Ravena Village Board Admits It: Fitness Center Hemorrhaging $6000 a Month!

29 Oct

We’ve been writing about it for almost two years. Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center is hemorraging taxpayer dollars to the tune of $6,000 a month, according to statements made by Ravena village board officials and published in the October 30, 2014, issue of the Ravena News Herald. We been telling you so for the past year! Now it’s official!

Well now it's official!

Well now it’s official!
The Ravena Village Board, Mayor Misuraca admit it; the Ravena News Herald publishes it!
Ravena Health and Fitness Center is on the Block!

Good for you, Mayor Misuraca! You really do have a pair!

Nice pair, Mayor Moose

Nice pair, Mayor Moose

According to the report published in the October 30, 2014, issue of the Ravena News Herald, in an article with the misleading title of “Fitness center members rally against rumored shutdown” by Bryan Rowzee, local kiss-ass sockpuppet wannabe reporter (any surprise), at their regular meeting on October 21, the village of Ravena mayor and village board met and discussed the closing of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center. The discussion of the closing was not the focal item but was only one of the items of business to be discussed at that meeting.

And it was no “rally” as Rowzee misleadingly reports. It was more of a gaggle of village idiots with their own small-world interests at heart and no common sense at all. Some people need to get a life and stop embarrassing themselves and this community. It seems the loudest ones at village and town meetings are the local lunatics shouting their stupidity. It’s no wonder the intelligent ones just sit there and shake their heads!

Actually, it really wan’t a “rally” and the place wasn’t packed, Mr Rowzee. It was more like 4-10 supporters, wasn’t it. Plus a paltry petition. Is that reason enough to continue “hemorraging more than $6,000 a month” of taxpayer dollars?

Brainless-animatedOne such village idiot, Alicia Nieves, seems to think that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center benefits the community. Yeah, a community of ONE, named Alicia Nieves? Nieves wants to stay local and doesn’t want to drive “up towards Albany.” So is that a reason why the village has to continue bleeding losses of $6,000 a month? So that Alicia Nieves and her kind don’t have to drive “up towards Albany”? Not a very good argument in our opinion so let’s move on to another genius.

Dorothy Rock, sharing a partial brain with Alicia Nieves, mentions “the camaraderie she has built at the facility,” and “that for your dollar you are getting a lot of good stuff here.” So Ms Rock has made some friends at the Fitness Center. Can’t be many because there are so few members at the Ravena Fitness Center. There’s no interest in the dump. But Dorothy might be right, “you are getting a lot of good stuff here” like cooties? Dermatitis? Again, it’s not much of an argument to support losing $6,000 a month of taxpayer money!

And another freak brought along a petition with 109 names on it, about half of the total members of the fitness flop. So it seems that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center can’t even get all of its members, all 200 of them to sign a petition to keep its doors open. By the way, in order to break even, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center has to have about 500-600 PAYING members. We’d say in the two years it’s been sucking down taxpayer dollars it hasn’t even come close to that figure!

Ethyl H. shoots herself in the foot.

Ethyl H. shoots herself in the foot.

Dear Ethyl Hotaling says it all when she tells the Ravena Village officials that between 2013 to 2014, the membership has grown (?) from 80 members in 2013 to 203 currently. But dear Ethyl then shoots herself in the foot when she says that 63 of those members are retirees using the Silver Sneakers program to cover their membership fees. Silver Sneakers may cover Ethyl’s membership fees but it’s not doing much for the bottom line! The fitness center, under Cathy Deluca’s incompetent management—she has already “managed” two previous fitness centers to failure, even before former mayor John Bruno and Nancy Warner appointed her to manage the Ravena fitness club—is still losing public money to the tune of $6,000 a month, according to Ravena officials. That’s more than many local residents make in a month working full time!

Craig Youmans, who claims to have battled cancer and lung disease for years, uses the Ravena Health and Fitness Center. Youmans says “it’s a place to go.” Well, Mr Youmans, in your fragile physical condition, perhaps you should keep to the Senior Citizens Center or the RCS Community Library. It seems you need to get some professional exercise and fitness assistance geared to your fragile condition. You can’t use the argument that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center can justify its losses just to provide local seniors with a hangout at community expense. That’s why there’s a Senior Center and a community library. Besides, why isn’t Silver Sneakers hosted by the Seniors Center? That would make more sense, wouldn’t it? But then, Ravena-Coeymans specializes in duplicated services at taxpayer expense, and double- even triple-dipping—we won’t mention the Coeymans dispatchers club or the RCS central school district and Matthew “Matt” Miller!

Then the Voice of Reason Chimes in…

Village trustee Kieth Mahler, a local business person and a member of the Misuraca majority on the village board countered, “I don’t want to see anything close, but if you owned a business that was losing $6000 a month, how long would you keep it open?” Now that’s a good question Mr Mahler. Can you tell us how long you’d keep it open? Can you tell us how long you’ll keep the Ravena Health and Fitness Center open now that it’s out that it’s losing $6000 a month?

Now here’s where it gets confusing. Nancy Warner, arch-hypocrite that she is, was one of the ones who created the fitness center in the first place—she and Cathy Deluca and a couple of others met behind closed doors to agree to pay insider Robert Fisk more than $40,000 for used fitness equipment and it was Nancy Warner who was relentless in running the RCS Community Library out of its former location (The library, at least, paying rent! The fitness center isn’t!)—now that two-faced witch is agreeing with Kieth Mahler: “if you owned a business that was losing $6000 a month, how long would you keep it open?” Or is she? Who knows? Who cares? Nancy Warner is can’t be trusted even to back her so-called friend, Cathy Deluca! When the water starts getting hot the worms start squirming, right Nancy?

ass is grass cup

Nancy Warner’s slitting her own pet project’s throat along with her bosom girlfriend’s, Cathy Deluca’s

It’s odd that Warner should mention a private gym that charged only $35.00 a month and went out of business. Why would residents pay more than $200.00 a month for a gym? And that gym, the Ravena fitness center, is hemorrhaging at the rate of $6000 a month. Sounds like a bunch of double-talk as usual from Nancy Warner. As usual, she’s not making any sense at all. And it sounds like she’s slitting her own pet project’s throat along with her bosom girlfriend’s, Cathy Deluca’s. It was only a matter of time. As the saying goes, “There’s no honor among thieves.” How true!

Annette Demitraszek, Ravena village clerk, seems to be jumping on the kill the fitness center bandwagon, too. She’s a Nancy-Warner-brand-sockpuppet and seems to be supporting the closure when she publicly states “the village population is about 3,200”. Do the math! The fitness center has tried to recruit members from around the region and from neighboring communities. Take a tour of the Glenmont Planet Fitness between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. and you’ll see where the majority of locals are going to get themselves in shape! It’s not the Ravena fitness center, you’ll see that! Ravena and the surrounding area can’t compete and aren’t competing! The Ravena fitness center was a very, very bad move and it’s now out there, straight from Ravena officials’ mouths.

turkey talkBravo for Ravena Mayor Bill “Moose” Misuraca who put it very clearly: “Is it morally or financially responsible for 100% of the taxpayers to support less than 3% of the population who use this [the Ravena Health and Fitness Center]?  Mayor Misuraca goes on to confirm, “Right now this gym is hemorrhaging over $6,000 a month. We can not make payroll.” And Misuraca goes even further by confirming what we’ve been saying for almost 2 years: “It’s a burden to taxpayers and…villages and towns should not be in the business of being in business.” We agree 200%, Mr Mayor!

Nancy Warner’s apparently thrown in the towel, and at the same time has thrown her bosom girlfriend, Cathy Deluca…

Annette Demitraszek and Kris Biernacki may be on the hot seat soon for their conspiracies with Nancy Warner.

But we didn’t know! Yes you did!

Well, there may be justice in the air in Ravena. Maybe the time has come where the crooks are going to have to eat their own feces and get their walking papers. The rats eventually jump ship. Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, Cathy Deluca‘s partner, when he read the writing on the wall (the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs picked up that piece of garbage). Deluca’s buddy, former Coeymans police chief, Gregory “Dumplington” Darlington, abandoned his post and deserted his department and the community (destination: Albany DA David Soares’ office?). Nancy Warner’s apparently thrown in the towel, and at the same time has thrown her bosom girlfriend, Cathy Deluca in as well. Annette Demitraszek, kissing Warners broad butt as usual, adds her two cents. (But where are Demitraszek and Biernacki going to hide when they are charged with obstruction of justice and accessory after the fact, when they’re named in civil and criminal lawsuits in preparation as we write? Nancy Warner gonna take the bullet for ya, Demitraszek? How about for you, Biernacki? Bob Freeman’s going to deny he told you anything?)  And the Ravena village board has finally woken up. To paraphrase Cathy Deluca‘s statement made to a visitor at the Ravena Health and Fitness Center open house, before it even opened, “Time to go! You’re not welcome here!” Well Cathy, looks like what goes around comes around. Time to go, Cathy, and don’t let the slamming door jiggle your cellulite on your waddle out!

(And maybe the new Coeymans police chief, Peter J. McKenna, will be waiting outside with a warrant for your arrest for your lies to law enforcement and obstruction of justice! No more insiders at Coeymanazi p.d. to cover your ass, Cathy. Your bulbous butt is grass—Biatch!)

 R U Ready, Cathy? What goes around comes around!  The Editor

R U Ready, Cathy?
What goes around comes around!
The Editor


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5 responses to “Ravena Village Board Admits It: Fitness Center Hemorrhaging $6000 a Month!

  1. M

    October 29, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    I passed by that place all the time and wondered what that was about. We pay so much in school taxes, got my trusty bill today, for over $2500.00. I use the pool at the high school for that price (no children) PLUS an additional fee. I am not sure if other exercise equipment is available to RCS taxpayer peeps.


  2. RavenaJoker

    October 29, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    “It’s a burden to taxpayers and…villages and towns should not be in the business of being in business.”

    Exactly, the Village of Ravena needs to focus on the amenities that local governments are classically responsible for, running a fitness center is not one of them. Among a list of other responsibilities, I’d rather see $6000+ a month (remember they are losing 6K, but taking in a little scraps of change here and there, so they are spending more than 6K per month) going towards repairing and upgrading our water infrastructure which is one thing among many that need attention in the Village.

    When the Ravena Fire Department drills at the high school and opens up a hydrant… there is a NEGATIVE pressure in my water pipes. That’s right, I turn on the faucet and air is sucked out of my home. When they are done, I have pee colored water for about 3 hours. Think about that for a second.

    I’ve been given all sorts of excuses. Some say they can’t open the water valves anymore or the pressure would be too high downhill for other residents. I’m definitely not an engineer of any sort, but I’d love to see pressure regulators installed around the village and the flow of water increased from the water tower. I’m sure water department employees could come up with practical solutions if given the funds to carry them out. Blowing them on a health and fitness center when there is a national chain less than 9 miles away gets us nowhere.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 29, 2014 at 6:53 pm

      A-freakin’-men, Brother! It’s not that they’re spending 6K a month–read the blog again–they’re losing $6k a month. Why? What’s the sense?

      Our point is that Nancy Warner and that bottle-blond bimbo Cathy Deluca KNOW WHAT THEY”RE DOING IS UNLAWFUL and IMMORAL, yet they still do it and fight to keep it going!!! Now’s the time to boot both of them down to Coxsackie Corrections!!!

      Thank you so much for your very informative comment.

      The Editor


  3. Regina

    October 29, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    It looks like the change we were hoping for is slowly coming to pass. I’m glad to see the local government reigning in unnecessary spending. Not that I do not think health and fitness are important to the community, but it certainly should be handled by the private sector.

    I wonder if this train will keep enough momentum to look at consolidation grants to eliminate the duplication of services and unite the community. One can only hope for now…but then again, a petition may be in order to help give the local governments some incentive.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 29, 2014 at 7:05 pm

      Thanks very much, Regina, for your comment.

      Local government is reining in only because residents are starting to get some smarts. Local government tends to lose steam because they don’t have much initiative or steam from the start, and so it falls on the shoulders of the community to keep the ball rolling. Hopefully, concerned and responsible residents like you will ensure that they keep this issue on the active To-Do List. You are quite right, this sort of thing should be handled by competent establishments in the private sector, as Mayor Misuraca has already said, it’s not a business the village or town should be in. And wasting $6K a month is a disgrace, scandalous!

      Petitions are useless; what we need are bodies and voices raising one hell of a noise. That’s the only thing that will get them moving.

      The Editor



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