Dispatchers Distribute Misleading Flyer! Lies in Print…AGAIN!

22 Oct

Elections are coming up on November 4th

We have something to share about the local, state and national candidates seeking your votes and it’s important you know what we have to say. Local budgets are in the making and you need to get to village, town and board of education meetings and have your say! Stay tuned in the coming week. You won’t be disappointed!

AFSCME, American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, the union representing the Coeymans dispatchers has distributed a sloppy liar-flier that is intended to misinform residents, as most unions are prone to do, and can’t even get its numbers straight. If the dispatchers’ union can’t count or get its numbers straight, how can we depend on the dispatchers to get numbers right? But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is that the flyer shoots the dispatchers in the foot because it gives us the solid evidence we need to prove that the dispatchers are the result of corrupt hiring processes in the town of Coeymans town hall. Most of the dispatchers are relatives of employees of the town of Coeymans, the majority being relatives of employees of the police department. Some of them even hold several jobs right in Coeymans town hall!

Here are the mugshots featured on the AFSCME flyer distributed in Coeymans.

Here are the mug shots featured on the AFSCME liar-flier distributed in Coeymans.

As anyone with half-a-brain can clearly see, the heading reads “14 Coeymans residents” but we count only 12 in the mug shots and one of them is blacked out, according to information received from the town of Coeymans, that person was terminated. So that leaves 11 dispatchers. Where are the other three, AFSCME? Please let us know who they are when you find them, won’t you?

(Click this link to read the entire Dispatcher Liar-Flyer Dispatch[1].)

Of the remaining 11, three are almost legitimately fair hires: A. Mueller, S. Leonardo and McMullen. So far we haven’t found that they’re related to anyone in town hall but that’s not yet final. Justin Hotaling may be a relative of the local family, one of whom was Coeymans town supervisor before Flach. It’s hard to believe that anyone in the dispatchers’ office isn’t related to someone in the Coeymans police department. Here’s why:

And it keeps a job opening for your other inbreeders.

And it keeps a job opening for your other inbreeders.

Coeymans dispatcher Brian Dunnegan‘s smiling puss is in the top row. Dunnegan’s nephew (his sister’s son), David Debucco, fourth in from the left, is a dispatcher. Dispatcher David Debucco is the son of Santa “Sandy” Debucco whom you might know as the building inspector for the village of Ravena (p.t. $8,157.00 +) and the town of Coeymans ($11,236 +) but he’s also a full-time employee at the Albany Airport! Sound like a lot of jobs? Does to us but apparently not to the village of Ravena or to the town of Coeymans who have him inspecting buildings. Pretty cozy so far, right?

Tucked in between Brian Dunnegan and his nephew, David Debacco, we have none other than D. Darlington, former Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington’s own daughter! Talk about nepotism, getting your family members a job!

In the first row, second to the last, we have Dawn LaMountain ($46,994+ a year, and her husband works for the town of Coeymans making $46,221+)*, confidential secretary to former Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington. Dawn LaMountain also moonlights as a Coeymans dispatcher. Our question is this: How does Dawn LaMountain juggle her time to be a “confidential secretary” and a Coeymans dispatcher? Sound fishy? It gets fishier, read on…

Let’s stay with the LaMountains for another minute. Bottom row, third in from the left you see Nicholas “Nick” LaMountain. You’ve already heard about LaMountains chubby kid who put’s the “Mountain” in LaMountain. He’s the one who got a job in the Coeymans police department but can’t pass the physical, despite several tries, because of his weight. No problem! When your mother is “confidential secretary” to the Coeymans police chief, you’re job on the Coeymanazi police force is never at risk. He’s still parading around in his cop costume but has he passed the physical fitness test yet? Your guess is as good as ours. But he’s also a Coeymans dispatcher, like his mom!

The last photo in the top row is Dillon Tyre. His mother works in the town of Coeymans clerk’s office and his father is a cop. Let’s get the whole family a job in Coeymans town hall, why doncha? Maybe good old dad can come in and play Coeymans cop too!

Not much to say about Kyle Kearney except that he’s a teacher at the RCS high school making a hefty chunk of cash with benefits. But Kearney is also a Coeymans dispatcher. Question is, shouldn’t he be preparing his lessons rather than moonlighting. Doesn’t the RCS CSD pay him enough??? By the way, both Kyle Kearney and Brian Dunnegan are on the “rescue squad”. There’s a bizarre sort of incest breeding here so we’ll leave it at that. But you can see how the tentacles just weave in and weave out in Coeymans.

Most of these people are hogging two or three other jobs besides the dispatcher position!

The whole liar-flier is a pile of crapola! As you can see, “14 Coeymans residents” will not be “losing their jobs” at all! If there are even 14 dispatchers, the liar-flier doesn’t document that claim. The flyer makes it sound like these jokers will be out on the street and starving if the dispatcher positions are eliminated, which is not the case at all. Most of these people are hogging two or three other jobs besides the dispatcher position! The ones who might not have two or three other so-called jobs (we’re thinking now of maybe A. Mueller only) certainly will not be out on the street. Think of the unemployed in this community who might be scrounging for an income and these greedy bastards crying misery when they’re sucking up income all over the place! Greedy bastards, that’s the only description that fits them!

They’re all INSIDERS. The jobs weren’t offered to Coeymans residents but were snatched up by insiders, or the INSIDERS made sure their own kids got the jobs. Right? Look at former Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington: Darlington didn’t even look outside his own family to find a hireling; he plopped his own daughter in the position! And no one in Coeymans town hall made a peep! You weren’t nor was your kid good enough to get the job, not even to apply, but now you’re good enough to save their asses. No way, José!

We currently have a Republican majority on both the village of Ravena board, under mayor William “Moose” Misuraca, and the town of Coeymans, under town supervisor Stephen Flach, but neither Ravena nor Coeymans seems to get anything productive done. All they seem to do is invite scandal and muck-ups one after the other. Why is that Mr Misuraca, Mr Flach? You have the majorities and the votes on your boards, why don’t you do something other than lower the quality of life in our communities, spending more and more money on duplicated services.

They do what they do best: Lie and Spread Misinformation and Anxiety. The FEAR AGENDA to keep their ill-gotten jobs!

They do what they do best:
Lie and Spread Misinformation and Anxiety.

The FEAR AGENDA to keep their ill-gotten jobs!

The Dispatcher liar-flier spreads more misinformation: “This will not save the town money—it will just shift the expense from one place to another.” That’s a brown faced lie! But it’s nothing new for Coeymans. That’s how they keep it all in the family.

Eliminate the Coeymans Dispatchers Incest Club and the Coeymans police department at the same time! They’re both duplicating services that we’re already paying for, and they’re doing a lousy job of it! Here’s why:

As you may already know, the New York State Police and the Albany County Sheriff’s deputies patrol the town of Coeymans. The town of Coeymans is also covered by a sophisticated emergency response system operated by the County of Albany and paid for, like the New York State Police and the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, with your tax dollars. The NYSP and the Albany County Sheriff’s Department are highly trained professionals and have the latest in equipment and resources. The Albany County 911 system is also highly effective and has the latest equipment and highly trained employees. Compare that with the Coeymans police department and its dispatchers, both of which are duplications of service we already receive. (click here to learn about Enhanced 911.)

But here’s the real problem: the Coeymans police are second or third-rate. The dispatchers are second tier and are working with ancient equipment that we really can’t afford to replace. But what we can do is eliminate both the Coeymans police department and the dispatchers and, if they’re needed, really needed, let the state and county agencies hire them on and train and equip them. Pay only once as we see it.

[PSAP = public-safety answering point, sometimes called “public-safety accesspoint”]

Say you place a 911 call for emergency assistance. That call will go to a 911 center, usually Albany County, it then is broadcast to first responders. (Click here to learn how it works: How Location Tracking Works) Only Albany County has the paramedics fly car for immediate paramedical assistance. EMTs may be available locally, but let’s get back to the chain of notification for a moment. Albany immediately  notifies the available emergency response teams, including Coeymans. Or you can call 756-2059 (Coeymans dispatch) and hope for the best, which may not turn out to be the best or the smartest thing you could do in an emergency. But if you call 756-2059 you’re not really gaining anything because they’d be automatically notified by Albany or one of the other 911 centers together with a number of other available response teams. Call 756-2059 and you are notifying only Coeymans who will have to request assistance from other response teams anyway, if they can’t handle the case themselves.

Problem is that when you notify just the Coeymans dispatchers that’s likely what you’ll get. But here’s the problem: Coeymans will have to then broadcast the call to locals who may or may not be available immediately, depending on where they are and the time of day. Now what? Then they have to get to their equipment and then to the scene. Now do you have an idea of response times? Call 911 and everybody available knows and can be on the way. Call 756-2059 and you get Coeymans dispatch etc. etc. You’re dead already!

Here’s another tidbit for you: Did you know that the town of Coeymans pays the village of Ravena or a Ravena “organization” — as you probably expect, this is as clear as mud and no one in office seems to know all of the facts at the time of this writing — more than $144, 960 for ambulance services? That’s because there’s an agreement between Ravena and Coeymans to do this. And did you know that even though we pay Ravena more than $144,000, you will still get soft-billed for the call and transport? Yeah! Like paying twice? But there’s another question: Where is the money going that you get billed and pay for the service? That’s apparently in addition to the $144,960 Ravena’s already getting. We’d be very grateful for any clarification anyone can provide on this particular issue. That’s a good question to ask Ms Virginia Pearson of the Ravena Rescue Squad.

So there you have the truth. Don’t believe the lies being stuffed down your throats that you’ll all be dead by morning if the dispatchers are eliminated. Don’t believe the fairy-tale that you’ll be overtaken by druggies and burglars if the Coeymans police are eliminated. You are safe and you are protected by real professionals who can respond in a fraction of the time and with better overall training and resources and you won’t be paying twice to provide everybody in Coeymans town hall who has a kid with a cushy job. Coeymans town hall should not continue to be a money pit family business. It’s time to tell the Coeymans town board to clean up its pig sty.

Call Coeymans town supervisor Stephen Flach and tell him you did the math and the Coeymans Dispatchers and the Coeymans Police Department have to go! Cut off their funding and redirect the money to more essential services!

Don’t let the family business tell you how to spend your tax money!
Stephen D. Flach, Supervisor
Phone: (518) 756-6006
Fax: (518) 756-1991

Next Coeymans Town Board Meeting
Monday, October 27, 2014, 07:00 pm

Eliminate the Coeymans Dispatcher Pool and the Coeymans Police Department!

And for those of you who might think this is a purely local issue, we’d like you to visit another very widely read blog, New York Citizen One, and a very revealing article on of all places, the town of Coeymans, entitled Citizens Of Coeymans Must Unite (Click on that link to read the article.) That blog seems to have gotten it right and recommends a general clean-up in Coeymans. Read it and weep…or do something about it and clean things up! (The article also contains some good bits on Albany County DA David Soares, former Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington’s wife, Leah Darlington, and more!)

This is no way to manage our tax dollars! The Editor

This is no way to manage our tax dollars!
The Editor

UPDATE: The Ravena Health and Fitness Center, Cathy Deluca’s playpen, is a couple of steps closer to being eliminated. The village of Ravena council has already started deliberations on eliminating that money pit. So Nancy Warner and Cathy Deluca were burning up the email circuits and telephone lines trying to get their friends to show up to demand that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center stay open. But they could only muster up some 20 supporters. Do the math: even if those 20 people paid full dues and spent at least a couple of bucks on drinks during the year, that would likely fall short of a total of $300, tops. So twenty people wanting the place to stay open would mean a total of maximum $6000 income in an entire  year. But let’s be fair and say another 20 friends of Warner and Deluca wanted to be there at the meeting but couldn’t get there (they were probably already at Planet Fitness). That would make a grand total of double those who did make it or 40 people. Again let’s do the math: $300 a year, maximum, times 40 members gives us $12,000 total income for the RHFC. That’s not even half Cathy Deluca’s salary as manager (She’s making more than $35,000 plus benefits!). And she’s had almost 2 full years to make the place work and has failed (like she did twice before). And it doesn’t even come close to the more than $105,000 budgeted to keep that money pit’s doors open. The good news is that the village of Ravena is finally getting smart and may actually do the right thing! The question is: Will they have the balls to actually do more than talk about it?

Compare spending at least $240.00 a year for a membership at the Ravena Health and Fitness Center when you can get Planet Fitness not 15 minutes away for $10.00 a month with all of the newest equipment, professional training, separate changing rooms, showers, all the comforts. Do the math: that’s about $120 for Planet Fitness or HALF what you’d spend to work out in a pig pen, the Ravena Heaps and Fatness Center! For $20 a month you can use any Planet Fitness in the country—at the time of this writing there are more than 800—. Again, do the math. Don’t you think we can spend the $105,000 dollars on something better than a place for a bottle-blond Bimbo to squat? We do!

Call Ravena Mayor William “Moose” Misuraca and tell him you did the math and the Ravena Health and Fitness Center has to go! Don’t let 20 morons tell you how to spend your tax money!
William Misuraca, Mayor
(518) 756-8233

As can be expected, the Village of Ravena website is malfunctioning.
No information on next village meeting.

 Of course, if you have good information, true facts that contradict anything we’ve written, please let us know. We want to maintain the integrity and credibility of this information source and we need your help to do that. Please let us know of any corrections or clarifications. Thank you!

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance.

Graphics and Images Disclosure: Unless otherwise noted and credited, all graphics used in this article are the result of a Google image search, and at the time the images were collected and used in this article, no conspicuous or visible copyright notice or other proprietary mark was shown. Please communicate any claim or corrections to All images are used in good faith for non-profit, public information and public service purposes.



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8 responses to “Dispatchers Distribute Misleading Flyer! Lies in Print…AGAIN!

  1. M

    October 29, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    Also, (guess I am stuck on this, I guess for 4 years paying for a historical society that did not exist?) and unneeded yes, employment just to give already employed people of higher up families jobs? You must be kidding. Lets see, does Coeymans have an advanced CRU? Collision Reconstruction Unit? Nope, I believe they call in an assist from NYSP. So the Coeymans family unit is being paid, and now NYSP, who has to update Coeymans. That is just one example of services NYSP has that Incoeypetent and lazy Coeymans does not. I can relate to another on here where damage came to me due to Coeymans incompetence. NYSP is statewide, and NYSP has what is called IAB, which is very diligent towards abuse of code, reputation and honor. Who is watching Coeymans? Nobody in my case.


  2. M

    October 29, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    NYSP does not patrol Coeymans, as Coeymans PD has jurisdiction. They only are here when asked. But I wholeheartedly agree, Coeymans is a JOKE, and I would much, much, rather have NYSP coverage. It is so stupid, to pay state, county, town and village taxes. For services not needed. My house was built in 1890. I wanted to find historical information about my house. I showed up at all times at the so called historical society, always a locked door, nobody for 4 years. And the Coeymans police? I agree, and would love to see NYSP increase the coverage. Adequately trained, more so than Coeymans Yahoos, a million times over, and the coverage lacking the corruption? Worth it. This kind of thing is NOT tolerated at the state police. I think half of them are there because they could not pass the exams to be a trooper. There is known animosity between locals and NYSP due to that, and the troopers higher salaries due to training. I still would rather have that than pay for Coeymans PD. Where do I sign.


  3. Virgil

    October 24, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    I am in favor of keeping the Coeymans dispatch center but only if we hire more qualified people to do the job. Not saying there aren’t qualified people working there now…there are a few but the fact is you need hire people that have background with Fire/EMS and not just some Johnny come lately off the street.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 24, 2014 at 2:33 pm

      Thanks, Virgil, for your comment.

      But you merely make as statement that doesn’t mean very much because you don’t give any good, persuasive reasons Why? you think they should not be eliminated completely.

      If you read and understood our reasons based on real facts and figures, you should be able to give some reasons of your own Why? they should be kept on. Do you feel that “insider hiring” is the way to go? Do you feel that people needing a job should be crowded out of a job by a bunch of greedy bastards who need to have two or three jobs in addition to a well-paying first job? How do you respond to those questions?

      Given the fact that the dispatchers are simply forwarding incoming requests for help and getting paid quite nicely for such a dumbass job, Why? do you feel that they should have or need a background in Fire/EMS? And if they do have some qualifications like that, don’t you think that they’ll want more money to do the job? Where’s that money going to come from, Virgil?

      You are saying that we have to hire more qualified people to do the job. That would mean that most of those now doing the job would have to go because they have no qualifications. So we’re back to square one with these greedy bastards bitching that they’re likely to lose their jobs. But you seem to think that we need more qualified people, which means spending more money. Have you missed the point that the whole dispatcher system is duplicated in Coeymans and the very idea is to cut out duplicated systems and save taxpayers money? What are you missing, Virgil?

      Problem is, we’re playing the monkey-with-his-hand-in-the jar. Remember that one. Most people in this area seem to think that when they have something they just can’t let go of it, even if it kills them. Are you one of them, Virgil? If so, you had us fooled for a while.

      Bottom line is that we offer the public a space for comments so that they can share their feelings about something in a discussion. Not a place to just be the run-of-the-mill sockpuppet.

      We’d love to hear your reasons for your opinion, given that we have provided some very persuasive and compelling reasons why the dispatchers should be eliminated. We just wish you would read what we wrote, and then comment giving your pro’s and con’s.

      The Editor


      • Virgil

        October 27, 2014 at 4:07 pm

        First of all…in response to you saying that I just made a statement that doesn’t mean very much because I don’t give persuasive reasons why. I’m going to copy and paste something that you yourself wrote in response to what I said:

        Bottom line is that we offer the public a space for comments so that they can share their feelings about something in a discussion. Not a place to just be the run-of-the-mill sockpuppet.

        Now after reading that, I believe what I said in my original comment is exactly what I did. I shared my feelings about the topic you covered in hopes of starting a discussion with you. And that’s exactly what I achieved. Now that I made you look like an idiot I will continue this discussion about the dispatchers.

        The reason why they shouldn’t be eliminated is simple…that place employs people locally who live in the Village and the Town. If they were to be eliminated that’s more local people who will be jobless. And yes, there are people who dispatch that have more than 1 job so that wouldn’t effect them as much, but for some of them dispatchers it is there only job. One point I do agree with you on is the insider hiring. Which bring me to what I said originally about needing more qualified people. It’s obvious…that some of those insiders that were hired have absolutely no dispatching experience whatsoever. Which when there is an emergency in the Town or the Village….it can cause a lot of confusion for first responders in the area. Which is why I said they should be hiring people with Fire/EMS background. People with this background already have experience talking on radios, communicating with others via the radios and also have a good understanding of where all the streets are in our area. Having this background is huge…compared to these insider hires that have absolutely no idea what there doing. Having more qualified people doesn’t mean you have to up there salaries either…because from what I understand even part timers there get paid quite well so it doesn’t mean it is going to cost the Town more money to operate it. And yes you are right it is a duplicated system. A lot of people say we should switch to Albany County. Yes it would save the Town a lot of money. But from what I understand the problem with switching to county is now that’s an extra agency there taking on which adds to there workload there which can…and will…cause a delay in them toning out first responders. So yes it does save the Town of Coeymans money but are you willing to put the lives of people who live in the area in jeopardy just to save the Town money?


      • RCS Confidential

        October 27, 2014 at 6:46 pm

        Thank you, Virgil, for your comment.

        You make some cogent points but I’m afraid the argument for keeping the dispatchers, like keeping the local Coeymans police department is simply like the monkey with his hand in the jar: he simply doesn’t want to give up the banana even if his life depends on it. That’s the same scenario that’s playing out in Coeymans and Ravena these days: people have something and they simply don’t want to give it up, no matter what. I’m sorry but I can’t buy that kind of logic if it can even be so loosely called “logic.”

        As far as the response times and all the other unsubstantiated crapola about not getting services if you don’t have a pack of dispatchers around the corner is just plain b.s. Anyone who uses that argument is simply singing the same hysteria tune that we’ve heard so often in other situations. It’s simply not true and, again, b.s. to argue that people will be at risk if you don’t have local dispatchers. If that were true, other communities across the state and the nation would be decimated by the time I finish this reply. Anyone offering that argument, to be convincing, must produce statistics, facts, figures. No one has done that so far–except for this blog.

        Once again thanks, Virgil.

        The Editor


  4. laszlo polyak

    October 23, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Sometimes you need to print what other folks think of our little community to get the full effect not just link it

    Citizens Of Coeymans Must Unite

    [Pasted text of article redacted]


    • RCS Confidential

      October 23, 2014 at 9:17 pm

      Thank you, Mr Polyak for your posting.

      This space, however, is for posting COMMENTS not for pasting the entire text of an article from another site, which we have already provided the link ( Accordingly, we have deleted the text of the article from your comment.

      While we appreciate your opinion that we should print the entire article, that is not our practice. It wastes our editorial space and it’s violating the other party’s author’s rights. We provide links to articles that we think our readers should read at their leisure and at their discretion.

      In future, we will welcome you comments but would like to dissuade you from copying the full-text of other sites in this comment space, regardless of your thoughts on what we should be doing and what our readers would likely benefit from.

      Once again, thank you for your effort. Please comment on our article or the New York Citizen One article, “Citizens Of Coeymans Must Unite”.

      The Editor



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