MOOSE POWER! Misuraca Moose Blanket Ravena!

08 Feb

What a Great Idea! Mayor Moose! Driving Through the
Village of Ravena and the Environs We were Entertained by
Moose Everywhere with
“Mayor” in Bright Yellow Painted on Their Sides!

Ravena Welcomes Mayor Moose! A Great Way to Start a Winning Campaign

Ravena Welcomes Mayor Moose!
A Great Way to Start a Winning Campaign

The William “Moose” Misuraca campaign has gotten off to a great start, judging by the number of Misuraca Mayor Moose we’ve been seeing in Ravena and in the surrounding area. If the imagination and care that went into creating these really fun and appealing campaign signs is any indication of what the Misuraca team of Bill “Moose” Misuraca, Keith Mahler and Joel Coye are offering the village of Ravena, Ravena is in for a real revitalization when they take over Ravena Village Hall in March.

Compare Mayor Moose with the Worn and Shabby Bruno Mob…

Even the Bruno-Case-Persio Signs are Shabby, Worn, Bland! Just like the shabby, worn, bland promises of the Bruno bunch.

Even the Bruno-Case-Persio Signs are Shabby, Worn, Bland!
Just like the shabby, worn, bland promises of the Bruno bunch.

We haven’t come across many Bruno-Case-Persico signs but the ones we have found are shabby, worn, and bland. Just like Bruno, Case, and Persico and their empty, pitiful promises. Promises to continue doing nothing but serving themselves and their cronies at Ravena residents’ expense. Hell! Even the snow around the signs is dirty! What does that tell you about the candidates?

What we found to be really ironic and really characterless—just like the Bruno-Case-Persico candidates, no character, no taste—is that the sign above is placed on an empty lot (like so much in Ravena under Bruno, EMPTY, and like his promises, EMPTY). But what’s even worse, the sign is placed right opposite the RCS Community Library! Yes, neighbors! Right across from the very library so brutally abused and misused by the Ravena mayor John “Black Mamba’ Bruno—a name he got by nearly destroying the cement plant when he worked there, and a name he deserves because of his venom, just like the poisonous black mamba snake—and so-called teacher Martin “Marty” Case and school psychologist Rocco Persico. That tells you a lot about these rotten apples: They abused and misused the RCS Community Library, even raised its rent more than $600 a month (paid by taxpayers!) in order to put in Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the illegal and failing Ravena Health and Fitness Center, and now the bastids want to take advantage of the traffic going to and from the library. Now how underhanded, slippery, and sleazy can they get? The must be getting desperate! Hold on! Did we say “getting“?

We like Misuraca because he talks like a real person. Take one of his public statements recently:

“I am hoping with the help of some of you folks and other members of the community to restore the village, to return it to some of its former prosperity and community pride that we have seen in the past. I think a lot of us have lived here enough time to have seen that.”

And Bill “Moose” Misuraca makes the public commitment:

“There are a lot of things that we can do. I hope to have your help because it is all very new to me. I promise I’ll do my best to represent the party and everyone who lives in the village and the town.”

Be clear on one point, Moose: You may want to “represent the party and everyone who lives in the village.” You might not be able to do both, so be careful what you say. We’re listening. You just do your best to represent residents and voters. You don’t represent the party; you represent those who vote for you. We may yet ask you what the Repubican party is, when was it founded, by whom. What is the Republican party mission? Would you be able to answer those questions? Can you tell us what the Republican Party is doing for the residents of Ravena? Likely you wouldn’t have many answers, and even if you did, they wouldn’t matter. Our advice for now is: “Screw the party. Serve the people.”

But we want to know more. And make no mistake, Moose, if you’re going to be making statements like that. If you want to be Ravena’s mayor, you’re going to have to get down and make some very impressive and specific, clear commitments. Statements that we can call you on later if you forget what you said. Here’s what we’d like to see in the next couple of weeks:

First, an exclusive interview by the Ravena News Herald asking specific questions about specific and real issues of concern to the village of Ravena residents and to the town of Coeymans. Yes, we want you to tell us what your plan is for collaborating with the town of Coeymans, too. Especially, what do you plan to do to improve relations with the town of Coeymans and the hamlet of Coeymans?

Secondly, we want you to announce very soon a meet the candidates open house in the next couple of weeks. You have the ideal situation: Pick a day when most Ravena residents are home and not at work and open the Halfway House Tavern for the afternoon and early evening, inviting Ravena residents to come in have a snack on the house, and the opportunity to sit down individually, face to face, one on one, with the candidates. Residents and candidates, together, informally having a chat about real issues, like water billing, DEC fines, open government, youth and teen affairs, accountability and transparency in local government, avoiding conflicts of interes and special interest groups interference in government, the problem of patronage and favoritism in Ravena government, village revitalization. Residents name it and put it on the table, you and Joel and Keith answer.

It's What Elects You.

It’s What Elects You.

At your meet the candidate open house we’d also recommend having question cards or sheets for residents to write down their concerns and what they’d like done in Ravena. They’d have the opportunity to ask anonymously or, if they provide their contact details, you and the other candidates would guarantee a personal response before the elections. How’s that for a change?

Youth and teens in Ravena-Coeymans have gotten the dirty end of the stick in recent years. We’d like to know specifically what you and your fellow candidates plan to do for youth and teens in Ravena.

We also want to know what you plan to do about the many recent Notices of Claim filed against the Village of Ravena, several of which specifically relate to Cathy Deluca and the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, and her violation of protected civil and constitutional rights, her alleged falsely reporting an incident, obstruction of justice and conspiracy, as well as myriad other Notices of Claim that are still capable of becoming embarassing and expensive lawsuits. The Bruno administration’s standard procedure is to ignore them, hoping they’ll go away. They won’t. We guarantee that.

We’d also like to know how you intend to sanitize Ravena village hall, getting rid of the dead wood (the job-givaways), the crooks (well, once you beat Bruno, the rats will abandon ship, hoping to escape prosecution) and, of course the illegal money pits (the Ravena Health and Fitness Center) and the illegal “civil service” leeches (like Cathy Deluca) who have already gotten the village of Ravena into a heap-o-trouble.

Finally, and something that’s been on all our minds for several years now is: How do your plan to stop the hemorrhaging of families and businesses from the village of Ravena and the surrounding area? What is your idea for inaugurating the revitalization of Ravena over the long-term? We know that the present Bruno regime has put Nancy Biscone-Warner and Cathy Deluca in charge of putting together a handful of bandaid events, calling them revitalization, but we want to know if you have a plan, not a cookout and a health fair, a PLAN, something that will really have a gradual, continuous, positive long-term effect on Ravena. We’re not talking necessarily about so-called “growth and development”, the kind of stuff that destroys the character and charm that could be Ravena—under real, committed and visionary leadership, but a shot in the arm to once again make Ravena a lovely, charming, attractive village on the Hudson.

We’d like to call for the same from incumbent Ravena mayor John “Black Mamba” Bruno—and we’ll be in the front row with our list—to do the same. Yeah! Like that’s gonna happen…

That, Mayor Moose, is what’s going to sell you and your team. That’s what’s going to confront you when you take office. But that’s what we want to know NOW!

We have a good gut feeling, Moose, that you’re a great candidate and will make a great mayor of Ravena. We think you’re up to the task. We think you can take the challenge. All we ask is that you confide in us and give us something solid to hold onto, not the same vomit that Bruno, Case, and Persico have delivered since Day 1, and continue to deliver. Give Ravena Real reason to HOPE, Moose!

You Can Vote In Our Polls for Mayor and Trustees.
Go to Our Polls (click on the “Our Polls” link) and Cast Your Vote and See the Percent Results for Each Candidate!

According to Our Polls, As of 5 p.m. February 9, 2014

For Mayor of Ravena
Bill “Moose Misuraca” 77%
Ron Houghtaling 14%
Other 5%
John T. Bruno (incumbent mayor) 4%

For Trustees (2)
Keith Mahler (R): 42%
Laszlo Polyak (Write-in): 18%
Joel Coye: 11%
Rocco Persico: 5%
Martin Case: 3%


GO! Mayor Moose!
We got your back, Moose! Now GO FOR IT!
(Thanks Halfway House guys for the great shot! You did good!)
The Editor


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5 responses to “MOOSE POWER! Misuraca Moose Blanket Ravena!

  1. denise

    February 26, 2014 at 10:58 am

    Do half of these people even live in Ravena and PAY TAXES there?


    • RCS Confidential

      February 26, 2014 at 11:04 am

      I’m not quite sure what you are referring to. As for the polls, the responses are anonymous but we believe that only someone living in Ravena would have an interest in voting or even know the candidates. So, Yes, they do live in Ravena as far as we know. As for your question of whether they pay taxes, why would that be relevant in a local village election? Don’t elected officials’ conduct and decisions affect everyone, taxpaying residents and non-taxpaying residents alike? Why are you asking whether they pay taxes?



      • denise

        February 26, 2014 at 12:15 pm

        Because homeowners foot the bill for everything. I have seen and heard comments from people whom I know don’t live in Ravena that are saying they are supporting certain candidates.


      • RCS Confidential

        February 26, 2014 at 5:48 pm

        Yes, Denise, home ownership does carry with it certain burdens and responsibilities. Comes with the dream, doesn’t it?

        What you may hear on the street is on the street; if they don’t live in Ravena it really doesn’t matter whom they support, they can’t vote for them. Everyone may have an opinion or a preference but this is a Ravena election and only Ravena residents will be voting.

        Thanks for your comment!

        The Editor


  2. cookie

    February 8, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    When we saw the Moose signs we thought the exact same thing. Good to see some thing other than those routine bland signs. Now we need something original for the other 2.



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