How long do we have to wait? Official or Unofficial?

11 Nov

It’s 12:00 noon on Friday the 13th, ten (10) days after the Greene County Elections, and the morons at the Greene County Board of Elections STILL HAVEN’T POSTED THE FINAL RESULTS OF THE NOVEMBER 3RD ELECTIONS. THE LINK TO THE “OFFICIAL” RESULTS STILL SHOWS “UNOFFICIAL” RESULTS. WAKE UP GUYS!


So far, SILENCE!

So far, SILENCE!

Today, on Veterans Day, we claim to be celebrating the men and women still among us who served to preserve our dignity, rights, and freedoms. What “dignity”? What “rights”? What “freedoms”? Today, on Veterans Day, we slap our veterans in the face and kick them in the ass! Let’s ask our elected officials and politicians Why? that is!

A “Commander-in-Chief” who talks big about “We’ll keep fighting” but who has never served. Politicians who collect the money and get the benefits but can’t stick to the real issues. Media that sells ratings rather than inform us. We’ve forgotten what it is to be a real hero because we get fed a “hero-a-day”!

She Weeps for Us!

She Weeps for Us!

A week after the elections and we still don’t know the final results! Absentee ballots are not yet counted!!!

If the craziness and nastiness of election campaigns and the anxiety centering on the questionable results of local elections were not enough, our paid officials can’t even get their announcements right. It’s no wonder people don’t vote. But how can this country criticize other nations’ voting practices when our own is in such a sorry state?

For example, It’s now a week after the November 3, elections, and the final results are not posted (absentee ballots are STILL not counted).

The Greene County Board of Elections, Marie Metzler  ( and Brent Bogardus (, commissioners, can’t even decide whether the results on the Greene County Board of Elections website are “Official” or “Unofficial”. Who would think to look on the Green County Employee Info page for the November 3, 2015, “Official”/”Unofficial” election results, anyway. And they don’t tell us when the results, official or unofficial, will be final.

The Greene County Board of Elections page link reads: “Official Election Results/November 3, 2015” but the link goes to “Unofficial” results and those unofficial results are on the “greeneemployeeinfo” page. Go figure! And we trust those guys with running our elections?

When will they decide? Official or Unofficial?

When will they decide? Official or Unofficial?

And we mentioned last week that we expected the Albany County Board of Elections to be dragging their feet. Commissioners Matthew J. Clyne (D) and Rachel L. Bledi (R) don’t bother to provide their e-mail addresses. Do you think they’re interested in hearing from you about the outrageous delay in getting absentee ballots counted and the final results out? Coeymans will have to wait until after November 13, 2015, to learn the results. (Well, the good news is you still have time to leave town!) By the way, that’s Friday the 13th. Does that give the results away?

Albany will Count the Coeymans Absentee Ballots on Friday the 13th!

Albany will Count the Coeymans Absentee Ballots on Friday the 13th!

What’s the delay?!?!

We know Albany County is a Democrap sumphole and is run by a bunch of political machine backroom cronies, but really, do they actually need 10 days to count and tally absentee ballots? Where are we anyway? In Afghanistan?

Our Board of Elections will Let Us Know our Fate on Friday the 13th.

Our Board of Elections will Let Us Know our Fate
on Friday the 13th.

Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid!
But there’s still time to leave town, people!

The Editor


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7 responses to “How long do we have to wait? Official or Unofficial?

  1. kay kilmer

    November 12, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    When are people going to learn that Albany County doesn’t care one bit about the Town of Coeymans we are the bottom of you know what list.


    • Editor

      November 12, 2015 at 6:17 pm

      Yes, Kay, but it’s not just Coeymans. The only time Albany remembers Ravena-Coeymans exists is when a local like Dolan or Youmans or Touchette needs the machine’s backing to get elected. Even then, it seems, Dolan and others have to fudge the ballots! Yes, there seems to be a problem with quite a number of ballots coming from Guess where? Yup! The Choices program and Dolan’s ghetto friends.
      We called it right when Dan McCoy all of a sudden appear with his Democrap cronies in Ravena to open a “youth program”. You see, McCoy’s brother is in charge of youth activities department and they have this money (Surprising how the interest always seems to come alive around election time, isn’t it?). So McCoy and his Dumbocrat friends in Ravena-Coeymans all get a photo-op just before elections. Has to make you sick!

      But one thing we don’t get: With four crooks, whose unlawful conduct is more than public knowledge, running on the Dumbocrap ticket, Coeymans voters voted at least three of the four crooks in! That’s so idiotic we are at a loss to even speculate how that happened. Unless there’s some major election fraud going on in Coeymans. Or voters in Coeymans are simply that stupid. Which is it? We’d really like to know.

      The Editor


      • CKP

        November 12, 2015 at 6:26 pm

        Ravena and Coeymans – they’re in like Greene or Ulster County, right? Maybe Orange? :-}

        Favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism – gah. Way too common around here.


      • Editor

        November 12, 2015 at 7:12 pm

        Actually, they’re not in Greene nor Ulster nor Orange. They’re in Reubenville, Twilight Zone.



      • CKP

        November 12, 2015 at 7:25 pm

        Ha! How did I not hear of Reubenville before? I once worked at an Arby’s – the stories I could tell…


  2. CKP

    November 11, 2015 at 10:02 am

    Hey, it takes time to conduct a private silent auction for the candidates to decide amongst themselves how much they’ll pay for the outcome of election results! It takes time to fill out absentee ballots and backdate them!

    (Who knows if such things are happening – but when area law enforcement drunk drive, manufacture drugs, embezzle from a funeral home, etc. it would seem nothing is outside the realm of possibility.)


    • Editor

      November 11, 2015 at 10:06 am

      Thank you, CPK, for your timely comment!

      Please, tell us more about “but when area law enforcement drunk drive, manufacture drugs, embezzle from a funeral home, etc.” in a confidential e-mail to We’d really like to know more about what you are saying!

      Looking forward to hearing from you and following up on the details.

      Thanks again,
      The Editor



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