New York State Police: Joining Police-State Tactics, Eroding Public Trust; Biased Law-Enforcement!

14 Mar

What is the New York State Police in Greene/Columbia County Trying to Prove? That they’re as politically and socially biased as the worst of municipal law enforcement?

Well, if that’s what they’re out to prove, they’re well on their way to reaching their ill-conceived goals!

Think twice when you see these lights! They may not be there to "serve and to protect" but may be there simply to make a political statement!

Think twice when you see these lights! They may not be there to “serve and to protect” but may be there simply to make a political statement!

Supporting local business and economy, on the way to Rhinebeck, to participate in a Restaurant Week meal with 3 other couples at Terrapin, we curiously noted the unusual number of NYS police vehicles making stops of motorists. We casually remarked: “They must have a quota to fill.” And drove on confident that we, as law-abiding, good citizens would not have to go through such an ordeal. A reader writes to us on the evening of Friday, March 13, 2014, after returning from a harmless social event with professional co-workers:

“How  wrong we were! Returning to Albany county at about 10:45, approaching the Rip van Winkel bridge, we noticed a sandwich board displayed on the approach to the bridge: “Safety Restraint Check Ahead”, and figured it was just another seat-belt check. We remarked how stupid such a thing is to waste State Police personnel and resources checking seat belts at such a time. It soon became clear what was going on. It was a  total lie. But why do the State Police have to resort to such stupid, low, tactics against a majority of law-abiding, social citizens, when there’s so much obvious, conspicuous crime going on? Answer: Easy Pickin’s.
“Why go after criminal minorities in the wake of Fergusen and in the climate of Black history month when there are easy prey in the form of middle class white Americans out there who won’t riot and can’t claim “profiling” when they’re stopped and harassed. The U.S. Attorney General, a Black appointee under a Black president, issues a scathing critical report against the law enforcement officers of Fergusen after the shooting of an “unarmed black man” – and then two white cops are shot from ambush while monitoring [ongoing] protests in Ferugusen, and the U.S. Attorney General, Black hypocrite that he is, denounces the shootings. Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, the so-called chief law-enforcement officer in the USA, is a reverse racist! On the one hand he throws his own law-enforcement officers under the bus and then cries “Foul” when his own people engage in racist shootings of white police officers! How low have we become, America?!? How hypocritical have we become, America?!? It it had been a white person shooting, it would have been called “Racist!!!” If it had been an Arab, it would have been called, “Terrorist!!!” But it was a shooting of white police officers monitoring BLACK demonstrators…What do we call that? You tell us!!!
Stopped,asked whether the driver had had anything to drink that evening. Driver responds 1 beer. Pull over to the side there, I want to talk to you some more.
“Where are you coming from?  Where are you going?” Directing his attention to the passenger: “What have YOU had to drink?” Well the stupid, ignorant trooper had no idea what he was asking or whom he was asking and the  passenger simply responded: “Why are you asking me that? I’m not driving. Your question is totally irrelevant. What’s your problem? [Editor’s Note:  According to the personal communication because the situation was so bizarre, the passenger has started his voice recorder going on by this time!]”
As if to regain his composure and self-respect the trooper asks the driver to get out of the car and asks him to do all sorts of stupid things. Why stupid? Because the man was visibly 200% sober, no indication of impairment!!! This was clearly an instance of intimidation, harassment. Asked for the driver’s licence, which was produced and the trooper puts the licence in his back pocket! And then he continues to harass the driver. No radio check. No registration check. No insurance check! The trooper puts the licence in his back pocket! Is this harassment or real law enforcement? Passive intimidation? How many of our neighbors, fellow citizens have experienced this sort of police-state conduct?”

Shame on the NYS Police in Greene /Columbia County NY. Your're Disappointments!

Shame on the NYS Police
in Greene /Columbia County NY. You’re real Disappointments!<

Well, dear readers, there is no one out there who is more law-enforcement friendly, more supportive of our law-enforcement officers, and no one more supportive of law, liberty and justice than we are. But this is clearly an abuse of police authority. We fully support law enforcement in their efforts to serve and protect our communities by being present, observing, assisting, but NOT BY HARASSING and INTIMIDATING law-abiding, White citizens going about their routine social activities. And when law-enforcement does so under false pretenses and in obvious non-compliance with established protocols we have to speak out and demand an explanation.

We condemn such arbitrary, indifferent, discriminatory conduct on the part of our publicly funded law enforcement personnel. It’s the socially and politically responsible, hard-working, responsible and ethical minority who pays for law enforcement and who supports local businesses and institutions. It seems it’s exactly these very same individuals who are targeted by the very law enforcement and government they support!

Dishonored, DisappointmentsUntil Further Notice

Dishonored, Disappointments
Until Further Notice

The check-point at the Rip van Winkel bridge on March 13, 2015, at about 10:45 was a travesty of police power. It was totally inappropriate and abusive. It undermined our faith and trust, our confidence in our law enforcement personnel. It defeated any claimed law enforcement positive effects.

We made inquiries and it seems the New York State Police were out in force and stopping people even during the afternoon. The pretense: St Pat’s day! So the New York State Police are out stopping people on March 13th in preparation for March 17th. If only they were that well-prepared to enforce day-to-day laws on our road we’d all feel a lot safer. Now doesn’t that get your Irish up? Happy St Pat’s day…and watch out for the party-poopers!

shamrockShame on you! New York State Police! Your personnel on the Rip Van Winkel bridge tonite eroded any support and confidence we may have had in you! May be this country is moving in the direction of the totalitarian police state we’ve been warning against over the past couple of years. Beware, sheeple, your silence will be your undoing!

We, the People, are guaranteed control under the Constitution. It’s time we took responsibility for what’s going on in this community, this country and it’s time we take control. We’re not the criminals and we should not be made to feel we are. We know who the criminals are and when our law enforcement and government start to go astray, it’s time to start doing what the Blacks have been and still are doing: taking control! Get with the Constitution, people. Stop this downward spiral of depravity NOW!

Have you had any experience with local or state police recently? Tell us about it.

The Editor


4 responses to “New York State Police: Joining Police-State Tactics, Eroding Public Trust; Biased Law-Enforcement!

  1. William J. de Seve

    March 14, 2015 at 8:39 am

    Quel sacrilege!


    • RCS Confidential

      March 14, 2015 at 12:40 pm

      Yes, Bill, it’s a real shame. One reader reports observes quite correctly that if you’re honest you get screwed and abused just as you probably would get away if you lied. So do we all have to turn into pathological liars? Seems if you are responsible and ensure you just have one drink with dinner, you’re stopped, you tell the truth, you get treated like a criminal.

      Wonder if that happens to Ravena Mayor Misuraca’s bar crowd when they leave his bar on Main St., Ravena? My guess is that they’re not doing Bible study or prayer meetings in that gin mill!

      As we’ve noted, the sign just before the checkpoint read “Safety Restraint Check”. Wouldn’t that mean that they wanted you to believe that they were checking seatbelts? So why the deception and the lies. They could check seatbelts without stopping motorists and questioning them whether they had a drink that evening. And what’s the deal questioning the passenger, too?

      The Editor


  2. jim

    March 14, 2015 at 7:03 am

    I guess you were asleep when these DUI laws were passed years ago. When the driver said he had a beer,that was “probable cause” for the police to do a field sobriety test. I’m shocked you never saw our very own officer Johnson doing this to people here in town.


    • RCS Confidential

      March 14, 2015 at 12:51 pm

      No, Jim, wasn’t asleep. Was brought up to tell the truth, too. Was brought up to be a good, responsible, respectful citizen, too. Was and still am awake with my eyes wide open and my ears tuned to what’s going on. Was a time when even I remember you learned that to get respect you had to give it. That power and authority abused was power and authority lost. That liberties were not synonymous with freedom, and that privileges were not synonymous with rights. Being a white male has a lot of disadvantages on too many levels. We’re not allowed to complain, we’re not allowed to speak, we’re not allowed to have emotions, we’re not allowed to criticize, we’re not allowed to demand our rights. In the present political climate, I wounder if our reader were Black and subjected to the trooper’s almost retaliatory behavior, whether it would have ended there or whether we’d have seen it on the 10 o’clock news.

      Actually, I never met Coeyman’s own psycho cop but I have stacks of reports on him and have a list as long as my arm of complaints made against him. He’s the poster-boy for abuse of police power but it seems he’s been keeping a very low profile since the two goons, Deluca and Darlington jumped ship. Seems P.J. McKenna is a real cop and a real leader and knows how to handle wackos.

      Thanks very much for the heads-up on what to say or not to say to give a cop the excuse to have some fun with you, and get his or her rocks off. I would have loved to have been that driver. Talk about having some fun and getting your rocks off!?! I just don’t get no fun no mo’.

      The Editor



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