How Morally Depraved Can Cathy Deluca, Misuraca’s Village Board, Be?

17 Nov

deadhorseWill Misuraca and his Mooselets on the Ravena village council ever wake up? At the November 18, 2014, public meeting that had all of six people attending (at least 3 of them village employees) here’s what you would have heard: No one seems to have gotten a monthly report from Cathy Deluca on the Fitness Center. Misuraca, Warner looking stupid and having to admit no one got a report (while village council member Joel Coye sits chewing and picking his nose on camera! What’s he chewing? Yuck!). But Nancy Warner announced that the Fitness Center is planning to send out brochures to attempt to get members! IDIOTS! It’s almost two years and the Ravena Health and Fitness Center is still FAILING! Wake up! Smell the coffee (or the bullshit, which is getting pretty strong)! But you’re still beating the dead horse! How long is Misuraca and his crew going to let this thing go on? Late November, just before the Winter holidays is no time to be sending out brochures for a fitness club! Go figure! They put the “R” in RETARDS!

Several weeks have passed since the Ravena News Herald printed their article on the fact that Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, has been hemorrhaging more than $6,000 a month of Ravena taxpayers’, property-owners’ dollars. But that’s where it all stopped, it seems. Our question is:

How Morally Depraved is Cathy Deluca and Ravena Mayor William Misuraca’s Village Board?


And it sits on the Ravena village council and runs the Ravena Health and Fitness Center

This blog has been exposing the corruption and criminality surrounding the creation of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and the corrupt and criminal way that the Bruno-Warner village board lied their way into creating a non-competitive civil service position for Cathy Deluca. The fact that Bruno and Warner did everything they could to ensure that their appointee, Deluca, got the position and no one else even had a chance at it was no big deal to expose. We did it right here and we embarrassed the Albany Department of Civil Service and Albany County into giving the director of the Albany Department the boot. But Ravena has no pride and no morals so Cathy Deluca got the position, got the exempt non-competitive classification, she even “Interneted” her credentials (unqualified but receiving her salary at YOUR expense), still bamboozling the Civil Service morons into allowing her to keep the position. If you or I tried even half of that sort of criminal lying and fraudulent misrepresentation, we’d be in Albany County jail — or worse — but Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and Gregory Darlington go Scott free and can collect fat pensions at our expense while Cathy Deluca pockets more than $30,000 a year in salary plus full benefits to waste $6,000 a month of Ravena taxpayers’ dollars! Doesn’t anyone see what’s wrong with this picture?!?

Cathy Deluca even lied her way out of criminal proceedings when here husband, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, then still with the Coeymans police department, bullied Coeymans police officer Jason Albert, with the blessing of then police chief Gregory “Dumplington” Darlington, into burying the investigation of Cathy Deluca’s misdemeanor lying to a police officer, when she tried to fraudulently incriminate a local resident! That was a misdemeanor on Cathy Deluca’s part, and obstruction of justice by Darlington and his sockpuppet Jason Albert but Darlington got to “retire” (in lieu of prosecution? Will Darlington’s wife, Leah Darlington, a secretary in race-card-player Albany County DA David Soares‘ office type out the warrant?) and Albert got an “attaboy” promotion to detective! So much for respect for the laws of this state and nation: The biggest criminals are the law enforcement officers and their spouses! But with a new police chief and pressure from the community, not to mention literally dozens of unresolved complaints and pending lawsuits against the Coeymans p.d. and individual officers, justice may still be served. Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks, months.

Our stats show that Leah Darlington or someone in the Albany County District Attorney’s office is spending taxpayer dollars wisely: between November 16 and November 19, that person visited this blog 68 times, spending several hours total here! Thank you! Albany County DA P. David Soares, for hiring a Darlington to misuse taxpayer money!

But even if you don’t take the time to search this blog and re-read the many articles we’ve written for you exposing the Delucas, the Warners, the Darlingtons, the Coeymans police department’s obstruction of justice and other civil violations and criminal acts and negligence, you can’t overlook the fact that at least SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS are being wasted every month, and neither Cathy Deluca nor the Ravena Village Board have the decency to put a stop to it.

Who can deny the glaring facts that:

Mayor "Moose" Misuraca thought he was getting this...

Mayor “Moose” Misuraca thought he was getting this...

  • Cathy Deluca to Nancy Warner: Do this! The Moose loves it!

    BUT he got this, instead!
    (Cathy Deluca to Nancy Warner: Do this! The “Moose” loves it!)

    Cathy Deluca was personally selected by former mayor John Bruno and his sidekick Nancy Warner to have the Ravena Health and Fitness Center. Hasn’t anyone asked what favors were being repaid by Bruno and Warner? Why no one else, maybe someone qualified, was given the opportunity to apply — even if it would be hopeless?

  • Why did former mayor John Bruno and village trustee Nancy Warner conspire to not only hand Cathy Deluca the position as manager of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, but went to extraordinary trouble to fabricate an application made to the Albany County Civil Service Department — the application was incomplete, inaccurate, fraudulent — to get her a non-competitive classification, exempt from any examination, full benefits, etc.
  • Cathy Deluca knew then and still knows that she’s killed two private health and fitness clubs before she was handed the Ravena Health and Fitness Center but she still took the opportunity to prove she could kill yet another one. Don’t any of you think that that is morally depraved? Criminal on Deluca’s part, to knowingly take a position she knew she couldn’t handle and now, after two years of screwing around, is proving she can kill yet another business, this time one belonging to the public.
  • Don’t you think it’s morally depraved of Ravena Mayor William “Moose” Misuraca, and his Ravena village council, to allow this to go on without finally putting a stop to it? They even admitted publicly that if a business were losing that kind of money that any sensible and responsible manager would shut it down. Why hasn’t Mayor William Misuraca and his village council morons locked the doors on the Ravena Health and Fitness Center?

And Why Haven’t Any of these Crooks and Frauds been Charged, Prosecuted, Punished?

Maybe Ravena Mayor William “Moose” Misuraca, the director of the Albany County Department of Civil Service John Marsolais, Coeymans police chief Peter J. McKenna, or Albany County DA P. David Soares can offer a satisfactory explanation for that burning question!

But the worst shame and blame still falls on Cathy Deluca’s head! She knows shes stealing taxpayer money. She knows she’s unqualified to make the Ravena playpen work. She knows that Ravena can’t sustain a business that can’t compete. She knows that the village of Ravena should not be running a business that can’t compete. But she has no morals! She has no ethics! She has only her sow’s belly full of greed! Her only objective is to take as much as she can suck out of this community and then…STOP HER IN HER DIRTY TRACKS!

And do you wonder for a second why Annette Demitraszek and Kristine Biernacki, Bruno appointees and Warner sock-puppets, who are supposed to be village clerks and public servants, refuse to respond to any demand under the New York State Freedom of Information Law by refusing to provide public access information, information that the public has a right to know, about the Ravena Health and Fitness Center? If they let the information out they feel they’ll all land in jail! Unless they disclose the information, there’s a Notice of Claim waiting to be served, and a lawsuit waiting to be filed. They may all have a date with the corrections system before this is over!

Ravena needs a Health and Fitness Center like a Bull Needs Tits!

The Ravena Health and Fitness Center

The Ravena Health and Fitness Center





Emperor Has New Clothes! Cathy Deluca on her way to the bank; Ravena residents stand by, idly watching! The Editor.

Emperor Has New Clothes!
Cathy Deluca on Her Way to the Bank;
Ravena residents stand by, idly watching!
The Editor

 It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings — or is in Jail!


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14 responses to “How Morally Depraved Can Cathy Deluca, Misuraca’s Village Board, Be?

  1. kay kilmer

    December 12, 2014 at 9:56 am

    haven’t seen any articles lately, did I mess up and wipe you out by mistake/


    • RCS Confidential

      December 12, 2014 at 10:24 am

      Hi, Kay. No, I don’t think you did 😉

      Just posted one on the Ravena moneypit open-house flop.

      We’ll be posting one soon on osme developments in the town of New Baltimore.

      Thanks for asking!

      The Editor


  2. non ya

    November 21, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    I have a question is Cathy Deluca the same Mrs.Deluca that works at aw Becker?


    • RCS Confidential

      November 22, 2014 at 8:31 am

      Good morning, Non Ya! Thanks for your comment!
      We don’t believe that the two are the same person. The Cathy Deluca involved with the Ravena Health and Fitness Center is or should be there full time. As director, and considering the fact that the place is hemorrhaging taxpayer dollars while she skips off to the bank, she should be at the Fitness Center 25 hours a day trying to top the hemorrhaging! They may be related, but are no the same persons according to our information.

      Say, what do you think about the village of Ravena clerks unlawfully leaking all that protected personal information about village employees?

      Thanks again,
      The Editor


      • non ya

        November 23, 2014 at 4:22 pm

        Well it wouldn’t be the first time Ravena done something against the law wont be the last. I would like to see the officials Skelton’s come out of their closet for everyone to see. I truly can’t stand how corrupt that town is in the schools itself, and the dummies who cover it up. Love your post


      • RCS Confidential

        November 23, 2014 at 6:39 pm

        Thanks, NonYa, for your comment. Ravena went from a strong-arm tactician to a wimp, it seems. With all the time the Albany County DA’s office and other NY state office spend reading this blog it really makes us wonder what in hell they’re doing! Well, the DA’s office is probably paranoid about the stuff we publish about Soares and his collection of dildos, and the state is probably monitoring to see how much we find out about their corruption. In Coeymans, we already know the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) is part of the corruption. They’re quick to pick on the little guy and bankrupt him but when it comes to the crooks in town and village government, they kiss ass right and left. Just look at the negative environmental impact and pollution that the Port of Coeymans and Carver Companies have caused! Where’s the town of Coeymans and Mr Laverne Conrad on that mess? Time for an uprising in the area, we think.

        Thanks again,
        The Editor


  3. Melanie Potter

    November 20, 2014 at 10:56 am

    I suggest you come and sit in on a PTO meeting. We will gladly give you all of our records!! We have absolutely nothing to hide! And FYI – we have absolutely NO control of teachers or curriculum in any way whatsoever. We provide the fun activities, the technology, playground enhancements, etc. We are an open book and welcome anyone to come in any time. Our meetings are all announced on the district calendar and if we ever have to change a meeting or an event for any reason, notification goes out well in advance in a notice, email, changed on the district website, everything. I cannot speak for Becker’s PTA, but I believe they run themselves the same way – and their president is brand new this year, so I don’t know how she’s had any time to do anything wrong down there yet….and if she has, cut her some slack!! This is all new to her. We are VOLUNTEERS!!!! We are not paid and have to deal with a whole lot of flack! And BTW – I have NEVER held a meeting that the members at large were not invited to, other than officers meetings where we simply are doing paperwork and discussing what will be on the agenda for the week’s meeting. Do NOT attack me or PTO… have NO basis!!


    • RCS Confidential

      November 20, 2014 at 11:12 am

      My, my! We do get defensive, don’t we? All we can say is that where there’s so much smoke there may be fire.

      By the way, in neither the original comment nor in our response were any specific schools or PTA/PTO’s mentioned. So why get your knickers in such a twist, Missie?

      But now that you mention specific schools like Becker elementary, we have to assume you might be from Pieter B. Coeymans elementary? Well, there is quite a bit of history there AND at Becker, if you’ll allow us that observation. Weren’t the Deluca’s very intensively involved there? And we all know about ol’ Dirty-Hands Jerry and his partner Cathy Deluca, don’t we? Wherever the Deluca’s had their fingers in the pie there was a telltale stench in the air. Take a deep breath, you may still be able to perceive it. Or are you that new to the area or that naïve? And some of the history ain’t so pretty, either. That you’ll have to admit.

      Look: When a reader writes to us with an observation like “Not Today’s”, there must be something there. That kind of comment just doesn’t fall out of the sky. Maybe you and your co-members are out of touch with the mainstream community, parents, etc. Could that be a possibility? Maybe some outreach is in order? Maybe?

      Now cool your jets and get back to reality.

      Thanks for your comment.

      The Editor


      • Melanie Potter

        November 20, 2014 at 12:04 pm

        Nope, I have no reason to “cool my jets” at all. Someone is attacking PTO, I have every right to defend myself!! Also, I have absolutely no responsibility for what happened before my time….all I am responsible for is what has happened in the last three years since I have been president. We have no funds left over from that time – and we have worked damn hard to get where we are and provide what we do for that school. I am from here – went to PBC myself as a student and am so tired of people bashing this place and the people in it. And I think if you ask around (your brother included), you will find that I have never been “one sided”. I invite everyone to PTO and ask everyone to participate…I invite all ideas. I encourage people to do the same in the community. I have always abided by the feeling that there is usually two sides to every story and the truth falls somewhere in the middle. If we had a little more Grace and human kindness in this town, maybe we could all get somewhere. All your attacking in this blog does is pit people against each other, and that is NO way to get things accomplished!! In fact, I am a little embarrassed that I even acknowledged this blog in any way, since I swore it off years ago when you attacked me on here one other time. You do no good for this community and I know that no amount of “reasoning” with you is going to help. I feel sorry for someone like you who feels the need to attack others to feel good about themselves. Talk about “teaching them young” – that’s what I try to do…teach compassion and love for each other – forgiveness and patience. I want my children growing up in THAT kind of world, NOT the one you are trying to push!! I will be praying for your soul for sure!! 🙂


      • RCS Confidential

        November 20, 2014 at 5:50 pm

        Replying to a comment such as yours would serve no useful purpose. We reply to open minds. You obviously have no idea about what you are talking about.

        Thank you for offering your defense.

        The Editor


      • shhhhh

        November 23, 2014 at 12:44 pm

        They will show you what they want you to see. Get Lazlo in there to look at the figures. He knows what might be fishy. I noticed that AW Becker is noticeably silent to your information. Wonder why? If they have nothing to hide why the silence?


      • RCS Confidential

        November 23, 2014 at 1:59 pm

        Hello, Shhhhh. Thanks for your comment. Interesting observation re: A.W. Becker. As we mentioned in our response, “Where there’s smoke….”.

        The Editor


  4. not today

    November 19, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    Top to bottom the town is corrupt. You should go sniff around the PTA/PTO’s. Shenanigans at the Elementary Schools. Guess they want to get them trained young. Get a look at the books over there if you can. The presidents run it like a mob business; moving meetings and holding secret meetings without the members at large being present.


    • RCS Confidential

      November 20, 2014 at 6:51 am

      Yes, we have been aware of the bizarre clubs for adults calling themselves PTA/PTOs, and are aware that they have some very unusual social and financial practices. But because they are not public entities, we cannot demand insight into their records. Perhaps a government agency like the IRS or the NY Comptroller could do that. And yes, they have an agenda for controlling teaches, curricula, everything. It’s not as if it’s doing the pupils any good, it’s not. It’s just an ego outlet and instrument for control abused by the members, who do not represent parents, teachers, or the pupils.

      Thanks for your comment.

      The Editor



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