Only a Matter of Time: Carver Heavy Truck Rearends Passenger Car!

11 Sep

It was only a matter of time before the truck traffic started taking its toll on passenger cars! Tuesday evening, September 9, 2014, a heavy truck creams a passenger car in Ravena. Two women and a couple of kids according to preliminary reports. No fatalities…YET.

No fatalities. YET!

No fatalities. YET!

We Told You So…AGAIN!

We’ve been observing the sand, gravel, and other heavy tractor trailer combos and dump trucks racing through the village of Ravena and the Hamlet of Coeymans. Some too large for one lane and drifting over the center line; other’s just too stupid to pick a lane and stay in it. They must have gone to the same drivers ed classes as Coeymans copy Danielle Crosier. You know the Coeymans cop who tries to stay in the oncoming lane of traffic while at the same time trying to drive on the shoulder; the same Coeymans cop who slams into parked NYS official cars in the Motor Vehicle parking lot on South Pearl St. in Albany, and then writes up her own police report on the accident. Yeah! the same Danielle Crosier who likes to ride guard rails. And YES! RCS parents, the same Coeymans bimbo cop who was allegedly “doing” the wrestling coach at the RCS high-school while harassing your kids as the so-called SRO in the RCS High School. She’s  is now “teaching” road safety, a prerequisite for driving to the HS and getting a parking permit! Talk about the legally blind and dumb leading the seeing and hearing in the community! WTF is that corrupt bunch of morons on the RCS Board of Education and their sockpuppet McCartney doing? We’ve already warned residents that they’re in bed with the Judas Administration, the sell-out artists in Coeymans.

But back to the main story. For months we’ve been predicting that Carver Company’s heavy trucks that pull out in front of you and then travel at a snail’s pace once you’ve jammed on your brakes are a road hazard. Carver’s drivers and other heavy trucks exiting Riverview Drive and the Port of Coeymans apparently don’t have signals or headlights either. Worse still, how many have we observed that can’t decide which lane of traffic to use. Just the other day we followed one that was weaving from one side of the road to the other.

The real hazard that these vehicles and their drivers are causing are obvious, as is the damage to the local roads and infrastructure (vibrations causing cracks and breaks in the ancient water and sewer lines, for example). But they’re also creating a hazard by being so heavy and slow-moving, too! We’ve watched as drivers attempt to pass these hazardous vehicles, crossing the double line, sometimes in a curve, in order to get around them. The problem is that the heavy trucks are so unpredictable and tend to leave their lane (texting? phones? just plain stupid) and move into the oncoming lane. There’s a serious accident waiting to happen here.

Where are the Coeymans police?!?!

Route 144, Coeymans, NY

Route 144, Coeymans, NY

The Coeymans police, however, are nowhere to be found. They’ve all but disappeared from the streets and roads in Ravena-Coeymans. They have a questionable reputation for pulling people over for not signalling when leaving one of the shopping plazas in town or for not signalling a turn. Where are the Coeymans police when these heavy trucks are committing every conceivable motor vehicle violation in the book? Now if you even attempt to report a violation or make a complaint just try to read the plate number on the vehicles; they’re so filthy and caked with dust and mud they might as well not even be there. So try to report a problem or make a complaint. By the way, an obliterated or unreadable licence plate is a violation! Where are the Coeymans police?!?! We know—and so do you—that there’s something very fishy going on in Coeymans town hall between Laraway Carver and the town of Coeymans. Add to that the fact that Ravena mayor Bill “Moose” Misuraca got some pretty hefty support from Carver during his campaign—maybe not in cold hard cash money but in promises that now have to be kept—so you all know where this is going, don’t you?

Here are the facts: The heavy truck traffic is out of control in Ravena-Coeymans, on Route 9W, on Route 144, in the village of Ravena and in the hamlet of Coeymans. The Coeymans police are useless and indifferent to the hazards and the violations being committed by Carver and the other “businesses” in the area. Where are the Coeymans police?!?! Where are your elected officials?!?! In Carver Laraway’s wallet pocket.

So, on September 9, 2014, Confirmed ! it was a Carver Companies’ 100-yard tractor trailer that rear ended a car at the 9W and 143 intersection!

Is this a problem in Coeymans Where are the Coeymans police?

Is this a problem in Coeymans

Where are the Coeymans police?
The Editor

Editor’s Note: We would like to ask anyone with more details on this accident to send us what you have or know about it to or include your information in a comment on this article. If you know that this incident was reported in any of the local media, especially the Times Useless or another local rag, please tell us in which rag and when. Any report or information may be published on verification but your personal details will never be published without your permission. Thank you!


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2 responses to “Only a Matter of Time: Carver Heavy Truck Rearends Passenger Car!

  1. Noneof Yourbusiness

    September 21, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    What about her live-in boyfriend, Sgt. Vincent Igoe???



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