The Warners: A Family Tradition of Misconduct

15 Apr

Misconduct Must be in the Warners’ Genes

Will All Those Rotten Apples in Village Hall Taint the New Mayor and Trustees? Time Will Tell

Will All Those Rotten Apples in Village Hall Taint the New Mayor and Trustees?
Time Will Tell

Harold “Hal” WarnerCurrently Village of Ravena Court justice. A former Albany cop who had some pretty seedy credentials while in uniform; now Ravena Village court justice. This is the same Hal Warner who should have been disbarred or at least censured by the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct for unethical conduct vis-a-vis another candidate running for judicial office. But Albany connections kept him on the bench. This is the same Hal Warner who allegedly stabbed former Coeymans town justice and acting Ravena village justice Phillip Crandall in the back and led to Crandall’s resignation. Seems Crandall criticized the corruption in the Coeymans police department a bit too much. After getting screwed by Warner and the CJC, Crandall opened up and blew the whistle on the corruption in Ravena and Coeymans courts and in the Coeymans p.d. as well as on the Coeymans town board. Seems Crandall did the public a bigger service after being stabbed by Warner than while a judge.


Nancy Warner works out regularly at Cathy Deluca’s Playpen! Lookin’ good, Nan!

Nancy Biscone-WarnerCurrently Ravena Village trustee. Former Ravena village mayor John T. Bruno’s biatch and a long-time village employee, now trustee (but not for long). Nancy Biscone-Warner was a key figure in creating the illegal Ravena Health and Fitness Center for Cathy Deluca (A reward for some favors done in the Coeymans police department by bottle-blond-bimbo Cathy Deluca’s husband, former Coeymans cop Gerald “Jerry Dirty-Hands” Deluca?) Nancy Warner’s corruption and nastiness is common knowledge but her part in purchasing the more than $40,000 in used fitness equipment from a Ravena insider, Bob Fisk, that was laying dormant in the very fitness club Deluca managed to run to failure, is a classic in Ravena insider corruption. Warner and her Ravena insider cronies then created Cathy Deluca’s money pit playpen and further allocated $105,000 in the village budget to fund the Fitness Center! Warner’s campaign to evict the RCS Community Library from the premises now occupied rent-free by Cathy Deluca’s money pit fitness center, Warner, Deluca and ex-mayor John Bruno claimed for Deluca’s playpen was a major scandal. Nancy Warner’s real vileness and evil surfaced when she and ex-mayor John Bruno started their persecution of local youth and teens — with the willing assistance of the Coeymans police department and its chief, Gregory Darlington, a friend of Dirty-Hands Jerry and the bottle-blond-bimbo — and their sabotaging the Ravena Coeymans Teen and Youth Activities Center. Nancy Warner currently is Ravena Village trustee overseeing her friend Cathy Deluca’s taxpayer funded money pit the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and Warner also oversees her own husband’s court activities. How’s that for cozy conflict of interest?

Question now is: Will Ravena mayor William “Moose” Misuraca and his new trustees Keith Mahler (deputy mayor) and Joel Coye continue to waste Ravena taxpayer dollars on the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, an illegal money pit that can’t support itself and brings in no revenues to the village of Ravena? The Ravena Health and Fitness Center can’t survive unless the village of Ravena pays for it from taxpayer dollars but isn’t there a better use for the more than $100,000 that the proposed budget wants to spend on the fitness center, AGAIN?!?

brian puking animated gif

Makes ya just wanna …

And then there’s Nancy and Hal Warner’s daughter, Carmen M. Warner. Yes, readers, that’s the same Carmen Warner who was suspended by the Albany County District Attorney’s Office for misconduct on the Internet, on FaceBook. As reported in the Albany Times Union (click here to read the report, Warner Misconduct), she and another prosecutor in the Pudenda David Soares’ corrupt Albany County DA’s Office were suspended for posting inappropriate photos on FaceBook. The report tells us that Warner’s partner-in-crime, Chantelle Cleary, “were working out at a local gym when they pretended, as a joke, to punch each other in sensitive areas of their bodies,” Warner was suspended with Cleary, and later “resigned.” The real incest element comes when we find out that Carmen M. Warner, after having left the Albany County D.A.’s  office in disgrace, was hired by Ravena insider Michael Biscone to work in his lawfirm. All we can say is “dirty birds of a feather fluck together.”

Hal, Nancy, Carmen The Warners Together

Hal, Nancy, Carmen
The Warners Together

Now that you see the connections Harold “Hal” Warner is a Ravena Village judge whose wife, Nancy Biscone-Warner is a Ravena village trustee and is in cohoots with Cathy Deluca, who is now running the Ravena Health and Fitness Center to ruin (after having done the same thing to at least two previous fitness centers she managed!), and who (Nancy Warner) oversees not only the Ravena Health and Fitness Center but also her own husband’s (Hal Warner) court operations. Hal and Nancy Warner’s daughter, Carmen M. Warner, got a job with corrupt democrap Albany District Attorney Pudenda David Soares but had to resign after she got involved in some unacceptable behavior on FaceBook by posting inappropriate pictures of herself and another employee, Chantelle Cleary.  After all is said and done, local Ravena insider and on-again-off-again village attorney Michael Biscone hires the village employees’ wayward daughter and gives Camen Warner a job in his law firm.

Now doesn’t that little cozy story really give you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over? Remember it when you go to the polls next time an Nancy Warner or Hal Warner are on the ballot.

LOSERS! The Editor

The Editor


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4 responses to “The Warners: A Family Tradition of Misconduct

  1. CKP

    September 16, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    “Assistant District Attorneys Chantelle Cleary and Carmen Warner were working out at a local gym when they pretended, as a joke, to punch each other in sensitive areas of their bodies, according to people with knowledge of the situation.
    “A photo was taken. It went on Facebook.”
    Gavin, Robert. “Albany County prosecutors suspended over Facebook picture.” Albany Times Union. March 12, 2014.

    Look where Chantelle Cleary got hired!

    “She is responsible for investigating any possible cases of sexual assault, ensuring that investigations are fair and prompt, teaching others about their obligations and rights, assisting in various prevention methods, hosting educational programs for both students and faculty members, and assisting victims to get them any help they may need.”
    Frank, Janie. “New Title IX Coordinator comes to UAlbany.” Albany Student Press. March 10, 2015.

    If someone at UAlbany jokingly punches someone in the genitals and posts the photo to Facebook, how she going to handle that?


  2. Audrea Lambert

    March 28, 2015 at 3:33 am

    On top of this when he put me in jail I was supposed to have surgery Aug.2 2014 to remove 3 herniated discs.But Half thought I would be better off in jail where I suffered horribly with terribly pain that the jail couldn’t help me with.All because he wanted 25000 in bail which he knew I couldn’t come up with.That and the fact that I had to wait 29 fays in Albany county jail for a month to accommodate his fucking vacation.And now since all my drug test came back negative but the last one which had a percentage of cannabis in it.(it helps with my migraine nausea.The counciling center first stated my attendance was less than addequit but I was motivated.The next one said my attendance improved but wasn’t motivated which is a contradiction in itself.I went to the clerks office to ask for a copy of my plea on my charges but Gloria Warner would not givethem.My very inept public defender Peter Fallon said nothing while the procedure went down with Mr.warner telling I had to come back AGAIN april 22nd,2015 BC these reports from counciling a being written by a man whom I have never met and there always bad so I have to keep coming back to them for more counciling at $60 dollars a pop.Its a raquette so they keep getting paid.The court. Or the counciling center.could care less about my recovery. Ryan Johnson didn’t have anything to charge me with so I signed a concent so they could look in my house.What they did was turn my apartment upside down to find there 2 misdemeanor so they could charge me with “something” and throw me in jail for 29 days.I indured excruciating pain in jail because I was supposed to go for surgeey augest 2nd.And now I’m being bullied by Gloria who won’t give me a copy of my plea and her asshole husband determined to destroy me.Ive lost my rental assistance f4om section 8 and so has my boyfriend.We have never had trouble in this town besides traffic tickets but this debacle takes the cake! I’m tired of being humiliated month after month by Gloria and her no good husband and I want to do something about it!!! Respectfully submitted, Audrea Lambert.I swear there all in kahoots and the need To atone for there unlawfull acts 518-844-8344 or Facebook under my name AudreA Lambert. Please contact me regarding this mess.


    • carol smith

      October 6, 2016 at 1:46 am

      call legal aid, ask them!!! sounds like harassment to me by REFUSING your request. Call the State Police, talk to them and REPORT the Ravena behavior.


  3. Audrea Lambert

    March 28, 2015 at 2:33 am

    I’ve been going in front of Warner for 2 lousy misdemeanor, s since July 29 th 2014.I’ve pled guilty been fined 200 dollars in court costs plus an additional 50 dollars for a DNA sample. I’ve followed his orders to attend drug counciling witch have been accompanying my drug test results..My problem with Half Warner is he has me come back to court every month since then with the last date of march 25,2015.My public defender has done absolutely nothing for me,rather quite the opposite.I spent 29 days in jail for these 2 charges because the Warners were on vacation. I’ve never been to jail in my life and all I want this asshole to do is stop harrasing me.He takes the counseling report as the holy grail concerning me but this bum that’s writing them has never even met me.I go to one of his underling’s and she and I get a lot done when I’m there.She has spoken to me on numerous occasions. She writes out a letter of report which is fair and accurate and then her supervisor rewrites the letter to the judge in a very unflattering light.



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