Already! Scofflaws & Freaks.

02 May

The Community has had enough already, and local, regional and state law enforcement are diddling themselves, while public safety goes to hell in a hand basket. Well, with this communication from an interested and angry resident, we’re starting the new service:


Enuf Already! Scofflaws and Freaks

Here’s how it works: Any citizen who observes a law being broken or a freak in action, emails us with details to Please include any photos if you have the opportunity to take any. We’ll verify with you and any others we can identify and publish the report. Here’s one for starters:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017, at about 3:30 p.m., I was driving South on  Rt 144 and approaching the NYS Thruway plaza 22, when a large box-truck ran the plaza stop sign and entered 144 so that I had to slam on my brakes in order to avoid an accident. The freak was in such a hurry that for at least a mile he didn’t travel more than 40 m.p.h. (the speed limit on that stretch is 55 m.p.h.). Not only did he run the stop sign only to slow traffic down to about 40 m.p.h., his wheels were constantly crossing the centerline as I followed the vehicle (I thought he was either drunk or drugged; probably texting or using his phone!). It got so bad that I decided that I would find out where he was going and give his employer an ear full. Well, as if running stop signs, almost causing an accident, failing to keep right wouldn’t be enough for this freak to lose his license, along the way he made about 3 turns and didn’t use his turn signals for a single one. I followed him, constantly keeping him in sight — it was an ordeal because his erratic driving was highly distracting — he drove through Coeymans Hamlet and through Ravena village, and turned onto 9W going South. I decided to continue following until I could turn off to get home and decided that if he appeared he was going past the junction of 144 and 9W, I’d give up the plan. Well, he used his turn signals for the first time when he signaled to enter the driveway of Eagle Tool Rental on Rt 9W. As he was making his turn, I noted that Eagle Tool Rental was lettered on the passenger side door, indicating that the truck belongs to Eagle Tool Rental. The  NY license plate number of the truck was 38435-KA commercial. Please do not use my name.

OK, Anonymous, you’re the first to help ensure the safety of our community by providing information on Scofflaws and Freaks in our communities!

We verified the truck and the location and the truck appears to belong to

372 State Route 9W
West Coxsackie
NY 12192
Phone: (518) 756-6531

We’d like to hear from EAGLE TOOL RENTAL & SUPPLY about this incident, and what measure’s they’ve taken to discipline the driver of the truck with NY commericial plate 38435-KA.

The Editor


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