McCartney, DiAcetis, RCS Fail at Education

24 Sep

When so – called educators don’t educate and indiscriminately create and enforce knee – jerk policies, and superintendents stupidly announce “Rules are Rules”, that’s not education people, that’s fascism, totalitarianism, extremism. It’s not education it’s automation, creating sheeple out of sensitive and responsive minds. Is that the plan underlying today’s “education”? Is the plan to create either sheeple or criminals? Black or white: “Rules are Rules,” OBEY!

RCS high-school principal Tom DiAcetis, Superintendant Alan McCartney's Education

RCS high-school principal Tom DiAcetis, Superintendant Alan McCartney’s Education

McCartney’s “Rules are rules” mantra simply doesn’t work. Where’s the education in all of this? This sort of model is used to train dogs and monkeys, not adolescent human beings. The overriding policy is: Ban it, Don’t explain it.


With the deterioration of American family systems, the marginalization of religion and churches, the national and local lies and propaganda, the criminal corruption and hypocrisy we have not only in our courts, legislatures and town halls but in many of the homes where many of these young adults live is bad enough. But when we put cowards and fools in executive and administrative positions in our schools, OUR SCHOOLS, and they are contradicting everything of value, ethical, moral and civil, that’s where we have to shout very loudly: WE’VE HAD ENOUGH! GET OUT!



This is one of those times where we have to say: The students are right!

Isn’t it the job of the teachers we pay outrageously high salaries to teach our young people not ways of watching but ways of seeing; not ways of hearing but ways of listening; not ways of simply being but ways of be – ing, experiencing. Using this most recent example of the failure of our teachers, principals, administrators, isn’t this yet another example of the failure of education in our RCS schools? This is exactly what we saw during the Bruno – Warner dictatorship in Ravena when they were openly violating rights protected by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s the very thing we’ve been writing about in our essays about the corruption and obstruction of justice in the Coeymans police department. That same corruption and obstruction of justice, the violation of protected rights has found its way into our schools, people, because we have allowed it to happen by loading our board of education, our district offices, and our school administrative offices and classrooms with individuals who are self – serving and members of an exclusive club –  – exclusive because although they want our tax dollars to pad their pockets, they don’t want anything to do with us or hear from us.

We are a nation of laws. We are NOT a nation of justice.
As RCS Superintendent Alan McCartney says: Rules are Rules.

In our opinion, the RCS school system and its district offices are the homeland enemies, not a bunch of camel – jockeys six thousand or eight thousand miles away! It’s actually principals like Tom DiAcetis, union-lackeys, crook teachers like Matt Miller, superintendents like Allan McCartney who are confusing the hell out of the kids and making them schizoid. Is that the plan? On thtake back americae one hand, we have a president and a congress who just last week were handing out high military honors, the Medal of Honor, to men already dead or nearly so on national television. Then we have the president of the United States announcing (finally) his “strategy” (Strategy? Well, he seems to think it’s a strategy. Sounds more like a smoke screen.)  to weaken alleged terrorists in Syria and in God knows how many other areas. What’s Obama going to use in this battle against terrorism? Chitlins? The ideology taught by our RCS teachers and represented by the RCS board of education and their parasite superintendent, Alan McCartney? We have advertisements for military organizations and military recruitment and careers everywhere you look. We have the National Rifle Association organizing huge rallies. We have “Repeal the Safe Act” everywhere you look. We have a tradition of Rod and Gun Clubs, Sportsmen’s Clubs. One of our traditional activities is hunting. We have a Second Amendment, too. Then we have our educators—and I’m using that term very loosely, indeed—banning T – shirts because they might have a depiction of a firearm on them! WTF! These people in our schools call themselves “educators”?  They’re imbeciles receiving outrageous salaries and benefits. Worse still, most of them are cowards living off the sweat, blood and sacrifices of others!

In fact, aren’t most public meetings opened with a sort of prayer called the Pledge of Allegiance? Don’t we erect monuments at public expense commemorating veterans and past wars? Don’t we have a federal holiday called Veteran’s Day? Aren’t all of these somehow connected with the Armed Forces, or something like that? Where have our so-called “educators” been through all this (probably dodging the draft or living the good life while others are dying the patriotic death). We don’t need or want cowards teaching our kids or running our schools and towns!

They still are required to teach the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights in our public schools, aren’t they?

The feminist pastor of the New Baltimore Reformed Church decided a couple of years ago that the American flag did not have a place in front of the congregation, near the lecterns, and moved the flag to the back of the sanctuary. Some in the congregation raised hell; some even left that congregation because of that action. Several years ago, the pastor of the Roman Catholic Church of St Patrick in Ravena, offended parishioners when he refused to have the coffin of dead veterans draped with the American flag in the church (he was complying with ritual instructions, actually). Again, parishioners raised hell and many went elsewhere. And, dear readers, those are churches; remember separation of church and state. What those so – called pastors failed to recognize is that their congregation members and parishioners are Americans 6 days out of the week and Christians only one day, if that. They live the American way 6 days a week; they worship only one, and many not even that.

It used to be that our schools taught us how to be good citizens while exercising our rights. Our schools and teachers taught us values and morality. Some of those values was loyalty, respect, honesty, integrity, fairness, gratitude and—surprisingly—the notion of patriotism, a form of loyalty and respect, very close to family values, actually.

Our schools and educators are sending mixed messages, the wrong messages. Parents are not carrying their fair share of the load; our local, state and national governments have become so corrupt and dishonest that the only way to cover their tracks is with propaganda, misinformation and control. Our schools, obviously, are following that same evil example.

take it back

DiAcetis’s and McCarney’s Warrior Option: Pee on’em!

Editor’s Comment. It’s obvious to us that there’s a great deal of dishonesty and hypocrisy involved here on both sides: the Ravena – Coeymans – Selkirk Central School District (RCS CSD) and the National Guard. There’s also a very deep and dangerous gap in the RCS CSD’s understanding of proper notice, due process, protected rights, and a large number of other issues of neglect or indifference. On that latter note we really have to ask why we are paying DiAcetis and McCartney salaries of more than $100,000 plus benefits to run such a shoddy show.

helmet pee

DiAcetis: I pee on you! I win!


We also have to ask whether the RCS CSD gives any consideration to the trauma and damage that they cause to adolescents by the principal’s, the school employees’ and the superintendent’s arbitrary and overly discretionary so – called discipline. What if the kid’s wearing the shirt to honor a fallen friend or relative? What if the student is wearing the shirt as an expression of solidarity with the armed forces? What if….? Aren’t these school officials supposed to be trained in some level of psychology? Or are they indifferent to the effects their own conduct is having on these young people?

We’d like to know where the RCS CSD dress code is published. We can’t find it anywhere. And was it at some point subject to public comment at, say, a RCS board of education public meeting? If the RCS CSD dress code is intended to control behavior, to limit free expression, to do anything that might even remotely affect a person’s rights, it should be subject to public comment and should be published. Does anyone know where it is, apart from in DiAcetis’ desk drawer?

What is the RCS CSD position and policy regarding the United States Armed Forces, exactly? We have to assume that the recruiter just didn’t stroll in and hand out shirts…or can we? The RCS CSD is aware that the National Guard and other branches of the US armed forces used weapons from time to time, even deadly force. Aren’t they? What’s the big surprise that a shirt should show a military personnel with a rifle? Does Mr Diacetis or Mr McCartney think that wars and battles are won, that terrorists are subdued by the US military by our men in uniform meandering up to the enemy and threatening to pee on him if he doesn’t give up? Interesting notion but we don’t think that tactic would work on the battlefield. Weapons carried by trained warriors have proved to be effective.

Actually, in these times of US military action in so many places all over the globe, we think it’s disgraceful, scandalous bordering on the treasonous, to show such disrespect for young people’s patriotism not to mention for the efforts of our men and women in uniform. Shame on you you pitiful examples of RCS CSD cowardice!

McCartney's Secret Weapon: Pee on'em!

McCartney’s Secret Weapon: Pee on’em!

We also find it disturbing that the National Guard would even consider pandering to these cowards’ by “sanitizing” their promotional shirts. Does the National Guard really think that if their shirts don’t feature a weapon that anyone is going to think that they are going to use the “pee threat” on terrorists, looters, etc.? It’s shameful that the National Guard is acquiescing to the scandal by superficially denying the use of deadly weapons in their activities. Does the National Guard believe that by caving to the cowards that the kids are so stupid to think that guns are not used in defense activities?

Isn’t denial and hypocrisy already out of all control in our community and in this country? Can’t we just be honest for a change and call a spade a spade?

What will the cowards want next? Do we have to remove all weapons from our military displays, monuments, recruitment advertising. Perhaps a big peeing penis would be more their taste in support of the “pee threat.”

Is it too much to ask parents to know who their children are? To know where they are? To know what they’re doing? Is it too much to ask parents to tear themselves away from their smart phones, their computers, the TV and give some attention to their kids so that they don’t resort to mass murder to be heard? Go figure!

We cannot treat an entire sector of our population, a well – informed, inquisitive, powerful, and activist group like our high – school students, like a bunch of budding criminals, a bunch of retards who as soon as they see a weapon on a T – shirt they become serial killers or mass murders. We have to give them the credit they deserve for having brains and a reasoning process going on in there. We have to stop sending the mixed messages because they will call us on that and we, as adults, lose credibility with them. That’s not a good thing.

Taxpayers, residents, parents of RCS students: You have to take some responsibility for this injustice being done to our young people! We have to get the cowards, the harlots, the adult bullies, the egoists, the crooks and the scoundrels out of our schools. We have to allow our young people to develop good values, ethics, morals and character; when they express good values, ethics, morals and character we must not demoralize, criminalize them. Stop allowing your schools to create sheeple out of thinking human beings or pay the price of Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, and Obama’s United States: Propaganda, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Rule by the Elite. It’s the another step in poisoning America.

DiAcetis, McCartney. Do it NOW!

DiAcetis, McCartney. Do it NOW!

DiAcetis and McCartney must apologize to the students, to the community, to the Armed Forces of the United States.

DiAcetis and McCartney must then RESIGN.

We believe in Choices. Given DiAcetis and McCartney a choice: RESIGN OR GET FIRED!!!

We believe in Choices.
Give DiAcetis and
McCartney a choice:



“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance.

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8 responses to “McCartney, DiAcetis, RCS Fail at Education

  1. concerened

    September 28, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    refresh everyone’s recollection why McNugget was fired. “Rules are rules” says the guy that resigned instead of prosecution?


    • RCS Confidential

      September 28, 2014 at 7:26 pm

      Mr McCartney had some problems in his last position, as superintendent of the Vorheesville school district, due to some indiscretions relating to his frequenting a “gentlemen’s” bar, otherwise known as a stip joint, and allegedly padding his official account with the costs of those visits calling them entertainment expenses. Such conduct in a man in his position was certainly imprudent, even unethical, and his billing the school system for his “entertainment.” We are not privy to any criminal or civil charges arising from Mr McCartney’s poor judgment but we are aware that he agreed to reimburse the school system for the improperly claimed expenses.

      According to a second audit by the New York State Comptroller’s office (prompted by irregularities noted in a first audit) the audit, McCartney was reimbursed 11,500 dollars for expenses they consider inappropriate, including 1100 dollars in reimbursed travel expenses for conferences – conferences their office could not verify ever happened.

      No charges were ever filed but McCartney agreed to pay the money back to the school district.

      You can find some details at and at

      The general consensus was that it was highly improper but not necessarily illegal. Crime is in the eye of the beholder 😉

      The Editor


  2. Ann Marie Vadney

    September 24, 2014 at 3:45 pm

    I agree!!!! My god its like the educators are all robots for the liberal politicians; there is nothing wrong with a t-shirt representing one of the branches of those who protect the citizens of this country. I would like the teachers to focus more on the elimination of tv and video games that depict vicious physical and psychological abuse. Thank you for your diligence.


    • RCS Confidential

      September 24, 2014 at 6:14 pm

      Thank YOU for your comment.

      You are absolutely correct. The principal and the district office really overstepped on this one. And YES! they should start focusing on education for the money they spend. They have been doing a pretty lousy job so far and keep wanting more and more. Where’s the austerity in all of this? Where is the civics education in all of this? They are focusing more on control than on education; that’s a glaring abuse and it’s wrong.

      Thanks again for your comment.
      The Editor


  3. CKP

    September 24, 2014 at 10:12 am

    You mentioned in the middle of your post, “we have our educators—and I’m using that term very loosely, indeed—banning T – shirts because they might have a depiction of a firearm on them!” I had to look for the details elsewhere.

    New York Army National Guard recruiters were in the high school handing out free t-shirts which had a sort of silhouette of a Guardsman with a rifle on them. The school evidently told the Guard to stop handing the shirts out, permitted students to wear the shirts that day only, but otherwise claimed that there’s a ban on shirts that depict weapons on them.

    I don’t think anybody’s going to resign or be fired over this. It pales in comparison to other things for which people should resign or be fired or be criminally prosecuted. However, in a best-case scenario maybe it will result in a review of the dress code or of zero tolerance. A webpage from 1999 has a rational critique of zero tolerance, a policy which can tend to lead to absurd and unjust results:

    There’s a number of questions I’d ask with respect to what happened.

    Where did the New York Army National Guard get money for t-shirts? Are they New York-made, or at least American-made? I recall the military tabling at my high school, and they didn’t have t-shirts back then when the economy was better than it is now. Are the shirts essentially bribes to help meet quotas, and if so where’s the patriotism in that? The military should be somehow trying to recruit real assets, not the masses who would respond to free t-shirts. Recruiters have been known to happily lie to high school students: That’s something that needs to change – dishonorable discharges might be more appropriate for lying recruiters than suspensions.

    What exactly is the high school’s dress code? I found the middle school’s code at and it has nothing about images of weapons. A quick search on the website didn’t turn up the high school dress code, and searching the website for “weapon” and “dress” didn’t help. Maybe someone else can think of the right search terms to find the policy.

    “What’s Obama going to use in this battle against terrorism? Chitlins?” Um…


    • RCS Confidential

      September 24, 2014 at 6:04 pm

      Nice comment and thanks for the links. It’s nice to see someone who does their homework, makes on-topic remarks, and can write cogently. We enjoyed reading your thoughts.
      The Editor

      P.s. Yes. Chitlins! If we were discussing Mussolini, it would be meatballs; Mao it would be wonton. Is that a problem?


  4. Tina

    September 24, 2014 at 8:44 am

    I would like to know how the superintendent can make the call he did and take away a T-Shirt that only shows a silhouette of a soldier holding a gun and prepared to fight for our Freedom w/Our Pride n Joy of the American People “Our American Flag” surrounding this brave soul…What is wrong w/this picture?? What is wrong w/the faculty at RCS CSD!! It’s and embarrassment to all of us RCS residents and their families to take away a gift from the only Brave Human Beings on this Earth that will sacrifice their lives for their fellow Americans!! I’d also like to ask how, if they don’t allow even a photo of a gun from a T-Shirt in the school, then how in the world did Peiter B. Coeymans get away this past June (at the Special Persons Dance) w/having a group of young Military Students come into the gymnasium and show all the elementary children who attended this event some of their routines and every young man had wooden
    practice guns that they used during their entire routine…and it wasn’t real guns but they still allowed these young men to actually bring in practice guns and not an issue was
    raised….What’s happening here Mr. Superintendent…U need to practice what you preach and maybe keep track of what’s really happening in the school district that you are suppose to heading!! I would, as many would also, like a response to this issue…why take away T-Shirts w/guns on them but not students from a military school who brought in actual ‘fake’ guns into the elementary school??? If you can explain this Mr. Superindent it would be appreciated!! PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH RCS CSD BECAUSE YOU’VE ANGERED MANY AMERICAN’S W/THIS RIDICULOUS MOVE…U ARE ALL AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE RCS COMMUNITY…I HONESTLY THINK APOLOGIES ARE IN ORDER FROM THE SUPERINDENT AND HIS CRONIES AT THE HIGH SCHOOL!! THANK YOU!!


    • RCS Confidential

      September 24, 2014 at 6:11 pm

      Right on! Tina! You have to really wonder what goes through those crackpots’ heads. Who do they think they are, anyway? It sounds like the high school and the RCS CSD district offices have turned into a Gestapo (male) whorehouse, since we have most of the lunatics in this drama playing males or facsimiles thereof. You have to wonder if any of them have had any military service at all. In our opinion, anyone sucking up public funds and taxpayer dollars had better have a healthy support for the Constitution and for the Armed Forces of the United States. What irks us most is that they stifle the kids’ genuine interest in and support of our people in uniform. It’s downright ungrateful; we’d like to call it treasonous but that would be a bit hyperbolic, tho’ appropriate. Just because they’re minors doesn’t mean they don’t have protected rights and that they don’t deserve respect.

      Quite frankly, knowing the stories that come out of that high school, the whole bunch should be hauled off to some camp and “re-educated.” It’s a real shame that our young people have to be exposed to that sort of model.

      Thanks very much for your comment. Your irritation rightly came through and that’s just fine.

      The Editor



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