Totally Brainless! Ravena Employee Wants His SSAN Removed!

15 Dec

It seems that Nancy Warner, Annette Demitraszek, Kris Biernacki, and Cathy Deluca are not the only nitwits on the village of Ravena payroll. The whole village hall is filled to overflowing with the brain dead, the 100% brainless.

Ravena Mayor Misuraca Airheads Galore

Ravena Mayor Misuraca
Airheads Galore

A village of Ravena resident writes to us:

Dear Editor,

Recently I was stopped and asked by a former Ravena Village employee if I could contact you and have his name and partial Social security info removed from one of your articles.  The employee couldn’t understand why his name and info was part of the article. He also asked, Why, some village employees’ names were not used.  He also believed I have some influence with you.  Wrong! I corrected him.
I stated I have been sharing records and info for over 35 years and I have shared it with dozens of groups over those years. I have no or very, very, very little influence with any or what this blog or its editor publishes. Many individuals from this community  contact this blog with their own info. There is a reason  why  documents  are file in “triplicate ,” so  there is at least three diffent  places the info is stored, from which to obtain the data.  There is more than one way to get info, files or data too. That’s why I share info with anyone who requests it. (If I have the records.
I had a brief discussion with the village employee after he explained to me, who they believed the “blogger” is and that I was working with him/her.  I stated, the person who you think the blogger is,grew up here, went to RSC schools. I moved here about 20 years ago, that person knows far more than I do about the players on both sides of any issue, and this community that’s If and a “BIG IF”, if that person were in fact the blogger. I asked have you ever “eye witnessed” them post the blog? I haven’t. I told the village employee to be careful about “hearsay” you could be very wrong!  [redacted] Be careful. I read the article, I see the theme as “incompetence”, “waste of tax dollar”s, the blog editor was pointing it out for billionth time. Your privacy rights were violated, you have a lawsuit. The employee stupidly replied I can’t sue the village!   Yes, you can. You can sue just to get records when they refuse to produce public records too!  State Judges get an un-redacted copy then they decide what to redact. I know Judge Keegan gave me an un-redacted copy 25 years ago.  The state employee was fired for accessing my record without my consent. Ok, here are some of your options about the article on the blog: You can write a comment to the editor, the blog and you don’t have to use your real name. You can talk to village mayor and/or trustees. You can contact the NYS attorney General’s office and/or the Office of the NYS Comptroller.  And yes I’ll repeat myself you can file a law suit against the village of Ravena for disclosing your personal information.
The village employee then asked me to write to you, as promised to the Village employee, I’m requesting you to remove their names and info.

Thank you
Laszlo Polyak

Read the Original Articale Ravena Clerk Discloses Protected Information: Aids Identity Theft

Read the Original Article
(click the link below)
Ravena Clerk Discloses Protected Information: Aids Identity Theft

While we understand that nobody in Ravena village hall reads this blog. We also understand that village of Ravena employees don’t read this blog. Or so they’d like us to believe. So we’re just wondering what’s going on in Ravena village hall now that the cat is out of the bag and village of Ravena employees and former employees are aware that the village of Ravena clerk’s office is broadcasting their personal protected information? What’s Ravena mayor Misuraca doing about it? After all, he’s the head of the dead fish (that’s where it starts to rot). Nancy Warner was there the whole time and holds the dirty end of the stick. What’s the story with the Bruno appointees, the incompetence twins Demitraszek and Biernacki?

Why is the moron village employee going to a village resident to ask that his SSAN be removed from the blog? Just like everyone else in Ravena village hall he probably has his head up his arse and didn’t understand a word we wrote about the law-breaking still going on in Misuraca’s village hall. Misuraca didn’t get rid of or replace the rats left over from mayor Bruno’s dictatorship, Misuraca simply moved in with them.

Instead of thanking this blog and its contributors for letting the public know what’s going on in Ravena village hall. Instead of being grateful for the information that his personal protected information has been broadcast by the village of Ravena clerk’s office. Instead of going after the village of Ravena and the culprits who were disseminating protected personal information, the jackass goes to a local resident! A peanut has more intelligence than the village employee in question here!

Brainiac's Head X-ray

Brainiac’s Head X-ray

Here’s  how it’s done, Dumbo: You pull your head out of your arse, take a deep breath. Then you read Mr Polyak’s e-mail, that is, if you can read. Your beef is with the village of Ravena, Dumbass, not with this blog. You need to read Mr William “Mouse” Misuraca the riot act and ask Misuraca what in hell is going on there! You need to go to a village board meeting and raise some hell there. You need to file a complaint with the New York State Attorney General, the New York State Secretary of State and his moron Robert Freeman, who runs the Committee On Open Government (COOG: Phone: (518) 474-2518 – Fax: (518) 474-1927 – e-mail: — Yeah! He’s the one who tells Demitraszek and Biernacki what they can and cannot disclose when and if they respond to a citizen’s demand under the NYS Freedom of Information Act. You need to write a comment to this blog literately, that is, saying how you feel about the disclosure of your personal information, urging others to do the same.

You’re a good and honorable man, Mr Polyak. You kept your promise to the village employee but the names and last-four (some scrambled) stay posted. But you might want to ask why Nancy Warner’s, Hal Warner’s, Cathy Deluca’s, Annette Demitraszek’s, Kristine Biernacki’s names and SSANs aren’t on the list. We found that a bit business-as-usual for the village of Ravena. Selective treatment, selective disclosure.

As we mentioned in our original article, we’re just the messengers; the village of Ravena disclosed your personal information in full, not us. We had the courtesy to safeguard your information. You might ask who else might have your information, though, and what they’re doing with it thanks to your friends in village hall.

While you’re at it, you may want to  seize the opportunity and order yourself one of these nifty hats, just so that the general public knows you’re an employee of the Village of Ravena and they can take appropriate precautions.

Village of Ravena Employees: Order your cap! Order direct from:

Village of Ravena Employees: Order your caps!
Order direct from:


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5 responses to “Totally Brainless! Ravena Employee Wants His SSAN Removed!

  1. laszlo polyak

    December 17, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    No one needs to know, hit the nail on the head !!! Over 4,000 people have moved out . When I moved here over 20 years ago the population was 11,400 now it’s 7,300. No one needs to know that’s 4000 good citizens volunteering in our community from fire fighters to churches. They’re GONE! that’s a 4000 students to play sports, to the national honor society to make us cheer and proud! that’s 1000 families who work and spend their hard earned money, which generates millions in sales taxes alone never mind property taxes for our schools! With growth just 3 miles to the south in Coxsackie and continued growth just 5 miles to the north of us. No one needs to know that Coeymans and Ravena have been pissing and shitting on each other, and can’t stop to work together. Another 4,000 residents will move out before “no one needs to know” is right the Editor is a moron ! Why inform the people? Just last night the Ravena village board replaced one Gym employee with three more employees (more red ink and tax dollars down the toilet) only to have trustee Warner to state in the same breath “we need to tighten our belts , no more luxury items for the second half of the fiscal year”, my guess is that they just learned that the sewer and water money is not their slush fund anymore and they had to open separate checking acct for each fund and all of that money can only be used on water and sewer related items Ask the NYS Comptroller to see and each and every receipt or at the never public hearings for rate increase and my guess is they need to save money in their depts so they can give themselves a pay raises. Noone one needs to know every day more residents are moving out! No one needs to know. What are we going to do if Oakbrook demands to see or questions what are they (Ravena) are doing with their share of water and sewer taxes alone. Only a moron would question their government! So all the founders of our country were morons too! they questioned their King!


    • RCS Confidential

      December 17, 2014 at 1:18 pm

      Thank you, Mr Polyak, for your comment.

      You are right when you write that “Noone needs to know” hit the nail on the head but you fail to note that while attempting to do that he smashed a couple of fingers too. You see, “Noone needs to know” simply branded him/herself as one of the sheeple who are at the root of the problem. “Noone needs to know” is one of those Ravena residents who relies on knee jerk reactions and not on intelligence or brain activity; that’s because humanoids like “Noone needs to know” are Neanderthals. Neanderthals went extinct because they didn’t use their brains; more intelligent species took over.

      Several corrections, though, to your post: Please don’t confuse the Ravena village board and village employees with Ravena and please don’t confuse Coeymans town board with the people of Coeymans. There’s a vast and very important difference: those on the village and town boards have their own special interests in mind and will lie, cheat and steal to stay on top, they have no concern for the real needs of Ravena or Coeymans. Village and town employees couldn’t get a job anywhere wlse picking up dog doo and won’t rock the boat for fear oflosing their overpaid jobs. The people, the residents and taxpayers of the Village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans are the ones who have always suffered and will suffer under the yoke of the local elites and the insiders. That is, until they evolve out of being “Noone needs to know”s and join the ranks of the intelligent species.

      As for the doubletalk you regularly hear from Nancy Warner and Bill Bailey and the grinning jackass Ravena has for a mayor, what more can we say? The village is populated by 99.999% “Noone needs to know”s. They elect a bartender to be mayor and expect to have a statesman? Hell, what they got was a grinning baboon sitting between four orangutans, with madam Chimpanzée taking minutes! They piss down Misuraca’s leg and he believes them when they tell him it’s ice water–he’s constantly got that idiotic grin on his face; does that mean he likes it?

      Makes you wonder why Misuraca hasn’t locked the doors of the money pit Ravena Health and Fitness Center and given the blond bimbo the boot. Makes you wonder that mayor Misuraca just sits there and grins while Nancy Warner is telling him “we have to tighten our belts” and then reports that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center has “hired three new employees”! Nothing about an increase in members or increase in revenues, though. And they’re still hemorrhaging thousands every month but still hiring new employees.

      Maybe Mr Misuraca with his bar business is doing some monkey business on the side? Every think about that? Why would a new mayor ignore his duties and obligations to the residents and taxpayers of Ravena and not come down hard everywhere there’s waste and inefficiency? Why would a new mayor not make some drastic changes and take the rudder? Well, with a known homewrecker and adulteress right across the hall and her husband out in Schodack doing lord-knows-what with his hubby-hose with the firemen out there, who knows what monkey business is going on. Could that explain why Misuraca is playing best friend to Cathy Deluca, the same Cathy Deluca who has a very rocky relationship with Ravena’s first lady, Jena Misuraca? What does Jena Misuraca think of all this coziness going on in Ravena village hall?

      But back to your comment, Mr Polyak. You make some good points, although I have my doubts about your math…all those 1000’s you’re throwing around. Couldn’t you just say that Coeymans, Ravena is not only hemorrhaging tax dollars with the moneypit Fitness Center but is also hemorrhaging residents and has already hemorrhaged local businesses by the dozen. But, again, people like “Noone needs to know” don’t think; they just react. Do you really think that kind of person watches and understands the village meetings or the town meetings? Probably down in Misuraca’s bar having a beer and some wings, and a smoke to top it all off. That’s Misuraca’s constituency, you know. They elected him. And do you think they would have understood your pun on “Noone” (by the way, we corrected your spelling; it’s “no one” not “noone” as “Noone”, braniac as s/he is, writes.).

      Yes, maybe “Noone”and you are correct in writing that I’m a moron. Only a moron would think things in Ravena could change.

      The Editor


      • laszlo polyak

        December 17, 2014 at 3:51 pm

        As I stated to the village worker before writing the letter to you, for 35 years I’ve been published from and in the New York times to the News Herald and at the mercy of the “Editors”, and owners the Publisher” ,who edit change and/or redact ……. that’s part of life ! I except it and rarely re address something a editor or publisher edits. forgive me about the 1000’s here and there, I’m trying to learn the vue-doo math our local governments seem to use. and as far as “no one” or “no one”, I too was confused as to the header name and playing the pun . look on the bright side of things many millionaires have moved out of NY, OK,, Who are we going to tax now to pay for welfare?? As Moron we are in great company Even Christ stated welfare doesn’t 2000 years ago give a man a fish. feed him for a day Teach a man to fish you feed him for life “, Merry Christmas . I’m giving the Mayor a year before I comment on his actions or his ineptness. I want to see his first budget or is Nancy Warner the Mayor? I got confused Tuesday night .


  2. noone needs to know

    December 16, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    What I don’t understand is that if Ravena is so horrible and the people that work here are morons than maybe it’s time to move? This website was created by a moron that has nothing better to do with their useless life. We all know who you are so anytime your ready to man up…


    • RCS Confidential

      December 16, 2014 at 7:07 pm

      FOOL! ARE YOU BLIND?!? Look around you. Where are the lines waiting for available space in Ravena? Count the distressed properties! Count the “For Sale” signs! Count the empty businesses! FOOL! If you had eyes to see and ears to hear and a brain to interpret the incoming stimuli you wouldn’t have written such a suicidal comment. All you’ve done is expose yourself as one of the impotent gutless morons we are constantly warning the community about. You don’t even know yourself you pathetic phoney. How could a balless worm like you even attempt to reach the heights of a personality like us! Figure that one out, BOZO!



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