A Family Incident Leads to Political Questions: What’s the deal?

31 Jan

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Does a Misunderstanding Between Two Brothers About An Alleged Illegality Tell Us Something About the Candidate…And the Potential Conflicts of Interest and Interference by the Candidate’s Wife?

Family Incident Sends Up the Red Flags!!!

Family Incident Sends Up the Red Flags for Ravena Voters!!!

A real-life incident between Dom Misuraca, brother of Bill “Moose” Misuraca, the Republican Candidate for Mayor of Ravena, may tell volumes of what Ravena residents can expect if Mr Misuraca is elected, and should send up red flags about the possible conflicts of interest and interference that may be caused by Misuraca’s wife, Jena Misuraca, with possible effects of abuse of public office. Here’s the scenario straight from the brother’s mouth:

The Brother, Dom Misuraca, of Republican Ravena Mayoral Candidate Bill “Moose” Misuraca, writes in a recent response to a comment made by one of our readers:

Ill just say this to your assine reply to my comment:

1. The way he [Bill “Moose” Misuraca] makes a sandwich matters little in comparison to running a town [Ravena].

2. I did storm into the bar, as far as it being “no reason at all”, well you wouldnt know that I had just gotten off the phone with my crying mother….crying because he was blaming ME , as the person that reported the bar for HAVING UNTAXED WORKERS. While I do not condone off the book employees, I certainly did not report him…I am not only [the] person on his bad side.

The police were not necessary if he had only been able to COMMUNICATE WITH ME, instead of jumping to conclusions and allowing his wife [Jena Misuraca] to spread rumors. I certainly wouldnt have WASTED THE TAXPAYERS MONEY by calling the police….who , in TRUE RAVENA FASHION ,arrived in a pack of three.

3. HE IS NOT FULL OWNER OF NEITHER THE BAR nor PROPERTY. As partial owner of the property, i was within my rights to be there…i left to talk to the police outside ,away from nosey barflies…… It seems like it is YOU [one of our readers] who does not know the whole story,

[Response to comment made to the article The Buzz is Out: Bill “Moose” Misuraca will Challenge John “Black Mamba” Bruno in the Ravena Mayoral Race!!]

Although it sounds like a family matter, there are three points embedded in Dom Misuraca’s comment that are of significant interest to our readers, and raise questions about the mayoral candidate, Bill “Moose” Misuraca:

(1) The allegation that Bill “Moose” Misuraca and his wife Jena Misuraca were evading the law as regards workers/employee taxes. Not that financial mismanagement hasn’t been the hallmark of the John T. Bruno & Co. regime, this is a serious allegation, especially serious when it is made against someone who wants to be the chief financial officer of the Village of Ravena. We need to hear more about this allegation and maybe get some clarification.

(2) The apparent communication problem is also worrying. If someone can’t communicate appropriately on a serious matter, whether the allegation is true or untrue, and that person can’t respond to the allegation in a rational and sensible way, that is another serious problem for someone who wants to be the chief communicator of the Village of Ravena.

(3) Rumors have always been a problem in Ravena-Coeymans and have caused a lot of heartache to a lot of people. We mentioned in a previous post that we are concerned that Jena Misuraca may not respect boundaries if her husband, Bill Misuraca, is elected to be Ravena mayor. We base our concern on Jena’s many sometimes questionable participattion in local movements and the company she tends to keep. The RCS Sports Association with its Twilight Zone history of shabby bookkeeping and total lack of transparency, Jena’s involvement with certain groups involved in the schools (and we don’t mean the cookie-baking team), her outrageous political activism and partisanship relating to the RCS board of education, her questionable friendships with local renegade figures like Cathy and Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, and the list could go on. Jena simply doesn’t know when to mind her own business and to lay low, if necessary. Jena’s “individualism”, if you want to call it that, goes far beyond what we would like to see in the wife of the mayor of Ravena. In our opinion, there could be many conflicts of interest and problems created if Jena isn’t kept in her crate with her mouth shut.

(4) The coziness with elements of the Coeymanazi police department bothers us, too. All of the above concerns culminate in the fact that the Coeymans police were involved and our question is: Why? Who called them? For what purpose? Was it Bill “Moose” Misuraca or Jena Misuraca? If Dom Misuraca was there to talk to his brother about a misunderstanding, why didn’t it play out that way? If Jena called her “friends” in the Coeymans police department, what business was it of hers to get involved in something that was between two brothers. (And is that going to become a pattern if Mr Misuraca occupies the mayor’s office?). And if Dom has every right to be on the property, and was not creating a disturbance, he was within his rights.

Now let’s superimpose this little scenario on what might occur if it was in Ravena Village Hall….

Imagine_ifNow, readers, take this scenario a step further and imagine the Halfway House Tavern is the Ravena Village Hall. Now imagine that there’s some illegal crapola going on in the village workings involving some mismanagement or corruption (= the alleged untaxed employees at the Halfway House Tavern), and some people are upset about it (= Misuraca’s mother and Dom Misuraca). A citizen (= Dom Misuraca) goes to the public space (= Halfway House Tavern = Village Hall) to discuss the issue with an elected official (= Bill “Moose” Misuraca) in order to get the story straight. The citizen (= Dom Misuraca) has every right (1) to be concerned about the situation, (2) to go to village hall, (3) to talk to the elected official, (4) to get the facts and the story straight. OK so far?

Perhaps the discussion gets a bit emotional (it happens at town, village and school board meetings all the time) but it’s not an incident. Now, say someone who is not an elected public servant or even an employee of the village government (= Jena Misuraca, although she works at the Halfway House Tavern) sticks his or her nose in it, and starts spreading rumors about the citizen’s (= Dom Misuraca) discussion with the elected official (= Bill “Moose” Misuraca) all over town, when s/he should have kept his/her mouth shut. Let’s also say that that rumor-monger (= Jena Misuraca) has questionable motives and hangs out with questionable groups (RCS Sports Association, Fiends of RCS, the Coeymanazi police department, Cathy and Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, etc.) and the whole thing gets perverted in the telling. And say, as the story goes, that that Ms Buttinsky (= Jena Misuraca), calls the police to intervene in something only to make a scene.

Now think: Does that paint a picture of open government where citizens can feel free to approach their elected officials, to discuss isses with them, to freely interact with local government without fear of retaliation or intimidation? Sure doesn’t sound that way to us! In fact, it sounds a lot like what we now have in Ravena Village Hall. It sounds a lot like what a local resident describes when he visited the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, a public place, during the open house, and was told he wasn’t welcome and to leave. It sounds just like what Cathy Deluca and one of her minions, Claude Wheeler, did when they falsely reported an incident to the Coeymanazi police, too. It also sounds a lot like the obstruction of justice by the Coeymans police department when it came to investigating the violation of the resident’s protected civil rights (a crime), the charge of falsely reporting an incident (a misdemeanor), the charge of conspiring (a misdemeanor) to file a falsely reporting an incident, when they concerned Cathy Deluca, the wife of Coeymans cop Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca! And that’s only one incident. Many similar ones appear in the list of Notices of Claims against the Village of Ravena, the Town of Coeymans, and the Coeymans Police Department.

Get the Facts and the Story Straight! Stop the Rumors and Gossip!

Get the Facts and the Story Straight!
Stop the Rumors and Gossip!

We need some answers to these questions we’ve posed above. We need some certainty that on March 18, voters are not jumping from the frying pan into a very big bonfire. We need to know what we’re getting into and whether we need to seriously ignore what the political parties have cooked up for us and start thinking very seriously about some local men and women who can be write-in candidates and who don’t have so much damned baggage! Think Laszlo Polyak or Michael Fisher, or another trustworthy write-in candidate for Ravena mayor, if the Bruno gang or Misuraca pair is getting too scary. Send us the names of your write-ins and we’ll campaign for them!

We need to hear from the candidates, too. Silence will only keep the rumors alive and will be an admission of guilt!

What we DON’T NEED in Ravena Village Hall is More Dirty Laundry and More Baggage! Do the Laundry and Unpack the Baggage, Candidates, Before Election Day! How about financial disclosures? Tax records? Answers to straight questions? Don’t voters deserve to have answers from the men and women who are asking to be elected? If we cant demand accountability and get transparency at the local level, how in hell can you hope for it from Albany or Washington D.C.?

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Trust your Guts
The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

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17 responses to “A Family Incident Leads to Political Questions: What’s the deal?

  1. Paul Hartnagel

    February 9, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    So glad I became a refugee of RCSCSD, Albany County, and all of New York last year. My new license plate reads “Live Free or Die”. Last one out of NY, turn off the lights.


  2. Tony

    February 3, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    Dear Editor-
    Again, thank you for your wonderful blog…I love reading it. Off topic, what is the deal with Oakbrook Manor? Is it Section 8 housing? Is it a major part of the problem for Ravena? I’ve heard it was a great place years ago when it was under another name…


    • RCS Confidential

      February 4, 2014 at 7:14 am

      Thank YOU! Tony, for taking the time to read what we have to say. We are very happy to hear that you enjoy your visits with us.

      Oakbrook Manor, way back when, started out as an upscale residential community with all of the amenities like pool, tennis courts, etc. Over the years, however, it followed the general trend of Ravena-in-decline, and became what it is today: something of a ghetto.

      Oakbrook Manor, however, is a mixed bag of tricks, because on the one hand it does house low-income, working poor. It also provides a place to live for those who by choice, bad luck, health, etc. cannot work and are receiving social services support. There are also the elements that we would call asocial: those who won’t lift a finger to help themselves or are so socially marginalized that they have been condemned to live as recipients of public support. We also hear that Oakbrook Manor is home to a number of downstate families, who have family members in one of the New York State Corrections facilities, so that they can be closer to the incarcerated member.

      In other words, Oakbrook Manor is a community that has experienced the same evolution as Ravena has over the years. Today it is an example of what the country is becoming, too: working poor, unemployed, social services recipients, families broken up by state action and social insensitivity. It’s a snapshot of what is all around us.

      Oakbrook Manor residents represent a concentrated population that serves to enrich (1) the owner of Oakbrook Manor (in the same way that any slum lord is enriched at the public’s expense), (2) the owners of the Shop’n Save and the small businesses at the foot of the Oakbrook Manor hill (most of the owners are Ravena insiders or members of the Incest Club cashing in on the residents of Oakbrook Manor), and (3) the Choices program, a social services program of the Cooperative Extension, run by none other than the notorious Coeymans Democratic Committee chairman and sitting member of the town board of Coeymans, Mr Tom Dolan. Dolan has allegedly misused his position as director of the Choices program to influence Oakbrook Manor voters (in fact, he was accused of manipulating absentee ballots a few years ago). As always, populations like that at Oakbrook Manor are susceptible to misuse and manipulation by unscrupulous landlords and politicians.

      Apart from the misuse and abuse by the unscrupulous villains in the community and the power- and money-hungry rats that are still infesting the community, Oakbrook Manor, after all is said and done, performs a very important social role in the community, and many good people do call it home and should be welcomed into the greater community in a true spirit of charity and neighborliness. The residents of Oakbrook Manor do no deserve to be looked down on, after all, it’s only a twist of fate that keeps any one of us out of Oakbrook Manor or worse; it’s the ones who put them there and want to keep them there for their own profits who deserve our anger and scorn.

      The Editor


    • laszlo polyak

      February 4, 2014 at 10:24 am

      For a moment I thought the Misuraca’s had a “normal”, the only perfect family on earth! They don’t! Thank God they are as “dis-funky-sion-al as the rest of us, at least familywise .

      Dom, Bill, did you miss the CNN- FOX news coverage of how the democratics used the IRS to “get” their opponents? Did you see the congressional hearing?

      It would not surprise me if mayor Bruno hadn’t contacted the IRS, he’s that vindictive!!!!! I know that personally and all too well. We could spend for days discussing how he allegedly has threatened and/or screwed all the business out of Ravena. I can start with Albano reality 20 years ago costing, Mike Albano for 20-30 thousand, and it’s in the Viilage of Ravena meeting minutes. Even Mike Biscone having to pay $12-15 thousand for water/sewer repairs on Main St., when there’s a Village of Ravena memo stating the Village does the repairs up the house. They ran Lou’s glass out of town because he stored his glass in my building. Just a few weeks ago the Getty/Citco store was cited/warned of a violationfor a flashing OPEN sign in their window!

      Do you think Bruno’s family is perfect? Please even the mayor didn’t care when his nephew was sleeping on the streets or in the laundramat! Did mayor Bruno do anything about it? Even when business owners told the mayor!? Whats up with that? Remember the RCS Community Library and how vindictive mayor Bruno and Nancy Biscone-Warner was right in front of all of us???? [Editor’s Note: Bruno and Warner needed to evict the library in order to get Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center in.]

      A library–last time I checked–libraries were politically neutral?…. The point is and as Virgil , Pam, and Confused were commenting on is that we all are NOT concerned with your families’ dirty laundry. We all have “dysfunctional” families.

      However Dom, thanks for ripping the doors off any and all skeletons in your family’s closet LOL Remember Brent Hotaling gets a letter he needed a permit to put out a sign that was Vote NO to Bruno or how his house was robbed but he got the 13 tickets and all were dismissed the complainant was Bruno (The right to face your accuser? Not in Ravena!) 4 years ago,

      Recently my house was robbed including my Masonic ring. Still no word from the police chief, Darlington, butit was amusing to redirect Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca from my living room (where he stared at all my “sheep skins”, proving all the things he questioned about my work at the BOE meet the candidate’s night), to the bedroom where the crime was committed. Is there a pattern here???….. you all get the point.

      Heck my dysfunctional family you would need a freight train to carry all the skeletons, I have gay, bi-racial, overachievers, underachiever’s, cops, agents, doctors, CEO’s CFO’s and yes druggies in my family does anybody care? NO! Well maybe mayor Bruno, remember “Billy beer”, not even a president can run or hide his family tree LOL and mine’s almost 400 years old here in America. Again no-one cares!!!

      What we would like is to here from Bill is what is his plan to stop the “life long” residents from moving out! We’ve lost residents in Ravena to the tune of 1500 already. And how does Bill Misuraca plan to get them and more good folk to move back in, bringing back business and good people who are good volunteers too!!!



      • RCS Confidential

        February 4, 2014 at 11:36 am

        Thank you, Laszlo, for your comment.

        I thought we made it clear that we had no interest in the personal or family dirty laundry. Our only interest in the whole thing was what the issues mean to Ravena and the questions that those issues raised in terms of Bill Misuraca’s candidacy and his fitness to be mayor of Ravena.

        We invited Mr Misuraca to comment and to respond but so far he has refused to do that. So the questions are still outstanding.

        There is no question about John T. Bruno’s failure as mayor and the corruption that characterizes his regime. He’s been bad news from the start, and is known as a bully and a liar. He’s surrounded himself with morons and lackeys and disposes of anyone who doesn’t dance or sing to his tune. That’s a dictator, a tyrant, not a mayor.

        His running mates Martin “Marty” Case and Rocco Persico are just as foul. Both Case and Persico are RCS central school district employees; Case is a social studies teacher and Persico is a so-called school psychologist. They are absolute duds.

        We all know that Martin “Marty” Case is an absolute loser. Persico is the same. Two examples: You’d think two individuals in education would stand up for the community library when it was being brutally abused by mayor John T. Bruno and his witch-on-a-stick Nancy Biscone-Warner. But NO! Both Case and Persico were silent as rocks and didn’t utter a word in defense of the community library as an important institution for local students. They could have piped up something like, “Look Mr Mayor, Madam Trustee, the library is unable to move because the contractor has delayed the necessary renovations. We should grant the library an extended time until the new premises are finished.” Instead, they abused the library staff and raised the library’s monthly rent by $600 or $700 a month! Why? Because Bruno, Warner, and Cathy Deluca were in a hurry to open the money pit Ravena Health and Fatness Center!!!

        When mayor John T Bruno and his girlie-pet Nancy Biscone-Warner were tearing the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activities Center and sending the Coeymanazi police after local youth for hanging around the gazebo in the center of town (for which the village of Ravena was served with an Notice of Claim and pending lawsuit for an illegal law and violating protected civil and constitutional rights), Case and Persico were again silent. Bruno and Warner managed to kill the Teen Center and put the kids back on the street, fodder for the Coeymanazi police! You’d have thought Case and Persico would have defended the Teen Center and would have urged the village to support the center in the interest of the local youth. No way!

        Marty Case and Rocco Persico are simply self-serving, greedy, egomaniacs who have no interest in the village of Ravena, its residents or its youth.

        We’re surprised, Laszlo, that with all your chatter, you didn’t mention any of the important issues that voters and residents have to consider. You spent more time on your family’s alleged history and dysfunction than you did commenting on real issues in this community.

        Why didn’t you mention the issue of billing for village water services? Meters or estimates? You’re always bitching and moaning about that, aren’t you?

        What about mayor Bruno’s plans for the decrepit water mains? What about the renovation of the filtration plant and the amount of water it handles? What about the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation fines etc.? Nothing to say about revitalizing Main Street? You received an invitation to the village meeting, did you go?

        We’ve told you before, Laszlo, we’re not interested in you blowing your family’s horn or in your personal vendettas. What we are interested in is the issues and how this Bruno administration has failed Ravena, and how his lackeys on the village council have been absolute DUDS.

        Can you or anyone else speak to those issues?

        The Editor


  3. Dom

    January 31, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    I m saying this :
    The two people that have responded, dont know me at all. I dont know a Pam, nor a Virgil.
    You dont know me…. to call me “unstable” and say that you “hope i find the lord” are ridiculous statements. Trying to insult me, while continuing to talk about situations that you know nothing about, is absurd. I DONT KNOW ALL THE FACTS ABOUT THE REPORT TO THE IRS. All i know Is that SUPPOSEDLY , the IRS was called, and both my brother and jena immediately blamed me ( perhaps they thought i was retaliating to my banishment 2 and a half yrs ago for no reason)…. if YOUR NAMES were being dragged through the mud, if YOUR NAMES were being slandered….IF YOU were being accused of being a rat, would YOU BE CALM? After MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS to find answers as to WHY I WAS BEING FALSLY ACCUSED, YES i went in there that night, demanding answers….
    If YOU got a phone call from a grieving parent, would you not be a little ticked off at the person who is making them grieve?

    I dont know why m bothering with this retort. Bill and Jenas lackeys will no doubt twist my response and use it for their own gains. Thats what theyre good at.

    …. and just yesterday, his own neices asked me,” So you have a brother? Whats his name?”
    Maybe thats a hint.


    • RCS Confidential

      January 31, 2014 at 10:14 pm

      OK, Dom. I’m not sure you know to whom you’re responding but it’s not to the Editor of this blog.

      This line of commenting is finished as of now. No more Family Feud on this blog. We have heard your part and we’ve heard the commentors responses to you. That’s enough of that.

      If your brother, Bill “Moose” Misuraca, wants to respond he is absolutely free to state his side of the story. If he doesn’t respond with an explanation, that will be his problem. Quite frankly, anything some Pam or Virgil have to say is hearsay as far as we are concerned, and we are not interested in the dirty details, although we have commented and included in the article what those details you shared mean in the bigger picture.

      If Bill “Moose” Misuraca fell afoul of the IRS because he mismanaged, was indifferent to, or simply ignorant of his responsibilities doing business and having employees, we think that’s significant in terms of what sort of mayor he might be and how much trouble he can get into with municipal finances. Maybe not the stupidity of the Bruno administration but we’re looking for BETTER, remember, not business as usual and not the status quo but BETTER.

      If Bill “Moose” Misuraca wants to be mayor Misuraca, he’s going to have to come up with some good reasons why we should trust him to do the job.

      That having been said, no more of this ranting and diatribes about dysfunctional family realtions.

      The Editor


  4. Pam

    January 31, 2014 at 10:20 am

    So, what should Bill do? Air the family dirty laundry? Dom came flying into that bar barging past people, almost knocked a patron down. It was in a threatening manner. He was asked to leave & he did not. If Bill put his hands on Dom then you would be blogging about that. He made the correct decision by having him removed. Dom has been bashing Bill for years. Why? Well that’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. It’s a family matter. It has no bearing on politics. Bill has great ideas for improving this town. This is what we should be concentrating on. Improving the town, our quality of life. Not prying into the lives of others.

    Just a side note, there is no way to be effective with Dom Misuraca. Where his energy should be put into his family, it is wasted on FB by hateful post, day after day. You can’t work with unstable.


    • RCS Confidential

      January 31, 2014 at 10:49 am

      Pam, you may have missed my multiple pointers that we are not interested in the family dynamics, only the facts and issues that may affect Bill “Moose” Misuraca’s effectiveness in public office. Please read the article carefully and our responses to comments, and you’ll soon be aware that we have little or no interest in the family’s dirty laundry. But anyone with half a brain will admit that if those sorts of things are happening, there’s no way it’s not going to affect the man’s performance in office.

      Dom is not running for office. His stability is not an issue for us.

      Our remarks regarding Jena remain unchanged.

      The Editor


      • Pam

        January 31, 2014 at 11:10 am

        You have no interest in airing dirty laundry, yet you blog about family disputes? You quote the unstable one? Very one sided my dear.

        Everything else I either agree with, or I’m indifferent to.


      • RCS Confidential

        January 31, 2014 at 11:48 am

        Pam, thank you very much for your comments. But…Have you ever been treated for dyslexia? It seems you have a reading comprehension problem, and you really should get it treated.

        If you can read, you will have certainly noticed that the so-called “family dispute” was brought to our attention by a member of the family. You would have, or should have also noticed that we have repeatedly invited the other family member, the one who is running for public office, to comment on the issues NOT THE FAMILY DISPUTE!!! We quote the “unstable one” because the other one who allegedly was involved in the illegal activity has not yet responded to our invitation; consequently, we must assume that the reports are true. (Please see our disclaimer at the bottom of the articles for our position on silence.)

        As to everything else, thank you for agreeing. But indifference has no place in this issue. You cannot be indifferent to someone or his/her behavior who may soon be running your community.

        It’s always best to tell us what you agree with or are indifferent to. It also helps our readers to understand whence you are coming.

        Thanks very much for your comments!

        The Editor


      • Pam

        January 31, 2014 at 12:02 pm

        No, I’ve wasted enough time this morning on this. The way situations are wrapped in this blog of yours, I do not blame the other party for not wanting to respond. The family dispute has no business being on here, plain and simple.
        Do you need a spoon to stir the pot? Oh wait, you have many.

        I can however be indifferent. This is, just a blog. I don’t have to explain anything to you, because you have no bearing on me.
        I hope Moose does will though. I hope his brother finds peace in the Lord.

        Thank you.


      • RCS Confidential

        January 31, 2014 at 12:32 pm

        Dear Pam:

        Quite the contrary: You have not wasted your time. You have represented a sector of the community in which we live. That being said is enough and you and our many, many readers can make your own interpretations.

        But we DO blame the other party for not responding! The “Other Party” is asking for voters to vote for him to be the chief financial officer of the village of Ravena!!! Where have you fallen into a coma during these discussions?!? The “other party,” Bill “Moose” Misuraca, if you need a name, MUST respond now or later but he will respond. It’s his duty and obligation to the public from whom he’s asking for votes. What’s the matter with you, woman?

        No, you cannot and cannot affort to be indifferent. This is not “just a blog,” this is a reliable source of information for a very large number of people who subscribe to it and log on to read what we have to say. “Just a blog,” what woodchuck burrow are you hiding in, anyway? We don’t feel a need to “have a bearing on you,” in fact, we don’t care one way or another whether you like us or not. What we do care about is that this blog gets you thinking, if that’s possible from your abyss of indiffernce. Besides, you’re contradicting yourself, Pam, because you can’t be indifferent and write the things you’ve written…unless you’re both indifferent and a phony.

        Just read carefully and you’ll do youself many favors.

        Thanks again for your comments.

        The Editor


  5. Virgil

    January 31, 2014 at 8:54 am

    Bottom Line this is a dispute between two brothers. It has no bearing on politics at all. As far as what Dom said…There were plenty of people there that night that can back up the claim that you came in screaming like a maniac. If you wanted to have an actual conversation, maybe you should’ve stopped screaming and yelling. Anyway, like I said this is a family dispute that has no bearing on politics. I still believe Moose has a good outlook for the community and has the people in mind and not his own interests like the current mayor.


    • RCS Confidential

      January 31, 2014 at 9:21 am

      While it is true, Virgil, that this is apparently a family tiff, and while it may be true that Dom Misuraca may have behaved in a less-than-adult way at the time, we must not lose sight of the fundamental issues here. The fundamental issues are not that it is a family disagreement, nor is Dom Misuraca’s alleged stormy entrance an issue. The issue is whether this “family dispute” does, in fact, raise important questions, even red flags about Misuraca’s basic fitness to be effective, and whether the issues will have a bearing on local politics for the reasons we state in our article. Take away the personal names and think of the issues in terms of the “Imagine If…” restatement we provided. The bottom line is how voters feel about the fundamental issues and how they might play out if Moose Misuraca is elected, and whether they will have an adverse effect on good local government, a goal we all should have in mind.

      As usual, thanks for your comment. We acknowledge that you feel Bill “Moose” Misuraca is a viable candidate; with a few assurances and some answers, we might feel the same way. Question is: Will Moose come up with a statement and will Jena keep her mouth shut and out of politics if hubby Moose is actually elected.

      The Editor


  6. confused

    January 31, 2014 at 8:43 am

    When I first read about Bill running for office of mayor, my first thought was about his wife and what went on with the RCS school board meetings………as for me I rather waste my vote by not voting for either candidate……..Someone that is for the people of Ravena and Coeymans needs to step up and run…….


    • RCS Confidential

      January 31, 2014 at 8:55 am

      Yes, Confused, sadly we do understand your point.

      Although Jena Misuraca is not running, her past activities and involvements, especially her shenanigans with the school board mob and others, do taint the Misuraca campaign. We really can’t see that she would change her stripes or her allegiances just for the sake of ethics, should Mr Misuraca be elected.

      The upside is this: If Misuraca, even with his baggage and Jena, were to be elected, at least we’d be rid of the Bruno machine in Ravena. Sure, we’d be stuck with Misuraca and Jena for 4 years, but with proper handling, they could be controlled or they’d get so much negative publicity that they’d have an investigation for public corruption or worse in a New York minute. We could then get rid of them at the end of the term and start really, really fresh, because by that time Nancy Warner and Bill Bailey will have been voted out of office!

      Yes, there has to be someone in Ravena who is trustworthy and honest, and who doesn’t come with a cartload of dirty laundry. That’s why we drafted Laszlo Polyak, a well-known figure in Ravena, and an honest community-minded man as a write-in. We also looked at and drafted Michael Fisher, the former philanthopist, who tried to give Ravena-Coeymans youth and teens a safe place to go, and get them off the streets. He became a martyr at the hands of the Bruno mob and the Coeymanazis. He’s got an interest in Ravena and certainly is community-spirited and a hard worker. He’s also an active member of the fire and rescue squad.

      We understand how you feel but we need people like you to vote…badly need you! So please, do the right thing and vote, even if it’s with a write in. Who knows how many like you are out there? We may yet bring honesty and integrity to our area.

      The Editor



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