What a bunch of Clowns: Misuraca has a mental challenge

31 Aug

Just when you think they’ve really hit bottom, they pull another stupid boner. This time our elected officials are acting like a bunch of Facebook-addicted clowns infected with the so-called ice-bucket challenge virus.

Are They For Real???

misuraca ice bucket challenge

Clowns at Play
Clown Mayor William Misuraca is doused with ice water at a Ravena village board meeting. Dignity?
(Poor Quality Photo: Bryan “Chicken-Man” Rowzee.)

Misuraca, You Need to Grow Up!!!

(Fact: You can take the bartender out of the bar but you can’t take the bar room out of the bartender!)

Front page news in the Ravena-Coeymans rag, the Ravena News Herald, and rag-reporter Bryan Rowzee seems to have stooped even lower than his chicken reports. It gets pretty bad when Ravena and Coeymans board meetings turn into a second-ring performance spot for a bunch of retarded middle-aged clowns.

Our elected officials not only have no brains, they have no dignity either. Is being douched with a bucket of cold water what they actually have time for in their board meetings? Is that the biggest challenge they’re up to these days? Aren’t there any other challenges the can put on the agenda besides acting like a herd of dumbasses?

Mr Misuraca, you’re currently in violation of New York State’s Freedom of Information Law, very much in violation but you have time to waste playing the clown that you are! Our advice to you is get to mayoring and clean up village hall, including your piggy-playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, before it sends us all bankrupt. You might want to get to work on your water and sewerage billing problems, too! Has the Misuraca gone from Moose to Bozo?

It’s no wonder you can’t tell anyone about any accomplishments you’ve made in almost a year in office. There are none! You’re definitely a one-termer and definitely a disappointment to those who put you in the mayor’s office. We went from mummy to mush; not very good for Ravena!

And Mr Flach! You’re not much better. Seems the only think you’re good at is embarrassing Coeymans first with selling out for a Reuben sandwich and Arbi’s, then destroying Coeymans by selling out to Carver Laraway, and now you’ve become a clown on the town payroll. We don’t know which is worse: Judas or Clown.  How much are we paying you for your circus act? Shame on you both, Misuraca and Flach!

The Ravena Village Board (Mayor Bill "Moose" Misuraca Nose-in-the-Air) The Editor

The Ravena Village Board
(Mayor Bill “Moose” Misuraca Nose-in-the-Air)
The Editor


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