The Good News Is….None! The Bad News Is…The Hydrant Still Leaks!

25 Mar

More Waste. More Waste. When will Ravena-Coeymans taxpayers finally wake up?!? We keep rubbing your noses in the bullshit you seem to be blind to, and you still bend over asking for more! What’s the matter with you people?

Shame on the NYS Police in Greene /Columbia County NY. Your're Disappointments!<

We recently reported on the problem with multiple non-working or deficient fire hydrants in the Ravena-Coeymans community and the risk that situation posed to anyone living in the area. The village of Ravena and/or the town of Coeymans regularly read this blog and apparently got the message that they need to move their fat asses and get those fire hydrants working. But, business as usual in Ravena-Coeymans, they sent out crews to “repair” the hydrants but no sooner were they “repaired” than they started leaking! Here’s what a local resident reports to us in an e-mail:

“[expletive] [expletive] [expletive] The one  hydrant you took a picture of…This morn I’m walking the dog, and see village people [village employees]  working on it, and so I walk the dog another street. OK. 15 minutes ago I walk the dog by it [the same fire hydrant] on Railroad Ave, and it’s leaking from top to sides and bottom …….Great repair job Henry[Traver]!”

Hydrant-in-a-Body-Bag You'll find a number of these in and around Ravena; also some that are so rusted they can't be used! Some don't work at all!!!


We can’t or won’t print the words we replaced with [expletive] but we think you can guess what the resident had to say. But we do know that there’s a sort of connection between Mr Henry Traver and fire hydrants. Here’s what WNYT published in April 2010: Coeymans Town Supervisor in jail for arson (WNYT, April 2010). And the Albany Times Union also reported the same thing in the article, Coeymans town supervisor faces arson charge (Times Union, April 15, 2010), which reads in part:

“Nearly two years after allegedly torching his house, Town Supervisor Henry Traver was arrested Wednesday on an arson charge that could put him in prison for up to 15 years.
“Town Clerk Diane Millious said Wednesday night she was stunned to learn of Traver’s arrest from a reporter.
“I didn’t know any of this was going on, honest to God,” she said, noting she had seen Traver only a few hours before he was arrested. She estimated that he earns in the neighborhood of $45,000 a year as a part-time supervisor and said he also works for the Highway Department in the village of Ravena. He has held that position for between 15 and 20 years…”

But please note the “allegedly” in the above report. Since Traver’s property was uninsured and that “there was no apparent motive” for the Traver’s burning down the house he was living in, it seems Traver narrowly escaped a felony charge and prison. But that slill leaves the glaring question why a Ravena Highway Department employee and former elected town of Coeymans supervisor would burn his own uninsured house down. But that’s Coeymans for you. (Click this link to go to the TU story, Coeymans town supervisor faces arson charge)

Stop-Trucks-Entering-Exiting-Sign-K-9193orange flagsIt seems that our elected officials are a bunch of morons. Yes, retards. Driving down Rt 144 we see new warning signs and orange flags that weren’t there before the geniuses on the town of Coeymans board decided to let Carver Laraway have his way with this community and ensure his wealth (not ours) by installing the Carver Laraway Memorial Bridge and the creation of Coeymans Industrial Park Lane. Before the corruption…Oops! We meant “construction” of the bridge, there were NO “Trucks” signs and No orange danger flags. It seems that with the town of Coeymans’ approval of the construction of the bridge, the reasoning, and the creation of Coeymans Industrial Park Lane, the town of Coeymans also created, with Carvery Laraway’s greed and money, a new hazard, a new danger for local residents. After all, if the warning signs and flags weren’t there before it would mean that the town of Coeymans was indifferent to a danger to life-and-limb of residents and were just ignorant; otherwise we have to conclude that the danger didn’t exist before but has recently been created. Now that’s good government and competent elected officials for you. Put your constituents at greater risk; it’s for the good of the community.

Be honest! No jobs have been created! Truth be told, Flach and Laraway are killing jobs and opportunities!

Be honest! No jobs have been created! Truth be told, Flach and Laraway are killing jobs and opportunities!

We have a question for Mr Stephen Flach and his band of flying widgets, the Coeymans town board: Can you tell this community how many permanent jobs were created by Carver Laraway’s projects? Let us be a bit clearer: How many permanent jobs were created by the Coeymans Industrial Park and the Port of Coeymans for persons living in the communities of Ravena and Coeymans? How many, Mr Flach? How many Mr Misuraca, mayor of the village of Ravena?

And here’s one for those morons who keep repeating that Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the moneypit Ravena Health and Fitness Center, is good for the community, that it brings outside persons to the area and to the local businesses. OK. Let’s ask Mr Aaron Flach, nephew of Coeymans town supervisor Stephen Flach, how many jobs he’s created. Take for an example Flach’s laundromat and car wash on 9W, in the village of Ravena. Well Mr Flach, let us ask you this:

  • Now that you’ve closed the only dry cleaning establishment in Ravena-Coeymans, where do you think the dry cleaning business is going? Answer: to Glenmont and to Coxsackie. Nothing comparable in Ravena-Coeymans.
  • And, Mr Flach, what about the people you previously employed in the dry-cleaning business. Are they out on the street or did you create jobs for them elsewhere? Or did Carver Laraway hire them/
  • And, Mr Flach, what about the people who worked in the laundromat assisting patrons and trouble-shooting problems that occurred there. They’ve disappeared, too, Mr Flach. Now if you have a malfunctioning machine or another problem in the Flach laundromat you’re up shit creek without a paddle. But Aaron Flach still empties the coin boxes and turns a blind eye to his patrons. Business as usual in Flachville. The same level of service locals get from Ravena village hall and Coeymans town hall. Business as usual.
  • And, Mr Flach, when you did have employees to assist your customers, when your stone-age car wash malfunctioned or ate someone’s money, there were once attendants in the dry-cleaners who could help. Now what? Business as usual. Right Mr Flach?

So there you have it: Village of Ravena baboons wasting taxpayer money playing catch-up botching up the fire hydrant repairs. We’ve quoted the local morons (as reported by Bryan Rowzee in the Ravena News Herald) who claim that a failing business, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, and its crook manager, Cathy Deluca, benefit the community because they bring people from elsewhere to Ravena to support local business. But then we have local businessman Carver Laraway and the town of Coeymans board claiming to create jobs but that’s just a smoke screen, they’ve created nothing but new hazards; and we have Mr Aaron Flach actually firing people and downsizing while downgrading services to the local community.

Now we’re not suggesting that a business owner doesn’t have the right to do what he likes with his business but we are suggesting that if a business owner is hurting the community or its residents, he needs to be set right. We’re also suggesting that those who think that Ravena-Coeymans is attracting so many visitors to the local businesses because of losers like the Ravena Health and Fitness Center should take a course in math. They should also shut their mouths and open their eyes to reality of the economic situation in Ravena-Coeymans. Aaron Flach and the phoney jobs offered by Carver Laraway are just two examples of the scandalous practices in Ravena-Coeymans.

Hasn’t anyone else noticed any of this? Mr Bryan Rowzee, local reporter who’s supposed to be covering and reporting on events in Ravena-Coeymans for the Johnson Newspaper Group, publishers of the Ravena News Herald, seems to be sound asleep when it comes to anything newsworthy; seems all he can do his make nice-nice as an insider at the Ravena-Coeymans love fest! The Ravena News Herald is just a propaganda mill that some suckers are still paying $1 to read lies and fantasy reports.

If this is how you feel now, you're not alone! The Editor

If this is how you feel now, you’re not alone!
The Editor

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