Bruno Doesn’t Realize He’s Not Mayor Anymore: Asking for donations for centennial!

28 Mar

You have to admit, ex-mayor of Ravena, John T. Bruno, may have old-man balls but he does have a big pair. In fact, he’s got the balls to have sent out a letter to Ravena residents begging for money to fund the Bruno-Warren-Deluca centennial events, events conjured up by his crooked administration and the crooks he surrounded himself with.



Ex-mayor of the village of Ravena, John T. Bruno, recently sent out an undated letter to Ravena residents in which he acts as though he were still mayor of Ravena. Poor senile bastard is having a hard time letting go of his office keys and doesn’t know that technically he’s not mayor any more and has to start cooling his rejected jets. What’s even more pitiful is that Bruno doesn’t seem to realize that the jig is up! The world knows about his corruption and his crooked administration, and about his lackeys Nancy Warner and Cathy Deluca, both of whom are going to be back on the street, but who also can’t seem to grasp that their days in village hall are numbered. They still think that they have Bruno’s threats and strongarm tactics to keep them in their playpens at taxpayer expense.

While Nancy Warner is a trustee and should be doing her job for which she was elected, she’s got her hooked nose in everything else. But that’s Nancy Warner, never could mind her own business. But now that her pimp is out of office, she’s going to be very lonely—she’s already kissing and cudling up to mayor-elect Bill Misuraca, hoping to cast off the Bruno stench and make new allies. If mayor-elect Misuraca falls for it he’s going to be a disappointment. Clean house completely Misuraca. Take no prisoners. Leave one standing and you’ll find the knife in your back. Look what happened in New Baltimore with the leftovers from the O’Rorke gang!

And what’s Cathy Deluca doing chairing a centennial committee when her playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center can’t get enough members to break even? Why isn’t she concentrating every minute of every day ensuring that Ravena taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars are paying off? Of course not, Deluca’s a greedy bitch who gets her rocks off grabbing everything in sight, contaminating it with Deluca stench, and then leaving it to die a slow death, while she does the cellulite jiggle all the way to the bank! Now after she’s done her damage with the support of ex-mayor John Bruno and his bitch, Nancy Warner, Deluca wants to manage the centennial celebrations down to hell and beyond, putting her stamp on it. Our question is this: What’s in it for Cathy Deluca. There has to be something to steal or grab somewhere!

So we really had to rush to the bathroom when we read this part of the Bruno begging letter (read or download the entire letter New letter from Bruno WTF[2]):

As you can imagine planning and coordinating all of these activities require a lot of effort on the part of a number of volunteers. In addition to the effort needed to provide these activities it also requires that some additional money is spent to bring this celebration to our community. The village Board has made provision in its budget to meet some of these costs, but we cannot let all of the cost fall to the taxpayers. Some of the events, such as the Gala will allow us to charge a ticket fee to attend. However others such as the Parade and are true community events and no fee can or will be charged. With this in mind we are seeking sponsors to assist us in meeting the costs of this once in a lifetime celebration.

Bruno continues to think that village of Ravena taxpayers and residents are as stupid as they were two years ago, before this blog started exposing the crooks and their vile corruption. The proposed budget for 2014-15 includes $11,000 for “Celebrations” (page 9, item 7550.44). In the Adjusted Budget for 2013-14, $6,000 was allocated for “celebrations,” and while we can’t remember any “celebrations” we do remember some events associated with the illegal Ravena Health and Fitness Center that were probably paid for with that “celebrations” money. So add about $6,000 to the $105,000 already allocated to Cathy Deluca’s playpen, because we didn’t see any celebrations last year in Ravena.

And then Bruno goes on to talk about how the village needs “Sponsors” to cover the cost of the centennial celebrations. You really want to laugh out loud when you read this crap because if Bruno hadn’t done his best to drive residents and business out of Ravena, he wouldn’t have to beg for sponsors. They’d be there on Main Street! Ask Mr Nunziato (Halfway House) about that!

But this paragraph really makes you sick to your stomach:

 For additional information on the events or if you are interested in working with the committee on any of the other events please contact, Committee Chair Cathy Deluca at the Ravena Health and Fitness Center at Village Hall , 15 Mountain Road, Ravena, NY 12143,518,756.5544 or

Can you believe this, Spock?

Can you believe this, Spock?

What a slap in the face of Ravena residents and taxpayers! He’s shoving Cathy Deluca and the Ravena Health and Fitness Center down residents’ throats as “Committee Chair” of the centennial events! Let’s make this suggestion to Mr Bruno: Cathy Deluca has milked the village of Ravena for $30,000 a year plus benefits. The word on the street is that Bruno handed Cathy Deluca a playpen called the Ravena Health and Fitness Center as a reward for some favors done by her or her husband, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, a former employee of the Coeymans police department. We can’t even start to imagine the corruption that was going on to get Cathy Deluca another health club to run and fail. Then Bruno and his monkeys on the Ravena village board spent more than $40,000 in taxpayer dollars on used fitness equipment bought from a friend of Village Hall, and allocated more than $105,000 in the 2013-14 village budget to run Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center. The 2014-15 proposed budget allocates another more than $105,000 to run the Fitness Center and even gives Cathy Deluca a $900 pay raise. We don’t understand this waste of taxpayer money for several reasons: (1) the Fitness Center is losing money, (2) the Fitness Center isn’t getting members to offset the cost of running it, (3) the 2014-15 proposed budget actually shows that the Fitness Center is expected to operate more than $50,000 in the red in 2014-15, (4) the Village Proposed Budget for 2014-15 shows that the Village doesn’t expect the Fitness Center to break even in the budget period, (5) the Fitness Center doesn’t pay any rent to the Village for the space it occupies, nor is there any evidence it pays for utilities or for insurance. So here’s our suggestion to Mr ex-mayor John Bruno when he writes that he needs money for the community celebration of the 100 years of incorporation of the Village of Ravena:

    • Fire Cathy Deluca and you’ll save at least $30,000 more for the celebrations
    • Close the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and you’ll save at least another $50,000-$105,000
    • Sell the used fitness equipment you purchased from Bob Fisk for $40,000 and you’ll probably have to go in the hole to cover the costs of carting the junk equipment away
    • Get rid of the Ravena Village Court and you’ll save at least $85,000 (Hal Warner’s salary is $15,948 and the justice clerk makes more than $40,000; the part-time clerk makes more than $12,000. That’s more than $67,000 in savings right there!)
    • Return some of the money your administration has either stolen or squandered or paid to insiders (did we mention Michael Biscone or Gregory Teresi?) and we could probably renovate all of Main Street, Ravena, and have plenty to spare!

 Now there’s a sensible plan for funding the community celebrations that Mr Bruno’s feeble-minded letter does not propose. Ravena voters have taken a major step in the direction of revitalizing the Village of Ravena without having to resort to begging: Voters got rid of John Bruno, Martin Case, and Rocco Persico. There’s still a lot of pest control to be done in Ravena Village Hall and voters can clean up Nancy Warner and Bill Bailey in the next elections, or they could avoid the embarassment and humiliation of losing the elections by simply resigning now. Mayor-elect Misuraca and the new Village board majority can take the bull by the horns and clean up the rest of the dead wood and garbage in Village Hall and eliminate the money pits like Cathy Deluca’s playpen and Nancy and Hal Warner’s playpen, the Ravena Village Court. That would be a really good start.

Maybe if Bruno and his Coeymanazi friends hadn’t persecuted, harassed, and intimidated the Greater Coeymans Ravena Area Community Business Group and the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activity Center things might have turned out less noxious and maybe even a bit rosier. But …

Ex-mayor John Bruno Practices for New Job Ex-mayor of Ravena is applying to Maylasian Airlines as 777 pilot. The Editor

Ex-mayor of Ravena, John Bruno,  Practices for New Job
Ex-mayor of Ravena is applying to Malaysia Airlines as a 777 pilot, but can’t remember where he left the plane!
The Editor

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“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

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