11 Dec

Even the Heavens Poured Forth Their Outrage at the Scandal of the
Ravena Health and Fitness Center!!!

Deluca tries to raise interest in Ravena Fitness Dump Gets Cold Shoulder from Public!

Deluca tries to raise interest in Ravena Fitness Dump
Gets Cold Shoulder from Public!

Even while Ravena mayor Misuraca and his band of amateurs are continuing to allow Cathy Deluca and her moneypit Ravena Health and Fitness Center to hemorrhage more than $6,000 of taxpayer money every month; Misuraca and the Ravena sockpuppets on the village council still allow Cathy Deluca and Nancy Warner to lie their way into keeping the failing fitness center’s doors open.

When will anyone wake up and realize that we’re all being taken for fools by Misuraca, Deluca, and Warner!?!?!?

Nancy Warner and Cathy Deluca mailed out several hundreds of flyers trying to generate interest in the dump they run. They then announced an “open house” trying to get people to come in and see the dilapidated, unsanitary, makeshift excuse for a fitness center. But justice and fairness poured out of the sky in protest: Even the Heavens poured forth their outrage and it was a whiteout on December 10, the day of the open house, and practically no one showed up. What a sight it was to see Cathy Deluca and Nancy Warner sitting at the reception desk…alone and forelorn. Couldn’t have happened to a more evil duo!

Deluca and Warner Consoling Each Other During the RHFC "Open House"

Deluca and Warner Consoling Each Other During the RHFC “Open House”

Our burning question is: When will Misuraca get smart and do Ravena taxpayers justice and fairness and finally dump Deluca and her moneypit. Deluca knows what she’s doing: She’s stealing your money! She knows the fitness center is a dumpy dud! But she is trying to milk everything she can out of it before she leaves Ravena taxpayers holding the empty cash bag.

What excuses will Miisuraca and his sockpuppets come up with next? Well, the good news is it’s starting to look like Misuraca the bartender wannabe mayor and his collection of sockpuppets are definitely one-termers!

Poor Monkey Mayor!Still grinning stupidly on camera but he's a sad little monkey! Hasn't a clue what to do!

Poor Monkey Mayor!
Still grinning stupidly on camera but he’s a sad little monkey! Hasn’t a clue what to do!

P.s. Anyone see arch-hypocrites Bill Bailey and Nancy Warner criticizing the town of Coeymans board last week about the budget shortfall? If there was ever a case of pots calling the kettle black that was it! After decades of mismanaging water and sewer funds the village of Ravena finally got forced to separate the sewer from the water funds! DUH!!! Bailey and Warner managed to extract their feet from their anuses and insert them into their big mouths!

Next article will look at the town of New Baltimore’s antics. They took 8 months to write a new town employee handbook. Didn’t anyone in New Baltimore town hall think to call around to see if they couldn’t get a handbook from another town and adapt it? Now they want to get grants for their sewer system. Hasn’t New Baltimore supervisor Nick Dellisanti and his band of sockpuppets noticed that New Baltimore is losing population? Haven’t they noticed that New Baltimore is starting to look like Ravena and Coeymans Hamlet with all the vacant buildings? Maybe Dellisanti and his band of amateurs should start looking around and identifying what New Baltimore really needs: good, efficient, knowledgeable government. Maybe also some responsible recordkeeping, too! Not a pack of wannabes! Reality Check: This is not a party game, this is real life. Put your egos away for now. It’s our lives you’re toying with. Get serious, guys, or it can get ugly!

Quiz: Which two 11-letter words characterize New Baltimore’s vision for the future?
(get the answer in our next article)

New Baltimore Town Board We're desperately trying to see things from the board's point of view.

New Baltimore Town Board
We’re desperately trying to see things from the board’s point of view.

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