Desperate Politicians Trying Anything: Elections 2014

31 Oct

Thank you for voting!

You can find the results for the New York State midterm elections for the entire state at (link):
New York State Board of Elections Results.

Our Candidates Took the Race by Storm! Halleluia! Thank You, Voters, Readers!
Remember: Unopposed candidates are not elected, they’re appointed!
BUT New York City & Downstate re-elects Cuomo-the-Homo to be Governor for all of us!

You Elected the Anti-Christ!!!!

You Elected the Anti-Christ!!!!

“Democrats in Blue States in Panic Mode. Desperate Democrats are rushing to save suddenly vulnerable House incumbents, even in states where President Barack Obama cruised to double-digit victories, amid fresh signs of Republican momentum less than a week before the midterm elections” [Report continues at Source]

Making Moral Decisions in Accordance with Reason and Good Conscience

Christianity, in line with most religions of reason and divine law, teaches us that “by reason of their special vocation it belongs to everyone to seek the Kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs and directing them according to God’s will.” We participate in the affairs of government in a special way as to illuminate and order all temporal things with which we are closely associated, so that they may be always affected according the will of God and the glory of the Creator.

With those words, we’d like to bring our readers to the serious matter of the looming critical mid-term elections on Tuesday, November 4th. Now is a good time to remind our readers to remind family, friends and neighbors of our important duty as Americans, as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, whatever, but all as members of the “American family” to participate in playing our roles in the governance of our troubled country by voting according to our consciences. Faced with these conscious moral choices we can make either a right decision in accordance with reason, and the divine law, or on the other hand, we can make an erroneous judgment that departs from all reason and from divine law. Which will you likely do?

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear will see through the half-truths of the messages we hear…

It’s an unfortunate truth, dear readers, that our county no longer is a participative democracy and no longer a multi-party system. Our major political parties, the Democrap and Republican parties, have sunken to abysmal lows in their decadence, depravity, and dishonesty. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear will see through the half-truths of the messages we hear over and over again from both parties’ candidates. Are the candidates, their parties, their campaign managers wilfully trying to confuse us? Are they that unscrupulous? Is that all we’ve become to them, nothing less than sheeple?

We have been disgusted on an almost daily basis by the political ads from an absurdly immature and hypocritical ultraliberal, Sean Eldridge. His campaign ads have simply been so childish and inordinately vile that they have to cast him in a very negative light if you really see and hear the message. Eldridge is an arch-hypocrite and worse still, he’s so obvious but he still continues trying to put on a fake face of sincerity while lying through his cosmeticized whitened teeth. When he’s not trying to give his man-wife Chris Hughes one up the chute, he’s planning to give us a good one. Say NO WAY! on ELECTION DAY! and send Sean Eldridge back to his gay gala with Cecilia Tkaczyk (pronounced “cat-shik“) and same-sex hubby Chris Hughes.

We don’t need another democrap pervert in Washington.

Eldridge has pissed all over everything traditional, everything sacred, everything valuable but wants voters to believe he’s the girl/boy next door. Nothing could be farther from the truth, dear readers. He’s as phoney as the white of his teeth! One of Eldridge’s most glaring hypocricies is his mantra: “I want to bring the Internet to rural areas.” Well, that shouldn’t surprise any of us, after all he’s in a same-sex marriage with none other than Chris Hughes, the Facebook mogul. Sure Eldridge wants to put the Internet in everyone’s home so that he and his same-sex hubby can make their millions by putting the depravity of asocial media under more noses. Don’t we have enough of these anti-family, anti-community bastards already? No thanks, Mr Eldridge, get a real job — maybe your same-sex hubby Chris Hughes will give you a cushy job with Facebook — but we have enough perverts in government, we don’t need another democrap pervert in Washington.

Eldridge himself, in an interview with ultra-liberal Jew, Alan Chartok, admits that he, Eldridge, has pretty much financed his own campaign, saying that he’s matched his actual outside fundraising. That means that Eldridge can afford to buy his own election—and is buying his way through his campaign—, almost literally saying he doesn’t have to depend on the people for support, while at the same time he’s criticizing Chris Gibson for getting his financial support from a vast network of private and business supporters. So, now do you think Sean Eldridge has any idea what the 99% need or how they feel? Eldridge operates from the penthouse of the ivory tower! He has no idea nor does he care about us. (You can hear the bullshit interview on WAMC with Alan Chartok at: Eldridge bullshits Chartok.)

Tkaczyk is dead in the water; a political suicide.

As for Eldridge‘s and his same-sex hubby Hughes favorite fag-hag Cecilia Tkaczyk she’s shown her colors for the past two years. Her loyalties are NOT with US, people. Tkazcyk‘s with New York City and where the big bucks are. She may have appeared a bit more defensible if she weren’t so very close to Eldridge and Hughes — so close as to deserve the name “fag hag” — just look at the three hypocrites together at a major gay, lesibian, bisexual, transgender gala earlier this year (photo below). Need we say more? (Please see our recent article: Sean Eldridge: Does he even know how to represent the 99%?) Tkaczyk actually appeared on the ultraliberal Jew’s (again Alan Chartok) WAMC to interview. What a disaster, she completely lost control to Chartok, who interrupted her, led her by the nose, cornered her into mouthing what he wanted her to say. Is that the kind of representation we are looking for in a state senator? She can’t even take control of a radio interview! But she can cow to a silver-spoon girly-boy and his same-sex hubby! In our real world, Tkaczyk is dead in the water; a political suicide.

Is This the Altrnative? Lord Help Us!The 'White Obama" Sean Eldridge with his hubby Chris Hughes and New York state Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk The [Disgusted] Editor,/big>

The Democrap Offering
The ‘Pink Obama” Sean Eldridge with his hubby Chris Hughes and New York state Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk

New Baltimore democraps haven’t even been able to cough up a token opponent!

Barbara Finke, Appointed Interim Town Clerk, Running Unopposed, North Korea Style!

Why even cast a vote for her; if no one votes for her and if only she votes for herself, that 1 vote counts as 100% of votes—a landslide victory! New Baltimore voters, don’t even bother voting for Barbara Finke; don’t even give her numbers! You don’t have to vote for her if she’s unopposed. Let’s see just how many votes she gets if you protest North Korean-type elections in New Baltimore!

In fact, the democraps even at the local level have become irrelevant. Not only did they get trounced in the last elections, losing almost every single seat in local districts, in the town of New Baltimore, where Barbara Finke (R) is running unopposed for the office of New Baltimore town clerk, the democraps haven’t even been able to cough up a token opponent. That’s not democracy, people, that’s how they elect candidates in North Korea! (Please see our article on this subject at: Barbara Finke, Interim New Baltimore Town Clerk, For Example…)

north korea electionVote NO! to Sean Eldridge and his fag-hag Cecilia Tkaczyk.

We are looking at George Amedore, who is seeking re-election this year, and running against Eldridge’s fag hag, Cecilia Tkaczyk. We also have Peter Lopez and Chris Gibson (running against the “Pink Obama”, Sean Eldridge). Paul Tonko is also running for re-election. Our 19th and 20th Congressional districts are at risk. Although we hate to say it, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” Let’s face it, they’re politicians, and unless they have some very conspicuous and glaring faults, we have to understand that they won’t be able to please all of the people all of the time. Eldridge and Tkaczyk have major faults that no one with any sense at all can ignore. But let’s face reality, people, our local and congressional Republicans have it all; they’re the best we have at this moment.

We endorse George Amedore: He made his money by the sweat of his brow, through hard work!
He’s a family man, too!

Say what you will about George Amedore. Yes! He is a millionaire. But he made his millions working his butt off in a family business that just happens to be successful. He has a beautiful family. He respects family values and is a hard worker. That means he gets our votes.

Eldridge and Tkaczyk have desecrated our most sacred values: marriage and family

And for those of you who think we may have a soft spot for Gibson, please read what we have to say in our articles: Don’t Ya Just Love It?, Congressman Chris Gibson Here on October 2, 2014! Be there!, Wow! McCartney-DiAcetis’ Stupidity Goes National, International. We’ve called him out for pussy-footing around the RCS anti-military bias, until DiAcetis (RCS high school principal) and Alan McCartney (RCS CSD interim superintendent) backpedaled until they reversed themselves!).

Eldridge and Tkaczyk have desecrated our most sacred values: marriage and family. Marriage by any definition is between a man and a woman to create children and to raise them responsibly. If Eldridge gets a pair of testicles and Chris Hughes gets a pair of ovaries and they parent a child, we may consider them a “family”. Maybe Cecilia Tkaczyk would play surrogate mother? What do you think, voters? Nah-h-h-h doesn’t work for us either. They’d still be two pervs and a fag hag, no matter how you cut it. George Amadore has our vote.

Peter Lopez: A Man with a Heart and a Brain.

Peter Lopez has been an incredibly accessible and compassionate man in the Assembly representing this district. We’ve seen him several times and find him very interested, very active, very responsible, and very responsive. The man’s got a heart and a brain—makes you wonder what he’s doing in politics, doesn’t it? We say give Peter Lopez your vote; he’s got ours!

We Endorse Colonel Chris Gibson over and against the Pink Obama, Sean Eldridge

Chris Gibson has disappointed us with his performance in investigating the RCS t-shirt scandal; as a retired National Guard officer he was just too quick to sweep the whole thing under the carpet and have done with it. We didn’t like the fact that he didn’t kick more ass and throw some weight around. But after our report on this blog, all of a sudden his campaign ads started touting his military experience. So what? It’s campaign time. Pull all the stops. Gibson’s not off the hook, not by a longshot. But we still feel that he’s the man to re-elect, given the choice between him and the “Pink Obama” Sean Eldridge. Gibson’s got our endorsement and our vote.

Paul Tonko. Again, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. Tonko has been a disappointment but he apparently comes up with the bacon now and then. It’s up to us to build a fire under his ass if we want to get something done. Let us know and we’ll provide the matches. If Tonko can commit to giving us his congressional support when we apply for education, healthcare or law enforcement grants, we’d be ready to support him this time around. What do ya say, Pauli, you gonna produce?

Candidates: Are there plans to run a large oil pipeline down from Canada, along the NYS Thruway, past our back yards, down to New Jersey? Come clean!

Here’s a homework assignment for our readers: You may or may not know that there are plans to run a large oil pipeline down from Canada, along the NYS Thruway, past your back yards, down to New Jersey. Did you know that? What do you think of that? Well, have you heard anything from Ms Tkzczyk, Mr Lopez, Mr Gibson, Mr Tonko or anyone about this plan? Well, we have four days before the elections. If any of you know how to contact any of the candidates, please do! And let them know we want to know before November 4th, what they know and where they stand on this serious threat to our local environment and homes! Any of the candidates can post a comment on this blog with their statements and positions. Right here where you all can read it. So if you have a way to contact any of the candidates, hit them with that question and see what they have to say.

In the meantime, before we all get depressed, let’s just remember that we still have a vote and, fortunately, there are many of us who will vote according to our well-informed consciences. We urge you to get involved. This is a culture war and it’s ours to win only if we fight. We may not be in Iraq or Afghanistan but our homeland enemies are just as dangerous as Al-qaida or ISIS, and you know it in your heart of hearts.

Gibson, Tonko, Lopez, Armadore

Gibson, Tonko, Lopez, Amedore
Maybe Astorino but then there’s always
Howie Hawkins for NY Gov!


8 responses to “Desperate Politicians Trying Anything: Elections 2014

  1. jim

    November 6, 2014 at 7:58 am

    I’m curious as to what you think about Chris Christie not backing Rob Astorino. Does Cuomo have something on him the kept him from backing a Republican for governor? After all Christie is head of the Republican Governors. Is it time for Cox to go? He hasn’t put any Republican in office since Pataki.


    • RCS Confidential

      November 6, 2014 at 10:44 am

      Hi, Jim:
      I think it’s quite clear that Christie has no intention of getting involved with anything but a sure thing. At the time Astorino was running 40 points behind our simian Cuomo-the-Homo, Christie made the comment, ““I will spend time in places where we have a chance to win. I said that right from the beginning,” and “We don’t pay for landslides and we don’t invest in lost causes,” he added, when asked whether he would contemplate a similar fundraising jaunt to New York. “If the New York race becomes competitive, I’ll consider campaigning in the New York race, but right now, by the public polls, there’s a lot more competitive races like this one in Connecticut.” So we think it’s clear that Christie wasn’t going to support anyone who might even remotely embarrass him.

      Christie’s no fool. All you have to do is look at the poll figures for downstate New York and you’ll quickly see who elected Cuomo. It wasn’t central, upper, or western counties, it was two or three downstate counties, especially New York City, who carried Cuomo; in most of the other, less populous counties in NY, Astorino was leading by substantial margins! We in Central NY didn’t have a chance given the Cuomo-suck-ups in NYC!

      Another point is that Christie is a contender for the presidency and will be competing with Cuomo-the-Homo. Christie has been using (and we mean using) the RGA chairmanship to burnish his credentials nationally and move past the “Bridgegate” scandal that has recently plagued him and embarrassed his administration through much of the year.

      Christie, in our opinion is tough and he’s savvy. He’s nobody’s monkey. That’s not to say we think he’s any more trustworthy that Cuomo-the-Homo, but we do think he’s more open.

      As for Cox, he’s made himself irrelevant and should step down to allow someone with perhaps a fresher approach. While we don’t think there’s much of a difference, if any at all, between the Democraps and the Repooplicans at the state level on up, we do feel that some of these chairpersons and honchos really have made a mess of the party system and should be dumped yesterday.

      All things said, real politics starts at the local level and until people start getting more involved at the local level and move their asses out to the polling places on election day, we’re all going to continue to be some politician’s rubber blow-up doll and getting screwed.

      Thanks for your question.

      The Editor

      Read more:

      Read more:


  2. jim

    November 1, 2014 at 2:30 am

    you must be kidding about this crop you want us to elect. not one of them set foot in coeymans after hurricane irene or sandy. not one dime came to the river front to help us. the kissed up to cuomo and never fought for us. they suck. we had 26″ of water during irene and 28″ during sandy and theses assholes never set foot in our town. maybe if the water had been flowing through jacks or 677 ,they’d know there was a flood upstate too. f**k them


    • RCS Confidential

      November 1, 2014 at 8:34 am

      Hi, Jim, and thanks for the comment.

      I really do feel and understand your anger and your frustration. But how many residents do you think got together to write or call any of our elected officials, or even demand that they visit Coeymans to survey the problems? Did you? Did any of your neighbors?

      And wouldn’t the initial appeal have to come from our local elected officials, our mayors, our town supervisors, our board members, our state assemblymen and senators? If there’s blame to be handed out, let’s be fair and hand it out to everyone who deserves to be blackened.

      And, just to be fair and balanced, do you really think that 26 inches of water or even 36 inches of water along a tidal river is going to impress anyone when they’re faced with several feet of water covering whole neighborhoods? Do you think that a couple of dozens of homes in Coeymans will compare well with a couple of thousands under water? Let’s put Coeymans, New Baltimore, Coxsackie, etc. in perspective, shall we?

      Sometimes we just have to practical, even fair, forgetting our own anger and frustration, and offering compassion to those who are really suffering.

      So, I’d like to ask you what your alternatives are: Cuomo who has dry-f**cked us all for how long now? Cuomo who has followed King Obama’s lead and who has legislated behind closed doors in the night (remember the Safe Act?), Tkaczyk who sucks up to New York City when she’s supposed to be representing us and who snuggles up to big money and hypocrites like Sean Eldridge, who, as we’ve already said has pissed all over anything and everything traditional, sacred, valuable that we have left and now he wants us to trust him to make laws for the entire country? C’mon, Jim, is that what you’re offering us?

      Looking at the photo of Sean Eldridge, the Pink Obama, and his same-sex hubby, Chris Hughes, with Cecilia Tkaczek cozily cuddling between those two mascots of masturbation, is what you’re offering us. Please, use your vote like a reasonable, intelligent, human being! Think of the rest of us and let your pet peeve of minor flooding drain away. It seems like it’s an infection that is poisoning your thinking.

      You’re pissed off with far bigger things, yet you are showing us a boo-boo when there are gushing, hemorrhaging wounds all over this battlefield called the United States of America.

      The Editor


      • jim

        November 3, 2014 at 2:47 am

        I’ll be fair and say that back in 1996 when i had 5 feet of water in my building,I still got no help.It’s always NYC. Billions poured into the city and not a dime here.

        As for the republican party here in NY under the leadership of Cox,we’re dead. Last year I got a email from the state GOP asking me to attend a fund raiser for Chris Christie at 3,300.00 a plate. Ole Rudy G was going to be there also. I called the state GOP and asked why I should support two anti gun commiecrats and I was told “who would you like us to support,democrats”. I didn’t go to that fundraiser,but I ask you and your readers,where the hell are those two in support of Astorino. Why isn’t Cox on the phone with Reince Priebus and having him tell Christie to get in line and help us or don’t look for any backing in 2016.

        All winter long I make calls and have for years. Last week I called the NRA and slammed them for not supporting Astorino. Last Febuary I called Lopez and he still hasn’t showed up. I called the governors office over his Start Up NY crap. I’ve called the county over the outrageous ticket prices at the airport. Last week I called Cumberland Farms over their prices at the pumps here in Ravena along with Stewarts.

        You replied ” And, just to be fair and balanced, do you really think that 26 inches of water or even 36 inches of water along a tidal river is going to impress anyone when they’re faced with several feet of water covering whole neighborhoods? Do you think that a couple of dozens of homes in Coeymans will compare well with a couple of thousands under water? Let’s put Coeymans, New Baltimore, Coxsackie, etc. in perspective, shall we?” . Are you trying to minimize our loss as to compared to someone else because of our location or population?


      • RCS Confidential

        November 3, 2014 at 7:18 am

        Hi, Jim. Thanks for your response.

        New York City is a perennial problem and is not going to go away. It’s also not a topic of this blog. But what we will say in this general context is this: Yes! New York City is a festering money pit, a cesspool, a zit on America’s ass. We agree. Pouring billions into a pit doesn’t seem to help, either. We erect power plants in Athens to power the Pit. We pipe water from our upstate watersheds to water the Pit. We pour billions into their infrastructure to keep them moving. We have to tolerate their dust and truck traffic in Coeymans to build their bridges, without any significant jobs or input to our local infrastructure. Yes, we can all ask, WHY? What are we getting for all this? Most of our residents and citizens may get to NYC once in a lifetime, some may never visit the Pit. But then, we’re also pouring billions into Israel and getting nothing but abuse. We’re pouring billions into Africa and still getting HIV and Ebola. Thanks for nothing! We’re spending billions on weapons and personnel fight wars in countries most residents and citizens can’t even find on a map! Is this the work of two or three local or regional politicians? We think not. Is this the work of an “Anti-Christ”? Very likely!

        Read Soloviev’s short “Tale of the Anti-Christ” and get an eye opener, won’t you?

        What I do hear in your comment and in your response is frustration because you’re not getting the attention you think you should be getting. Too bad! You might have heard the term triage. is the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition. This rations patient treatment efficiently when resources are insufficient for all to be treated immediately: a) those who are likely to live, regardless of what care they receive; b) those who are likely to die, regardless of what care they receive; c) those for whom immediate care might make a positive difference in outcome. Could it be that your boo-boo’s aren’t making the cut? Yes, of course, your concerns are the highest priority…to YOU. But perhaps if you leave your little world for a minute and join the rest of us in reality, you’ll find that there are bigger problems than your not getting callbacks. We think that attitude is a bit arrogant and, if you think about it, Jim, you might come to the same conclusion.

        We also read quite consistently in your response that you “called” so-and-so about such-and-such. Did you document the call with date, time, number called, person’s name taking the call, subject matter of the call. And, when you didn’t get a satisfactory response, did you follow up, using the documentation information to talk to the person to find out the status? Document, document, document! Follow up, follow up, follow up! He who hesitates/waits is lost! He who sleeps on his rights (legal language) loses those rights (legal term: Doctrine of Laches). Sound familiar?

        We are constantly recommending and reminding people to WRITE! Put it in writing! Mail it by regular first class mail and certified mail with proof of delivery, requiring a signature and a printed name of the person who took receipt of the letter.

        You can also write a letter to the editor. That’s a bit risky, though, because all of our local rags are politically skewed and if you attack one of their political friends, you’ll never get published. Same for radio or television media. I’m thinking now of Radio Israel a.k.a. WAMC and the arch-Jew Alan Chartok, the ultra-liberal suck up. Kiss his ass and you’re in like flint; disagree and he’ll hang up on you. Typical trash-talk show call-in practice.

        Get a number of like-minded residents together and put together a letter and you all sign it. Works better than if only one grouch signs it. Gives the issue more credibility, too. Sent the letter to the local and regional media with the request to publish it as an open letter.

        Start a blog or write an article for this blog. That will reach about a quarter of a million readers.

        There are ways to get yourself heard, Jim, you just have to think out of the box and accept that it’s going to take a little work. This blog started only two years ago because we got fed up with the stupidity we were witnessing. It’s been a lot of work but it’s having significant effects throughout the region. Why? Because we didn’t give up in the first week or month; we kept hammering until we saw the numbers growing and things happening.

        Your final words in your comment reveal a lot about your willingness to think out of the box. You are unwilling to do that. Rather than mull what we said you go to an extreme, almost accusatorily, and ask if we are “trying to minimize [your] loss as…compared to someone else.” Not “minimalize,” Jim, the words you need to learn and learn well are “put into perspective.” Losses are relative, Jim. For example (taken from your comments and our response), you note that we write, “a couple of dozens of homes in Coeymans”, experienced 20-30″ of flooding and compare that to “a couple of thousands under water”, as occurred in some parts of southern coastal New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, etc. Yes! We do see a big difference in the two scenarios. Don’t YOU?!?! Some are objectively greater than others. Losses are also subjective: someone may grieve the death of their cat in the same manner and in the same intensity as someone else might grief the loss of a spouse. Are either of these people out of order? We would say No! in objective terms of grief. Someone else, subjectively and in their own perspective may think one or the other is absolutely nutz! That’s just the way it is, Jim.

        We’re not judging anyone for being subjective. We do try to look at the naked facts and think about them. We then evaluate them (triage) and report or respond to them. We try to get people to think out of the box. Sometimes we’re successful, other times not so successful. It’s up to the reader.

        Thanks again.

        The editor


  3. Pundit

    October 31, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    Editor. Nice, Straightforward and accurate post-I commend you for it.
    I am in favor of the apparently secret pipeline-I would much rather have that than the constant stream of rail cars in and out of Albany, through our towns on the rail system of sorts. I agree, if it is true.why haven’t we heard about it? You don’t dare to think that our leaders would be trying to pull a fast one on us do you? Surely we all know this would be highly unlikely!
    The Thruway is or should be a choice for projects like a pipeline-NYS already has the right of way to make it easier and hopefully kick in some dennaros to offset Thruway expenses. Speaking of Thruway expenses—ever wonder what the total cost of operating the highway is now and what it would cost in maintenance if there were no employees in the many office buildings needed to house them all? ‘Ya think the costs would be offset with the payroll and building cost reductions? Not to mention the millions of dollars spent on electronic equipment being used to sort of keep track of what Is going on? Just think of all the salaries/benefits/retirement dollars and office $pace and see if it makes you wonder.

    Again, sorry to ramble and I like and appreciate the post!
    Also, as I heard on a talk show today-

    ‘On Election Day, hold your nose and vote Republican’!


    • RCS Confidential

      November 1, 2014 at 8:15 am

      Thanks very much for a great comment, Pundit! Hell, NO! Why would any of our elected officials try to hoodwink us? Gee, there’s that conspiracy theory that they’re all in the corporations’ pockets…
      You make a good point about running anything along the NYS Thruway, better than tank truck traffic and rail car traffic, given the state of our local roads, the dust and the killer heavy trucks. Not to mention the abominable state of the railway system. Any day now we should be reading about a derailment and the spill of hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil. Never enough time to do something right but always enough time for disaster “response” and clean-up.

      Yes, you also make a great point about the costs of operation and maintenance, hidden costs, that most people don’t give a second thought to. I’m a rabid opponent of unions and their outrageous pension plans. No wonder we are eternally in debt. No wonder our budgets go thru the rooves; we’re paying people who retire after having made outrageous salaries and we’re paying them to do nothing. Most of them are working second or third jobs taking jobs away from those who really need them and have no income or very little. And what’s the deal with paying people for having worked? We have to reward people for having worked and for having gotten paid and received generous benefits? What’s with responsibility and saving? Austerity? Sorry, but that’s the enslavement of the working poor and the domination of us all by the Corporations who already own our elections.

      As for me personally, one who has eyes to see and ears to hear and uses them constantly, I use my mouth to cry out RAPE! when I feel violated. I feel violated when race is the only qualification to occupy the Blackhouse; when lobby money becomes the only way to get elected to public office; when we’re constantly having wars stuffed down our throats at the cost of $trillions$ yet can’t feed or heal our own people, while our own elections are a sham, and American democracy is a joke; our kids start school as imbecils and leave school as stupids, trailing practically every other nation in test scores, while we dumb down to artificially raise test scores, graduation rates, and ultimately egos (students’, parents’, overpaid teachers’, and overpaid administrators’); where our universities and colleges have become for profit research and development corporations, providing “education” at exorbitant costs, putting almost every student hopelessly into debt, and sending them out where there are no jobs! Go figure!

      OK, Pundit, you hit a nerve 😉 Congrats!

      The Editor



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