Ravena Fitness Scandal Continues & Full-time Benefits for Part-time Elected Officials

06 Jun

Stay tuned for these upcoming reports. Be sure to have a barf-bag ready because the village of Ravena village board has set itself up for the Dumbass-of-the-Year award under the incompetent master-of-bation mayor, Willaim “Mouse” Misuraca, and his retarded band of amateur crooks (under the guidance of master crook Nancy Warner and her Fiends of the Fatness Clique). You won’t believe what that group of dingleberries have done and what they think they’re going to do. And you thought it was over when they made what we thought was a wise resolution? Just a smoke and mirrors game. There were no “potential investors” that’s why Misuraca and his retards wouldn’t name them!!! It was a LIE!!! And it does get worse. We’ll have the two stories up soon: The LIE of the Ravena Fatness Clique and how the Ravena village board, all part-timers, have given themselves full-time benefits. Mayor mouse is costing the village of Ravena taxpayers more than $1200.00 a month for his healthcare benes!!! Where else can you get full-time benefits for part-time work? Only a bunch of wankers would think they could get away with this stuff — they won’t.

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