New Coeymans Town Board: First six months…Same old same old

05 Apr

Town of Coeymans Voters Thought They were Shifting the Power Balance in Favor of Positive Change last November



Given the chance for freedom, to escape from its confinement in a fishbowl, Coeymans opts to go back to where it was.

The basic problem with the candidates running for local elected office who are available to choose from whether we are voting for the members on the board of education or the town board, or even our judges, is the fact that they are ignorant or just plain uneducated. They have little or no vision because they, well, are popular because they are, simply put, local yokals (townie, local hick, hillbilly). The other group of local candidates come from the self-invented sophisticated upper class in local society: this means, simply put, the suits in the town or the village. These are the locals who are yokals but walk and talk like they’re not. They prance around like they’re better educated, have better jobs, bigger houses, etc. They’re the ones who run the committees and create the cliques. But the local yokals and the pseudo-sophistates are all one and the same stuff where the rubber hits the road, when you scrutinize performance. They have no vision, they get really nasty when criticized, and all they can do is reinvent wheels. And you wonder why nothing changes.

The local communities of Ravena, Coeymans, Selkirk, New Baltimore and beyond have no excuse for accepting the rubbish being offered by the RCS CSD board of education, by the village councils and the town boards, by the Coeymanazi police department. Why?  Because this blog has kept you all informed of what’s going on behind the scenes. We have not spoon fed you lies and propaganda like the local media and rags have done. We are not beholden to the crooks and the conspirators, the corrupt officials and police. We tell it like it really is and you get the information you deserve. But you have to participate, too. You have to comment, you have to start seeing beyond the smoke screens, you have to start attending the village, town and board of education meetings. You can’t continue to leave it to a few who have carried the burden for you for so long in the past. You have to get off your flat asses and participate if you want to see things change.

progress in coeymans

Our recent polls forecast the outcomes of three local elections that promised to usher in postitive change in our communities: Coeymans, New Baltimore, and Ravena. We didn’t run a poll on the last RCS CSD board of education because we thought it was a shoe in: the Latter-Hyslop-Brown gang was so obviously partisan and in cahoots with the teachers union that we didn’t imagine that voters would be so stupid to vote them in. But they were that stupid and we misjudged them. Now RCS is stuck with a special interest packed board of education that is loyal to the union and has all but eliminated the public from its decision-making process. The decisions are made in closed sessions and the public meetings may last 20 minutes, if that. Most people interested in attending refuse to spend more time traveling to the meetings than the meetings last. The big problem then is this: The RCS CSD board of education has fixed it so that they can do what they want and when there’s an uproar they can say “You had the chance to attend the public meetings but didn’t.” Pretty underhanded way to eliminate public participation in their scandalous and underhanded practices. But it seems to be working. You’ve handed it over to them and now you are paying and your kids are the victims, suffering, geting a substandard education in failing schools while the teachers are getting enhancements and outrageous salaries for doing everything but effective teaching. More than three quarters of the multi-million dollar school budget goes to salaries. Did you know that?

screwed1And now we not only have police in our schools disguised as necessary security (where were the teachers, teachers aids, etc.). Well, apparently the police officer assigned to the high-school is also providing sexual favors to a wrestling coach. And now we also have the Police State entering RCS CSD schools with police and police dogs searching students’ lockers while the kids are in class. What’s the effect on all of this on the students? What do they think about all of this? Do you think this sort of treatment is having a positive effect on them? Or is it part of a larger plan to zombify them in preparation for adulthood. Yes, parents, give them electronic toys, de-parent them, turn them over to failing schools, and let local law enforcement deal lthe death blow to their self-respect and dignity. And you go and do your own thing; you deserve your perosnal time because, after all, you’re paying your taxes and you expect that your kids will get what you’re paying for. Guess what? They are. Just like YOU: SCREWED!

Here’s an example: Our polls indicate that 85% of local residents want to see the Coeymans police department eliminated. That’s the best information we have because there’s no other information available. The Coeymans town board has no clue what is going on in the town or what YOU or anyone ouside of the town hall wants. George Langdon, a newly elected Coeymans town board member, appears to be a clone of the outgoing Tom Boehm and Dawn Rogers. Langdon, Flach and the rest of the sitting Coeymans town board are actually listening to Coeymanazi p.d. chief Gregory Darlington proposing increasing full-time Coeymans police officers and increasing his useless police department’s police power in Coeymans. They want to upgrade equipment, they want to hire new cops, the want to replace part-timers with full-timers, they want new vehicles. The taxpayers in the town of Coeymans, a town of less than 8,000 residents, is paying more than $1million to support a police department that is as corrupt as they come, and the town of Coeymans board is actually listening to arch-crook Darlington ask for more personnel and more money and equipment!

Here’s what the News Herald reports them to have said in a recent budget meeting (“Police chief looking to shift focus to full-time officers,” Ravena News Herald, April 3, 2014):

“Police chief Gregory Darlington wants to trim overtime expenses and improve service…by shifting focus to more full-time rather than part-time officers, and investing in technology for long-term benefits.”

But Darlington doesn’t explain how this will happen nor does the News Herald explain How? That’s because it’s all baloney! Or in plain English, bullshit!

Darlington then goes on to say, “we are already down three part-time positions ans we are anticipatient two more openings very soon (in the communications division).”

Dawn LaMountain, Darlington’s “confidential secretary” also has input on how to spend taxpayer money. LaMountain says, “I would like to canvas and hire five so that we hit the ground running. It keeps the overtime down.” Who in hell is LaMountain to be talking about hiring “five” (five what?). Since when is Darlington’s secretary making hiring decisions, determining how to keep costs down, influencing budgeting decisions. Where are the numbers? Where are  the data?

Here’s the clincher, though: Our study indicates that 85% of residents want to eliminate the Coeymans police department; word on the street is even higher. Our study indicates a very high majority want to turn over law enforcement to the Albany County Sheriff and the New York State Police, who already have responsibility for the town of Coeymans and are already being paid for. Yet we’re still discussing funding the Coeymans police department to the tune of more than $1million, hiring new full-time personnel, updating technology, etc. Town board member George Langdon (who is apparently a democrat dressed up as a Republican) apparently suppports the Coeymans police department depite popular outrage and notes that “funding was already available” (From where, may we ask, Mr Langdon?) and “There is a net zeo impact to the budget.” This means that Mr Langdon doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. It makes not sense logically and there are not fixed and firm numbers to substantiate Langdon’s outrageous misstatement. The bill to Town of Coeymans taxapayers for another year of Coeymanazi p.d. is at least $1million. That’s $1million that could and should be invested in something that is not duplicated expense, and the Coeymans police department is a duplicated expense.

Math genius Gregory Darlington, the same Gregory Darlington who had to take the police chief examination three times before he passed it, tells the Coeymans town board that his personnel magic will save the town $7,500 annually. Now compare that to the proposal made by the Albany County Sheriff Department to take over Coeymans law enforcement with a local Sheriff’s Department satellite station in Coeymans town hall, with local officers and vehicle presence that would save the town of Coeymans more than $300,000 (Yes! You read right: more than three hundred thousand dollars annually and we’d still have local officers and vehicles but wearing Sheriff’s deputy uniforms and driving sheriff-marked cars.) DUH! Compare an annual law enforcement budget proposed by Darlington of more than $1million to a budget of about $500,000. Compare Darlington’s proposed annual savings of $7,500 to the at least $300,000 in the Sheriff’s proposed plan if the Coeymans p.d. is eliminated.  Does anyone not understand this?

Coeymans police sargeant Ryan Johnson a.k.a. PsychoCop says it all when he explains the benefits of changing to 12-hour shifts. Johnson reasons: “You have a lot more time to do a full patrol…and you get an extra six or seven days off a month.” Now let’s look at that comment. Yes, PsychoC. with a 12 hour shift you do have more time to do a patrol than a 7.5 or 8-hour shift or even a 10-hour shift. We can’t argue that math. But then Johnson’s real interest comes out when he states that they will get “an extra six or seven days off a month.” So who benefits from all of this? Taxpayers? Hell no!

Coeymans Town Supervisor Stephen Flach is a major disappointment and a real jellyfish!

Coeymans Town Supervisor Flach A Jellyfish and a Disappointment

Coeymans Town Supervisor Flach
A Jellyfish and a Disappointment

Supervisor Flach is a real disappointment. We gave him the benefit of doubt for being ineffective as a leader when we theorized that the majority on the board were opponents and stymying his real efforts. It appears he’s just a weak leader and sucks anything you put into his mouth. Previously actively pursuing the plan to eliminate the Coeymans p.d. and entering into active discussions with the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, Flach now seems to be caving to the police-lobby in town hall, apparently led by George Langdon. According to Flach as quoted in the News Herald article, he says, “My only concern is that the police department has enough full timers that we can get rid of the overtime.” Flach, you’re a major disappointment and a real jellyfish! If that’s your only concern regarding the Coeymans police department you need to take a walk!

 And then we have our resident card-carrying Christian who objects to the “X” in Xmas (not being Christian enough to know that the X stands for “Christ” in the Greek Christos) who in his usual ignorant and misguided eloquence is incorrectly described by Bryan Rowzee as working “in the medical profession.” Masti is a freakin’ nurse. Maybe he works in healthcare but he’s not a “medical professional” which would mislead the reader to possibly understand Masti to be a physician. Just say Masti’s a nurse and avoid any misunderstandings. But that’s not the point we’re trying to make here. Masti adds his two cents in the NH article by saying, “Trust me, I am a big fan of 12-hour shifts.” Comparing apples with oranges seems to be a habit on the Coeymans town board (like kissing Coeymans p.d. ass is): A 12-hour shift in nursing is quite different from a 12-hour shift in law enforcement, Mr Masti. Having read Masti’s letters to the editor in the past (He actually gets them published regularly in the News Herald. That should tell you something about Masti.) and reading some of his statements made as a Coeymans town councilman, I would really like to know where he’s a nurse…so I can stay clear of the place and ensure no one in my family is ever treated there. I have serious concerns about Mr Masti’s mental status.

The “C” in Coeymans town council stands for “Caver”. After all is said and done, Coeymans residents, citizens and voters are getting another shafting by their elected officials. This report on the budget and the crazy, idiotic statements made by Coeymanazi police chief Gregory Darlington, PsychoCop Ryan Johnson and others on the Coeymans town board should alert Coeymans that they need to be brought back on track because they have derailed (AGAIN!). They are still in the same rut as a year ago and are spinning their wheels. Watch George Langdon very closely, too, because he’s a slippery snake. Flach is a jellyfish and folds at every opportunity. Masti is an idiot. So there’s a majority on the Coeymans town board. Lord help us!

Coeymans, Your X-rays are In You're being screwed!

Coeymans, Your X-rays are In
You’re being screwed!

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance.

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2 responses to “New Coeymans Town Board: First six months…Same old same old

  1. Concerned Citizen

    April 8, 2014 at 11:23 am

    If the New York State Police take over the town, the response time for an emergency will greatly increase. If you call 911 for a robbery in progress, it may be 10-15 minutes before a cop shows up. Citizens need to be aware of this before choosing to remove the C.P.D.


    • RCS Confidential

      April 10, 2014 at 6:43 am

      We are publishing this reader’s misguided and inaccurate comment to demonstrate that even now such thinking goes on in Coeymans. It’s embarassing.

      We have asked Concerned Citizen (There are two indiviudals using this pseudonym on this blog. We have confirmed them to be different persons.) to provide facts and not just an opinion concocted out of local fairy tales. We feel the the Coeymans p.d., given the corruption and misconduct rampant in the department, is not equipped to respond adequately and efficiently to a call for assistance. Moreover, Concerned Citizen is apparently misinformed because he is obviously gauging his response time from within Ravena-Coeymans. A 10-15 minute response time is impossible to outlying areas of the Town of Coeymans. Actually, the New York State Police and the Albany County Sheriff’s deputies are on patrol in the outlying areas of the Town of Coeymans while the on-duty officers of the Coeymans p.d. are generally all crowded in the Coeymans p.d. offices or hiding at the edge of Ravena-Coeymans, most probably on Route 144, near the entrances to the port of Coeymans.

      No, Concerned Citizen, you have your head in the clouds or somewhere darker and moister if you think you’ve made a point in favor of the Coeymans p.d.

      Thanks anyway,

      The Editor



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