From the Judge Himself: Coeymans Judge Resigns, Insider Exposes Corruption

24 Mar

Coeymans Town Justice and acting Ravena Village Justice Phillip Crandall Resigns and Exposes Corruption in the Coeymans Police Department, the Coeymans Town Court, and in sitting Coeymans Board Members! Forced to Resign but Goes Public.




When reporting on corruption, harassment, and intimidation involving local government, local police, and local courts it sometimes feels like we’re fighting city hall. Sometimes it might even look like we are grinding axes for some poor bastards. But when an insider, a local politician and a sitting judge gets railroaded because he’s not a company boy and is rocking the boat, and when that insider goes public with his insider knowledge and experiences: That’s news. But when the insider-turned-informer actually confirms what we’ve been writing about and exposing on this blog, well…THAT”S GREAT! Judge Phillip Crandall may have been forced to resign by some unidentified “complainant” who didn’t like what Crandall had to say, and decided Crandall had to go, but now Crandall has gone public with insider information that confirms everything we have been saying all along about how the Coeymans police department operates and how Coeymans insiders are getting special treatment both by the Coeymans cops and by the Coeymans courts. It also points to the Coeymans town board as being accomplices in the illegal activity by not doing a damned thing to correct the criminal activities going on in the Coeymans police department and with some people who think that they are special and above the law. Here’s the story:

Judge Phillip Crandall

Judge Phillip Crandall

Mr Crandall was apparently targeted before the November 2013 elections that removed the majority of corrupt Coeymans town board members. In that election, two very close friends of the Coeymans police department, Thomas Boehm and Dawn Rogers, were ousted from the Coeymans town board, leaving only Tom Dolan to watch the Coeymanazi p.d.’s back and keep Gregory Darlington out of hot water. The November 2013 elections changed all that and Darlington’s ace-in-the-hole vaporized. Now Darlington is totally exposed and so is the Coeymans p.d.’s criminal activity. Ever wonder why “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca got out real quick? The public’s told he “resigned/retired”but we think there’s more behind that story. We’ll find out. Now we hear that old Dirty-Hands Jerry is working for the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs! Do they know what a snake they have hired?

First Kerry Thompson, Darlington’s brother-in-law and hireling, is pulled out of Coeymans by the Albany County Sheriff and given a desk job, then the elections, Deluca resigns, is there something in the air? Trouble for the Coeymans p.d.?

Well, back to Crandall. Unlike George Dardiani, the unethical company boy, team-player town justice who is an insider with the RCS Central School District mob (he was food services manager at the high school, so Dardiani can count on the support of the RCS-nazis, and his wife is a retired school nurse). Dardiani plays the political game and knows how to take orders from his supporters, so you can well imagine the kind of justice he metes out. During the 2012 school board elections he committed a serious violation of ethics and a formal complaint was filed with the New York State Unified Court System’s Commission on Judicial Conduct. The complaint was fully documented with photographic evidence and cited a number of sections of the Judicial Code of Ethics (New York State Judicial Law) but the complaint was dismissed with no action taken. Not even a warning! But that was a different time, wasn’t it? The democraps were holding the winning hands almost uniformly throughout the region. As long as Dardiani obeyed orders, he was safe and the Albany county democrap machine would protect him. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

It's Already Started Anyone notice Nancy Warner kissing up to mayor-elect Misuraca?

It’s Already Started
Anyone notice Nancy Warner kissing up to mayor-elect Misuraca, just after the Elections? They never stop! Will Misuraca cave?

Same is true of sock puppet village justice Harold “Hal” Warner, Ravena “trustee” Nancy Warner’s husband, and close friend of the Delucas (Cathy Deluca runs the illegal money pit the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, an anal child of ex-mayor John Bruno and Nancy Warner). So you can see the conspiracy and collusion that’s was going on between the Village of Ravena under John Bruno and the corruption in the Coeymans police department and the Coeymans town board. Crandall was in the middle of it all, witnessing what was going on in Ravena and what was going on in Coeymans. If he had an ounce of ethics and integrity, which it appears he did, he probably opened his mouth once too often and so they decided to get rid of him.

Think of it this way: The pre-November 2013 Coeymans town board is protecting the Coeymans police department and getting favors in return. We know about Tom Dolan’s son who has a drug problem but we never hear about it in the police blotter or in the local media. Ever wonder why? And what about Dawn Rogers’ daughter’s drinking problems and the DWIs? Not a peep, right? And Dawn LaMountains’ (she’s Coeymans p.d. chief Darlingtons “confidential secretary.”) sons’ speeding and property damage to local residents’ property? Or what about the campaign sign vandalism in which police department kids were involved? Why did all that get swept under the table? Well, when Tom Boehm, Dawn Rogers and Tom Dolan were on the Coeymans town board, all the insiders were getting special treatment by the Coeymans police department and the Coeymans town court.

Now look at the special situation of Ravena and the Coeymans police department. Ever wonder why John Bruno and Nancy Warner, supported by the other two lackies, now ex-trustees, Martin Case and Rocco Persico, handed Cathy Deluca a new playpen called the Ravena Health and Fitness Center? Ever wonder why they got all generous with taxpayer money to put Cathy Deluca in her new playpen, get her a non-competitive civil service classification, give her a starting salary of $30,000 a year plus complete benefits, and get this, the new Ravena budget gives Cathy Deluca a $900 pay raise (and the 2014-2015 Ravena Proposed Budget allocates another $105,000 to support the Ravena Health and Fitness Center! If mayor-elect Bill Misuraca and his new village council let that happen, they all need to be lynched!). Cathy Deluca has no qualifications and has already managed at least two fitness clubs into failure! The Ravena Health and Fitness Center is losing money and the projected figures in the 2014-15 Ravena budget actually shows the RHFC will be operating in the RED by more than $50,000 in 2014-15!!!! It’s not getting the members it needs to even come close to breaking even, it pays no rent or utilities ao add rent losses and utility bills to the losses! (The RCS Community library, which was rushed out of that space by Bruno and Warner paid rent at least!)

Why the special treatment for Cathy Deluca? Ever think that maybe something was going on between the Bruno mafia, Ravena village hall, and the Coeymans police department and somebody had to get paid off? Like when bully-cop Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca was “investigator” in the Coeymans police department and had access to privileged and confidential police records and files? How about that for political cash!

And ever wonder why Cathy Deluca was never investigated and charged for falsely reporting an incident? Or why Coeymans police officer Jason Albert was never disciplined for obstruction of justice? Why wasn’t Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and RCS teacher and union rep Matt Miller arrested for harassing and threatening a woman speaker at a RCS school board meeting? Or why citizens’ complains just vaporize when they hit Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlingtons’ desk? Or why certain things make the local media, the democrap rag the Albany Times Useless and the local village hall newsletter calling itself the Ravena News Herald?

throw them underDid you know that Ravena village trustee Nancy Warner, ex-mayor Bruno’s bitch, oversees the Ravena village court…the court where Harold “Hal” Warner is judge? Now isn’t that cozy? Nancy Warner is so far up John Bruno’s arse she can count his fillings. Nancy Warner is in bed with Cathy Deluca. Cathy Deluca is married to former Coeymans p.d. cop Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, who is Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington’s pet snake, Darlington is doing favors for Coeymans board members and their families, keeping them off the police blotter, and Coeymans town justice George Dardiani is a sock puppet, playing the game and taking his orders. Former Coeymans board members Tom Boehm and Dawn Rogers, and sitting board member Tom Dolan make certain that the town board doesn’t take any adverse action against the Coeymans p.d. and the Coeymans town court makes certain that any crimes committed by insiders or their family members are “negotiated” down to charges of “parking on the sidewalk.”

We’ve been writing about all this and more but now it is being confirmed by a Coeymans town judge who was also an acting Village of Ravena judge, an insider with firsthand knowledge! Isn’t it interesting how it all comes out once the tower of corruption starts to crumble? All it takes is a bad move by the puppet-masters and the shit hits the proverbial fan. That’s exactly what’s happening now.

Think about it: Voters in THREE regional local elections, Coeymans, New Baltimore and Ravena, have tossed out long-standing elected officials and put in new majorities. Ravena made the loudest statement by dumping mayor John Bruno who had 6 terms as mayor under his belt, and a virtual strangle-hold on the village of Ravena, and was choking the village to death. Voters are sick and tired of the lies, the favoritism and the corruption and are growing the cojones to change things…at least at the local level. But that’s where all change has to start: locally. And this blog has been an important force in making that change because we report on what you don’t hear in the News Channel 10 or read in the Albany Times Useless or the Ravena News Herald. The reason: NOBODY OWNS US!

Now, back to Crandall, again… Someone with some political influence back in early or mid-2013 filed a complaint with the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, and the Commission, a politically appointed board, actually went ahead with an investigation and ultimately found Coeymans town justice and acting Ravena village justice, Phillip Crandall, guilty and recommended that he be removed from the bench and never run for judicial office again. Crandall says he would have fought the decision but was already $4,000 in the hole and decided not to fight it because he couldn’t afford it (sound familiar?). BUT, Crandall decided to go public with what he knew, at least as far as the charges against him were concerned, and you can read all about that in the local rags. What we’re interested in is what he’s not telling and the rest of what he knows.

But there’s still the question of whether Crandall would have come forward with all of this out of a sense of integrity and loyalty to the Constitution he swore to defend, and in defense of the people who voted for him, if he hadn’t been on the receiving end of his cronies treachery? We mustn’t forget that when he was elected, he was actually trained by that crook and corrupt Albany ex-cop, Hal Warner, so that doesn’t say much for ol’ Phily, does it? Did he come forward ony because he has an axe to grind now that they’ve put a knife deeply into his back? We’ll probably never know the answer to that one but we still have Crandall to milk for more information.

Not Gonna Happen Anymore! We're going after them all!

Not Gonna Happen Anymore!
We’re going after them all!

You see, dear readers, there are a number of Notices of Claim still pending that can turn into some lawsuits that can do some real damage when they’re filed. Those lawsuits directly affect the village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans and misconduct of town and village employees, elected officials, and the Coeymans police department. When the previous crooks were in office, it was an uphill battle just to get information but now the scene has changed. Not only are the gatekeepers voted out and new people are in, people who can make things happen, but now we have a disgruntled former judge who has been screwed by the democrap machine, including crooked New York State Supreme Court Judge Joseph Teresi’s own son, Gregory Teresi, who is a village and town prosecutor (that dolt David Wukitsch is the inept town attorney, even though the town of New Baltimore’s new board had the sense to fire his ass!). Judge, now Mr Phillip Crandall, by going public with his insider information regarding his knowledge acquired while a judge has waived any claim to confidentiality and can now be called on to give testimony in other issues, especially the issues relating to the Town of Coeymans and the misconduct and criminal activity of the Coeymans police department and its employees, especially chief Gregory Darlington and ex-investigator Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca!

Just think of the information that will now become available now that the wall-of-silence has been cracked and the raw sewerage is leaking out! Just think about how we now have the opportunity to uncover the hidden connections between the crooks in Ravena village hall, the Delucas connection between village and town, the dirty favors and conspiracies that have been hatched. Just think about it for a moment! Now we have an insider who has cracked and someone who knows about the deals made in Coeymans town hall, the Coeymans police department, Ravena village hall, the confidential information that was violated, the civil rights violations, the laws that were broken, the obstruction of justice. All the crooks and criminals and all the criminal acts that were being paid for by Town of Coeymans and Village of Ravena taxpayers. All that was needed was for one insider to feel he got screwed by his buddies and … Well, this development is more than we could have wished for!

This development will no doubt reach some high places in Albany and will also get some sneaky bastards in New York State departments in some hot water, too. We’re thinking specifically of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and some of their questionable activities locally with zoning issues, waterways, etc. the Albany County Planning Board and local planning boards will likely also be scrutinized, like Laverne “Larry” Conrad’s (Coeymans code enforcement), Carver’s, Michael J. Biscone, and others’ cover-ups. The Coeymans police department and its former and present employees will have to answer some very sticky questions about violations of constitutional law, civil rights violations, hiring practices, abuse of public office and, worst of all, the many cases of obstruction of justice. The glaring examples have already been mentioned above but bear mentioning again: failing apprehend, to charge or to prosecute village and town officials or their family members for crimes committed, but violating other citizens’ rights with impunity! Not only the Department of Environmental Conservation (village of Ravena waste water and sewerage, the Camille Lane properties that buried protected waterway (Laverne Conrad and Michael Biscone, etc.)  but also the New York State Unified Court System (disciplines judges (only when convenient): Dardiani? Warner?), the Committee on Professional Conduct of the Third Appellate Division (disciplines attorneys: what about the glaring conflicts of interest of Gregory Teresi, David Wukitsch, Micheal J. Biscone?!? ), the New York State Office of the Attorney General, the New York State Comptroller’s Office (audits the village and the town and has overlooked corrupt practices like Nancy Warner overseeing her own husband’s court!)

When the shit hits the fan, the Albany County Sheriff, Craig Apple, who is a democrap lackey will be useless, since he’s got his own skeletons that are scratching their way out of the closet and likely to become full-fledged brain-eating zombies (who’ll probably starve in Albany because of the lack of brains), that may play havoc on his re-election chances. We can’t think of a single New York State Supreme Court judge in Albany who isn’t politically tainted or just plain corrupt who could hear any of the cases, so they’ll probably have to go out of county. The Albany County DA is corrupt and incompetent, he’s simply a token person-of-color (he’s not really African-American, since he’s from Cape Verde, West Africa) to carry the Albany democrap party on the race card, he’s a criminal who should be prosecuted like yesterday. We are still wondering where the local Albany field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, and their local special agent, Mr Andrew Vale is checking in on all of this. He can’t be all that sharp if he’s assigned to backwater Albany, and certainly has been a real dunce when it comes to apprehending or prosecuting any local corruption or obstruction of justice. If Andrew Vale were on the ball, he’d have cleaned out the Coeymans police department long ago, but he hasn’t yet. Seems all local law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts will do is go after the poor bastard who can’t afford a proper defense; they can’t even do that right without harassment, intimidation, violating constitution law and civil rights, either. But we already knew that, Crandall is only confirming it from the inside.

But only if you let it

But only if you let it

Thank you! Mr Phillip Crandall. You’ll be hearing from us and others very soon. Of that you can be certain!

Citizens! Voters! Neighbors! We’re on a roll now! Don’t lose your momentum!

Take our poll “Eliminate the Coeymans Police Department”.

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Keep the ball rolling! The Editor

Keep the ball rolling!
The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

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16 responses to “From the Judge Himself: Coeymans Judge Resigns, Insider Exposes Corruption

  1. Michele

    October 29, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    I too have suffered at the hands of Coeymans Police Department. I being a resident, my employer called in a complaint that he heard abusive threats from my ex-boyfriend that he was going to ruin my life. I was calling in to work, because ex refused to leave my home. Coeymans police let him stay the night in my home. The next morning leaving he stole my keys. No arrest. I never heard from the ADA on the aggravated harassment charges nor as the victim, the outcome of the case. Next he was arrested for larceny from me. It was proveable. He was arrested. All I ever heard about this, was when I was called because after a year, the judge ordered the ex to return my property and I was to report to the police station. I told the officer I was scared to see this ex, please I don’t want to be near him. I was told I had to. When I got to the station, I was forced to sit next to this person who abused me. After that, I was told to go out to the parking lot, the officer let my ex throw my property he stole on the ground and I had to pick it up, in a dress. I was so shaken and upset, I could barely sign the form. Why? I am the one paying taxes. That is another thing, raised my taxes 50K in one year, with no property changes, and have photos to prove it. I just got some courage to implore the ADA, who never once, contacted me the victim of these crimes for a statement. Not once. Not even with recording that is not mine of his abuse. My belief is it has something to do with his ties to Schenectady and a certain investigator who works both here and Schenectady. How is that even possible? Anyway, I live here, hate it, and pay my inflated taxes, with the worst police force. What kind of officer lets what happened, happen. I was so upset I just pretty much hid from what happened, and wondered what else would be done to me. I wish there was someone to investigate my claims.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 29, 2014 at 7:00 pm

      Hi, Michele:
      Thank you very much for your comment. We think you should re-post it under the article “Coeymans “Has a New Police Chief…” because we think it’s more relevant to what Chief Peter McKenna has to deal with now that he’s in the chief’s position.

      We agree, there’s been a heap of injustice and unfairness in Coeymans and we’ve been very outspoken about it and what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s very refreshing to see that residents are finally taking notice and rethinking the situation and how they don’t have to put up with the crap any more.

      It’s disgraceful that a law enforcement officer was so abusive and so far from being impartial. That’s one of the things we really need to hit the new chief with. If they want to keep the Coeymans p.d. a hell of a lot is going to have to change; otherwise, the staffing in town hall, especially the elected officials will change…completely. Change is in the air!

      Thank you, Michele!

      The Editor


  2. Roscheem Gray

    June 24, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    [Editor’s Note: We received this request but have been unable to verify the details but feel that if someone has been treated in this way, we’d like to ask the community to help. We do not confirm or deny the details in this comment and assume no responsibility for its accuracy or good faith.]
    My name is Roscheem Gray and I’m currently incarcerated because of the Rogue Coeymans Police. On Oct 11, 2013 I was at work and My Ex-girlfriend December Busch was pulled over on 9N and found in possession of two prescription pills. She was arrested. Johnson and Cross used her house Keys and entered Our apartment in oak brook Manor. They allegedly found more drugs and forced her to sign a consent form. She admitted the drugs were hers. I was still arrested in Albany without a arrest warrant. My 2007 Acura was entered and driven by Gregory Darlington. I have not recieved notification of where or who has possession of my car. At the Polce station I was Assaulted by Gregory Darlington on Video in the booking area. When a friend went to my apartment in Oakbrook Manor my Life’s savings and jewelry were missing. I have not recieved notification that these belongings were seized. I’m currently fighting criminal charges and looking for advice or assistance in filing a civil action against Darlington, Cross and Johnson. Anyone who could possibly assist me, Please contact me at Rocheem Gray 4000 Main Street Troy NY 12180


    • RCS Confidential

      June 26, 2014 at 7:18 pm

      Dear Mr Gray:

      We posted your comment because we feel if you are asking for help in good faith, someone in the community may know something about your case or the circumstances and will come forward. Since we don’t publish commenters’ e-mails or contact information, we are not posting your e-mail. But since you included your contact address in your comment, we did not redact it out.

      Presumably you had an attorney representing you either at your expense or a public defender. That attorney or a licensed attorney in New York is the person to contact for your legal advice. We cannot provide legal advice on this blog. We recommend you contact an attorney for a free consultation on how to proceed with your civil matter.

      Good luck!

      The Editor


  3. Deborah

    March 26, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    i was beaten and raped and ended up in the hosp….coeymans police didn’t think there was enough evidence….police took a lot of pics & so did the hosp….I still have scares today…it haunts me like a nitemare…the person that did this to me, was very good friends with darlington…I asked if I could get all the records on this case, like my statements & pictures….at least copies…and they told me NO !!!..I wonder to this day, if they still have my information….


    • RCS Confidential

      March 26, 2014 at 9:47 pm

      We are not attorneys and are not providing legal advice here but can provide some information on the process as we understand it.

      Thank you, Deborah, for your comment. We are really very sorry that you had to go through what you did. Darlington is a dodo and he tries every trick in the book to avoid giving any citizen any information on the Coeymans police activities. His usual excuse is that it’s still under investigation. You are entitled to a copy of the incident report and other information but you’ll have to FOIL it. We would not recommend FOILing the Coeymans police department directly but going through the Coeymans Town Clerk’s office. Get your demand for disclosure under the provisions of the New York State Freedom of Informatoin Law (the Town Clerk will help you with that), file it with the Town Clerk and have her date stamp a copy for your records. Ask the Town Clerk to forward the demand to the Coeymans Police Department. That way, the Town Clerk has a record of receipt of the demand and it won’t get lost in Darlington’s hands.

      We would also recommend you contact the Rape Hotline in Albany and see if they can help you out. Then there’s also the Albany County Crime Victim and Sexual Violence Center. The Crime Victim and Sexual Violence Center ( may be able to help you or point you in the right direction. You’ll need to get all your facts straight with names, dates, cirucmstances, contacts, etc. But you’ll need all that anyway, so you might as well get started making your notes and organizing your facts.

      The first step would be to demand production of all the documents from the Coeymans police department including all incident reports and copies of at least your own interview on CD. You can demand production of everything but in your FOIL demand you will have to be specific and tell them exactly what you want, otherwise you’ll get a runaround. Also, if you were examined in a hospital and you remember which hospital, you should demand your records.

      If you can’t afford an attorney because you are indigent, the Crime victims people may be able to give you information on how to get an attorney to help you. There are attorneys who do what is called pro bono work for agencies like Women Against Rape.

      You have a responsibility to yourself and to the community to see this thing through and to do everything possible to get justice for yourself. No matter what the circumstances, you seem to have a case but the Coeymans police department is notorious for ignoring crime, especially when reported by women.

      Again, we are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advice; we can share with you information we think might be helpful, however.

      Good luck and keep us informed on your progress or any problems you encounter. We can set fires under their asses, as you already know.

      The Editor


      • just me

        March 28, 2014 at 12:01 am

        thank you


      • RCS Confidential

        March 28, 2014 at 12:07 am

        Our pleasure!

        The Editor


  4. yours truely

    March 26, 2014 at 12:04 am

    I had the opportunity to get pulled over by Darlington 6 months ago I was visiting a family member. ONCE THEY SAW ME IN MY TRUCK THEY FOLLOWED ME FROM DROPPING OFF MY FAMILY MEMBER. I had dropped my phone and I was driving Darlington pulled me over and said I swerved into him. Well by the Ghetty in Ravena if I swerved into him he would have been on somebody’s lawn. And so due to the fact I have been in trouble before they pulled me out of the car I had a fractured ankle. I told them this. I am physically disabled deaf in one ear. Darlington made me do a sobriery test standing in my hurt ankle…then corrupt alcoholic Johnson drove by and said “yep he’s high.” And I was arrested. Now, on my paperwork CONTENTO WAS THE ARRESTING OFFICER HE WASN’T ON SCENE AND mind u I’ve been clean and sober for 2 years, and I’m on only 1 medication that never made me sleepy tired or otherwise so deaf. Harassment! Then my blood was taken by a tech in the station. Mo hospital or nurse took my blood….I am still going to court and who do I get? Hal warner now. 4 years ago the coeymans p.d. raided my house they found nothing. In my paper work it says they took a jewelry box with jewelry. THAT WAS MY WIFE’S SHE WAS NEVER INVOLVED. SHE CALLED DARLINGTON. WHEN THE P.D. LOOKED INTO THE EVIDENCE LOCKER NO JEWELRY BOX WAS THERE. MY WIFE’S COWORKERS HAD GIVEN HER THAT JEWELRY A WEEK BEFORE. GOLD SILVER AND JADE AND TURQUOISE WAS JUST SOME OF THE ITEMS. SHE CALLED 2 MORE TIMES. NOBODY KNOWS WHERE IT IS BUT YET IT SAYS JEWELRY BOX WAS TAKEN ON MY PAPER OF THINGS THEY TOOK. So this needs to to stop and my wife should be compensated for what they took from her. She is a school teacher and doesn’t deserve this why hasn’t Johnson or Cross been arrested for DWI coming home from bars, or fighting while they are drunk. The ONLY GOOD COP IS Officer GALLAGHER HE IS FAIR and the Coeymans p.d. needs to be shut down, and due to their corruption I now have 5 years probation for something I never did just because they never liked me nor my family!


    • RCS Confidential

      March 26, 2014 at 7:17 am

      Thank you for your contribution to the LONG list of violations of civil rights and criminal activity we have been collecting from people in your case or in cases similar to yours. Your case is a bit complicated but the common thread is that your rights were apparently violated by the Coeymans p.d. Several weeks ago we published an article on Coeymans becoming a police state, a place where intimidation and retaliation and harassment ruled supreme. Judge Crandall’s revelations only confirm what we have been reporting and writing about since day 1. The victims’ names may change but the perps’ names seem to be pretty constant in all of the cases: Darlington, Deluca, Johnson. A couple of others do get mentioned but they’re just puppets like Albert and Crosier, for example. Proper record keeping does seem to be a problem with the Coeymans police department and we’re suprised that some oversight agency hasn’t audited the Coeymans p.d. and closed them down. Perhaps that’s something the Coeymans town board can do, once they get a set of balls. As for civil rights violations and ignoring the United States Constitution, well, that’s standard operational procedure at the Coeymans p.d. Again, if the Coeymans town board doesn’t do something about it, they’re enabling it and are just as guilty.
      We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Residents have to go to town meetings and support each other by complaining. Otherwise nothing’s going to get done. Maybe if we get enough people coming forwad with their experiences, we can get a group together and stage a protest at a town board meeting. Then let’s see what the Coeymanazi p.d. will do.

      The Editor


  5. Brian King

    March 25, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    I was set up back when Budweiser’s was open by the black officer, I slept in the parking lot behind Budweiser’s and he stopped me for tail light that was not out. And when he stopped me could not get a reading on the breathalyzer, but had Burns tow my car and take me in anyways and took me in, Then officer Darlington showed up who was at the bar that night and blew in the machine to get a reading and charged me with a false DUI. I had a total of 3 beers that night went to my car about midnight and woke up at 6 am. It was out of my system by then but they set me up cause he had no reason for stopping me. when I picked up my car I had checked the taillights and they were just fine. I guess the bottom line here is that Darlington is corrupt and should not be a chief he should be an inmate instead…


    • RCS Confidential

      March 25, 2014 at 9:42 pm

      We’re always sorry to hear about people who have been victimized by the Coeymanazis and Darlington’s bunch. While the individual is certainly traumatized and demoralized by such corruption, it is the entire community that is a co-victim, because they lose faith in law enforcement in general because a few rotten apples. But the Chinese have a saying that goes: “The fish rots from the head down.” So you can’t blame only a moron like Darlington or his hatchet heads he surrounds himself with. Think of it this way, ex-mayor Bruno lasted so long because he always surrounded himself with people dumber than he was; if someone showed any sign of intelligence, Bruno canned him or her. Intelligence or integrity posed a threat to Bruno’s survival. The same is true of Darlington. Sure, Darlington’s a moron, a stupid animal that wallows in his own muck. But even the stupid animal known as Gregory Darlington doesn’t want anyone smarter or more evil than him around; that’s why he surrounds himself with rejects and dregs. (1) he can intimidate his own people, (2) they are so stupid or psychopathic that they are zombiesl, (3) they are there because they can’t get a job anywhere else and they want to collect a pension. The problem is at the head of the Coeymans administration: the Coeymans Town Board. The Town Board has to take the bull by the horns and toss it. That means only that if the Coeymans town board allows a Darlington to play his dirty games, Darlington will play his dirty games. Residents have to appear at Coeymans town board meetings and put the board and Darlington through the ringer. Believe it or not, Darlington’s in a real scary place right now, and he knows it. He’s gotten so much visibility, bad visibility in the past couple of months that he must not be getting much sleep. But we have to be very cautious, because when you corner a rat, he becomes that much more desperate…and dangerous, stupidly dangerous.

      Thanks for your contribution to the discussion. We hope it strikes a chord with some of our readers and that they, too, will come out with their stories.

      The Editor


  6. non ya

    March 24, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    Honestly even if it means people in court and the p.d getting fired so be it. Get all the corrupt people out of there.


    • RCS Confidential

      March 24, 2014 at 4:37 pm

      We agree. Out with the corruption and in with integrity, transparency and accountability. We never said that the crooks should be given any consideration except at the end of a boot.

      Thanks for your comment and for reading us.

      The Editor


      • Virgil

        March 25, 2014 at 1:51 pm

        So this has nothing to do with this current topic…but I saw on the news the other day the Jerry DeLuca got appointed to a position for the NYS Association of Fire Chiefs. This guy retires from the police force and then gets another job somewhere else. It’s obvious now that he knows something is coming down the pike at the Coeymans PD, and he wanted to get out of there as quick as possible. I hope that whoever is investing the Coeymans PD is aware of all the wrong doing that he did!


      • RCS Confidential

        March 25, 2014 at 3:33 pm

        I respectfully disagree, Virgil. It has everything to do with this topic. It’s corruption! How does this fat-ass bully criminal get to resign his position with the Coeymans p.d. unscathed after all the damage and ill will he’s created only to then be appointed to a position with the NYS Association of Fire Chiefs? Any reputable organization with any integrity or discretion wouldn’t even consider a low-life like Deluca for anything more than a mud mat! It seems to tell us a great deal about the character of the NYS Association of Fire Chiefs, they must be on a par with the Coeymanazi police department! It’s also obvious that there’s a lot of political backrooming going on here and that means corruption to the max. The NYS Association of Fire Chiefs is nothing more than a lobbying organization and lobbying organizations don’t recruit honest people because lobbying is a liar’s heaven; Deluca should feel right at home in a nest of hypocrisy and liars.

        As for something being in the making or unmaking with regard to the Coeymans p.d., there damned well better be something going on and it damned well better be spelled ELIMINATION. We have a number of lawsuits that are ready for filing that could bankrupt the Town of Coeymans and the Village of Ravena and they all center around the Bruno administration’s crimes and the criminal activity of the Coeymans police department, Deluca, Darlington and a couple of others. Unless something is done soon, the lawsuits get filed and that’s that. No more negotiation. Ravena and Coeymans go to court and the lawsuits move forward.

        We need to get people to start writing to these idiots who hire these rejects. People need to start writing letters and sending in complaints or Coeymans residents can just sit there and pay these bastards’ fat pension checks out of our tax dollars. They have done local residents a great disservice and don’t deserve to collect pensions as well; that’s insult to injuries done and pours salt into our wounds. They laughed at us while they were raping us and they’re laughing all the way to the bank with our money, too!
        The Editor



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