News in Briefs: What does this tell you?

28 Feb

This is a story where we’ll let the pictures do all the talking!

UPDATE: Since this article was posted, the Bruno group has attempted to paint over the “ASS H…” on the sign. I hasn’t worked. You can still read it. Sorry, Joe. Just like your ticket, usless!


Do We really have to fill in the blank for you?

Do We really have to fill in the blank for you?

While we do not condone campaign sign vandalism, one Ravena resident was very clear in his/her opinion of the Bruno-Persico-Case ticket! (Can you fill in the missing letters?)

Bruno-Case-Persico campaign signs peppering (just lightly, though) Ravena tell voters to “Vote Row A“. Any ideas what the “A” stands for? (Hint: Please refer to the sign on the left.)

Here’s the clincher: both of these signs, including the “annotated” one, are on the corner of Russell Avenue and Main Street in Ravena, within a couple of hundred feet of the Coeymans police station in Coeymans town hall! What does that tell you about the efficiency and attention level of Coeymans’ finest? Answer: DUH!!!!

Seems Ravena Mayor John Bruno and his flying monkeys can monitor and videotape everying going on in and around the Ravena village offices but can’t keep factual comments off of their campaign signs. Same is true of Coeymans police chief Gregory “DoDo Cop” Darlington, who has cameras everywhere in and around Coeymans town hall but can’t prevent vandalism a couple of feet down the street! What a bunch of clowns!



Well, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Friday, February 28, 2014 The Editor

Friday News
February 28, 2014

The Editor

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