Resident SLAMS!!! Ravena Trustless Nancy Warner

04 May

We recently published an email sent by Nancy Warner to a local resident unlawfully denying him his rights to access information under the New York State Freedom of Information Law, and telling him he’s “wasting taxpayer money.” We pointed out in our article that Warner was way out of line and was the last one who should be telling anyone they’re wasting taxpayer money. Maybe Warner feels that stealing taxpayer money is better than wasting it, after all Nancy Warner knows how to do both. But back to the subject of this article:



Ravena Resident Pokes Nancy Warner in the Eye. OUCH!

Far from being a trustee, Nancy Warner should be a “Trustless” but you can trust Warner to grab any moment to act like she’s mayor of Ravena. She’s not and this resident tells her so. Read on…

Dear Trustee Warner:

Thank you for your kind but inappropriate email response of 4/29/15. While you are entitled to your personal opinions, you would be well advised to avoid abrogating authorities to yourself that are not yours to exercise. You do not have the implied or explicit authority in your present purview to respond to or to deliberate unilaterally and independently of the Village Board on matters concerning the instant subject matter. Furthermore, you are egregiously overreaching any implicit or explicit authorities when you attempt to limit or to deny me the rights clearly established under the provisions of the New York State Pubic Officers Law (a.k.a. the NYS Freedom of Information Law or “F.O.I.L.”) and any such attempt, implicit or worse still explicit, as represented by your e-mail, may expose you and the Village of Ravena to investigation or even prosecution. Need I remind you at this point of the current investigation relating to the Village Board’s unlawful abuse of power in the [name redacted but it concerns the Ravena Planning Board] case? You need to learn to put a lid on it and to control your megalomaniac ego, Ms. Warner.

At the risk of repeating myself, you had no business whatsoever and no authority whatsoever to arrogantly assume a position not yours by responding unilaterally and without mandate to an inquiry not in your purview. You have repeatedly failed to provide any documentation on how my building went from four to five units. You have never provided documentation with my signature (since none exists), I have repeatedly questioned how and when I went to from four to five units, which is your (Village of Ravena) basis for my water/sewer billing. One has to wonder who you think you are. Better still, one has to remind you who you are; you tend to forget. You are an elected officer of the Village of Ravena and a servant of the residents and community of Ravena. You are nothing more but may be much less, depending on one’s perspective.

You were way out of line in your response to my email. (I was simply requesting who and when will the village attorney contact me from a previous e-mail sent from the village to me six weeks ago; in short a follow up).   The Mayor, and Mr. Mahler and Mr. Coye are the trustees overseeing the water/sewer/building departments, and the zoning/planning  boards respectively.  When it is time to discuss any issue, I will contact them first. Obviously, you are not on those committees or boards and accordingly you have no business injecting yourself into matters concerning them unless explicitly invited to do so; you have not been so invited to my knowledge.

You appear to need a reminder that village elected officers and village staff have obligations and duties to the public under their oaths of office. This is undisputed fact and has been laid down clearly in town and village law, public officers law, administrative law, and yes, in criminal law.  As you are aware, “misprision”  requires one to report crime or a violation of law; you, especially as a public servant, are obligated to report unlawful or illegal activity or or risk prosecution yourself, even if that illegal or unlawful activity is your own. I realize that’s a very regrettable situation you may find yourself in but you yourself are to blame. Your history and record of abuse of office and abuse of citizens’ protected rights is long and documented. You would be well advised to cease and desist with immediate effect your unlawful interference and obstruction of other village employees in their diligent, even if it is somewhat clumsy, execution of their duties and responsibilities under the law. In other words, Ms. Warner, back off and butt out. Should I have an issue with village staff, I shall take it up with them on an informal amicable basis; as I have for the past 25 years.  Should that approach fail,  I shall address and discuss any such issues with the Chief Executive Officer of the Village of Ravena, the Mayor, who I believe continues to be Mr. William Misuraca, not YOU.

Should you have any questions regarding this communication, please do not hesitate to appropriately, that is, within the limits of your authority, to contact me. I shall be pleased to discuss anything you may find difficult to understand or impossible to grasp; simply send me a courteous, civil e-mail.

In the meantime, please accept my sincere appreciation of your most recent communication; I indeed appreciate it for what it is.

[Name withheld by request]

OUCH!!! You been had, Nancy Warner!!!

And BRAVO for you, Ravena resident and taxpayer!!! More of your neighbors should follow your example. Their lives might improve dramatically!

Bravo for You! Sock It to her The Editor

Bravo for You!
Sock It to her!
The Editor

Stay Tuned

We might be about to bust the Ravena Incest Club wide open!

We’re not done yet with the scandal behind the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and some of the unlawful finagling that went on using Ravena taxpayer money, public funds. We have a village of Ravena document that appears to split the village payment of $40,000 for the used fitness equipment for Cathy DELUCA’s pigpen. It appears that one check was made out to the NATIONAL BANK OF COXSACKIE in the amount of $18,000.00 and the other check was made out to Bob Fisk’s wife/concubine, Deborah FARHRBACH.  But the Bill of Sale signed by Deborah FAHRBACH and notarized by Michael Biscone’s secretary, Sharon E. DEWSBURY, clearly states that Fahrbach and Fisk are the “legal owners of the equipment” and that there are “no liens or encumbrances” on the equipment. If all that is true and Deborah FAHRBACH wasn’t perjuring herself by making a false oath, something simply doesn’t add up here. Question is: if . was the seller of the used fitness equipment, why did two checks have to be made out? One was a check made out to the National Bank of Coxsackie and the other to Fahrbach? Michael BISCONE is the attorney for National Bank of Coxsackie (Ravena) and acts also as Ravena village attorney. Was Michael BISCONE Bob Fisk’s or Fahrbach’s attorney, too? Is that why Biscone’s secretary notarized the Bill of Sale for the used equipment? Could it be that Robert FISK (a Persico on his mother’s side) owed the NATIONAL BANK OF COXSACKIE a note on the equipment the bank manager — at the time, Donna BISCONE —, would look bad if there were a bad debt? If that were so, then Fahrbach did perjure herself when she stated that Fahrbach and Fisk were the legal owners and that there were no liens or encumbrances on the equipment. What if Fisk had IRS tax liens in 2000 and bad credit, and had to get out from and under what was owed? So they went to the “cookie jar” (Ravena taxpayers money) to get some honey-money? So  do we have the PERSICO and BISCONE clans working together. Former mayor John T. BRUNO was hot on getting the RCS Community Library out of the building and in correspondence notes that his cousin, Josephine BRUNO (Prudential Realty), was brokering the deal. and was pushing to get the village of Ravena to get the equipment out of the building on 172 Main Street, Ravena. Nancy WARNER is a BISCONE, in addition to Donna BISCONE (retired); a National Bank of Coxsackie manager/director, Donald PERSICO, is apparently one of the PERSICO clan. Add Michael BISCONE, who is attorney for the village of Ravena AND for the National Bank of Coxsackie, and may have represented Bob FISK, too. But Fisk is related through is mother to the Persicos of Ravena, too. Looks like we might be on to something here. This is HOT! So stay tuned! We might be about to bust the Ravena Incest Club wide open! (Don’t relax yet, Jerry PERRINE, Larry CONRAD. We’re not done with you yet, either.)


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11 responses to “Resident SLAMS!!! Ravena Trustless Nancy Warner

  1. laszlo polyak

    May 7, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    I have a few written opinions from Freeman (COOG) over the years, and some of them are about Ravena.
    One was about the time limits to look at records, former Ravena clerk Nancy Warner and former mayor John Bruno didn’t like me coming and requesting records or reviewing them. Later I would ask simple questions at village meetings based on those records. So they wanted to discrimate and limit me to 10 minutes a day between 9am to 10am on any day. Mr. Freeman in his written opinion stated anybody can review any public records from the time the Ravena clerk’s office was open to the time the Ravena clerk’s office closed etc.

    Mayor John Bruno and Nancy Warner then tried to stop me from requesting [what Warner said were] the same records twice and sometimes three requests for the same records [not having gotten the complete records the first two times]. Freeman again wrote anybody can request over and over for the same records as many times as anyone wants to.

    I also have verbal opinions from Freeman about records from Ravena; however the difference is I would aske Josie [Bruno? Biscone?] when she said I couldn’t have the records, (I guessed Mayor Bruno was playing games again) Could we call and talk to Bob Freeman again on the speaker phone I would get an OK, from Freeman that I could have the records or based in law I couldn’t have the records I wanted. Then Freeman would explain the appeals all the way to the courts. I’ve also gotten unredacted county records from state courts. The judge agreed with me over the county attorney.

    Good clerks do their level best to do their jobs, most of the time they are on the front lines. It’s sad when I hear and see elected officials abuse them but they continue to do their jobs even when they are called every name in the book.

    I explained to someone who agreed with Nancy Warner about requesting the same records over and over. If a women with two children whose husband abandons her, she goes to welfare and they want records (proof). She gets the records hands them in then 3 months later, food stamps asks her for the same records she goes to get them, then 4 months later the state wants records, and she goes to get them. But according to Nancy Warner this poor woman is wasting her (Nancy Warner’s) time and tax payers’ money!!! Nancy, should we just shoot this poor women? Because she doesn’t know how to play the system as well as you do? Sure, it’s her fault the county and state don’t share information, communicate.

    I know Josie did her job to the best of her abilities I do know Annette was my daughter’s math teacher but regular accounting is different from government accounting, which is even worst to understand, with exceptions to the rules as the corrupt politician makes them up to find ways to keep the money for themselves. Annette has 60 years of both mayor Bailey and mayor Bruno to clean and clear up. It’s enough to make me a two bit auditor as the blog would say and turn me into a blonde bimbo too. Well am I a bimbo? I will continue to foil records and share them and ask questions such as: Can anyone please show me where in the water fund and on what line is the postal (stamps) expense is? Or are we still misusing funds (taxpayers’ money). Bill Bailey and Nancy
    Warner need to go if Ravena will ever have a chance to grow and enter the 21st century.


    • RCS Confidential

      May 8, 2015 at 9:32 am

      Dear Mr Polyak:

      We just spent about 20 minutes correcting typos and grammatical errors in your comment so that our readers could get an approximate understanding of what you are talking about.

      While we do not disagree with what we think you are writing, we do think you should spend more time proofreading your comments and perhaps less time FOILing records. If your FOIL requests are as intelligible and legible as your comments, that may be one of the problems. Although Ravena elected officials tend to be only marginally literate their mouse-sized brains may not have the processing capacity to read around your bizarre language.

      Mr Robert Freeman is executive director of the Committee on Open Government and his only authority is to share with citizens what the Freedom of Information Law actually says and means; he does not have the authority to “decide” anything. Freeman is just a parasitic bureaucrat sucking up taxpayer dollars, wasting air, and feathering his pension nest. The courts make the decisions when jokers like Freeman and morons like Nancy Warner and her sockpuppets, Demitraszek and Biernacki, start messing with the law and citizen’s rights. All Freeman can do is recite the decisions made by the courts. But anyone interested can do the same thing, since all the cases Freeman quotes from are online on the COOG site.

      We sense that you get hung up on very minor issues and attempt to make mountains out of molehills. In the big picture postage is not high on our list; the postage used by the water plant or whatever you’re talking about is even lower on our list.

      What we’d like to know about is the health insurance Ravena elected officials have given themselves at taxpayer expense. What we would like to know about is how many hours the board members put in doing village work. We do know that Ravena village trustees have full-time jobs so it’s unlikely that they put full-time effort into their village work. Do they get full-time healtcare benefits? Part-time benefits? At what cost to Ravena taxpayers? Now there’s a question you might want to get your teeth into.

      In future, please proofread your submissions. In addition, please use last names of public figures you mention in your submissions; not everyone is familiar with the historical names you drop here and there.

      Thank you for your comment.

      The Editor


      • laszlo polyak

        May 8, 2015 at 11:41 am

        Youré right! The cost of health care is off the charts. The village of Ravena board at it’s last meeting on May 5, 2015 voted themselves full health benefits. The rough cost of those benefits is about $15,000.00 per year per boardmember. And they did that while Nancy Warner denied a village employee’s live-in spouse healthcare coverage a few months ago; even though its the law for domestic partners.

        You’re also right that no one cares if the village of Ravena is misusing the water or the sewer funds at the expense of Coeymans hamlet and sometimes the village residents. the insiders get their lines dug up right to their house while the rest of us have to pay additional costs ranging from $3,000.00 to $10,000.00 for the digging.

        And again, you’re right: I should proof read but the new English language skills curriculum don’t require it; they don’t even teach cursive any more to our kids. That’s at the cost of $ 19.000.00 per child per year (why give a crap if no one else does) to teach them about writing skills ????? Sorry I got lazy.

        I don’t need to comment on here that much any more because it’s come full circle for me, no one reads or cares about the wasted tax dollars but I will comment. It was 20 years ago Nancy Warner asked me, Why, do I come in and ask for the same records over and over again? I never gave an answer. Ex-mayor Bruno and Nancy Warner verbally abused co-workers (and village residents too) to the point the village workers fear for their jobs if they ask for records. How dare I stand up! Nancy Warner is just repeating her dislike for village residents. Sorry I was unclear about it being 20 years ago. Nancy is on video tape throwing her tantrum at me back then. So what’s different now?


      • RCS Confidential

        May 13, 2015 at 10:29 am

        Dear Mr Polyak:

        Thank you for your comment.

        We are publishing your comment as pure opinion and we note that it does not represent our opinion nor our position until we have documents in hands. As for the village of Ravena board voting itself full healthcare benefits, that’s just another scandal among many. Ravena just replaced one bunch of crooks with another bunch of crooks. We have said all along that only the faces change. But this healthcare benefits scandal is going to blow up in their faces, we can promise you that.

        As for the abysmal quality and standard of education in the RCS school district, we can only say “We told you so!” We told voters and residents way before the last elections that they were electing a bunch of conspirators and ego-maniacs, who had only spend, Spend, SPEND on their agenda. They’re all teachers union lackeys. We told you so and you just went ahead and voted them in. Now you all can eat crow. Take for example the spendthrift teachers union sockpuppets Jim Latter (president of the RCS BoE) and Alice Whalen: they got your vote, they spent your money, now we hear that they’re jumping ship like the rats they are. They’re moving out of the district!

        As for Nancy Warner denying healthcare benefits to an employee’s live-in partner, you need to get your facts straight. You used a legal term, “domestic partner,” which, you are correct, would make it illegal to deny healthcare benefits IF they are applied for. But simply “living-in” does not legally make anyone a “domestic partner“; there’s a whole legal procedure for registering the “domestic partnership” and if it’s not legally registered, it’s not going anywhere. The applicant has to get his ducks in a row, and you have to get the complete facts before you comment on the situation.

        We don’t want to hear another word from you about the Ravena-Coeymans water mismanagement scam. That’s an issue that is about to make us puke if we hear another word from you about it. If you’re so obsessed with the situation, get organized with other village/hamlet residents and storm the village and town meetings. We’re not interested. If it’s that big a deal, it’s up to Ravena residents and property owners to do something about it. We don’t want to hear any more about it. Understand?

        The e-mail we recently published about Nancy Warner’s illegitimate response to your requests was NOT 20 years ago. It’s barely three weeks ago. So we don’t know what you are going on about when you tell us Warner made a similar statement 20 years ago. We’re interested in her statements made [written] just weeks ago, and those are the statements we published and exposed her in that article. So what in hell are you talking about some statement made 20 years ago? What’s your point?

        The Editor


  2. ckpalbany

    May 5, 2015 at 10:56 pm

    I put the question to Mr. Freeman early Tuesday, May 5, 2014: “Is the COOG permitted to *orally* furnish advisory guidelines, opinions or other appropriate information, leaving the COOG with no records to be disclosed or withheld of such advisory guidelines, opinions or other appropriate information?” No answer as yet. I’ll keep you posted.


    • RCS Confidential

      May 6, 2015 at 10:23 am

      We’ll be very interested in how Mr Freeman responds, if he responds.

      If Freeman responds in the negative, that is, if he says that he or his office does not provide oral opinions or guidelines over the telephone, that will mean that the village of Ravena clerk is a liar and should be punished for the lies, or that Mr Freeman is lying, and that puts the entire system of transparency in government and freedom of information in serious jeopardy, or both the village of Ravena AND Freeman are lying, which is more likely the case, and puts the system is very serious jeopardy.

      Or, in the alternative, Freeman responds to the interpretations of the illiterate and self-serving staff of the village of Ravena and witch-on-a-stick Nancy Warner, arch-liar, and gives a half-baked opinion without complete facts, which is used by Warner and her sockpuppets to deny a citizen his/her rights under the Public Officers Law and Freedom of Information Law. In that situation, Freeman abuses his office and the public trust and becomes an accessory to the violations and crimes of the village of Ravena, totally obliterating the good and the sense of the Freedom of Information Law, and allowing it to be misused and abused for evil purposes by evil people.

      Or, Freeman will say that his office does not provide over-the-phone opinions or guidelines/guidance, in which case he is a fraudulent liar because we know for a fact that he does, and he deserves to be prosecuted for his official misconduct and abuse of his office.

      Whatever the situation or other possible scenarios, this problem has to be resolved if we are to enjoy our rights under the law and if our elected officials are to be held to transparency and accountability in government. It has to be resolved if we are to free ourselves of the crooks and unethical practices in government from the local level on up to the state and federal levels. It can be done but we have to start here and now, right on our own front lawn, if you will.

      The Editor


  3. ckpalbany

    May 4, 2015 at 10:18 am

    The contempt so many public servants have for the Freedom of Information Law is appalling. Those “public servants” (who serve themselves, their friends, family, and donors) not infrequently make false or even arguably treasonous statements in their denials of FOIL requests, as might be the case here.

    Warner’s response was reasonable in one respect: “Since I have a Village email address I suggest you use that when you send any emails to me regarding Village matters. I will not respond to any Village emails that come to any other address except that one.” Politicians and public servants shouldn’t be using personal email accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) for public business – that much is true, though in practice I expect it happens a lot. Heck, I’ve seen documents indicating public servants use their home addresses to conduct public business, and that they keep municipal records at their own homes, and that municipal records have wound up in estate sales. Whether than happens in Ravena I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I expect your correspondent is familiar with how to appeal the denial of a FOIL request but if not:

    Regrettably, the NYS Department of State Committee on Open Government (COOG) does not provide specific information about the next step, how to appeal of the denial of an appeal: “You may seek judicial review of a final agency denial by means of a proceeding initiated under Article 78 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules.”

    Presumably the reason why specific information is not provided about how to pursue an Article 78 proceeding is to discourage, and effectively bar, people from making such appeals. Costs of Article 78 proceedings also seemingly also could be high, which undermines the whole process, since from the very start “public servants” know they can give contemptuous BS responses to FOIL requests, contemptuous BS responses to appeals of denials of FOIL requests, and then the public is SOL when it comes to an Article 78 proceeding. It’s about time that instructions regarding Article 78 proceedings were provided by the COOG along with examples of the lowest and highest prices ever paid to conduct such proceedings.


    • RCS Confidential

      May 4, 2015 at 10:40 am

      You’re absolutely right.

      But although you agree with Warner on the use of email accounts, her statement was not one of ethics but of arrogance. You have to appreciate the one phrase that epitomizes her arrogance: “I will not …” We have to agree that there are more service-oriented ways of phrasing that and Warner as a politician and elected official should have that sensitivity for tact and understand how her personal style or lack of style reflects not only on the office she greedily holds but on the whole of Ravena village hall. We have to bear also in mind that she’s a leftover from a 25-year regime of oppression and disrespect for residents. As long as Warner is loose, elements of that quarter-century of abuse will continue, as is evident in her e-mail to the resident.

      Robert Freeman is a dunce and a dud and continues to parasitize the taxpayers of New York State from his little nest of corruption in the Committee for Open Government, a division of the Department of State, which is responsible for administering the Freedom of Information Act. We’ve had some pretty fierce confrontations with that dumbo who caves to the highest bidder. So you are on target when you cite the failures of the COOG.

      And yes, most public servants are either ignorant of the provision of the F.O.I.L. or abuse it hoping that if they make it difficult enough the requester won’t follow through with a Notice of Claim. But even if you do follow through with an appeal, and an Notice of Claim, our public servants don’t give a shite; after all, they don’t have to foot the bill, taxpayers bear the expense. There’s got to be an incenitive, negative or positive, to make public servants comply or face the music.

      What citizens and residents have to confront is the fact that (1) these public servants need to start serving US, not themselves, and (2) they are abusing their office and at our expense.

      Thanks very much for your comment. It’s a great eye-opener.

      The Editor


      • ckpalbany

        May 4, 2015 at 11:03 am

        “But although you agree with Warner on the use of email accounts, her statement was not one of ethics but of arrogance”

        You’re right – she stated it in an arrogant way and as if it were her own rule and not an actual ethics requirement.

        Freeman has on occasion been helpful, but I fear those occasions are all very much in the past. The fact that SUNY lied to the federal government, claiming Freeman had given them an opinion that SUNY could ignore FOIL requests from an individual, while Freeman claims he gave no such opinion yet has done nothing about a false statement concerning him made to the federal government speaks volumes.

        An attorney from the SUNY Office of the General Counsel (possibly John Reilly or Janet Thayer) stated to OCR that “[FOI] requests had reached the point where the NYS Committee on Open Government had advised the University to stop responding to the complainant because in the view of that office his persistent FOIA [sic] requests had risen to the level of harassment.” When a FOIL request was made to the COOG for that alleged advice, Freeman responded “No such records were prepared by any staff person or member of the Committee on Open Government. That being so, I hereby certify there are no records to be disclosed or that are being withheld.” What use is the COOG if it (and by extension the NYS Dep’t of State) knowingly permit as large an agency as SUNY to lie to the federal government?


      • RCS Confidential

        May 4, 2015 at 11:35 am

        Freeman is a snake, and an attorney (Is there a difference?). His statement as you wrote : “Freeman responded “No such records were prepared by any staff person or member of the Committee on Open Government. That being so, I hereby certify there are no records to be disclosed or that are being withheld.” ” Says it all: no “records” is the key. Freeman frequently makes determinations over the phone…orally. So he can get away Scott-free by making the statement that no “records” were prepared”, “disclosed,” or “withheld”; we’ve experienced this underhanded way of doing public business ourselves. The village of Ravena clerk calls Freeman and asks for an opinion over the phone, while fabricating some sort of story about the FOIL request, and Freeman tells the caller what the caller wants to hear, and then the caller, the village of Ravena clerk, refuses to produce the documents saying that “Freeman told her she didn’t have to do so.” But there’s no record of that conversation since Freeman did it over the phone. He’ll bend over for anyone and then, if convenient, deny he did. So much for the COOG and Bob Freeman.

        A law is only as good as its implementatin or its enforcement (or its enforcers).

        The Editor


      • ckpalbany

        May 4, 2015 at 12:09 pm

        > Freeman frequently makes determinations over the phone…orally. So he can get away Scott-free by making the statement that no “records” were prepared, “disclosed,” or “withheld”; we’ve experienced this underhanded way of doing public business ourselves.”

        That kind of weaseling (or pettifogging of the request), had occurred to me. I hope it’s not the case, but I suspect you’re right.



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