New Baltimore’s Veterans Luncheon a Grand Success!!!

14 Feb

New Baltimore Salutes Its Veterans at a Valentine’s Day Luncheon

veterans salute


On Sunday, February 14, 2016, the New Baltimore Veterans Committee hosted a luncheon to honor their veterans. We announced the event on this blog, and the event which was held at the Cornell Hook and Ladder Fire House hall on Gill Road in New Baltimore drew a respectable crowd of some 75 veterans and their families.

Veterans Attending the New Baltimore Veterans Luncheon. (Photo courtesy of Melody Burns, Veterans Miracle Center)

Veterans Attending the New Baltimore Veterans Luncheon.
(Photo courtesy of Melody Burns, Veterans Miracle Center)

The luncheon was free and the fare was fabulous ranging from cold meats and cheeses, homemade salads of every description, fresh fruit and veggies for dipping, and at least 4 different hot soups, and homemade chili. The desserts didn’t play second fiddle to the entrées, either, and most were homemade cakes and cookies. In short, there was something to please everyone.

The speeches were mercifully few and brief, though the dignitaries in attendance were a fine tribute to the men and women the town was honoring.  Present to honor the vets were: Nick Dellisanti, supervisor of the town of New Baltimore; Pat Linger, member of the Greene County Legislature; Mr Dan Lamora, Commander, American Legion Post 1614 and Mason Springstead, Vice-commander; Tyrone G. Waklatsi, Division of Veterans Affairs, New York; Tim Burch, American Legion, 3rd District; Mr Frank DeSorbo, president, Patriot Flight, Inc.; Mr John Faso, who is planning to run for Rep. Chris Gibson’s congressional seat.

Conspicuously absent without even sending a message were: Mr Jeff Ruso (New Baltimore board member), Mr Peter Lopez, NYS Assemblyman 102nd District, Mr George Amadore, NYS Senator (we’ll most likely see them when they need our votes again!). Also absent as could be expected was Greene County Independence Party chair George Acker (nor was his partner and “co-chair” Irene Beede) but that’s to be expected. Acker or Beede would probably never dare show their faces again in New Baltimore after their backstabbing local candidates last November!

Also present was Ms Melody Burns, Director of Operations, Veterans Miracle Center, a support service to veterans experiencing need, who was distributing personal care bags to attendees.

The New Baltimore Veterans Committee would like to express their heartfelt thanks to the members of the New Baltimore District #1 Cornell Hook and Ladder Company and the Cornell auxiliary for their fine support and generosity in providing the venue for the luncheon. Their support and help demonstrates what community is all about.

Information on services available to veterans from the American Legion, Veterans Miracle Center, and other organizations was available, in addition to important tax benefits for veterans. Please contact Shelly van Etten for additional information.

The Veterans Committee would like to ask all veterans, who were unable to attend, to please contact either councilwoman Shelly Van Etten at 756-3517 or Ann Marie Vadney 265-4248 and provide your contact information for future events.

Ravena News Herald, Greene County News / Columbia Greene Media were NO SHOWS!!!

The Ravena News Herald and the Greene County News of Columbia-Greene MediaJohnson Newspaper Group were contacted and informed of this event but did not send a reporter to cover it. Was that their statement of non-support for our veterans? Thanks for nothing John J. Johnson and Marc Vinciguerra!


The Veterans Committee of New Baltimore and This Blog


2 responses to “New Baltimore’s Veterans Luncheon a Grand Success!!!

  1. Irene Beede

    February 17, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    First Mr Acker and myself whom represent the Greene County Independence Party were not invited. Secondly I would love to meet with you face to face and set some facts straight. And Thirdly never forget what New Baltimore did to Ms. Anne Marie Vandey.. She would have been on board New Baltimore Board from day one. But no one dare allowed her to post signs in her opponent territory. AND we have been invited only to one luncheon where Nick, Jeff Anne Marie and many others were in attendance when they all were first running for office.

    On Feb 14, 2016 10:05 PM, “Albany NY a.k.a. Smalbany” wrote: > > Editor posted: “New Baltimore Salutes Its Veterans at a Valentine’s Day Luncheon THE VETERANS COMMITTEE OF THE TOWN OF NEW BALTIMORE VETERANS VALENTINE’S DAY LUNCHEON A GRAND SUCCESS!!! On Sunday, February 14, 2016, the New Baltimore Veterans Committed hosted a lunc” >


    • Editor

      February 17, 2016 at 6:19 pm

      According to information we have received from reliable sources there was good reason for not having invited you or Mr Acker. There seems to be a communications problem: Mr Acker doesn’t return local officials/candidates’ calls. Could that be a problem? If you can get that fact straightened out with a credible explanation that might help.

      We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss any facts but which facts do you have in mind. Do you feel our facts are unreliable? Incorrect? Need supplementation? Or do you have other facts you’d like to provide? We love facts but they have to be true, verifiable facts.

      We have attempted to verify certain facts with the Greene County Board of Elections but after several attempts to get them to provide information, which they never did, we assumed that they had no interest in providing the information. Perhaps your worst enemies are in the Greene County Board of Elections. They invite inquiries but that’s as far as it goes. They don’t respond to inquiries. Our questions related to Independence Party voter turnout and votes but apparently the Greene County Board of Elections can’t answer those questions. Can you? What is the total New Baltimore Independence Party registered voter turnout for the November 2015 election? What is the total number of registered Independence Party voters in New Baltimore? Here’s a question for you: Why didn’t Mr Acker or the Independence Party work to get Independence Party voters out to vote last election. We understand the turnout was paltry. Is that true?

      As for Ms Vadney’s bid for public office, we cannot speak to that. Regrettably, most politicians are blatant liars or worse; if Ms Vadney relied on any promises from anyone, that was her mistake. We can only hope that her memory is as good as ours.
      Now, if the New Baltimore town hall or any of the party committee persons or candidates, or political party clubs don’t invite you to their functions, why don’t you ask Why? Why don’t you express interest? Then if they don’t invite you, you may have a point to argue. Until you reach out, you won’t have much of an argument.



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