New Baltimore Independence Party Voters: Don’t Disappoint Your Community!

09 Sep

animated_update_small New Baltimore comes to its senses: VanWormer clobbers Jordan in primaries! VanWormer takes 81% of the votes! Doesn’t look good for Jordan, and when we publish what we have on Jordan, he’s dead in the water! Corruption, indifference, stupidity! New Baltimore deserves better!

It’s incredibly important that all New Baltimore Independence Party voters get out and vote on Thursday, September 10, to avoid a Democrap takover in New Baltimore. It’s incredibly important that Independence Party voters support VanWormer and Dellisanti.

Don’t Disappoint the New Baltimore Community! Independence Party voters must support Allan VanWormer for Highway superintendent and Nick Dellisanti for New Baltimore Town Supervisor. Keep the Lewis puppets out of New Baltimore town hall, and let’s get this town on track and in the 21st century, finally!

Use your vote wisely and clean up New Baltimore: Support VanWormer for Highway Superintendent

Use your vote wisely and clean up New Baltimore: Support VanWormer for Highway Superintendent

First of all, Denis Jordan, running again to see how much more damage he can do to New Baltimore’s infrastructure, can’t find a truck big enough to carry his past baggage and scandalous record. George Acker, Independence Party chairperson for Greene County, has pulled a cowardly fast one on Independence Party registered voters by first promising Allan VanWormer the Independence Party backing, initially denying Jordan’s petition. Acker must have caved to someone because he later allowed Denis Jordan on the Independence primary ballot. That’s absolutely scandalous! Denis Jordan is a Democrap sockpuppet and the only way he’s stayed in the position is by doing favors and getting Diane Lewis to push him on the democrap ticket.

Well, the word on the street is that Diane Lewis is abandoning New Baltimore and moving away, the word is she’s moving to Chicago. So here we have the New Baltimore democrap party chairwoman pushing candidates down our throats and she’s not even going to be living here!

New Baltimore Independence Party Voters: Don’t Disappoint Your Community! Support Allan VanWormer on the Independence Party ticket for New Baltimore Highway Superintendent.

Allan VanWormer is our choice for the Independence Party candidate for Highway Superintendent. He got the Independence party backing honestly and not by pulling strings. If Denis Jordan is going to run on any ticket, let him run on Diane Lewis’ democrap ticket, and keep him from stinking up our Independence Party ballot.

We have a truckload of facts on Denis Jordan that we will be posting very shortly, and we’re sure even democrap supporters, after reading what we’ve found out, will refuse to support Jordan in the elections this November.

Diane Lewis, New Baltimore democrap party chairwoman, also is pushing a totally unknown outsider for the Independence Party candidate for New Baltimore town supervisor. Diane Lewis’ puppet is Arthur Fullerton, and he’s running as an Independence Party candidate, but with the New Baltimore democraps backing him. That alone should scare the hell out of New Baltimore residents!

It makes no sense at all to deny Nick Dellisanti a second 2-year term as New Baltimore Supervisor. Dellisanti has been trying his best to clean up the mess left by David Lewis and Susan O’Rorke in New Baltimore town hall. It’s been an uphill battle for Dellisanti and his team given the fact that outgoing O’Rorke and her minions pretty much cleaned out New Baltimore town hall computers and other records, leaving Dellisanti in the dark. Diane Lewis’ henchmen, including Denis Jordan, have been ambushing and obstructing almost every improvement that the Dellisanti team has been trying to make.

Team Up to Clean up New Baltimore Highway Department. Vote for VanWormer!

Team Up to Clean up New Baltimore Highway Department. Vote for VanWormer!

The most recent democrap scandal is focused on Denis Jordan, who refuses to comply with the law (is that a surprise) and refuses to comply with town purchasing policies. Jordan refuses to put town purchases up for competitive bidding and refuses to explain how he negotiates contracts for purchases. He has a record of corrupt purchasing practices that the town board under Dellisanti’s leadership has been trying to expose and correct.

The most recent evidence of the dishonesty and misinformation put out by the Lewis mob, is Denis Jordan’s recent mailing. He sent out a post card that is just oozing with bullshit and lies. Maybe Jordan should apply for the job of New Baltimore sewerage treatment plant manager, he seems to know how dish out a lot of shite! Mr Jordan tells Independence Party voters that he, Jordan, has the support of the Independence, Republican, and Democrap parties! A TOTAL BAREFACED LIE! A reader contacted Mr George Acker to ask if the Independence Party were supporting Jordan and Acker responded, “It’s not true.” JORDAN IS A DESPERATE LIAR. After all, why would it be necessary to have a primary election if the parties already supported a candidate. The LIE just doesn’t make any sense.

The truth is out, Mr Jordan, you are illiterate, a crook and a liar!

The truth is out, Mr Jordan, you are illiterate, a crook and a liar!

Do you really think we need another Diane Lewis democrap puppet in New Baltimore town hall? Keep Arthur Fullerton out of New Baltimore town hall unless you want a repeat performance of the O’Rorke scandals. Diane Lewis doesn’t give a rat’s ass what goes on now in New Baltimore, she’s jumping ship.

Independence Party Voters: Don't Trash your votes! Vote for VanWormer and Dellisanti! The Editor

Independence Party Voters: Don’t Trash your votes! Vote for VanWormer and Dellisanti!

The Editor


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2 responses to “New Baltimore Independence Party Voters: Don’t Disappoint Your Community!

  1. Irene

    October 30, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    Apparently you say you don’t write LIES about issues..
    Chairman George Acker of the Greene County Independence Party first never made any promises to any candidates.
    You apparently never bothered asking Mr. Acker nor the Greene County Independence Party how they make their decisions. Yes some go to primaries bc it about the people choice too. Others dont.
    And carrying our petitions is not a guarantee endorsement either. It part of a procedure even candidate must go through.
    But I respect to a statement you made.. There a certain number of people you need by election law on a pettion. Our party needs to meet the people whom are running. And it is a challenge at times but it can be done.. and there a few other reasons why you always get more people to sign your petitions. It all gets explanned to each individual when they come to us. AND further more I respect your options on some issues but typing only what sounds good to make others look bad wasn’t what you started out as..


    • RCS Confidential

      October 30, 2015 at 6:32 pm

      Dear Irene:
      Thank you for your comment.
      You are quite correct: We do not write “LIES”.
      We obtained our information from a VERY reliable source, the candidate.
      You are “Irene” not George Acker so we don’t quite get it that you apparently think you can speak for George Acker. Or are you George Acker calling himself Irene? That’s cute!

      We don’t need to know how the Greene County Independence Party makes their decisions on any issue; we only need to know what the decision is, and whom it affects. That’s what we printed.

      I have a rather good understanding of the petition process but thanks anyway for your explanation.

      Regrettably, thought, I had a somewhat difficult time understanding some of what you wrote because of the grammar and spelling errors. But I think I got the gist…
      Thank you for respecting our/my opinions; that’s what they are, respectable opinions.

      Tell us, though, Irene, George, since you seem to be speaking for the Greene County Independence Party: Did your party reject Mr Denis Jordan’s petition/signatures or not?

      Thanks again for your comment,
      The Editor



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