Life or Death: Ravena Votes for a Mayor

13 Mar

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No Joke: This Election will Determine Whether Ravena

Mummy Returns

Just Say NO! to BRUNO!

Our Polls are Doing Just That: Bill “Moose” Misuraca 74% of Votes, John Bruno only 5%
Keith Mahler 33%, Laszlo Polyak (write-in) 21%, Joel Coye 23% of Votes, Case and Persico each 3%.

 Here are some Reasons Why Ravena Needs a New Mayor & New Trustees:

Well, the title graphic above should say it all. Bruno has, in the more than 25 years he’s been in office, succeeded in driving business and residents out of the Village of Ravena! Ravena is fast becoming a real ghost town.

But Bruno hasn’t done it alone. His monkeys on the Village Council have supported him all the way. Two of those monkeys are running for re-election: Martin Case and Rocco Persico. If Ravena is to survive, voters can’t let that happen.

mummy team
Persico – Bruno – Case

Here are just a couple of reasons to kick their arses out of Village Hall:

Transformed the Village of Ravena from a vibrant model village community of families and neighbors into a ghost town of backstabbers.

Rather than support the RCS Community Library when it was between a rock and a hard place, Bruno-Persico-Case chose to EVICT the community library! To add insult to injury, they even raised the library’s rent by more than $600 a month to punish the library for not being able to move into the new building (which was being renovated by Rocco Persico’s own cousin, Don Persico!)

Bruno-Persico-Case purchased used exercise equipment for more than $40,000 from insider Bob Fisk using tax payer dollars with no inputs from taxpayers!

Bruno-Persico-Case then evicted the RCS Community Library and created a useless fitness center in the library space and installed insider Cathy Deluca as the “director” of Cathy’s new playpen.

Then Bruno-Persico-Case went ahead and budgeted more than $105,000 to finance the Ravena Health and Fitness Center for 2014, paying insider Cathy Deluca more than $30,000 to run the place and getting her civil service classification with full benefits at YOUR expense. The fitness center is losing money, YOUR MONEY, and is a money-pit.

While they were evicting the library and creating a playpen for Cathy Deluca and Nancy Warner, another one of your fine Village trustees, they were busy persecuting local teens and youth, harassing them under unconstitutional local village laws, aided and abetted in their unlawful harassment by the Coeymanazi police department (Gregory Darlington and “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca).

mayor of the damned

While harassing the kids Bruno-Persico-Case and Nancy Warner were killing the Ravena-Coeymans Teen and Youth Activities Center, a place where the kids could go to get off the streets and stay out of trouble. But the village of Ravena couldn’t allocate a dime for the kids but could spend $40,000 on used exercise equipment for the Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, plus budget more than $105,000 for the Ravena Heaps and Fatness Club. Ravena-Coeymans youth and teens owe Bruno, Persico and Case a good swift kick!

Mayor John Bruno seems to conveniently forget all of his secret deals and meetings. Think about it Magnolia Circle residents when you think CSX and your missing trees. Two-faced Bruno and his lackies Rocco Persico and Martin Case played stupid when confronted about the unlawfully cut trees. You ought to be really pissed Magnolia Circle residents not only because of your trees but because of the LIES!

Mayor John Bruno and his bunch of flying monkeys, Rocco Persico, Martin Case, Nancy Warner, and William “Bill” Bailey have a lot of explaining to do about their financial mismanagement of the village of Ravena. Too many New York State Comptroller’s audits have turned up too many “mistakes” and too much mismanagement to be just accidental. They’re not accidents, they’re incompetence and corruption! And did you ever try to get Bruno and his monkeys to disclose any of their shady business deals? Good luck! Everything goes on behind closed doors mafia-style until the shite hits the fan and then Bruno says: “I didn’t know!” Just what you want to hear from your mayor, the chief financial officer of the village!

Plenty of money, taxpayer money, to waste or steal in a village with a shrinking tax base. You get to pay more for less and for shoddy management. Who in their right mind would pave new streets over 100-year-old pipelines that regularly burst and flood residents’ basements? Only TEAM BRUNO!

Who paves over natural streams and creeks and installs culverts that can’t handle the flow? The result, constant flooding of parking lots and streets. That’s TEAM BRUNO management for you!

Who uses threats and strong-arm tactics to attract business (Yes! We know, that’s not how it should be done!)? TEAM BRUNO! “If you don’t do it my way, you’ll never do business in or with Ravena again!” That’s how TEAM BRUNO attracts business. Same for residents. No residential growth no business. Great plan TEAM BRUNO! The proof: Check out Main Street Ravena!

The Bruno Method for attracting business and families

The Bruno Method
for attracting business and families

The picture above comes from the 2008 film “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor / Action-Fantasy” but could easily be retitled 2014  “The Mummy: Ravena, Tomb of the Dragon Mayor (2014)/ No-Action-Fantasy.”

There’s more, so much more and we’re sure we’ll be hearing from Ravena residents with horror stories about their experiences with John T. Bruno over the past 28 years or so. But the real proof is when you look around Ravena and see the damage that he and his lackies have done.

What’s worse, his two running mates, Martin “Marty” Case, a real loser from the start, and Rocco Persico, a lump of do-nothing, are also employees of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District! Can you imagine that loser Case as a social studies teacher? Or Rocco Persico as a school psychologist? But yes, that’s where they have their main jobs. Your kids are exposed to duds like Case and Persico and you wonder why graduation rates and test scores are abysmal at RCS schools? So it should be no surprise to you that when they got into village hall they did what they do best: NOTHING! Again, YOUR TAX DOLLARS at work.

(And keep your eye on that little dwarf Tom Dolan, that honorary member of the freak show is local Democratic Party chairperson and allegedly has finnagled the votes from his Choice program people and Oakbrook, too! But judging from the percentage of Dems voting in favor of Misuraca, Dolan’s failing as a democrat, too. The polls show 35% of votes for Misuraca are Dems and 32% are Republicans, a total of 67% (plus another 29% from Conservatives and Independents = 95% of votes for Misuraca!) Only 5% carrying Bruno!)

The Bruno Sneer He likes you, really. NOT! The Editor

The Bruno Sneer
He likes you, really.
The Editor

Ravena currently has a Village Council of ONE, Black Mamba Mayor John T. Bruno. Nancy Warner is his bitch; Marty Case, Rocco Persico, Bill Bailey are his freak show stars. Ravena needs a real village council that doesn’t piss itself when the godfather sneers some obscenity.  Vote smart with your heart and brain:

Bill Moose Misuraca for Mayor
**Keith Mahler** for Trustee
**Laszlo Polyak** (our write-in choice) for Trustee
Joel Coye (only in an emergency) Trustee Optional

Our polls don’t lie:

Poll Responders Political Affiliations
Democrats 35%
Republicans 32%
Conservatives 10%
Independents 19%

Bill “Moose” Misuraca (Republican) 74%
John T. Bruno (Democrat) 5%

Keith Mahler (Republican) 33%
Joel Coye (Republican) 23%
Laszlo Polyak 21%
Marty Case and Rocco Persico each 3%



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4 responses to “Life or Death: Ravena Votes for a Mayor

  1. CantWaitToLeaveRavena

    March 24, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    You cite basically zero sources and on more than one occasion, resort to insults. Also, cursing ? Are you a 15 year old ?

    You paint a pretty poor picture of yourself with the way you write. This ends up detracting from your arguments.

    Perhaps people would take you more seriously if you had a more professional approach.

    I’ll be leaving Ravena because of the residents, not because of the leadership.


    • RCS Confidential

      March 24, 2014 at 4:35 pm

      Well, we all have our opinions, and seeing that we are fast approaching a quarter of a million readers, someone seems to like the information and the style.

      The residents of Ravena are a fine bunch of people; the problem was the tyranny and corruption under which they had to live. The ogre is dead, long live the mayor! The 24+ years of tyranny and mismanagement, and corruption that choked Ravena almost to death is now gone. The people of Ravena can now breath a bit of fresher air.

      If you feel leadership was so great, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

      The Editor


  2. RavenaJoker

    March 13, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    Thank you for reminding me how the move of the Ravena Library went down. It’s just another reason to feel good when I walk into the voting booth on Tuesday. I remember being appalled as I read about it in the paper (I didn’t even know of your blog or if it even existed at the time). As I remember it, I don’t think I knew of the fitness center at the time or if I did, I wasn’t keen on the details about how it played a part in the issue.

    I just couldn’t believe that the Village would treat the Library in such a way regardless of the circumstances. I drove by that building every day on the way to work and they worked on it for a long time and the work was not steady at times. To try and force the Library from it’s home is inexcusable and the rent increase was not needed and outright insulting. That kind of treatment is reserved for bad tenants who damage property, fail to pay rent, or cause other problems. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the Library behaving in such a way.

    What could be so important for that space that the Library had to go RIGHT NOW? Certainly not a fitness center. On top of the traditional resources at a Library, there are scheduled learning activities involving adults and children, access to the Internet, and other great resources that are far more important to a community than a fitness center.

    I’ll have to go back and search because I sure would like to re-read what the publicized reasoning was for their actions at the time compared to what we know now.


    • RCS Confidential

      March 14, 2014 at 7:23 am

      Hi,RJ, and thanks for your comment. We think many people thought and think the same way. A lot goes on in Village Hall tht no one knows about because the Bruno administration is a dictatorship and there’s no transparency or accountability. When you have a bully mummy for mayor, YOU don’t have a need to know.

      Sure, an effective and aware village council would have thought differently when it came to the suggestion to enrich Mr Fisk by more than $40,000 by buying his scrap fitness equipment. Actually, that fitness equipment came from a fitness club “managed” by Cathy Deluca, one of at least two, that FAILED. Then the village finnagled a very suspicious civil service classification as “non-competitive” for Cathy Delucal, after hiring, NO! appointing her to be “director” of the fatness center. Shortly after the idiots on the village counci, Bruno, Warner, Bailey and, of course, Case and Persico passed a budget allocating more than $105,000 to the fatness center for 2014. The RCS Community Library was paying rent, a rent which the Ravena Village council raised by more than $600/month to force the library out (and to punish taxpayers?) so that the fatness center to go in! That’s the story of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center in a nutshell. Purest corruption and abuse of public office.

      The Fitness Center wasn’t even officially open before Cathy Deluca abused a resident’s civil rights and got the Village slammed with a Notice of Claim and a potential lawsuit. Deluca then falsely reported an incident to the Coeymans police, who when advised that Cathy Delcuca had lied to them, didn’t investigate and obstructed justice! That’s the kind of people you have in Village Hall now, and the kind of people, like Deluca, a crook like her husband Dirty-Hands Jerry, and worse still, a liar. But that’s what the whole Bruno administration is made up of: crooks and liars.

      They have to go and like yesterday. Like any dictator, Bruno will never release his strangle hold on Ravena until he either dies or the people “revolt” and kick his mummy ass out the door, and with him his bitch, Nancy Warner, and his freak show, Bailey, Case, and Persico.

      $40,000 in junk and $105,000 to fund a fitness center, while streets are collapsing, homes are flooding, sewerage contaminates basements, buildings are empty, business is leaving, and residents that are left are harassed and intimidated. That’s Ravena under Bruno and his freak show.

      Misuraca may not turn out to be any better; after all, he is allegedly related to Bruno somewhere along the path of microbial evolution, but at least it will be a change from the same-ole-same ole and at least we’ll be able to monitor Misuraca from day one. If he turns out to be a jerk, he’ll be that much easier to evict; if not, we will have done well and good. But the Bruno dictatorship has to go.

      By the way, the whole ugly history is on this blog. All you have to do is search Ravena Health and Fitness.

      Thanks again for your comment.

      The Editor



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