Ravena: The Scandal Continues

22 Apr

Henry Traver’s $11,000 Pay Raise is Scandalous. Here’s Why:

It’s springtime and you’ll be promenading along the dusty streets of Ravena, chatting to the music of passing heavy trucks,  deeply savoring the stench of diesel fuel, while Carver Laraway is hobnobbing with the New York State governor’s aides, trying to cut deals to repair at taxpayer expense the roads, especially Rt 144, damaged by Carver Companies’ trucks, and while Michael Biscone, Jerry Perrine and Larry Conrad are filling in wetlands with toxic fill and burying natural waterways. (Biscone and Conrad invented the boardgame, “Bury the Creek“.)  Where’s the DEC when Biscone, Perrine and Conrad are doing their mischief? Your elected RCS board of education members are spending your tax dollars hand over fist while putting their own homes up for sale to move out of the area. Yes, all you have to do is ask your RCS board of education president, James Latter, and board member Alice Whalen Why? Why did they run for elected board of education office if they were simply going to jump ship after doing their damage. YES! Ravena-Coeymans, you asked for it and you got it.


More smoke and mirrors regarding the failed Ravena Health and Fitness Center…When will we ever get the truth?

Now, it may be true that you weren’t even asked by the Bruno-Warner-Deluca trio whether you needed or even wanted to spend more than $100,000 a year on a substandard fitness center run by an mutiple-failure, Cathy Deluca. But John Bruno, Nancy Warner and Cathy Deluca made the decision for you and you had to live with it for more than two years. Now mayor William “Mouse” Misuraca and his sockpuppet Bill Bailey are telling us that two individuals want to invest private funds in the dump. Well, if there are that many whackos with too much money that they don’t know what to do with it, we can think of dozens of better investments. Asked by a local resident who the so-called interested parties were, the board couldn’t — or wouldn’t say. Why is that? What’s the big secret? What are you giving away now? Shouldn’t we know the name of the “investors“, the heroes who are going to save your political arses? Who may be going to save Ravena taxpayers from abject bankruptcy? Isn’t it our business who is interested and potentially going to take over a dead business in Ravena, a dead business that is still being financed by public tax dollars? We think so, and we want to know who these so-called investors are. Don’t you, residents, neighbors?

Question: If supporters of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center want to claim that the Fatness Center brings business to Ravena, can they explain Why? during the two years the Fatness Center has been operating, at least 4 businesses have closed their doors in Ravena? This includes Mr Aaron Flach closing his drycleaning operation and terminating the staff of the drycleaning business and the laundromat attendants. If that’s how the Fitness Center is attracting business, we’d better expidite closing Cathy Deluca’s playmen before the few remaining businesses pull up stakes!

When asked by a resident at the April 21, 2014, village board meeting: If the unidentified investors don’t take over the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, what will the village do with the equipment that the village of Ravena purchased from Bob Fisk for $40,000? Ravena village board member William “Bill” Bailey simply replies: “We’ll probably auction it.” And likely get ten cents on the dollar for it! Your tax dollars at work, Ravena!

Ravena village trustee Nancy Warner ousted from key positions…No longer supervising her husband’s court operations,  dirty village judge Harold “Hal” Warner. Too bad, Hal, this must mean you might be the one getting a stiff sentence.

But things are looking up when you consider that Nancy Warner is being sidelined and has been demoted. Good news is that she’s no longer supervising her crooked husband’s village court operations. Dirty-Judge Harold “Hal” Warner, Nancy Warner’s husband, will have to deal with another board member supervising his village kangaroo court operations. We’ll be watching to see if there are any improvements or, as we expect, it will be business as usual.

But let’s turn our attention now to the village of Ravena Department of Public Works, the village department that works very hard to avoid working. We recently reported that the village of Ravena Department of Public Works foreman, Henry Traver, has been awarded a more than $11,000 pay raise; he’s now going to make more than $60, 000 a year plus benes! How does the Ravena village board explain that one? Do you have mayor Mouse Misuraca’s telephone number? Give him a call or give one of those talking heads on the village board a call and ask why in hell are they rewarding a dunce?!?

Ravena board to dump more stone on village streets to be washed away …

Well, we also reported how, last year the village of Ravena Department of Public Works under foreman Henry Traver, dumped tons of stone on local Ravena streets, and we warned that it would be washed away or plowed away by spring. Guess what? Central Avenue in Ravena was one of those streets that they covered with the loose stone. Walk along Central Avenue today and you’ll see how our prediction came true. The stone is gone and you can see the old street surface. Your tax dollars at work. But now they’re planning to do the same thing on about a dozen other streets in Ravena. Why are you still reading this? Call Ravena mayor “Mouse” Misuraca and raise some hell!

Ravena storm drains filled to the grill with debris and dirt!

We’ve already reported on the dire condition of the fire hydrants in Ravena-Coeymans and we’re pleased to see that someone’s built a fire under some butts to get them serviced. That’s the good news. But while you’re taking your daily constitutional on the broken streets of Ravena, amuse yourself by the state of the storm drains. We recently surveyed the storm drains on Main Street and a couple of side streets and found that a number of them were filled with debris and dirt to within inches of the grill (see the picture below) !!!

Ravena Storm Drain Filled to the Top with Debris and Dirt!Henry Traver's Supposed to be Maintaining Them

Ravena Storm Drain Filled to the Top with Debris and Dirt!
Henry Traver’s Supposed to be Maintaining Them

We need to ask Ravena mayor “Mouse” Misuraca and his board of sockpuppets Why? are these storm drains in such a deplorable state? These drains must be maintained to keep water from eroding the streets and flooding our homes!!! So, instead of maintaining the storm drains, Henry Traver rides around in circles in the village vehicles, and the Ravena village board gives him an $11, 000 pay raise. Doesn’t Ravena see anything wrong with this picture?

Ravena-Coeymans isn’t alone when it comes to incompetent management of municipal, village and town infrastructure. New Baltimore is on a par or at least running a close second position in terms of incompetence and waste by the Highway Department under the mismanagement of Mr Denis Jordan, who has screwed up the drainage and streets in the Hamlet of New Baltimore to an embarrassing level. If it were Ravena or Coeymans Hamlet we’d be writing that it was a plot by Michael Biscone and Larry Conrad to get the homes condemned so that they could buy them up for a penny. But New Baltimore isn’t that sophisticated; New Baltimore is just incompetent. So if you were to take two dildos, throw them into a bag and shake them up, do you know what you’d get if you emptied the bag? Yup! Two dildos. That’s what we got in Ravena and New Baltimore wrecking our infrastructure and wasting our tax dollars; and they’re dressed up like Henry Traver and Denis Jordan.

Traver and Jordan Dressed as BananasThe Editor

Traver and Jordan Dressed as Bananas
The Editor


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4 responses to “Ravena: The Scandal Continues

  1. RavenaJoker

    April 23, 2015 at 8:52 pm

    Do you happen to have or know where the list of streets to get oil and stone is? Not looking forward to that mess… I’m also interested to hear more about Rt. 144, traveling that road every day aggravates me to no end. I’m all for encouraging business in the town/village, but not at the expense of looking the other way from improper behavior and poor treatment our roadways.

    On top of the condition of the road and the fact that they spread mud and dirt everywhere frequently, the behavior of the tuck drivers is tiresome at times and the illegal behavior of the recent escort vehicles is not acceptable. They are not allowed cross the double yellow or ride down the middle of it under any circumstances, they even did it one day with a trooper behind them with his lights on as they were traveling very slowly. It was ridiculous, I came upon them at the blind corner just before 396. The truck itself and the Trooper following them were completely in their own lane, the escort vehicles were straddling the double yellow. I had to really step on it to get slowed down, not cool. I actually called Troop G headquarters and complained on that one.

    On a different topic, very happy about the results regarding the fitness center. Sewer and water and the real responsibilities of local government come first, they need to get with the program. To much broken stuff around here that should be getting attention first.


    • RCS Confidential

      April 24, 2015 at 12:41 pm

      Your best bet is to irritate the village of Ravena by asking a legitimate question. You can reach the Department of Public Works, Village Foreman: Henry Traver, (518) 756-2014, Or you could try to get the information from the so-called “public-servants” in the village of Ravena village clerk’s office, Annette Demitraszek or Kristine Biernacki, (518) 756-8233, But they don’t work for village of Ravena residents, they report to witch-on-a-stick Nancy Warner, and they don’t share information very willingly without Warner’s spin. Good luck!

      As for Route 144, you will probably fare much better if you contact the town of Coeymans. Have some fun and send the town of Coeymans scampering like a bunch of cockroaches by calling the Highway Supervisor’s office. The best one to call is Diane Millous, town clerk. She’s the only one there working with a full deck; she’s a real professional and is totally impartial. She’ll be able to provide you with good, correct information, no runaround, and will point you to the right person for answers.

      The increased heavy truck traffic is an eyesore, creates extraordinary hazards, and is a nuissance. It benefits only Carver Laraway and his companies and those in Ravena and Coeymans local government who have done him favors. Forget any benefit “trickling” down to residents or anyone else in the area. Carver Laraway is the only one benefitting and he’s making a bundle. You might want to ask how much he’s putting back into the community. Apart from the fictional job creation and the damage to our roads, we’re coming out of this with the shitty end of the stick. Thanks mayor “Mouse” Misuraca (and the currently sitting Ravena village board) and supervisor Stephen Flach (and the currently sitting collection of sockpuppets on the Coeymans town board). Remember this next election!

      Yes! I think we can all stand up and take a fresh breath now that the money-pit has been defunded. The Ravena News Herald ran a piece on it and it was total garbage, typical of Bryan Rowzees butt-kissing reporting. If you read the article you probably are still rolling with laughter or still at the toilet vomiting; the reasons for “saving” Cathy Deluca’s unlawful playpen were simply stated, idiotic. But what can you expect?

      The idea or the suggestion that private enterprise would be interested in running the dump is simply rididculous! What business person with any brains would try to make something work that has failed already 3 times in the village of Ravena? Even putting that rumor out says volumes on the mentality in Ravena village hall. But you always have to take a step back and consider what they’ll be willing to give away next at taxpayer expense.

      As for Cathy Deluca, she’d better get her walking or waddling papers and fast. If they try to install that bimbo in some village position they’ll create for her they’ll be certified suicidal. Good that Nancy Warner’s been demoted and marginalized; maybe now we can safely get rid of Deluca, and then think about deodorizing and sanitizing village hall.

      Thanks very much for your comment!

      The Editor


  2. Tom S.

    April 23, 2015 at 9:12 am

    I do agree with you one hundred percent on this article, and the only way that I can see to fix it, is to go along with the rest of Albany Co, and vote in a Democrat ticket . Maybe by voting Democrat, you can get the rest of the county to help you out of the slump you appear to be in. It is a shame the way the Village of Ravena is treated, but that is politics. All the Republican Village of Ravena does is give Albany Co Democrats an out to say they treat everyone equally. Be careful, because you might end up In Green County! I think that Ravena is a pimple on Albany County’s rear end.


    • RCS Confidential

      April 23, 2015 at 9:38 am

      You are correct, Tom, on all of your points.
      But we have to point out that it’s not entirely a matter of voter registration figures as democraps or repukelicans, it’s a matter of Ravena residents and taxpayers standing up and demanding value for their tax dollars, and not putting up with a bunch of amateurs, morons feeding their egos by getting elected to replace downright evil morons. The ego-trips have to stop and we need to nurture good servant leaders and promote people with good values. What’s more, we need to face the truth and support those who have the courage to stand up and shout the truth — even if it is to a deaf audience.

      We’ve written several times that we don’t believe that there are any real political parties in the US any more. What they espouse, what they say and what they do more often than not comes across as schizoid, if not absurdly contradictory. Honesty, integrity, ethics, community, it would appear are on a downhill slide to oblivion. Humankind as a group is defeated because of the deterioration and degradation of human beings, their reduction to means to an end, their status as objectified consumers — and their sheeplike acceptance of the downgrade at the hands of government [and the officials they think they elect], corporations and, most regrettably, by themselves. The most obvious changes and effects can be seen on the grassroots level, Ravena being one of the lowermost tiers, where the future of our culture and society, this country can be read as writing on a crumbling wall.

      One correction, though: Ravena continues to be a festering boil on a hairy ass producing a crop of rotten dingleberries a.k.a. Albany County. But that could equally apply to the state of New York.

      Thanks very much for your comment.
      The Editor



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