Common “Cents” Part II: “Figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure!”

30 Apr

Ravena Resident and Taxpayer, Mr Laszlo Polyak, Continues His Analysis of Past and Current Village of Ravena Budgets. Here’s What He Has To Say in Continuing Part I, Common Cents:

Common “Cents” Part II:

“Figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure!” (Mark Twain)

Local Analyst, Former Auditor Scrutinizes Ravena Budget

Local Analyst, Former Auditor Scrutinizes Ravena Budget

In Part One I didn’t mention any names or the RCS CSD (as the RCS school budget controversy came around and continues to waste money but that’s a novel in itself). I had only one issue: “bullying” and I stayed with the bullying issue.

The editing of Part I by Smalbany blog staff is a part of life. I stay with numbers not personalities. I’m not sure what “wingnuts” means, I don’t do “drumstick bolts”, “dirty-feet cops “, dumb-dumb police chiefs, poop-poop police, or towel-painted-blond–fitness-tubby, etc. True, the pictures do help with the boring bean counting budget reading. I also didn’t state the village court must go. I would have to look at many facts and factors then say it’s got to go.

In Part II, however, I will mention names as they relate to the budget and which are of public record, so you can address, seek or ask your own questions of department heads or the individuals themselves, and you can draw your own conclusions. Actually, only two sitting members of the Ravena Village counsel are actually responsible for the 2014–15 budget, Nancy Warner and Bill Bailey, but their political lives are nearing an end, too. As in that cop TV show, Dragnet, Sergeant Joe Friday wants just the financial facts ma’am! The financial facts! Dull and dry but color may or not be, but usually is, added by the Smalbany editors.

Some commenter’s and the editors have asked for a comparison between the village of Ravena, town of Coeymans and / or New Baltimore. It’s like comparing apples to oranges; it’s not easy to do because there are different mandates that apply to towns and villages; towns have far more responsibilities than villages do, so most bookkeepers/CPA/auditors whether local, state or federal will tell you that you really can’t compare them. Maybe you could compare office by office, or you might compare building departments or the clerk’s offices, such as a comparison of the town of Coeymans clerk’s office vs the Village of Ravena clerk’s office. However when 1500 folks move out, we do need to consolidate services. Plenty of little Indian chiefs but not enough Indians in our town (A grand total of 7300 folks combined in town of Coeymans, including the Village of Ravena!) The town clerk is elected but the village clerk is appointed. The town clerk has ten times more work than the village clerk. The town clerk is responsible for added mandates such as marriage, hunting, fishing, dog, licenses, recording deaths, overseeing cemeteries, collecting taxes and fees from all other departments (except for the court fees /fines), sending out tax, water, sewer bills, recording town, zoning, planning, special and regular meetings, public notices, F.O.I.L. requests, certificates of residences, stamp into the record notices of claims and letters to other departments even copies of the budgets and all history requests, etc.

Says it all!>/big>

Says it all!

The town clerk also oversees elections every year and certifies election results for registered voters. And the town clerk is the registrar of vital statistics and does the town banking, too. Let’s not forget she handing out free Arby meal cards, too, when Coeymans was Reubenville! The town clerk does all of this on a $41,000.00 year salary with staff salaries of $64,000; that’s one full time clerk and 2 part time helpers. Under the New York law, the general municipality law as relates to villages, there are two distinct offices or positions: a village clerk and village treasurer. Under mayor John T. Bruno Ravena bizarrely combined both separate positions into one clerk-treasurer, and then added a deputy clerk-treasurer position. Nancy Warner needed control over everything and her friends needed jobs, too. All other villages have a clerk and a treasurer with clear responsibilities separate from each other, as spelled out in village law.

However, when we the compare the village office to the town, the village clerks’ responsibilities don’t include marriage, hunting, fishing dog licensing or death certificates;-they only record village meeting minutes, they don’t record planning or zoning minutes. The village of Ravena administers to at most 3,000 residents instead of 7,300, which are the responsibility of the Coeymans town clerk; The village clerk also collects village taxes. I think they collect water and sewer rents too? It’s not clear if they collect water/sewer rents. They do F.O.I.L. (New York State Freedom of Information) requests. They issue pool passes.

Ravena will need one of these when cooking the budget!>/big>

Ravena will need one of these when cooking the budget!

The Village of Ravena’s Clerk/Treasurer gets $29,500 according to acct # 1325.14 and the Deputy Clerk-Treasurer gets $ 39,955.76. According to acct# 1325.15 (The superior apparently gets paid less than the subordinate so there must be something going on behind the scenes!). The part time Ravena clerk-treasurer is paid $12,360.00. and here’s where it gets really tricky: There is an “outside service” budget line item # 1325.48 showing $9,500.00; is that a “bonus” for an employee or is it another person? There is another budget line item for “payroll contractual expense” acct # 1325.43, it went from zero for the year 2012/2013 to $6000.00 in 2013/2014. Is that “training” or another person, or is it another phantom employee? In acct #1325.47 “conferences” another $2,500.00 what’s that for?

The total spent on the salaries varied from $81,855.76 to $100,000.76 for doing about one third the work of the town of Coeymans clerks. Why is the payroll for the Ravena village clerk more than that of the Coeymans town clerk who does 3 – times the work and does it for more than twice the number of residents?

An auditor’s job can be so dull with so many colorful questions. So you can see it’s hard to compare until you review the actual bills, vouchers, and actual records (if any are kept). Trustee Nancy Biscone – Warner, the former deputy clerk-treasurer for about 25 years is on the committees to over-see the village offices (clerks), the police (Dirty – Hands Jerry Deluca), the fitness center (Cathy Deluca), the central garage and the streets. Perhaps she can answer some of the questions to clear up the salaries and expenses for these offices and accounts.

According to official village paperwork, postage account #1325.41 in 2012/2013 was $3,500; in 2013/2014 it was $3,199.00; in 2013/2014 it was $7,100.00 then $8,000.00 in 2014/2015. Postage more than doubled between 2012 and 2014. But in that period, more folks moved out of the village and town. Why the doubling of the postage? Was someone running the political campaigns from the village of Ravena offices?

Let’s take a real look at one of the departments phone bills, the Ravena Building Department in the budget is known as Public Safety, acct #’s 3620.11 through 3620.49. Its telephone budget is $1,500.00, that could be real after all our village of Ravena is booming….take a stroll down Main Street or 9W. We are building senior housing left and right. The numbers of family homes are going up all over too. Never mind businesses going into the store fronts. Sorry! I was only trying to be funny. Sure, the deterioration of the Bruno – Warner ghost town does requir the building inspector to be at 10 places at once to inspect all this activity of the economic boom in Ravena (hint: sarcasm). With 500 telephone messages to return too! (Only kidding we are the regional ghost town at this time, while Bethlehem assessors refer to the RCS school district as a “failure.”)

Even with the latest population loss of 500 folks in the village it is not easy to see how the phone bill went from $989.52 in 2012 (actual) to $1,500 in 2014-15 (budget).

Now, looking at employee employment I will walk you through this, it may be bizarre but it is their record. First you have budget line item # 3620.11 where the part time clerk goes from $6,960.49 (actual in 2012-13), and then in 2013-14 jumps to $20,000, and then in 2013-14 to $21,600 part time. Look at line item # 3620.12 “assistant building inspector (part time)” Santa $10,300.00 (Yeah! Santa Claus is generous to himself!). Then it really gets weird the Building Inspector budget line item # 3620.13, Joe Burns gets $27,254.16 then in the back pages of the budget you see Joe Burns gets $54,508.32/year, the other (27,254.16 comes from building-Mountain Rd. acct 1623.12 custodians or hourly employee 27,254.16) but when look at that account the budget is 33,990.00 or 30,900.00 are you confused yet? But when you add the 2 accts in “Mountain Rd accts”, together 1623.12 and 1623.15 you get $64,890.00 for the cleaning of the building/maintaince. Our question is this: Is Joe Burns the janitor too?

Now, let’s go back to so – called building inspector budget line item # 3620.15. This is still another hourly employee at $8, 755, for what? What do they do? Filing all those new building permits, blueprints? Then we have motor vehicle that’s $1,000 a year but no gas expense. We see them driving all around the village all day long all the time! They must run on air? Where are the figures for vehicle fuel expenses? The outside service for budget line item # 3620.48, is $ 6,024 .44 (actual) for whom or what is that expense? What’s it for, financial braniacs? Then we have “unclassified expenses”? Are “unclassifieds” really legal? For the year 2012 – 13 we had an expenditure of $78,049.73 (actual). Is that the cost of taking down the building on the corner of Main St and Orchard Ave.? Remember DEC got involved in that fiasco because the oil tank wasn’t removed first, causing an oil spill in the basement all in front of Nancy Warner’s property! Now there’s an example of Warner’s performance as trustee in charge of buildings and streets! And where was the building inspector in all this? Contact the DEC to find out the fine amount for that one, and then you might find the fine amount under one of the many unclassified expenses. Pretty clever move that one! Hiding the fines for incompetence under the “unclassifieds” in the budget. What’s worse still, is that they include the fines for incompetence in proposed budgeting! I never heard of “UN – ” classified expenses. Any bill received by a municipality (Ravena seems to be the exception) goes into a specific account or you create an expense account for it.

cicero on the budget

Let’s go back to Mountain Rd. where we find an unclassified expense of actual $41,407.93 is that the hidden cost of taking down the building at Main Street and Orchard Ave.? The outside services 2012 – 13 budget line item # 1623.48 for $ 14,735.67 (actual amount), was that to cover up the cost to the removal of the building too? What are they hiding at $18,000 for 2014-15? An expense before there’s a classification for it, like putting the cart before the horse?

The zoning and planning attorney gets $6,300 for the planning board and $6,300 for zoning board each, totaling $12,600.00. To be fair the building department under budget line item # 2555 brings apparently brings revenue into the village of Ravena to the tune of $1,852 in 2012-13 in building permits. Wow! Now we’re talking some real money! Almost $2,000 in revenues. Don’t get too excited. Just do the math.

The Public works administration, village foreman salary for Fritz, who drove around Ravena all day long for over $60,000.00 a year (see budget line item # 1490.11), now it’s Henry’s position so he gets to drive around for $60,000.

Laszlo Polyak
Ravena Resident and Taxpayer

It seems the more folks move out of Ravena the more the village hires and pays for overtime but that’s another story. I hope the new mayor demands written competitive proposals for goods and services provided from outside sources to the village, requires justification in advance from his department heads on weekly basis for any overtime, insists on a description and justification for any unclassified expense and then requires them to be classified, and reviews all job descriptions against requirements for village employees. He could start with the Village of Ravena clerk’s office, then move on to the building inspector, and finish up with the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and the Village of Ravena (kangaroo) Court. That should save at least nearly a cool million and how do you think that will affect your tax bill?

The Editor

The Editor

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9 responses to “Common “Cents” Part II: “Figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure!”

  1. CKP

    May 7, 2014 at 9:49 am

    Though off-topic for this post though you’d find this of interest (and relevant to earlier posts):

    Bradley, Pat. “Town [Vernon, VT] Votes To Eliminate Local Police Department.” WAMC Northeast Public Radio. May 6, 2014.

    I still have mixed feelings about such things. It does seem like it would save money, and when a municipal PD is incompetent and/or corrupt, having county or state law enforcement take over might seem preferable. However, when county and state law enforcement are also incompetent and/or corrupt, it’s maybe not the best solution. A county sheriff’s office is probably always going to be more responsive to the demands of the county seat, and the further communities are from the county seat, I suspect the less likely any input from taxpaying voters would matter to them.

    Albany County, being also the seat of state government, is under that much more pressure to be corrupt (which might explain why it is so very, very corrupt, headed up by a rotten Apple). State legislators presumably don’t want to be arrested for their many crimes, and thus don’t want state, county, or municipal law enforcement agencies that would be likely to investigate or arrest them.


  2. Virgil

    May 1, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    I’m going to have to disagree with Laszlo on this one. I see he is bashing Fritz and Henry. $60,000 a year may seem like a lot but like Informed Village resident said…it is a 24/7 job. You get woke up in the middle of the night by a phone call saying there’s a water main break or that the roads are snow covered. As far as the foreman driving around…again I agree with Informed Village resident. Not only does the village take care of the own water breaks but they take care of the town of Coeymans as well. So if Laszlo consider’s checking on the streets for breaks, checking to see if sidewalks need snow removal, seeing what pot holes need to be filled, etc. as driving around then Laszlo is the Confused Village Resident.


    • RCS Confidential

      May 1, 2014 at 2:50 pm

      Thanks, Virgil, for your comment.

      You make some sympathetic points in favor of Fritz and Henry and you make them fairly by noting in your opinion what you think is justifiable for the service being provided. But we have to make a couple observations with regard to your comment and Informed’s: First of all, do either you or Informed have any figure on the number of times Fritz or Henry have been called in the middle of the night to investigate a water main break? Now, as for the fact of snowy winters in this part of the country, we have weather forecasts that are pretty accurate these days, even up to a week in advance. Equipped with that information and a drop of planning ability, time and resources can be effectively managed to take command of the situation. So, Virg’, we’d like to ask how many days this past winter Fritz or Henry were called out of their beds to watch the snow accumuate? We’d also like to draw your attention to the fact that the water mains break because they are at least 100 years old and that infrastructure has been sorely neglected for the past 25 years, but they still pave over them only to have to rip up the paving to get to the breaks, assuming they’re able to even locate the break. So, because of the incompetence at several levels in the Ravena administration and the absence of any “planning” or “common sense” the point Mr Polyak makes is quite reasonable and clear if you don’t get hung up on the love-fests: There is monumental waste and incompetence in the village of Ravena administration. That should be clear as crystal. If you think its such an ordeal from Fritz or Henry to get called out of their slumber on an emergency for only $60,000 a year, I’d like to draw your attention to the volunteer fire brigades and the volunteer EMTs who do that and much, much more with a high level of expertise and training, and they do it for NOTHING!!!! The way Fritz and Henry, and the majority of the Ravena so-called “services” from the village clerk to the village foreman is far from expert and far from trained; in fact, we would qualify it as incompetent.

      Think about this: $60,000 for the village foreman + the wages and salaries of the laborers + the benefits + the cost of materials to jerry-rig road repairs + the cost of destroying those repairs to get to a water main break and repair it (noting, of course that you are repairing only a segment of a much larger failing system!) + the overtime costs. Now, if the village of Ravena were to have managed the business of running a village for the past 25 years like they manage their own residential properties, we think things would have taken a wholely different shape in Ravena. Instead, the village has been run like a Harlem whorehouse: Wham! Bam! That’ll be $60,000, please. Thank you!

      The bottom line is that it is indecent, immoral to pay people from the public treasury, who are not capable or in a position to ensure the best value for a dollar, and they know they are incompetent. That’s tantamoount to theft, regardless of when they’re dumped out of bed. And most theft occurs at night, by the way. Therefore, while we appreciate your opinion, we must continue to agree in principle, with Mr Polyak’s observations.

      Of course, Virgil and Informed, should you bother to F.O.I.L. the dispatch and mileage logs, the weather reports, the activity reports for road crew activities, including the mileage logs and times out and times in for the foreman, the supervisors and crewmembers, and you provide that data as Mr Polyak has done to substantiate is observations, we will be more than happy to publish your report(s) as a rebuttal to Mr Polyak’s observations.

      Mr Polyak is referring directly to the Ravena Village Budget for 2014-15 as approved by the Ravena village council. That document is public information and available to anyone who wishes to review it and comment on it, just as Mr Polyak has done. Mr Polyak has stuck to the black-letter figures in the budget and has merely attached the actual names to some of those figures. That is completely legit. His analysis may include some personal observations but that’s also legit. Anyone who disagrees can provide the appropriate rebuttal material and even the job descriptions of the individuals concerned. We’d love to hear from you with that information.

      The Editor


      • Virgil

        May 1, 2014 at 4:34 pm

        I wasn’t just talking about getting phone calls in the middle of the night. I was also talking about the all around job of being the foreman. Obviously we all have different opinions on that. As far as the budget goes, I have looked it over. Besides that B.S. fitness center, which I may add needs to go, I see nothing wrong with the current budget. I think we should give the new village officials some time to do there jobs. There still picking up the pieces from the previous mayor and he cronies. I bet next years budget will be a lot better.


      • RCS Confidential

        May 1, 2014 at 4:55 pm

        Hi, again, Virgil. Thanks for you reasonable and level-headed reply.

        And yes, though optimistic, you are right in saying that the new Ravena village administration should be given a chance to prove themselves. I agree with that statement because this particular budget, with all of our pet peeves, is really a product of the last administration, the Bruno-Warner-Case-Persico-Bailey bunch; the present administration had few options but to pass it. But passing the budget does not by any means mean that all of its provision are written in stone. By no means. In other words, where you and we agree very fundamentally, that is, eliminating Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, although it’s in the budget, does not mean it can’t be eliminated like tomorrow at 9 a.m. Cathy Deluca arrives and the doors are locked; she can’t get in to play on the computer that day. Maybe she’ll go to the RCS Community Library and use their computers. But wait a minute, aren’t they the ones Deluca and Warner evicted so that Cathy Deluca could have her playpen? I guess that won’t work but neither does Cathy Deluca 😉

        Having studied the history of so much of local Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk’s scandalous administrations, I tend to be very cautiously optimistic in terms of your statement, “I bet next year[‘]s budget will be a lot better.” So do we.

        Thanks again for your comments.
        The Editor


    • laszlo polyak

      May 1, 2014 at 6:03 pm


      Thanks “informed,” for bringing me down memory lane I had so much fun riding the tailgate up and down of the Islip Town Highway Dept. trucks ~ it was the world to me, I was born with Cerebral Palsy, and didn’t have much fun with braces and surgery, etc. before I was 5.
      My grandpa worked for the Islip Town Highway Dept. So before reflective vests or mouth masks (so you don’t breathe in the leaded paint) or before OHSHA was born, one night when I was 7 my parents told us grandpa (while hand painting a stop line) …. Well he died on the job. My step dad built multi-billion dollar, water and sewer plants, highways and bridges. They built coffer dams to “hold back” the ocean so they could make repairs. Ever see a coffer dam break 40 ft. below sea level, water crashing down on top of crew workers?

      At age ten I started to learn accounting from a CPA and he was the Suffolk County Tax Receiver. He taught me things they don’t teach you in college. In college I learned from a temp part-time job, I would get 80 cents more on a disability ck., and then I would on an unemployment ck. That’s when I wanted to be an auditor. It took them 10 hours to figure out I would get 80 cents more. It took me 5 seconds of simple math. When Jerry Deluca questioned when I worked for SED a year ago, on TV at meet the candidates’ night. I told him when and I was Retired etc. … almost a year later; my house was robbed a few weeks before Jerry Deluca quit or retired from the police last Sept. 2013, He read out loud to himself an award hanging from my living room wall signed by the comptroller I had to re direct him to the crime scene in my bedroom. I’ve been open for over 20 years. Anyone can question me and I will show them just the facts and figures. you left out that the village crew, Fritz, and Henry just love to pick up leaves because they love to get dog poop all over themselves or the smell of poop in the trash cans when they change out the bags. Can you tell how many times both Fritz (retired) and Henry has driven around the parking lot at Central and Main? You can clearly see the pavement is sinking for the past 3 years along the old foundation line or look up, the tree is dying; the top 4 ft. has died They do put up the Christmas tree lights too! How does a dept head plan his day if he doesn’t know what money he has to work with even when mother nature throws you curve now and then?

      When you look at ChiPs (Consolidated Highway Program (state funds) to fix roads; Acct # 3501 revenue actual for 2012 /13 year, the village received from the state $62,578.98. Then according to acct# 5112.45 ChiPs, the village spent actually for the year 2012/13 $40,000.00. Then where did the $22,578.98 go?

      Ok how about something very very simple – page 3 VoR General Fund Revenue Acct#’s 5031.1 to Acct#’s 5031.9 under the “title of Inter fund transfers from 2012 to 2015, from actual to budgeted all the accts are zero nothing in any accounts nothing in #5031.6 transfer from bldg. reserve or #5031.7 Equipment reserve or # 5031.8 transfer from park/ pool, from 2012 to 2015 nothing….then we jump to page 12VOR general fund expenses / Appropriations then we see money …poof out of thin air as expense in acct #9950.00, for $10,000.00, acct #9950.91 for $10,000.00 and in Acct# 9950.94 $20,000.00 so much for the left side equaling the right side and that’s 7th grade bookkeeping.

      I would start on the water and sewer funds such as Acct# 2140 metered water rents went from $50,286.94 to $93.980.00 for 2014/15 year and Acct# 2142 unmetered water and rent went from $247,832.71 to $519,444.00 in 2014/15 revenues. I can try to explain fraudulent billing, failing to keep records, and minutes to meeting, minutes to public hearing , either disputes/or complaints. The basic civil rights of due process in charging and /billing of water and sewer rents. You can foil the water and the sewer minute’s for the last 10 years where they listen to people grieve why their bills go up or down without an explanation or minutes to hearings. Or have them subpoenaed ……. part 3 and part 4 will play out in the comptroller’s office. We all know you can’t discriminate against anyone. And just make up bills


      • RCS Confidential

        May 1, 2014 at 7:35 pm

        Thank you, Mr Polyak.

        Well…Uh…Yes?! I think … Well Virgil and Informed, you’re now better informed than before…I think.

        The Editor


  3. Informed Village Resident

    April 30, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Before Laszlo provides his “analysis” of the Village budget he should obtain all the facts to ensure that an accurate “analysis” is given instead of his slanted opinion. I will only address his comment that Fritz and now Henry are paid money to ride around all day. Let me enlighten him on his misinformed statement. The Village Foreman is a 24/7 position which involves responding to calls at all hours of the day and night. Surely, as a Village resident, he is aware of this after the winter we just endured. The foreman is often seen “riding around town” because he is responsible for checking the streets, responding to calls, obtaining equipment and monitoring the workers who are working in various areas within the village; just to name a few. Did you see Fritz or Henry “riding around” the streets at 6:00 am every morning checking things out? Maybe you saw them “riding around” to check on something that was done earlier in the day. Were your sidewalks shoveled? Were your roads plowed and salted? Were the water main breaks repaired? Were your streets paved and the potholes filled? It’s easy to make uninformed and incorrect statements when you have nothing better to do with your time than to incorrectly “analyze budgets”. Perhaps that is why Laszlo is a “former” auditor. Maybe he had trouble getting his facts straight. I’m curious as to who bestowed on him the title of “local analyst”. I suggesst next time he wants to discuss his “analysis”, he should put it in the News Herald instead of this blog; as many people feel this blog has no credibility and based on Laszlo’s so called “analysis”, I would have to agree


    • RCS Confidential

      April 30, 2014 at 6:12 pm

      Mr Polyak identified himself to our readers. It would only be fair if you, “Informed Village Resident”, would have the courtesy to identify yourself to him, so that he knows who is the so-called Informed Village Resident opposing his viewpoints. We don’t mind if readers comment to the blog using pseudonyms but when readers respond to another resident, it would be nice to be somewhat courteous and neighborly. Right?

      Seems also that you have a special interest in defending Fritz or Henry but you don’t address the subject matter of the article. Or are you and taking the position that when they’re observed to riding around all day that they’re on a call, responding to an emergency, or checking the streets. Really now, Ravena is not Manhattan! How many calls and how many streets would he have to patrol? Are you justifying the outrageous salary being paid to a relatively uneducated local who is so needed to check the streets? I guess we’re not quite clear what your point is or that you’ve made one. Could you tell us your point in 10 words or less?

      Furthermore, judging from the potholes that have not been filled for weeks now, one has to wonder where the Village Foreman has been? Perhaps he got lost in Ravena? And when the potholes are finally filled, they don’t stay filled because they’re incorrectly filled. And the money spent on new paving over century-old water and sewer lines is a bit brainless, too. Maybe if we got rid of a couple of village clerks, the village court, and the Fitness Center, perhaps we could afford to properly fill the potholes, repair the water and sewer lines and THEN repave the streets properly and correctly. Waddaya think?

      Seems we’re wasting more than $60,000 on village employees who haven’t got a clue how to do the job right. Maybe that’s why they’re observed just cruising the streets of the village.

      If you think you can analyze a budget better than Mr Polyak or if you feel he’s incorrectly pointed out serious discrepancies in the village of Ravena budget, please be specific and tell where you feel he’s gotten it wrong. Have you even examined the Village Budget?

      Mr Polyak has the credentials and is a qualified auditor. We called him “former” because he no longer audits. His choice. Furthermore, we “bestowed on him the title of ‘local analyst'” quite simply because he is “local,” that is, he has lived in Ravena for more than a quarter century and he is a qualified analyst. What are your qualifications, if we may ask?

      You can’t be from the RCS area to make statements like “many people feel this blog has no credibility.” Simply making that statement shows you are not as “Informed” as you claim to be. Furthermore, you inadvertently gave yourself away, you unmasked yourself by saying that this blog has no credibility. That single statement identifies you as one of the opponents of this blog; you know, the group in pathological denial. So, Informed, that makes you a real dumb ass because you sit there reading this blog and commenting on the articles, knowing full well that you are biased and prejudiced! Maybe you should change your pseudonym to “Confused Village Resident.” That would be more credible.

      Thanks very much for your comment and please, get better informed, won’t you? That way you can avoid making an ass out of yourself.

      The Editor



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