News Shorts: Coeymans p.d. Fires Crosier

30 Oct

progress-reportCoeymans Town Board Terminates Coeymans Police Officer Danielle Crosier

We have received a confirmed report that the Coeymans town board has terminated Coeymans police officer Danielle Crosier.

Crosier has been an item of ongoing scandal and controversy since former Coeymans police chief Gregory “Dumplington” Darlington added the blond bimbo to his trophy shelf about two years ago. Her major claim to fame was her notorious bad driving; she was such a bad driver that the RCS high school put her on as a road safety instructor. Go figure.

Crosier was so bad behind the wheel of a motor vehicle that she recently rammed a parked NYS vehicle in the South Pearl Street NYS motor vehicles parking lot while allegedly transporting a minor to Family Services. Yup! And the RCS central school district, your board of education, turned her loose to be a road safety instructor. Say! Anyone know what happened to that investigation?

Crosier was also installed at the RCS high school as RSO (Resource Safety Officer) where she wasted no time harassing the students, doing illegal searches, and doing one of the wrestling coaches too!

We’ve been pressing to get rid of that blond bimbo for some time now; Crosier was a useless piece of baggage.

The Coeymans town board also accepted the resignation of Coeymans police officer Scott Kline.

On the Street: Ravena to Eliminate the Ravena Fire Department. Fact or Fiction?

There’s another breaking story but is still unconfirmed that the village of Ravena is considering eliminating the Ravena Fire Department and entering into an agreement with the town of Coeymans for firefighting services. This would be a very smart move on Ravena’s part and would save Ravena a couple of hundred grand, more if they sell off the existing equipment. Such a move, if done right, would also help the town of Coeymans utilize its resources to capacity, while setting the stage for more advanced training and possibly some more grant money. Let’s see if this one pans out.

If anyone has any info to share, please let us know at

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We're Providing the Missing Pieces for Our Readers The Editor

We’re Providing the Missing Pieces for Our Readers
The Editor

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