Local Law Enforcement Might Need Some Help with the Math: 2 + 2 = Stahlman!

05 Feb

UPDATE! Stay Tuned!more-details

We’ll be reporting soon on developments in the Coeymans Police Department and their criminal investigation performance over the past couple of years. This may be a decisive moment in the Coeymans PD’s future.

Property and Business Owners are the Backbone of Stability and Wealth, and Services in our Communities; They Pay the Bulk of the Taxes and the Bulk of Public Services, Including Law Enforcement. Why is it, then, that Criminals are Running Hog-wild, while Local and State Law Enforcement, and Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares (D), and Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione (R) — two elected dorks we can all regret having elected — are standing around diddling each other!?!

And the Investigation Continues ... Is there an echo in there?

There’s an Elephant in the Room!
And Local and State Law Enforcement Have their Heads Up its Ass!
And the Investigation Continues … Find anything? Is there an echo in there?

Well, sometimes local and state law enforcement need a little kick in the …. well, let’s just say a shot in the arm Their math isn’t all that good, either, so we need to give them a little help with what 2 + 2 amounts to.

In a previous article, Criminals Thumbing Their Noses to Law Enforcement? Why?, we covered quite a bit of territory in pointing out a large number of crimes committed against local businesses, and that the incidents were going cold. Coeymans Police, Greene County Sheriff’s Department (Sheriff Gregory Seeley (R)), Albany County Sheriff’s Department (Sheriff Craig Apple (D)), New York State Police, all seem to be experiencing some law enforcement impotence, investigational erectile dysfunction, they appear to have gone flaccid, soft on local crime and criminals.

So we did our own investigative reporting gig and here’s what we came up with.

In our earlier article Criminals Thumbing Their Noses to Law Enforcement? Why? we pointed the finger at a couple of local, small-change criminals, who we felt were the most likely candidates for a cuffing visit by law enforcement and a couple of years as the state’s guest in one of the correctional resorts we call prisons. Since we wrote that first article Criminals Thumbing Their Noses to Law Enforcement? Why? we’ve obtained some interesting facts that we feel should have been picked up by our best in blue, those who are there to serve and protect us, but apparently were not, because no arrests have been made.

Here’s what we have:

Zachary C. Stahlman

Zachary C. Stahlman

We noted that Why is it that two prime suspects, Zachary C. Stahlman (Glenmont) and Donald J. Howell, both with criminal records, Stahlman once being charged with misdemeanor possession of a firearm, have not gotten some real attention by local law enforcement?  Charles H. Stahlman (Zachary Stahlman’s father) 52, was charged with felony possession of a forged instrument after using forged $20 and $10 bills at an estate sale on Sunday, State Police in New Scotland. (Source: Times Union, Tuesday, November 15, 2016) Stahlman Sr runs Fat Cat Transport L.L.C. in Coeymans Hollow. Guess where? On Shady Lane. Really! (Source:

You’re in Good Hands with Allstate. Really?


According to Zachary Stahlman’s LinkedIn site, he  is employed by Allstate Insurance Company  (click the link) as a “sales producer”; Now you really know you’re in “good hands with Allstate”. Doesn’t Allstate vet their employees? Don’t they do background checks?

We’ve established a connection between the Stahlmans and the victims of the recent crimes. Here’s how we did the math for them :

Charles H. Stahlman Z. Stahlman's father

Charles H. Stahlman
Z. Stahlman’s father

Back in November 2015, Zachary Stahlman and his father, Charles H. Stahlman,  visited a local business on US Route 9W, All Safe Storage, who had a property for lease. The Stahlmans were interested in the property for a flea market business they were starting, Fat Cat Antiques L.L.C.  According to their Internet posting, Fat Cat Antiques, L.L.C. had their Grand Opening on January, 2, 2016, at 1635 Route 9W, Selkirk, the property the Stahlmans leased in November 2015 (click here). So in November 2015, Zachary C. Stahlman, signed a lease contract and entered into a 6-month lease, which was to commence on January 1, 2016. That means there was at least one month during which Stahlman could have voiced any concerns about the premises but didn’t. The landlords were very generous to Stahlman and offered December rent-free, if Stahlman would help remove the owner’s property from the premises. Stahlman showed up for one day and then disappeared. The landlords also reduced the rent for the first six months so that Stahlman could get his business started and established. Of course, that would have meant a stable tenant, they thought. But they were in for a big surprise. No good deed goes unpunished, especially when you’re dealing with low life.

So Stahlman signs the lease, initially every page after the text “Tenant initials confirming that they have read/understood items on page.” We have a copy of the lease agreement and every page is initialed “ZS”, Zachary Stahlman. Stahlman’s father, Charles H. Stahlman, writes a check for the first and the last month’s rent, plus one month’s rent security deposit, a total of $2400.

Stahlman had to get insurance for the premises according to the lease, and he had to get utilities, etc. all in his name. In addition, he had to arrange for heating oil to heat the premises. January 1, 2016, rolls in and Stahlman still hasn’t gotten the insurance finalized and he’s working on the utilities. In the meantime, the landlord is installing a new heating system, all Stahlman has to do is get a fuel delivery. By this time Stahlman has the keys and possession of the premises.

Around January 6, 2016, without informing the landlords, Stahlman has Persico Oil nosing around the property — as it turns out, Stahlman called Persico to “inspect” — and Stahlman shows the so-called service technician, Jack Carona, the new furnace installation. The landlords note that Persico Oil and Carona are on the property and assume he’s there to make the oil delivery. But more than a month later, the landlords are made aware of a report by Carona about the new heating system on the premises. Total rubbish and totally ignorant, Carona makes an unfounded conclusion about what he saw in the few minutes he was on the premises, but never inquired with the landlords! Says a lot about the professionality of Persico Oil Company and its Loony Tune employees!


A Lease is a Contract

According to information we received, Stahlman’s father, Charles H. Stahlman (Glenmont), runs Fat Cat Transportation L.L.C. out of Coeymans Hollow, and Charles H. was actually starting the business, Fat Cat Antiques L.L.C., and Zachary C. Stahlman was going to run Fat Cat Antiques L.L.C. So it get fishy already at the lease signing. Now, remember, the son, Zachary C. Stahlman is signing the lease but his father, Charles H. Stahlman, is writing the check.

So Zachary C. is trying to open a flea market. Usually a flea market rents space to people who want to sell their junk, and we assume that Zachary C. was trying to get renters but wan’t all too successful. Anyway, he signs the lease contract on November 24, 2015, then he moves some of his stuff in around January 6, 2016, and then, on January 11, 2016, texts the landlord that he doesn’t want to lease the premises any more. He demands his rent and security back, and threatens the landlords in a number of text messages. He fabricates every sort of excuse and threatens the landlords with “inspections.”

Note that Stahlman unilaterally  terminates the lease on January 11th but does not return the keys; in other words, he keeps possession and continues to occupy the premises! But he demands his money back. You can’t make this crap up; all you have to do is do business in Coeymans.

So, on February 3, 2016, well after Stahlman notifies the landlords he’s terminating the lease, the landlords receive a letter from their friends in the Coeymans Building Department, from our old buddy Sandy DeBacco, you know the building inspector who works full time at the airport, and works for the Town of Coeymans, and for the Village of Ravena, the only guy we know who can be in three places at the same time and has a 36-hour day created especially for his personal use. [For more on Debacco character, just search this site!]  But all that aside, we all know about Twilight Zone Coeymans and Ravena. So, our little gremlin Zachary Stahlman breaks the lease, commits multiple breaches of contract, demands his money — actually it’s not even his money, it’s his father’s (is it real or counterfeit, we have to ask) — and makes good on his threats of  “inspections.” But that’s not all.

Stahlman doesn’t think that a lease agreement really amounts to anything and that the world is his oyster. He starts getting uppity when the landlords don’t immediately obey and hand over more than $2000 to this ignorant brat, and here’s where it starts to get really nasty.

On July 16, 2016, the first sign of craziness is when one of the landlord’s vehicles is parked in his driveway and the dealer plates are stolen. The landlord notifies the Greene County Sheriff.

Then in August 2016, the landlords are served with a summons to small claims court by Stahlman. Stahlman is bringing the landlords to court in New Baltimore. At the time the freak town justice Lee Davis is still town justice. If you’ve read anything we’ve written about Davis, he’s a real lunatic. He’s supposed to be a lawyer but has spent most of his career advocating for the rights of convicted criminals and now works for the New York State Department of Health, enforcing “discipline” on doctors. So you see, Davis has two things on his agenda: protect the criminal element and punish the professional. Just what you want in a judge, right? Read our pre-election article on Davis based on information obtained from his own brother, New Baltimore town justice Lee Davis.

car-fireThen, on September 12, 2016,  Ford Sedan set on fire on 9W Auto LLC, the landlord’s business lot..  Reported to Coeymans Police. Investigation in progress. Like so many others.

So the case is heard in September 2016. No decision is made by Davis until more than 90 days later, on December 31, 2016, the day before his term of office as town justice ends. (Thanks to our efforts, Lee Davis got the boot on election day.)  You see, we ran a couple of pieces on Davis exposing him as a real perv and screwball. Even his own brother provided information about Davis that would make your hair stand on end! So Davis lost the election. The people of New Baltimore decided they didn’t want the likes of Davis on the bench. But in the meanwhile the cowardly criminal suspects are busy at their trade. But, remember, Stahlman and the landlords are in court, but no one knows what Davis is going to decide. Could go either way and under those conditions Stahlman, Zachary C. and good ol’ Fat Cat dad, Charles H., are really getting ansy about their money, all $2400 of it. So Fat Cat dad gets all out-of-order in court and is removed from the courtroom, and spends an hour or two in the Town Hall parking lot. And guess what? The landlords leave the courtroom and they find that the dealer plates have been removed from their vehicle. Wonder who could’ve done that? Greene County Sheriff is notified.

Stahlman: “What do I owe you?”,  DeVoe: “It’s taken care of.”

This just in: We have received a report that someone present at the trial in September 27, 2016, in New Baltimore Town Court, tells us that when Zachary Stahlman asked his attorney, “What do I owe you?”, she replied, “It’s taken care of.” Well that raises some questions, indeed. How is it that attrorney Susan Hoblock deVoe, of the Latham real-estate law firm of Kerr Devoe P.C. is appearing for several hours in New Baltimore Town Court for nothing? At least Stahlman wan’t on the hook for a couple of hundred dollars in attorney’s fees.

Stahlman Attorney

Stahlman’s Attorney

Do you think that Ms Devoe is getting a little white trash delight on the side? We can’t figure out that some trailer trash, minimum wage woodchuck like Zachary Shaltman could afford a Latham attorney the likes of Susan Hoblock DeVoe! But maybe there’s something bigger here than just a couple of back-woods petty criminals with an axe to grind. Maybe Susan Hoblock DeVoe is on someone else’s payroll and taking orders from someone else, that someone else backing these attacks on All Safe Storage and 9W Auto L.L.C.  Are the local bosses trying to drive them out, away from their valuable property so that Biscone and Co. can expand their empires? Maybe this goes back to the Biscone-Conrad-Deluca landgrab schemes of several years ago. Maybe, DeVoe and her white trash clients are all in on the same conspiracy. Maybe the NYS Police should be interviewing Ms DeVoe or Mr Michael Biscone to find out why she isn’t taking the Stahlmans to the cleaners like she would anyone else. We can’t ask the Albany County Sheriff’s Department or the Coeymans Police Department, both slaves to Democrat machines,  to do that because they’re all taking orders from that Oreo, P. David Soares. The New York State Police might have more scruples and be less partial to the Albany County DA’s office.

But the Stahlmans are still out more than $2000 and they’ve a broken lease but have no decision on whether they’re getting their money back or not. By this time they’re really getting pissed. Desperate men do desperate things.

On October 3, 2016, less than a week after the court appearance and the theft of the second set of dealer plates, one of the landlords gets a text message from telephone number 207-XXXX  “To get these back you will need to send 2000 dollars in bitcoin to wallet address:  12kWJzohnx9NMUssT5 SEebrW5pb5LHs1MK   you have one week or they will be sold. Buyers are already lined up if you refuse”    Greene County Sheriff notified and provided with information. Do they note the coincidence? $2400 for the lease and $2000 for the dealer plates. Do you think the Sheriff’s Department or Coeymans got the coincidence? Apparently not.

Sheriff, DA ... What can it all mean?

Sheriff, DA, Coeymans PD …
What can it all mean?

So now we have a broken lease, a small claims action, two instances of stolen dealer plates, a text message practically putting up the culprits in neon lights, and has anyone been arrested yet? Nope.

On October 28, 2016, the owner of All Safe Storage, also the owner of 9W Auto LLC, was sitting in his office when a vehicle drove by and discharged a shotgun blast, perhaps two blasts, into the front door of the office, destroying the door and peppering the front of the building with pellets. The owner was in the office but fortunately was not injured. Yes, we reported on this drive – by shooting in our article Drive-by Shooting Arrives in RCS Coeymans Police Department, NYS Police, etc. present at the scene. Investigation etc. The case is still “open.” No suspects have been arrested. Do you really feel safe in Coeymans? Really desperate men do really desperate things.

Most recently, on Sunday, January 29, 2017, the owner of 9W Auto L.L.C. arrived on his lot to find the tires on six vehicles slashed. Coeymans police notified. Incident under investigation. Sure it is.

Law Enforcement is Cooperating on this Case

Local Law Enforcement and the New York State Police are Cooperating in the Investigations.

A couple of very obvious suspects are available, if the Coeymans Police are interested. There’s Zachary C. Stahlman who has a history of run–ins with the victims. Stahlman leased 1635 US RT 9w November 2015 with move in date of January 1, 2016.  Stahlman defaults on the lease in January and returns the keys in February.  Stahlman retaliates by bringing the landlords to small claims in New Baltimore Town Court, before failed and defeated New Baltimore Town Justice Lee Davis (D), and the case is heard by Davis on Sept. 27, 2016 for return of security/last months lease payment.  Davis loses the election and makes an 11th hour retaliation decision against the landlords. Davis’ decision dated December 31, 2016, more than 90 days later, is received by the landlords on January 6, 2017.  This is the Stahlman whose father is ejected from the courtroom for disorderly conduct. Still wondering where the dealer plates went? The case is being appealed by the landlords for obvious reasons. Former New Baltimore Town Justice Lee Davis (D) has quite a bit of baggage — his own brother turned on him — if you missed the drama, see our article, Double-Standard Davis: Asking New Baltimore for another Term as Town Justice?

New Baltimore's Two Freak Justices: Lee A. Davis about to smack down Joseph A. Farrell (in the black nightgown).

New Baltimore’s Two Freak Justices:
Lee A. Davis (defeated) about to “Biatch!” smack down
Joseph A. Farrell (shown in the black nightgown).
Davis and Farrell are two good reasons why the NYS Unified Court System should eliminate the town and village court system. Farrell has recently been taxidermized (stuffed judging by his expression) and can be seen performing his clown act in New Baltimore Town Court on alternate Tuesdays. 

It would seem that Charles H. Stahlman, Zachary C. Stahlman’s father, would be at the top of the investigators’ lists. In November 2016, Charles H. Stahlman, 52, was charged with felony possession of a forged instrument after using forged $20 and $10 bills at an estate sale on Sunday, State Police in New Scotland. (Source: Times Union, Tuesday, November 15, 2016) Stahlman Sr runs Fat Cat Transport L.L.C. in Coeymans Hollow. Guess where? On Shady Lane. Really! (Source: Do you think Zach was going to stock the flea market with merchandise purchased by his father, Charles H. using counterfeit $20 and $10 bills? Maybe.

Stahlman: "You DORKS!"

Stahlman: “You DORKS!”
Got change for a 20?

Here’s the clincher: Our little friend Zachary C. Stahlman has a bit of a criminal history that goes back to 2010. Here’s what we found: On August 20, 2010 state police charged Zachary C. Stahlman, then 19, of Albany with fourth-degree criminal possession of marijuana and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon: a firearm, both Class A misdemeanors. Stahlman was issued appearance tickets returnable to Greenville Town Court. Now isn’t that interesting.  (Source: Daily Mail, Greene Police Blotter, Wednesday, August 25, 2010) And again, unlicensed driving: Zachary C. Stahlman, 25, of Albany, was arrested at 11:00 a.m. Oct. 20, 2016, and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation. This Stahman character has a bit of a history, doesn’t he? Wonder if the Coeymans Police or the Greene County Sheriff or anyone else picked up that little tidbits?

And another prime candidate with a big mouth is Donald J. Howell. Howell works for Capital Taxi in Albany. Howell’s wife, Miranda Cote, is allegedly an hourly employee with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (information obtained from See Through NY). The suspect signed a one – year lease with the victims for property that was to be used as a flea market at 1635 US Rt 9W. Howell stopped paying rent in December 2016, and had no insurance. In October 2016, Howell rented 1362 US Rt 9W from the victims as a residence.  Howell did not pay January rent and was given 30 day notice in December to vacate premises.   Howell was identified by local Stewart’s store staff as having announced that he was going to damage the victims’ property. When the Coeymans PD officer was investigating the crime was offered the names of the witnesses he responded that ‘he didn’t need them.’ A NYS trooper on the scene took the names. Question: What did he do with the names?

We're close to making an the near future, sometime soon...maybe...

We’re close to making an arrest…in the near future … sometime soon … maybe …

Donald J. Howell was arrested by Cobleskill Troopers on May 15, 2014, in Troy unlawful possession of marijuana, seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and a controlled substance in non-original container (Source: Daily Star, Police Blotter, June 21, 2014). that wasn’t Howell’s first brush with the law. Donald J. Howell, then 19,  and Duncan Clancy, then 16,  were charged on July 1, 2001, with an attempt at a class D felony; criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell; and criminal use of drug paraphernalia, second degree (Source: The Altamont Enterprise, Blotters and Dockets, July 19, 2001). There may be more on this druggie criminal but we’re not law enforcement and we’re not going to do their jobs for them. Did the Coeymans Police and the Greene County Sheriff miss this information, too?

We’re watching this situation very closely and we’ll keep our readers updated on the developments — when, if law enforcement can do the math: 2 +  2 = Stahlman.

Law Enforcement, District Attorneys:I don't get it. Can you explain that to me again?

Law Enforcement, District Attorneys:
I don’t get it. Can you explain that to me again?

Stupidity Does Cross Party Lines

connect-the-dotsWhen you have this much to go on how can you possibly not connect the dots? We think we really need to think about these elected officials very seriously next elections because they are flat out useless: Albany County Sheriff, Craig Apple (D): Useless; Greene County Sheriff Gregory Seeley (R): Useless;  Albany County DA P. David “The Oreo” Soares, Less than Useless; Greene County DA Joseph Stanzione, Useless. Apparently, stupidity does cross party lines.

Get The Thumb Out, Guys! The Editor

Get The Thumb Out, Guys!
The Editor


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  2. Cheaters/Liars is All I Can Say!!

    February 6, 2017 at 11:25 am

    I have just one thing to say…all parties involved don’t seem to be on the up and up no matter what the issue!! I’ve bought a vehicle off of Charles Stahlman 10+ yrs ago for my son and within a month my son was already putting hundreds of $’s into fixing issues that, of course, didn’t appear until after we bought it (issues that the seller ..Charles Stahlman…definitely knew about and didn’t inform the buyer/customer) [redacted] (** case in point: my good friend also rented a unit a few years ago and after a few months we cleaned it out (again the unit was immaculate when we left) and GEEEEZ suprise…she was told that she wasn’t getting her deposit back because the unit was dirty…NOOOOOTTTTT…it took me after Melissa arguing w/the owner’s sister for weeks…to drive my friend Melissa to the owner’s garage that is located behind/to the side the storage units to tell him that his sister is f***ing over customers w/their deposits and that she wants her $50.00 deposit and he reached into his pocket and gave her her $50.00 deposit!

    So as far as sympathy for either the Stahlman’s or the [redacted] ([redacted] and storage units)…there is none!! They don’t mind screwing trustworthy customer’s over and over again…than whatever happens to them is Karma and I say Karma: rear your ugly head and do what’s right for these cheaters/liars…Thank You…Enuf said!!


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      So Mr. Editor …my comment has been waiting for moderation since 2/6/17 @ 11:25 and still sits here awaiting moderation (48 hrs+ later and still haven’t posted my comment)…hmmm…[redacted] just felt that if you’re going to write about all the wrong people are doing in the RCS community…[redacted] SOOOOOO….

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        We hate to see such unnecessary discord between neighbors and regret you had such an unpleasant experience with All Safe. One of our contributors knows the operators of that business and reports that they are usually very kind and generous, and can’t understand what might have triggered such an episode. Here’s what we can do: Please provide your name and contact details and we will ensure that you get your money back. We have asked our contributor to mediate and he says there should be no problem, knowing the operators. Otherwise, we can’t say much else because we do not know the complete facts or the entire story.

        As for your comment. Whether karma or just a bad hair day, we do want to stick to the real story: that crimes are being committed and little is being done about it. To be honest, a business’ terms and conditions are not really crimes, but when you start setting cars on fire, firing shotguns into offices, and slashing tires, we’re sure you can admit that a disagreement over $50 is a bit picayune.

        Yes, principle is important, and certainly for some of our neighbors $50 is no chicken feed and can buy a bag of groceries. But putting principle and pride aside for a moment, let’s talk about the real issues affecting our community.

        It seems that many of our neighbors would rather lynch and butcher each other while letting frauds, crooks and scoundrels run our towns, courts, and other public services. Local business, what’s left of them, are fighting tooth and claw just to survive in the adverse environment of RCS, and it’s thanks to them and other property owners that the taxes needed for our schools, libraries and other public services are available. That’s the topic of the article and we need to address that topic, that is, crime and what law enforcement is doing about it.

        We don’t mention names in comments unless we mentioned them in the article. It’s great to know, in a bitter-sweet sort of way, that you can corroborate our assessment of the Stahlman mob, but I would hardly put All Safe and the car dealer in the same category, and, in all honesty, I don’t think you would either.

        That having been said and trying to steer you away from judgment in favor of forgiveness, I’d ask you to please edit your comment to discuss the Stahlmans and the problem of crime and law enforcement in our RCS community. We’ll be very pleased to publish that comment with our editorial.

        In the meantime, if you provide your details, we’ll mediate getting your money back to you. Please let us know if you know of anyone else with a gripe, and we’ll do what we can to set things right. We have the assurances of the operators of All Safe and 9W Auto L.L.C. that they regret any less-than-satisfactory experience and that they truly appreciate and are grateful for the support and custom they receive from the community. They’ve had a hard time of it for the past couple of years at the hands of some very nasty pubic and elected officials; it’s no wonder they may be a bit short on patience and listening skills. But we can assure you, they do want to do good. Please accept their offer of the olive branch, won’t you.

        Again, please edit your comment and we’ll publish it immediately.

        Thanks so much and stick with us. We’ll continue to make great strides together in improving our communities in all respects.

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        It’s also very bizarre to think that you would put a legal business practice, whether you felt it was fair or not, in the same class as trespass, criminal mischief, larceny, assault with a deadly weapon, theft, and the like which we are addressing in the article. It seems you need to learn some proportionality.

        So, just check your email to verify that you have the above message, and you can apologize at any time in the next 48 hours. Hopefully, you’ve learned a lesson. Hopefully, you’ll get a longer fuse.

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      Thank you for your comment.

      One of the rules of the blog is that comments should be focused on the issues in the article. We do not publish comments that are largely hearsay or comments that go off topic. The purpose of this blog is to improve community, not to serve as a sounding board for gripes.

      Used cars have always been a thorn in the consumer’s side. That was probably true even some 2000 years ago when the Romans coined the phrase, caveat emptor, “let the buyer beware.” In New York State, you do have recourse when a seller sells you a lemon; it’s called the Lemon Law. You also have the option of approaching the seller and pointing out that the care was substandard and ask him to make good on it. That failing, you have recourse to the courts, the small claims courts, to get justice (We say that a bit tongue in cheek, but we have to believe that there is justice.) If your son was experiencing problems so soon after taking delivery of the vehicle, even if sold “as is”, he could still obtain some satisfaction of his claim and offset his losses. From your narrative, it doesn’t appear that you or your son pursued any recourse either amicably or judicially. If you sleep on your rights you lose them.

      Even 5 years ago, nearly everyone was armed with a smartphone, which included a camera. While I do deplore the fact that we have to go to such measures as recording conversations and photographing everything, it does seem to be necessary in this part of the world. To be very honest, since moving back to New York some years ago, I personally was astonished at how cut-throat and unethical so many independent contractors were (carpenters, painters, plumbers, handymen, etc.) Those businesses with fixed locations are a bit more careful because their investment is so much greater. If contractors and other businesses are sometimes unscrupulous, it tends to be a reflection of the general population, of the local culture. In fact, this blog has become very popular and so widely read because we pick up on that fact and attempt to correct it by making people aware of their behavior.

      That having been said, we are recommending to you and anyone else who rents an apartment, a business premises, a hotel room, and even a storage bin to do yourself the favor of taking one or two photos of the before condition and the after condition. That’s not a lot to ask or to do for your own protection, and it will save a lot of aggravation later if you are in a similar situation.

      In all honesty, though, we can’t step in and say you were right or whether the manager of the business was right. We simply weren’t there and we don’t have all the facts.

      But there is a contradiction of sorts in your story. You do write that when you and your friend Melissa approached the owner of the car lot, co-owner of the storage business, he “reached into his pocket and gave her, your friend Melissa, the $50.00 deposit.” That seems to me to be very reasonable. I wonder that you didn’t do that in your own case. It seems that the car lot owner and co-owner of the storage business was very reasonable, indeed. But again, let us emphasize, that we weren’t there and we don’t have all the facts; all we have to go on is your narrative.

      The basic problem we do have with your comment as originally submitted is this: It seems to give short attention to the fact that very serious crimes have been perpetrated and have not been adequately investigated nor have the perps been brought to justice. Crime is different and needs to be distinguished from a normal business practice, albeit one with which you don’t agree and may have been applied a bit heavy-handedly, but nonetheless a legal and normal business practice. Your seem to be intent to dwell more on your loss of $50 than on anothers loss of tens of thousands of dollars, quite nearly his life, at the hands of criminals. That’s something we find hard to get our arms around, the fact that it seems to be all about you and you seem to overook the community and cultural aspects, the real and present danger in our community.

      As for karma, you seem to have a limited understanding of that concept. It’s Bhuddist, and the Bhuddist way is compassion, virtue, peace. It’s the Bhuddist teaching that we are all responsible for ourselves, and should concentrate on our own good or evil. It’s the basic teaching of the Dhammapada, the Sayings of the Bhudda. While the teaching emphasizes one’s own accountability, the negative sayings draw awareness to the acts of evil persons and their consequences. But the basic teaching is self-responsibility, to use a poor Western term to describe a very profound Eastern concept. You chose to use karma where you should have used tit-for-tat, quid-pro-quo, or some other term for simple revenge or resentment or ill will. Those are Western terms, characteristic of Western thinking; they also embody the local culture here in RCS.

      All that having been said, we have already addressed a private email to you with our suggestions.

      We look forward to hearing back from you.

      The Editor


      • Smallbany Resident

        March 25, 2017 at 10:07 pm

        Zachary was found innocent on all charges listed, and Charles Stahlman hasn’t been found guilty of any charges listed above either. What happened until innocent until proven guilty? Neither men were taken into custody for anything that happened mentioned above either. [redacted; off-topic; inappropriate attacks]


      • Editor

        March 26, 2017 at 2:18 pm

        The fact that both Stahlman suspects were never charged or were charged and acquitted does not dissuade us from arguing that those facts may be more due to an inadequate and incompetent criminal investigation than to the possibility of their innocence. In fact, given their history and their past activities, it would rather appear to anyone scrutinizing their activities that criminality is more likely than not. Like father like son goes the saying. Zachary is about as big a widget as his Neanderthal father; both have questionable characters to say the least. So if writing your comment was a family obligation as it appears rather than a sense of justice, SAVE IT for the trial. You can give your character testimony there but it’s going to be a very short story.

        The Editor



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