Time to Goose the Moose! Make Ready the Noose!

13 Apr

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3 responses to “Time to Goose the Moose! Make Ready the Noose!

  1. Marty

    May 3, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    If you would email me, I have several interesting facts to add


  2. laszlo polyak

    April 15, 2015 at 9:20 am

    Correction, the village board (new) has been serving us for one year not two. In June the new village board will have its own record [Ed. note: do you mean “sword”?] to stand or fall on. Last night (April 14, 2015) was the public budget hearings. So you can say it’s no longer the “Bruno” regime, and with the budget hearings, the “Mouse” Misuraca regime has been ushered in. Most of the public [that is, speakers addressing the board, not the “public”] talked about saving the gym [the Fitness Center]. We learned at the last minute that 2 individuals came to the mayor and expressed wanting to take over the gym privately, renting the space etc., which could be good news for everyone! I hope it happens before June 1 with private money.

    It was lovely to see ex-mayor John Bruno abandoning his own 25-year record, and to see Mayor Misuraca pointing out to Mr Bruno his past record. I guess it’s better to have “mouse balls” than be a multi-lying, multi-faced, I can’t even remember my own, all my own BS record from ex-mayor Bruno.

    While I was reviewing records at the town of Coeymans offices, Mr Laverne “Larry” Conrad wanted a correction too. According to Conrad, he is not a friend of Mr. Jerry Perrine; in fact Mr. Conrad was forced to Take Mr Perrine to Court in Bethlehem (venue change) twice for violations. Mr. Conrad would like that to be corrected.

    Laszlo Polyak


    • RCS Confidential

      April 15, 2015 at 8:55 pm

      Thank you, Mr Polyak, you are quite correct. Misuraca has been mayor for only one year, not two. It just seems like two. In fact, it feels like too long.

      You really should be more accurate in your reporting. At that village board meeting you mistakenly equate a couple of Warner-Deluca supporters as the general “public”; they do not represent the “public”. They represent a small clique of self-serving individuals who care nothing for the fact that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center is a fraud, a scandal and a parasitic worm sucking away tax dollars to benefit a very small group of hypocrites. Speaking of parasitic worms, you mention nothing in your comment of the other scandalous parasitic worm, Mr Henry Traver and what the village of Ravena board has to say to justify the 20% pay hike they propose for the failed firebug.

      As for the two individuals who propose taking over the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and privatizing that loss operation, we too are all for it. But only if those two individuals are prepared to pay market price for the space, to pay for their own utilities, to purchase the equipment (NOT RENT IT as a part of the space lease/rental), and to provide evidence of adequate liability insurance to indemnify the village against any claims made against the fitness center. It’s a business and should be treated as a business. Let those individuals put their money where their mouths are and cough up the cash if they think they can make such an idiotic idea work and turn a profit! It couldn’t work when it was using tax dollars and failed; how do you suppose it will work if it has to pay its own way? Sounds like a scam to us and it probably is a scam.

      It’s no secret that former Ravena mayor John Bruno and current mayor Bill Misuraca hate each other’s guts. It’s an ancient Ravena feud that started way back when, even in Mr Nunziato’s time, and it came to a head when Bill Misuraca lost out on some grant money to renovate his Halfway House bar (the money went to George McHugh who at the time had purchased the Ravena News Herald newspaper and who took the money and then sold the News Herald. McHugh’s sleight of hand ultimately got him a low-level federal judgeship appointment. Business as usual: reward the crooks.) Bruno is history, Misuraca is becoming history. At least Bruno has a legacy.

      The fact that Mr Larry Conrad was chairman of the planning board when Jerry Perrine was burying stuff on his property and covering over natural waterways, and the fact that Larry Conrad subsequently became town of Coeymans code enforcement officer doesn’t help make his claim that he’s not a friend of Jerry Perrine. The fact is that Larry Conrad is an unethical crook and has been abusing his public office for years. The fact that Larry Conrad and his attorney Michael Biscone did some burying of their own on Camille Drive in the town of Coeymans is further proof that Mr Conrad is full of shite. We believe completely that Mr Conrad is a snake and keeps the company of snakes. Mr Conrad has his own skeletons and he has had his chance to make good on his crooked activities. But there is justice and Conrad has one foot in the grave so you’d think he’d start repenting but then even if snakes shed their skins they’re still snakes.

      As for Mr Conrad’s wish that our report be amended we can only promise that when hell freezes over, we’ll change our opinions of Mr Conrad’s relationships. And not a minute sooner.

      Actually, we’re quite amused that all these people who don’t read this blog are so well informed about its contents. How does that happen? You might want to ask Mr Conrad, Mr Polyak. He might come up with a fresh lie for you.

      The Editor



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