Smoke Screens, Illusions, Delusions and Propaganda: Coeymans and Carver Laraway

22 Aug

animated sad vsmStay tuned! A contributor asked Ravena Mayor Misuraca, Coeymans Supervisor Flach and New Baltimore Supervisor Dellisanti to list their milestone accomplishments of the past 6 months. Only Flach responded but very vaguely. After two reminders Misuraca didn’t even respond and Dellisanti had excuses. Read our analyses in our next article. It seems the newly elected administrations are confused about what they’re doing.  Hell! They can’t even tell us what they think they’ve accomplished! We’ll tell you Why? And what that should tell you about your newly elected officials.

They just keep on shoveling, burying Ravena and Coeymans!

Now we have Coeymans Town Supervisor Flach and Ravena Mayor Misuraca Joining “blue-collar” Advocate Coeymans Town Board Member Peter Masti Happily Picking up Shovels to Help! There are definitely sides and we have to ask whose side Flach and Misuraca are on?!?

What is that they're shoveling? Dirt or Bullshit?

What is that they’re shoveling? Dirt or Bullshit?

We think it’s more bullshit than dirt that’s going down with the News Herald’s extraordinary coverage of local politicos kissing Carver Laraway’s ass in a lengthy article that neglects to mention the real impact of the bridge project and Laraway’s clever ruse to turn town of Coeymans supervisor Flach and village of Ravena mayor Misuraca into Laraway’s willing sockpuppets.

So Carver Companies, EMR, and TCI are looking for CDL (commercial driver license) holders, heavy equipment operators, and menial low-wage workers (laborers, admin positions, custodial workers). How many CDL dump truck operators do you know who are looking for a job in Coeymans. Probably 0 so the job seekers will come from outside the Coeymans area (that is, they will be paying rents, paying taxes and spending their money elsewhere). Same for heavy equipment operators. That leaves the low-paying, menial positions are left for local residents. Congrats! Mr Flach, Mr Misuraca, Mr Carver, you’ve brought “jobs” to the area! But they’re so low-paying that you’ll need a second job to survive or resort to social services. Thanks! Mr Flach, Misuraca, Carver!

You’ll also find it interesting to see Mr Peter Masti manning a shovel in the above photograph. That’s the same Peter Masti who just a couple of months ago wrote a letter to the editor, which was naturally published in the Ravena News Herald (DATE), in which Masti writes:

Why is it so newsworthy that Carver has renovated a shabby building it owns? Do you make the News Herald when you paint your house, put on a new roof? Make improvements? Hell, NO! Your taxes go up. So why does the News Herald make such a big deal about Carver renovating the building on River Road, which will stand right alongside the Carver bridge? Answer: To cover up the dirt, the dust and the corruption surrounding this whole messy situation.

We mentioned taxes. The town of Coeymans has sold residents out while feathering Carver’s nest with tax breaks! Carver’s cashing in big time in Coeymans while making it appear he’s doing so much good for the community by renovating his own property and taking over Riverview Drive, only later to make it seem he’s doing Coeymans a big favor and putting in a bridge at his own expense to …

All this while getting major tax breaks and advantages. So why are Flach and Misuraca grinning so idiotically while they’re shoveling Carver’s dirt on residents’ heads? And shovels-full of bullshit down our throats?

dust cloud coeymans

Coeymans! You in there?

Speaking of River-views: The approach into Coeymans is in a dust cloud and the area looks like the South end of Albany, the port area. Carver has blocked any river views from Route 144 and has provided a dust cloud instead. It seems that we have all forgotten the pollution that Lafarge has been providing for decades, including airborne heavy metals, and now Carver is providing more airborne pollution. You simply can’t drive down Rt 144 with your car windows down anymore! And they tell us there’s no environmental impact!?! Bullshit!

Check out the June 5th issue of the Ravena News Herald in which a number of local residents state their objections to the Carver bridge project. The article quotes one Elyse Kunz who points out (based on her research) that Carver’s tax assessment on his properties is scandalously low and that the town sees NO tax benefit from Carver Companies’ operations! The point is made on the environmental impact of the Carver Companies, TCI, and EMI on the creek and the river. Where’s the DEC on this issue? Who’s paying them off now?

As we mentioned above, Carver has renovated an older building and has created 4 apartment units in that building. The building is alongside the site of the bridge. Our question is this: four apartment units for whom? We have empty buildings galore in Ravena and Coeymans! Other than Carver employees who will want to live next to the Carver Dust Bowl and listen to the sounds of heavy equipment and trucks all day long?!? What will Carver be asking for rent in the renovated buildings? Has he created low-income housing, perhaps? Or are the apartments intended for more tax breaks?

So far, all Carver Laraway and his group of companies have brought to Ravena-Coeymans is a lot of hype, a lot of heavy truck traffic, and another dust problem. So far, all Carver Laraway and his cronies have produced is wealth for Carver Laraway and a lot of empty promises. If anyone can provide us with information to the contrary, we’ll be happy to correct our statements. Until then, be afraid. Be very afraid!

We’re not going to rehash what has already been printed in the Ravena News Herald. It’s all garbage, contradictory, and only proves that the town of Coeymans town board and the village of Ravena village board don’t give a damn about what residents want. They only know how to butter their own bread and pander to the money-bags. Same ol’ same ol’. Are you all waking up to this yet?

Finally, just a couple of images taken this week for you to think about:

(You are thinking about all this, aren’t you?)

Compare Carver Company's Property with a distressed property in the middle of Main Street Ravena (one of many), just accross from the so- called "Memorial Park"

Compare Carver Company’s Property with a distressed property in the middle of Main Street Ravena (one of many), just across from the so- called “Memorial Park” (Main St. building on left, Carver Company’s on right). What’s wrong with this picture, Misuraca? Maybe Carver Companies can do something to revitalize Main Street, Ravena?

Update: Shortly after this blog was published, the Village of Ravena Building Department posted a “Do Not Occupy” on the Main Street distressed property. We have found out that the owner of the property has experienced such stonewalling and discoöperation with the Village of Ravena because of Guess what? Sewer and water problems that he has been so frustrated with his dealings with the Village that he has decided to try to dispose of the property. Let’s see if one of the local shysters (Biscone) pounce on the chance to “acquire” the property. Or maybe one of the so-called friends of Ravena-Coeymans will pick it up for a song. That’s how it usually works in Ravena-Coeymans: the village condemns and a friend of the administration picks up the property for a penny!

Enlargement of sign in Main St. property window. Tasteful, right? Typical Ravena style.
Enlargement of sign in Main St. property window. Tasteful, right? Typical Ravena style.
More harassment? This sign appeared after we published!

More harassment? This sign appeared after we published!

Anyone who has had to deal with the village of Ravena’s bizarre water and sewerage billing practices will appreciate this added bit of harassment provide courtesy of the Ravena Building Department morons. The owner of the property at 124 Main Street in Ravena has had outrageous experiences with the Ravena administration when trying to sort out his water and sewer bills. He became so frustrated that he opted to get rid of the property and the headaches. Now Ravena is retaliating. You might say, “Well it’s only until the inspections are done.” And we’d answer, “How naïve you are!” We know many Ravena property owners have experienced this same treatment. The question is: Why don’t you do something about it?

And finally, the saddest one in this series:

evergreen symbol_75

The huge spruce tree behind the memorial stones in Ravena’s so-called “Memorial Park” on Main Street. Withering, dying!

Throughout the centuries the evergreen has been a potent cultural symbol of rebirth. Our traditional Christmas trees (the tree shown is Ravena’s “Christmas” tree) are a vestige of the ancient practice during the winter season — during the Winter solstice or Christmas season — of bringing greenery into the home to symbolize life in the dead of winter. Living trees have special significance to nearly every culture from Siberia to Palestine to Greece to Germany to Mexico to Native American to Japan and many more. But in the village of Ravena, town of Coeymans, the very symbol of rebirth and life is withering, dying. What does that tell you?

(Maybe it’s a sign of Carver’s dust and Lafarge’s pollution. Do ya think?)

We’re still saddled with the Ravena Health and Fitness Center gobbling up more than $100, 000 of Ravena taxpayer money and feeding Cathy Deluca’s appetite for taxpayer money. The Ravena Health and Fitness Center is failing and you’re paying for it. Why hasn’t Misuraca bitten the bullet and eliminated it? And we still have the corrupt Coeymans Police Department and get this news: Coeymans has promoted Jason Albert from patrolman to detective! Albert is almost ready to retire and this promotion adds some more jingle to his pension! All out of your pockets. They take care of the boys, don’t they? But you’re paying for their party.

 (Image Credit: The image shown above of the groundbreaking party is attributed to the Ravena News Herald report and captoned: “Coeymans Town Supervisor Stephen Flach, Ravena Mayor Bill Misuraca, Coeymans Deputy Town Supervisor Peter Masti, Port of Coeymans owner Carver Laraway (red hat), National Bank of Coxsackie President Jim Warren, and First Niagara Bank Vice President John Kennedy break ground for the new $1.1 million, 90 foot by 20 foot steel bridge that will connect the 125-acre Port of Coeymans with the Coeymans Industrial Park. Photo by Bryan Rowzee”)

Nancy Warner Strikes Again!

In many ways, Ravena village council member, leftover from the former Bruno dictatorship, and wife of Ravena village justice, Harold “Hal” Warner, is an example of the obsolete, ignorant, and self-serving derelicts we have in small town government. While she doesn’t have time to comply with the New York State Freedom of Information Law but seems to have time to attack local residents. Her most recent stupidity was to file a complaint against a local figure “Ramon” for riding his lawnmower to work. Yes, we admit, riding your lawnmower to work is a bit odd — even in Ravena — but Ramon is much loved for his colorful idiosyncrasies. Seems Warner has a problem with the noise it makes when it passes her residence on Main Street, Ravena. Ramon has some handicap issues and rides the vehicle to the Getty station, where he works. But does Warner have an issue with the monster tractor trailers or other vehicles that pass her place? Better be careful if you ride motorcycle to work and have to pass Nancy and Hal’s place. You’re liable to have their friends from the Coeymans Police knocking at your door with a summons.

Seems when Nancy Warner isn’t harassing local kids with her friends in the Coeymans Police, she’s going after other innocent souls.

What she’s still doing in village hall is beyond our comprehension; why didn’t Misuraca clean house when he had the chance? DUH!

 “Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance.Graphics and Images Disclosure: Unless otherwise noted and credited, all graphics used in this article are the result of a Google image search, and at the time the images were collected and used in this article, no conspicuous or visible copyright notice or other proprietary mark was shown. Please communicate any claim or corrections to All images are used in good faith for non-profit, public information and public service purposes.
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