Double-Standard Davis: Asking New Baltimore for another Term as Town Justice?

01 Nov

animated-updateLee Davis lost his bid for re-election to another party-boy, Tom Meacham (R). We found that Meacham, even before the elections, was violating NY’s Code of Judicial Ethics and New York Judicial Law, and we’ll be filing a formal complaint against Meacham in the very near future. It seems that New Baltimore, like so many towns and villages, can manage only to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find non-achievers to fill their local courts with ignorant party-butt-kissers. We’ll work to change that and improve local justice.

Two candidates are vying for the office of Town Justice in the Town of New Baltimore. Two misfits are asking voters in New Baltimore to put them on the local justice court, the bottom-feeder of the New York State Unified Court System, as bottom-feeder justices. Tom Meacham has already been exposed as being ignorant and unfit for judicial office because he’s already violated several provisions of New York’s Judicial Law and Code of Judicial Ethics even as a mere candidate. Either he’s dumb as dirt or he’s sleeping with the wrong keepers. But the bottom line is: he’s unfit for judicial office, even in a bottom-feeder town court. (See our recent article on Tom Meacham at: Tom Meacham Not Even Elected but Already Ethics Violations!!!!)

Meacham and Davis: Bottom-feeders seeking election to bottom-feeder judgeship.

Meacham and Davis: Bottom-feeders seeking election to bottom-feeder judgeship.

So that leaves the sucker voters of New Baltimore with the other candidate, Lee Davis, who apparently likes to refer to himself as “Judge” Davis. It’s that very egocentric, narcissistic “Judge Davis” on his campaign signs that initially attracted our attention. Yes, Mr “Judge” Davis, has been unfortunate enough to have gotten our attention, and we think he should have your attention, too, New Baltimore voters.

The initial question we had was about Davis’ character. Why would a local candidate want to distance himself from his neighbors, the voters, his community by adopting his office as his personal identifier. He flaunts “Judge” as if he were ashamed of his name, “Lee”. Our conclusion was that he is a stuffed-shirt. Lee Davis is not the person “Lee” Davis, he’s become his role, his office. This is a very serious transformation, and it’s one that we don’t want in an elected official, because any elected official who “becomes” his office can’t fully relate to people in the way that a judge must. Anyone like that has lost his person-ality and cannot attain the necessary wisdom to judge.

Our concerns led us to do some investigation and research on Mr Lee “Judge” Davis, and what we found and where we found it will send shivers down your spines.

And so…

Mr Lee “Judge” Davis is not what you see and what you see is not what you’re getting. At least not according to Lee “Judge” Davis’ older brother, Harry Davis, whom we have found and who has shared quite a bit of background on Lee “Judge” Davis, and we’d like (1) to share that information with our readers and the New Baltimore community, and (2) demand that Mr Lee “Judge” Davis come forward with either a denial with facts or to bow out of the New Baltimore elections and go into hiding.

Tokin' Judge?

Tokin’ Judge?
Yeah. But he don’t inhale.

The most damning allegation made by Mr Lee “Judge” Davis’ brother is that Davis used/uses drugs and allegedly cultivates weed somewhere on his 7-acre property in the town of New Baltimore. Although Davis’ older brother admits to introducing the sitting New Baltimore town justice to unlawful pleasures, Harry Davis alleges that his brother is a user and a dealer/distributor. This is a serious allegation indeed and is one that Mr Lee “Judge” Davis must be called to refute and to refute convincingly.

Mr Lee “Judge” Davis’ older brother Harry, who ran for public office once in Rochester on a legalize drugs theme, insists that his brother Lee “Judge” Davis is a “hypocrite” and “limosine liberal,” too!

Harry Davis provides a long history of Lee Davis’ activities working with convicted criminals to promote their rights in prison while neglecting his disabled brother. Harry calls his brother Lee a “limosine liberal” because while he’s Goody Two-shoes on the outside, all he’s doing is making himself visible for his own interests. When Harry Davis calls Lee Davis a “limosine liberal” it’s because Harry considers Lee to be unauthentic, dishonest, and a hypocrite. Not the kind of guy we need judging our citizens.

This sounds about right because Lee Davis is running on the Democrap ticket; that’s the liberal, socialist party now in the United States, and they’re not really known for their good judgment or morals.

It’s no secret that Harry and Lee are estranged at the very least but there’s no reason for us to doubt what Harry has to say about Lee, since Harry is very candid about himself and his mistakes. But Harry’s not asking to be voted to judicial office either.

Gimme your vote!

Gimme your vote!

Among the many things that Harry has shared with us is that Lee was involved in a shady property deal that left his brother Harry out in the cold, literally, and allegedly cheated Harry out of his share. Even the suggestion of such conduct is disqualifying for a judge. If you do that to your brother, what can a stranger expect?

Harry also alleges that Lee was negligent in caring for their elderly mother, who, allegedly due to Lee’s negligence, was involved in a serious traffic accident while operating a motor vehicle, and later died of complications. Harry alleges she should never have been driving at her age and that Lee allowed her to do so. If this is true, this shows a very serious lack of good judgment on Lee Davis’ part.

Harry does tend to go on about Lee’s myriad wrongs and misconduct, and we have to understand that there’s a great deal of hurt there. There’s a great deal of fact, too, we believe. You see, Harry has presented his case perhaps a bit colorfully but given his openness and some of the supporting information, we tend to believe that Harry is generally credible.

But whether Harry is hurt or not, even if a tiny portion of what he has told us is true, this community must seriously investigate Lee Davis’ fitness to fill any public office, much more so if he’s asking to be re-elected to be town justice in New Baltimore.

Lee Davis is a small-change attorney who works for the New York State Department of Health allegedly in a unit that slaps naughty doctors’ hands. Davis was previously in the corrections system where he advocated for prisoners’ rights. Davis makes about $95,000 a year with the State of New York and that’s nothing compared to what a real lawyer would be making. So it appears that although Davis is something of a non-achiever, someone who doesn’t really aim very high, on the outside, he’s apparently a sneaky weasel on the inside, which is consistent with a cowardly, insecure personality.

If Lee “Judge” Davis cannot foster justice and fair-play in his own immediate family…

bottom-lineThe Town of New Baltimore and the Democrap party backing Lee Davis are not forthcoming with information on this character so that the voting public know who he is and what he’s all about. All we get is what they want us to know and hear. Well, now we need to hear from the Democraps on how they vetted their candidate, Lee “Judge” Davis, and from Davis himself in response to his older brother’s allegations. We don’t really expect Lee Davis to respond or, even if he does, to admit the truth. Given that expectation we have to urge voters to keep this man off the bench in New Baltimore. After all, given the allegations by Davis’ older brother, Harry, Lee Davis has some really smelly baggage.

An even deeper question is: If Lee “Judge” Davis cannot foster justice and fair-play in his own immediate family, how can he claim to do that in a courtroom of strangers? Our expectation is that he cannot and consequently he has no business passing judgment on anyone!

Our final question to Lee Davis, bottom-feeder attorney, is why he is so happy being a town justice, a bottom-feeder judge on a bottom-feeder court, and Why? he hasn’t aimed higher, for a real judgeship? Maybe it’s because he’d be under greater scrutiny, vetted, and his background investigated and the truth about Lee Davis would be out and he’d be disqualified! Maybe that’s why he’s settling for a small town Democrap backing on a small-town court. Think about that.

Given the pre-election violations by Tom Meacham (R) and the fatal information on Lee Davis (D) provided by his older brother Harry Davis, New Baltimore doesn’t have any electable candidates for the seat on the New Baltimore Town Court. That leaves only the alleged adulterer dumbass Joseph Farrell on the New Baltimore Town Court. Dunce Farrell has been around for so long he probably should be kept in a museum case as the “Petrified Town Justice”, since his brain has long turned to sludge. But Farrell has made a lot of friends in New Baltimore and they’re enough to keep him in office, as long as they can depend on him.

The New York State Unified Court System has been trying for years to find a way around the town and village court system and the problems that bottom-feeder town and village justices cause due to their ignorance and incompetence. Town and village justices do not have to be lawyers, do not have to have a college educations, and need only a high-school diploma to be a town or village justice. Did you know that? Then you have little or no background checks, and their political party backers are interested only if they can get them elected. It’s the rest of us who have to deal with them for their four-year terms, if we are so unfortunate as to have to appear before one of them. The very least we have to to do protect ourselves is to do our own homework and keep the crazies and scoundrels off the bench.

Let your vote count and write in “FairPlay” and let them count that vote.

Residents and voters of Albany and Greene counties are not second class citizens and we shouldn’t be offered the sub-standard dregs we are getting from the political parties and local party committees; that’s not what our votes are for. Our votes are not food for their egos; our votes are for the good of the people, not for the good of the politicians. Let your vote count and write in “FairPlay” and let them count that vote. Don’t give the scoundrels numbers on the balloting. Just write “FairPlay” in the write-in space on the ballot on Tuesday, and let that be counted as your vote!

That may be your only defense, Lee Davis. The Editor

That may be your only defense, Lee Davis.
The Editor

Editor’s note: We have asked one of our contributors to contact the Town of New Baltimore to ask Lee Davis if he has an older brother, Harry, and if Harry lives in Rochester. Once we have that confirmation, we will pursue other relevant questions. As of this writing, the Town of New Baltimore has not responded.


12 responses to “Double-Standard Davis: Asking New Baltimore for another Term as Town Justice?

  1. Harry Davis

    November 9, 2016 at 12:29 am

    Davis: 41% Meacham: 59%

    You are welcome, “Judge Davis”.

    First move to bring you & Nancy to justice.

    “You are too disabled. You can’t handle it”. Remember saying that, Lee, Nancy?


    • Editor

      November 9, 2016 at 6:43 am

      Well, with the help of forthcoming, honest citizens, we’ve again exposed and removed a scoundrel. But we’re faced with another wannabe, Tom Meacham. He should be rather easy to settle with, once we make our formal complaint to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct. People still don’t understand that they don’t have to vote for the alternative, lesser evil. You don’t have to give either of them any numbers. Some have taken our advice and have written in “Justice”.

      Thanks for all your inputs and support, Harry. Good luck!

      The Editor

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  2. Harry Davis

    November 6, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    Lee Davis violated the Americans With Disabilities Act.

    After losing my home in Aspen to our “father” (the reason our father gave me for my eviction was “Just business, Harry, nothing personal.”).

    When our father died in February, 2003, I created a web site selling ergonomic related goods. Lee Davis, the lawyer, was the executor of our father’s estate. Lee and our sister Nancy made the decisions. I needed our father’s small business to help launch an Internet business. I was refused this huge opportunity by “Judge Davis” because, as Lee & Nancy told me, I was “too disabled. You can’t handle it!”

    “Judge Davis” appears to have never heard of the “Americans With Disabilities Act of 1992”.

    Harry Davis
    November 6, 2016

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    • Editor

      November 7, 2016 at 7:06 am

      Any act that becomes “just business” is cold-hearted, insensitive, and inhumane. Any government or government agency that operates on a “just business” basis becomes a machine, going through a set of motions to achieve a pre-determined end. We don’t need that kind of dehumanization, depersonalization at the local level or at the national level. If that happens, we become merely means to ends, if even that.

      The Editor

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  3. Harry Davis

    November 6, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    Lee Davis is a drugie who puts drug users in prison, not rehab.

    I turned “Judge Davis” onto pot when he was in high school. “Judge Davis” has been a drug user since high school. I have a long reputation of advocating for the legalization of all drugs. In 2005, I ran for public office on a legalize drugs platform.

    Law Enforcement Against Drugs has supported me.

    The Drug War is just like Prohibition was for alcohol. I do not think anybody should be in prison for use of drugs. “Judge Davis” sentences drug users to prison.

    And you, New Baltimore, you actually made this guy a judge, trusting him to pass judgment on yourselves?

    ~Harry Davis


  4. Harry Davis

    November 5, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    I am a severely disabled. My feet are amputated. I got this way through a real estate fraud committed by our sperm donor in Aspen, CO. Aspen has local employees housing rules to let “normal” people keep houses to live in instead of letting out-of-town jerks take their houses. We paid $52,500 for it in 1984. Recently it was worth $2,000,000. Aspen employee housing rules identify certain properties to be owned by locals only. We were required to run a film/video/media business. My first production won a Cindy Award. My next venture was a radio show that involved people such as John Denver, Ted Turner, Bob Wussler (Bob was my friend. He was co founder of CNN and Walter Cronkite’s CBS producer. Google his name). Bill Moyers was a friend I called on.

    Because of space, I can hardly get into any details of this nightmare but the bottom line is, I was was made homeless by my own family and the ramifications of this have rippled through my life in a way that brought me to the hospital with a deadly case of bacterial meningitis in 2001, losing my feet.

    What was attorney Lee Davis doing during this time? “Judge Davis was too busy working for Prisoner’s Legal Services getting young, Black murderers out of prison, building his “pimping of social causes” reputation so he could “advance” his career. Judge Lee Davis did not give a damn about his brother who was made homeless. Lee did nothing to stop our heartless father from doing this. Judge Lee Davis did, however, send me the newspaper, “Funny Times” throughout part of the 1990’s. Judge Lee Davis thought my shattered life in exile was too funny.

    If “Judge Davis” treats his brother like this, how will he treat you if you are forced to appear in his court?

    ~Harry Davis


  5. Harry Davis

    November 4, 2016 at 6:19 pm

    Judge “Killer Lee” Davis did not care well for our Mother

    In 2005, my Mother, Eleanor Davis, in fading health, was moved by “Judge Davis” from Rochester, NY, her home of some 55 years to an assisted living situation near “Judge Davis” in Rensselaer, NY. Mom would remain in the care and supervision of “Judge Davis” for the rest of her life.

    Mom had already totaled one car, her favorite automobile. She was old, well into her 80’s, an age that she should have been made to give up her keys. Lee, who should have taken her into his on home for care by this time, permitted Mom to drive. She totaled the second car. She suffered serious head injuries. She died of complications from these injuries on January 15, 2014, aged 89 years, 11 months, one month shy of her 90th birthday! Could a little common sense have prevented this?

    “Judge Davis” & his sister Nancy tried to keep me away from Mom’s funeral.

    Lee’s day job is to bust bad doctors through his position at the New York State Department of Health. He is so self-righteous, that he makes criminals of people in other professions and treats his immediate family like crap.

    “Judge Davis” is a narcissist, a phony and a sociopath. Do you feel he is qualified to judge you if you should ever have to appear in his court?

    And you, New Baltimore, you actually made this guy a judge, trusting him to pass judgment on yourselves?

    ~Harry Davis


    • Editor

      November 4, 2016 at 7:20 pm

      Well, Harry, we can almost forgive the dolts in New Baltimore for having made the scandalous mistake of electing your brother, given the fact that the voters receive next to no real background information on the candidates, and no one in local government seems to have a résumé or a CV. Town and village justices are required only to have a highschool diploma to be justices; the courts have been a major joke and an embarassment to the Unified Court System for more than a century but locals insist on local “justice”, that is, they want to be screwed locally.

      Your brother has been on the New Baltimore Planning Board for a number of years and is a useless piece of furniture. Reading some of the minutes he’s ready to perform fellatio on a local hippopotamus shyster. whom he appears to idolize because he’s a bigger scumbag than your brother…that means he’s probably making 6-7 times the paltry salary your dud brother is making as a state employed attorney.

      No background check or résumé would have produced the kind of information you have brought to our attention; New Baltimore is indebted to you, Harry, for exposing Lee Davis for the amoral scoundrel he really is.

      Thank you!
      The Editor


  6. William J. de Seve

    November 3, 2016 at 7:37 pm, c’est le comble! Que puis-je faire pour la communate?


    • Editor

      November 3, 2016 at 10:13 pm

      Run as a write-in for town justice! You have the smarts and you’re honest and have integrity. Yes! Run as a write-in!

      Bravo for you, Bill!

      The Editor


  7. Harry Davis

    November 2, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    Lee Davis should never be re-elected as New Baltimore Town Justice. I am his brother. I know who this person is better than anybody else.

    To understand Lee Davis, we need to look at Nature vs. Nurture. In other words, who you are reflects both what your inherited genes say you are and what the environment of your upbringing and history influence you to be. We don’t know how much every person is what his or hers DNA says they are. We do know that life’s experiences molds us just as much.

    Does our human behavior come from our animal instincts or from the way life has nurtured us? To understand Lee Davis, we need to look at Lee’s sperm donor [= father] (deceased as of February, 2003) because Lee Davis clearly takes after the worst side of his chromosomes, the XY. Lee’s phenotype, or observable traits, it seems to me, are 100% XY; his sperm donor took over Lee’s body and life, completely. This is not a good thing. Lee Davis, and his now deceased sperm donor, are true sociopaths. They both literally think their shit does not stink. I have known Lee “Judge” Davis since 2 days after his birth, April 30, 1957. I am six years older than “Judge Davis”. Another very accurate way to describe Lee’s sperm donor is to look at Donald J. Trump. Lee, his sperm donor and Trump have never done anything wrong. They are always right; they are always “terrific”, “the best”.

    Lee’s sperm donor was a wife beater. Lee’s sperm donor married his wife soley so he could create the three slaves, also known as “children”. Lee’s sperm donor was a failed business man. Lee’s sperm donor was a con artist. Lee’s sperm donor was a liar and a cheat. Lee’s sperm donor was a cruel man with absolutely no feelings of human compassion.

    I realize now that the unfortunate voters of New Baltimore do not have a viable candidate now that Davis and Tom Meacham are both damaged goods and many of you feel you have nowhere to go. [redacted]. I of course am in no position to serve and do not wish to serve but [redacted] you can voice your protest citing the New York State Judicial Law and Code of Judicial Conduct and also show support for the fine reporting that Smalbany has done.

    I will have more details tomorrow about why you should not vote for “Judge Davis”

    ~Harry Davis


    • Editor

      November 2, 2016 at 6:38 pm

      Thank you, Harry, for coming forward with this. We’ll look forward to your follow-up comments. We are really looking forward to hearing from the Town of New Baltimore or from your brother, Lee Davis, if he has the balls to respond.

      As for a write in for New Baltimore Town Justice, we feel we have already addressed that and recommend that voters simply write in “FairPlay” as a protest statement to the sorry bunch of bottom-feeders our political committees are shoving down our throats.

      It’s no small wonder that national politics has turned into a public latrine, given the fact that our local politics is tantamount to an open sewer.

      The Editor



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