Letter to the Editor: Ravena Damage Control

03 Mar

On occasion, some readers’ comments are just so good and so on-topic that we think they should be published on their own as free-standing articles. With this in mind, we’ll be publishing what we call “Letters to the Editor,” similar to those you’d read in any of the local rags, but much more informative and honest, of course.

This letter-to-the-editor is one of a two-part series that we think you’ll really enjoy, especially in this pre-election run-up period in Ravena. When reading these letters, you may want to ask you why these commonsense actions haven’t been taken already by the incumbent Bruno gang. They’ve had several decades to to it but haven’t done a damned thing. So here goes!


To the Editor:

In response to your email, following you will find the two postings I finally posted today. Hopefully people will take a look.
I had also recently posted two others. Thanks for what you do.
A Concerned ‘Outsider’

Hi Again and Thanks for the opportunity to post here.
I am happy to see a contested race for Mayor of Ravena-the residents deserve it.
I am writing this-long overdue-as a possible hot potato in the current Mayoral and Village Board races.

No matter where we live, it would be great to see municipal property be returned to the tax rolls, minimize governmental use of property, see some good old fashioned common sense applied to the way our governments are run-they are ours, after all!

Close to home, I suggest the following:

 1.         The Village of Ravena Public Works Department relocate from the West Shore Street location to the area near the former landfill at the end of, I believe, Edna Avenue, where the Village maintains ownership of the property. Of course they would need to erect a building to house the equipment but that would be a small price to pay to have such desirable Rail Road siding property put back on the tax rolls and offer business a chance to have at it. Location-wise, there probably is not that much difference in miles traveled and the Edna Avenue property would be put to good use, that is, being occupied.
2.         The Town of Coeymans should approach the Village of Ravena petitioning for the Village to contract with the Town. Residents outside the Village could receive services already afforded Village residents, like grass and brush pickup, stump removal along the right of way and the like. The Village could use the income and the residents could use the service. The Village already has the equipment so the cost should not be too much.
3.         The Village should divest itself of the property on the corner of Main Street and Pulver Avenue and return it to the tax roll. The assumption here is that the property ‘belongs’ to the Village and if it does not, then the grotto-like structure there seems to indicate it does and should be removed. Nothing else need be said here.
4.         Both the Village and the Town should have a ‘must bid’ local law on the books for all products and services to assure the residents are getting the best value for the least money.
5.         The Village and the Town need to work with the County and/or the State to find a solution to the necessary for business heavy truck traffic on Main Street—nothing is being done by the Village or the Town, and it is only a matter of time before the unthinkable happens. The current Village parking lots on Central Avenue and on Main Street at least give those who have to walk the last mile to their destination a chance but a more basic idea is needed. As mentioned, the truck traffic is necessary for business, but it is surely not suited for a very narrow and curvy Main Street.
There’s more but later.
Again, Thanks for the posting space.

We have to ask what the John T. Bruno and his flying monkeys have been doing all these years. We know and you know, so what’s the use of asking a question we all know the answer to? Bruno’s been in office for more than 20 years and his rat-pack in the last decade or so have done NOTHING except intimidate, tax, retaliate, drive out residents and businesses, and pad their friends’ pockets with plum jobs (like Cathy Deluca and the Ravena Health and Fitness Center a.k.a. Cathy’s Playpen) at your expense. Up until now, the town of Coeymans board has been almost as bad but the Coeymanazi police department has taken up the slack, and has been draining the town of Coeymans for a bundle, and then the crooks retire and get pensions you pay for; the Coeymanazi p.d. has even collaborated with the Bruno mob. Ravena can’t take much more without dropping into the river. That’s why Ravena voters have to put a stop to the stupidity and put Bruno, Case and Persico on the street. Next year voters can make housekeeping complete by dumping Nancy Warner and Bill Bailey. Only when you fumigate the house and get all the vermin out will there be any chance at all of revitalizing Ravena. One of the first steps to be taken by the new Ravena administration is to close that money pit, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center! and send Cathy Deluca packing or to jail (she’s still got to answer for civil rights violations and falsely reporting an incident)! That $100,000 plus can be better spent elsewhere!

Pundit is a frequent commenter and reader. We think he’s been in local government in the past because he knows an awful lot about the people and events. He also thinks like a good administrator should think. But we’d like to hear what YOU think about Pundit’s letter. Please leave a comment.

Stay Tuned: In the Days Leading Up to the Ravena Elections,
We’ll Be Running the Series,

10 Reasons Why You Should Vote NO!
for Bruno-Case-Persico!

(Get the latest Election Poll Results at: RESULTS!)

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

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One response to “Letter to the Editor: Ravena Damage Control

  1. Janet Kessler

    March 3, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    There was a time, not long ago that brush was picked up and that twice a year we could get rid of just stuff. Fortunately I have property where I can put my brush and have allowed my neighbors to put their downed limbs there as well. There is another issue being that we are a small area north of Coeymens and south of the tracks, that we should have the advantage of water and sewage. The water table here is so high and the drainage is not working as the area neighbors septic overflow goes in the ditches, not good. This issue of the drainage has been addressed a bit but the ditches need to be re-dug. There was a good ditch system here years ago, but the new home-owners did not want the ditches there and filled them in with leaves etc causing my property to be under water and my sheds destroyed.



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