Don’t Ya Just Love It?

02 Oct

Don’t you just love it when you get all fired up and want to contact your Congressman. So you go to his website and you find the contact page. There you have to fill in identifying information etc. You write your message and then …

Makes you wonder if Gibson's address verification can't find a street that's been in New Baltimore for more than 160 years...

Makes you wonder if Gibson’s address verification can’t find a street that’s been in New Baltimore for more than 160 years…

We Get the Answers, You Get the Votes. No Answers … Guess What?

So we’ll post the message here that we couldn’t send to Gibson because his technology couldn’t find the street in the National Historic district:

What? It don't work?

Gibson: What? It don’t work?

Good evening, Chris:

Jeff Ruso of the New Baltimore Republican Club informed me that you would be coming in this evening but a cold has prevented me from attending the meeting.
I’d like to hear from you regarding the post on the Smalbany blog at
I’d like to know in brief your thoughts on the issues discussed in that and the related essays.
Thanks very much in advance for your prompt reply. Once I hear from you I’ll know which way to steer.

Well we have a good idea of which way to steer and we don’t fall for the sweet words and promises. We want to have answers from anyone who wants our votes, and we’ll get the answers or they won’t get the votes. Fair enough?

Same goes for Mr Paul Tonko, Congressman for the 20th District of New York. Yes, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk, he’s your congressman and we want to know how he weighs in on this DiAcetis-McCartney scandal. Maybe Gibson and Tonko can get their contact pages to communicate because we sure as hell can’t get them to work.

We’ve received several reports from persons who attended the New Baltimore Republican Club meeting where Mr Gibson made his appearance along with Peter Lopez and candidate George Amadore, and others, and those reports are very disturbing indeed. Our reporters informed us that Mr Gibson expressed “suprise” and “appeared not to know about the RCS t-shirt scandal.” How can that be, we have to ask? The story has been in practically every regional newspaper, has been all over the Internet and in online media, it’s been on Fox News, the Republican/Conservative bastion of the news media, yet Mr Gibson apparently didn’t know about it? Moreover, the incident involved the National Guard and isn’t Mr Gibson a retired National Guardsman, retired with the rank of colonel? Even so, as U.S. Congressman for the 19th Congressional District, a district that includes part of the RCS school district, New Baltimore, whose school taxes go to support the RCS school district’s spending frenzy, shouldn’t we expect him to know what’s going on there and have a position on it? Same goes for Mr Paul Tonko, who is US Congressman for the 20th Congressional District, which includes Ravena, Coeymans and Selkirk. Same goes for Mr Peter Lopez, this district’s sitting NYS Assemblyman. And what about Mr George Amadore, who is running again for a senate seat, shouldn’t he be on the up and up and communicating with his colleagues? Shouldn’t they all be communicating? What’s wrong with this picture?

whats wrong with this pictureVisit Paul Tonko’s official web page and leave a message at:

Visit Chris Gibson’s official web page and leave a message at: (and hope it works)

Is This the Altrnative? Lord Help Us!The 'White Obama" Sean Eldridge with his hubby Chris Hughes and New York state Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk The [Disgusted] Editor,/big>

Is This the Alternative?
Lord Help Us!

The ‘Pink Obama‘ Sean Eldridge with his hubby Chris Hughes, and New York state Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk
The [Disgusted] Editor


2 responses to “Don’t Ya Just Love It?

  1. CKP

    October 2, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    My politicians at the municipal, county, state, and federal level often don’t reply with even an automated message. It doesn’t surprise me that there’d be a stupid bug with the street name field in the webform. I’ve also found, incidentally, that when writing politicians who aren’t my representatives I’ve sometimes received automated responses that they won’t respond but will forward my message to my representative. There’s many reasons to contact politicians other than one’s own representatives – they serve on committees, for example, whose decisions affect everyone in the state. Average people are prevented from easily contacting politicians by webform – I’d bet the obscenely wealthy get through, though.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 2, 2014 at 9:01 pm

      Thanks very much for the comment. You’re absolutely right. They are constantly telling us to contact them and then, when we do, we get some b—s— like we just got or some packaged response and then never hear a thing…that is, until campaign season. Well, that’s going to stop like NOW.

      As our readers know, we don’t kiss no butt and we tell it like it is. And we don’t care who you are. Town supervisor, club president, board of education, superintendent, bishop. If you bullshit us you find yourself with a face full of manure.

      You know something, CKP, I’ll bet Sean Eldridge doesn’t have a problem getting through to Gibson, Tonko or Cecilia Tkaczyk. What do you think?

      The Editor



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