Beware: Residents Are Asking Questions

04 Sep
The Results of the Last Local Elections

The Results of the Last Local Elections

The Political Climate Across the Entire Nation is Heating Up. The People are Slowly Reaching Critical Mass, Their Boiling Point. They are waking up to the fact that the United States is no longer a representative democracy but an aristocracy: The Corporations, the Friends of the Corporations, and the Masses. At the local level its the Crooks, the Friends of the Crooks and the Rest of Us. There are no longer two main political parties, they’ve merged into two groups of Fakes and Scammers.

This fact is even clearer at our local level, where in Ravena we have a puppet-monkey mayor who was allegedly backed big-time by a local money-bags, Carver Laraway, to depose the former mummy mayor, John Bruno, local strongman for more than a quarter of a century, because Bruno wouldn’t cave on some issues that Laraway wanted, one of them being water. The monkey mayor, William “Moose” Misuraca, who was also pissed off with Bruno and his crowd in village hall, vowed a vendetta (something about being promised some grant money and not getting it), and begged the local Republican chairperson to put him on the ballot against Bruno. Misuraca, with Laraway’s backing and his bar crowd, took the mayor’s office. But now, almost a year in office, and Misuraca has done NOTHING! He’s still surrounded by Bruno’s morons and he’s still pandering to Cathy Deluca and her playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, to the tune of more than $100,000 a year of taxpayer money, no reports on losses and revenues, of course, but the fitness center can’t support itself and is a money-pit. That’s just one example. No planning, no vision, Nothing! Check out our article, We Asked for Milestones: We got laundry lists or we got nothing!


In Coeymans, as we’ve reported, Mr Stephen Flach was re-elected and two former adversaries were ousted and replaced with two first-termers, George E. Langdon and Kenneth A. Burns, on the Coeymans town board. Hopes again were high that now that Flach had the majority support on the board, things would change. They didn’t, haven’t and it doesn’t look like they will. In addition to short-sightedness, no vision, there was plenty of sell-out and plenty of propaganda. We now have to cope with what we call the Judas Administration: a town board that is just as hypocritical and corrupt as the one we thought we had replaced. Why is that? Because no matter who is in town hall it’s same old bullshit just different faces. As the saying goes: Town Hall is like a diaper, it has to be changed completely for the same reasons. We’ve already published an essay on this subject so we won’t repeat our thoughts here. Please see our article, We Asked for Milestones: We got laundry lists or we got nothing!


And then there’s New Baltimore. The campaigns last November were vicious and dirty. The previous administration did nothing but take care of their own. The Dellisanti team promised the community to do much better. But are they keeping their promises? Again, we’ve reported on what they claim to have accomplished in their own words but it’s nothing but smoke screen, just like Coeymans. While Coeymans is blatantly and glaringly a Judas administration and a complete sell-out, and Ravena is just a do-nothing, New Baltimore has its own flavor, though it’s similar to the contents of a dirty diaper: New Baltimore’s new majority under Nick Dellisanti specializes in smoke, and they’ll blow it any time they’re called on to keep the public informed. New Baltimore residents are slowly getting very, very annoyed and we think it’s going to show with a backlash in November. Again, see our article, We Asked for Milestones: We got laundry lists or we got nothing! for details.

We hear US Congressman Chris Gibson was going to be in New Baltimore on the evening of Thursday, September 4, 2014, and meeting with residents—but only the in-crowd, it seems. Only those who have received the phone-call invite from New Baltimore town board members—and that at the last minute. Are we happy with this? What do you think? Has anything changed when compared to the O’Rorke bunch or the other in-crowd administrations, like the David and Diane Lewis circus before O’Rorke? It seems nothing has changed. The New Baltimore town board is falling into the same cesspool as those before it. Question is: Do they know they’re on a slippery slope and do they know how to break their fall?

Update: Gibson did not show at the New Baltimore Republican Club meeting but sent an aide, Kevin Cumm, to attend the meeting. Please see Mr Jeff Ruso’s comment. Ruso is a sitting New Baltimore town board member and “president” of the New Baltimore Republican Club.

 Listen! You're going under and your egos are dragging your down.Do you have the sense to cut loose from the anchor of your egos and self-interest?

Listen! You’re going under and your egos are dragging your down.
Do you have the sense to cut loose from the anchor of your egos and self-interest?

If you think we are very unhappy with the performance of the new elected officials, you are very correct. And you should be very unhappy, too. You should be asking some very serious questions right about now, before it’s too late.
playing with fireYou should be preparing to scrutinize the candidates they are offering on the ballots for the upcoming elections, and be very critical of those candidates, given who is supporting them and what they are again promising.

Are we unhappy? You betcha! And Guess What?

You’re playing with fire, local politicians; you’ll likely get burned. Badly.

Know where the contents of the diaper is? We do. Out TOWN and VILLAGE Halls. The Editor

Know where the contents of the diaper is? We do. In our TOWN and VILLAGE Halls.
The Editor


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7 responses to “Beware: Residents Are Asking Questions

  1. Regina

    September 16, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    I have only lived in the area for a short time and do not know the history of the Town of Coeymans. When I Google topics/issues going on in the community that I find interesting, I typically find a link to one of your blogs. I love that you seem to have commentary on multiple issues but in reading your blogs I always wonder to myself…Why are there always complaints about how others are managing community affairs but never any positive suggestions on how we as a community could better manage these issues? I very much agree that there are several factors contributing to the degradation of this community but rather that point fingers and complain, I look for solutions and then bring recommendations to the board. Since I intend to continue pursuing actions that could lead to positive changes in Coeymans, I would be very interested in reading about what you would do to remedy the deteriorating buildings, bring in sustainable careers, attract investors and potential home owners, expand the local tax base, better educate our youth, provide skilled labor to meet the labor requirements of local businesses, provide a truck route to reduce industrial traffic, get funds to upgrade old infrastructure, and promote a positive community environment.


    • RCS Confidential

      September 17, 2014 at 8:05 pm

      Thank you very much, R. for your very sensible and articulate comment. Your questions are brilliant and we intend to devote a special article to responding to your questions, and what we think should be done; we hope you find our suggestions reasonable and feasible. You may want to consider becoming active in the community to get things done. We started this blog to stimulate dialogue and thinking in an area where dialogue and thinking were not exactly high on anyone’s list of priorities. Since we started reporting the facts, a lot of change has happened; that’s not to say the change has been uniformly improvement but it takes people like you to turn things around.

      Thanks very much, again, for your fine comment.

      The Editor


  2. Jeff Ruso

    September 7, 2014 at 9:10 am

    I was the person in charge of that meeting on Sept. 4th. The event was our September Club meeting, which was announced early in the year. Mr. Gibson was not there, was not planned on being there. I arranged for the representative of his campaign to be there.

    I sent an email to club members and some others, 26 in total, on August 19th, not at the last minute. I specifically asked those who received the message to invite other friends, so there was nothing secret about this, nor was it intended to be “insiders” only.

    This was a political club meeting, and such my role as a Town Board member was not related whatsoever. I am the President of the NB Republican Club, and thus the reason why I sent out the message. I sent it out using my personal email account. It was not limited to Club members, we had members of three other political parties present.

    But no, Congressman Gibson was not there. When he comes to New Baltimore, I will let you and others know. We have some dates we are discussing, but nothing specific as of yet.


  3. Qemtt

    September 5, 2014 at 12:41 am

    Chris Gibson is going to be in New Baltimore when? A month ago? o_O


    • RCS Confidential

      September 5, 2014 at 6:51 am

      Oops! Thanks for reading and finding the blooper. Actually, he was in town the very evening we posted the essay. Did anyone know about it?

      The Editor


  4. audrey5253

    September 4, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    I thought Mr. Flach’s response was a good one.


    • RCS Confidential

      September 4, 2014 at 6:16 pm

      Thank you, Audrey. Everything else aside, Mr Flach responded promptly…maybe too promptly. And he hasn’t yet responded to our correspondent’s request for clarification of the many vague claims he made.

      Besides, we thought it was good, too. It supported everything we’ve been saying.

      But please tell us Why? you think his response was “a good one?” We’d be very interested in hearing your interpretation of his response and what it meant to you.

      Thanks again,
      The Editor



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