The Buzz is Out: Bill “Moose” Misuraca will Challenge John “Black Mamba” Bruno in the Ravena Mayoral Race!!

25 Jan

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The Coeymans Republican Party Has a Candidate to
Oppose Ravena Mayor John T. Bruno

Bill “Moose” Misuraca has been tapped to challenge the Village of Ravena mayor John T. Bruno on March 18th! Great Choice!

Off with their heads!

Off with their heads in Ravena Village Hall!

Venerable Coeymans Republican Committee chairwoman Barbara Cumm has published the Public Notice under the provisions of Section 15 of the New York State Election Law notifying all registered Republicans in the Village of Ravena that the Republican Caucus for the Village of Ravena to nominate candidates for the office of Mayor of Ravena and two village trustees will be held at the Ravena Firehouse at 116 Main Street, Ravena, New York on January 28, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. The Village of Ravena Elections will be held on Tuesday, Mary 18, 2014.

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The word on the street is that Chairwoman Cumm has tapped William “Moose” Misuraca to be the Republican candidate for Mayor of Ravena. Moose Misuraca, as many of you already know is the same Moose Misuraca who runs the Halfway House Tavern, a village institution for almost 100 years, in Ravena-Coeymans, and is the grandson of patriarch Frank Nunziato. Moose is very much in touch with the local community and can take an ass-kicking and still remain level-headed and even-handed. We know this for a fact because we have blasted Moose on a number of occasions and he’s kept his cool. Moose is a better choice when we consider his ability to be down-to-earth and a real people person. These are very positive character traits when compared to the explosive and offensive personality of mayor John T. Bruno.

All that said, and although we have our doubts when it comes to the technical parts of mayoring, and some of Moose’s wife Jenna’s choice of friends and associations (a well-meaning relationship with the somewhat shady RCS Sports Association, a coziness with the notorious Cathy and Jerry Deluca that makes many people cringe, some of the groups she’s supported in the past (Fiends of RCS etc.), Moose is promising as a candidate given the numbers in our most recent polls, clearly leading Ron Houghtaling by at least a 50% margin, and leaving John Bruno in the mummy dust.. But will Moose be able to handle the pressure of his wife’s, Jena’s friends and still be a neutral public servant and not become a puppet mayor? Will he isolate Ravena village hall and make it a private club for the special interests and questionable friends, to whom  his wife Jena appears to be attracted, addicted? Or wil both Moose and Jena surprise the hell out of everyone and rise above the raw sewerage of special interests and corruption in Ravena-Coeymans. Sure, he’ll be able to call in consultants and advisors, if necessary, but it does take some skill knowing when you don’t know. And it takes big balls and raw courage to resist mere popularity and to champion real principles. Running even a small municipality like Ravena can be a challenge, especially when you’re dragging some heavy baggage and some dirty laundry along with you. And we all know from painful past experience when a heavy-handed bullshitter tries to run things: that’s the Bruno experience for the downward spiral Ravena has lived through since Bruno’s dictatorship has run its evil course for more than a quarter century. Bruno’s old and so is his style. Ravena needs change, positive change. Maybe Bill .” Moose” Misuraca, despite some of his and Jena’s questionable [= rumored] connections and friends might be that change. Maybe not. Can we handle the risk?

Our Advice to Barbara Cumm and to John Bruno

Our Advice to John Bruno, Marty Case and Rocco Persico!

Scandalous Greed: Not Satisfied with Being Elected to Public Office, Coeymans Board Members Now Want to Grab More Power!

shark attack great white

Our advice to the greedy power-hungry gabbers is this: You were elected to serve the residents and community of Coeymans, not to run a political party! Just concentrate all of your energies on your new responsibilities before your start grabbing more! Stop acting like a bunch of children and conduct the business of governing the Town of Coeymans in a fair and balanced way. You have enough to deal with right under your noses: Deal with it! Chairwoman Cumm played a significant role in putting you where you are. Maybe some gratitude is in order! Dontcha think?

Mr Langdon: Get real! Get to work, and stop drooling over a commttee chairmanship you have neither the right nor the experience to covet!

Unconfirmed reports and the word on the street is that several Coeymans Republicans—Ungrateful bastards and power-hungry wolves in sheepskins?— have visited Coeymans Republican Committee Chairperson Barbara Cumm, and have asked her to step down. Apparently, the misguided group is not pleased with the way she’s been serving the Republican party in Coeymans—even though she’s successfully navigated the Coeymans Republican party to win a number of elections— and successfully steered the party from the whacko direction its seems to want take under the imprudent direction of some power-hungry newbies. Cumm managed to get them elected and that’s how they allegedly treat her. Aren’t they satisfied with being voted into public office? They want more? What is in store for the voters now that they’re in office. To be fair, Barbara Cumm is a native of Ravena, she was raised and grew up in this very area. Barbara Cumm loves Ravena-Coeymans and wants to see it thrive. We feel that the direction the village has taken and the attitude of some persons [Mr Flach, Mr Burns (!), Mr Masti, Mr Langdon] is far from moral and verges on the unethical. We’d like to remind you gang of four that public office is characterized by SERVICE not power-grabbing.

It is our avowed principle that no one in public office should also serve as a party chairperson (Right? Tom Dolan!); it opens too many doors to corruption and power-grabbing, and all too soon the notion of SERVICE has lost its meaning. We have noted Mr Kenneth Burns’ imprudent remark about “father-figures.” Burns is on our monitoring list already. The rest of the Flach team had better tow the mark; all eyes are on you guys.

If the rumor is true that Mr Flach, Mr Langdon, Mr Masti, and Mr Burns have shown their colors and are ungrateful sods, Chrisitans that they claim to be, we don’t like what we hear. Don’t forget for one second that Ms Cumm served for many years and should not simply be discarded nor should she be vilified or disrespected by anyone: least of all local Republicans and the very one’s she’s guided into the offices they now occupy. If this blog has in any way made the impression that we do not respect Ms Cumm and her loyalty to her hometown, the principles of her party, her dignity and her accomplishments, we’d like to correct that impression right now.

Coeymans Shark Attack!!! Hungry Coeymans Board Members Visit Chairworman

Coeymans Shark Attack!!!
Hungry Coeymans Board Members Visit Chairworman

Our recommendation in the past has been, that if and when Ms Cumm decides to resign,  to make her Coeymans Republican Committee Chairperson emerita in recognition of her many years of service but also to rely on her experience, wisdom and savvy to ensure that the Coeymans Republican party is the party of ethics and solid values, ralther than self-service and power-grabbing. Unlike John Bruno, who is a dinosaur, Barbara Cumm is a servant leader. They’re from different dimensions or universes: Bruno is 30 years behind the times, Cumm, it seems, is reality oriented and future visioned. Where Bruno doesn’t have the sense of reality that would tell him to have the dignity to resign and hand over the baton to someone who can bring the dying village of Ravena into the 21st century, Barbara Cumm has shown wisdom in putting together a Republican party slate that overturned the old-boy corruption and put new faces on the board. (We can only hope that the new faces are not just masks hiding the same old business-as-usual thug-types.)

Our advice: Leave Barbara Cumm alone and respect her alleged choice for Ravena Mayor, Bill Moose Misuraca. Why? You might ask? Well, Bill knows the people, knows their needs; he listens to the buzz. He’s got a business right in the middle of town, is very well aware that if the village slides any further down the slippery slope created by the Brunos, the Delucas, the Warners and the others in the in-crowd, the Incest Club, he loses his livelihood and possibly a business that has a long history in Ravena—almost a century. But CAUTION: We don’t want to create a Coeymanazi haven, a nest of insiders in Ravena village hall that is worse than what’s there already. We need the Service Squad.

We were hoping for someone like Ron Houghtaling who has a wealth of government and administrative experience, and who has the brains to impress. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t called on to seek the nomination. Maybe his own history of unsavory connections and the fact that he doesn’t have the Misuraca allure is his own baggage, his own dirty laundry. While he’s got a working brain and will think for himself, and make experienced decisions, maybe the downside outweighs all of that.

chopping-cashWe also think that the present village of Ravena offices in their present location would make a fine location for the Coeymans Town Hall, tooWill Moose Misuraca work closely with the Town of Coeymans to re-establish the old Ravena-Coeymans with one administration rather than the present wasteful two administrations running one community?Will Moose Misuraca  would have the negotiating skills and the experience to approach the town government to make the move. That brings up the subject of consolidating the hamlet of Coeymans and the village of Ravena. Think of the good sense that makes. One administration, one court, one budget. No more fingerpointing and bickering. The only ones who want separate governments are the ones who stand to profit by the inefficiency: the Bruno crowd. Let’s start thinking in the 21st century, people, and let’s move in the right direction. Even if the village and the hamlet are not consolidated (as they once were a number of years ago), the two administrations would be better off in one location and the present village hall would be just the place.

Think in terms of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars every year right around the corner and what that could mean to Ravena-Coeymans and to residents. It makes good economic sense but the Bruno crowd would fight it tooth and claw because they’d never have a chance at taking advantage of their captive audience again.

Now think of getting rid of the Coeymans police department and all of those leeches. Think about saving at least $500,000 a year and still having a local sheriff department presence right down the street. An then there’s also the NYS police who are in the area. What could you do with that $500,000 in savings each year while financing the Sheriff Department satellite station in Ravena-Coeymans. Money back in your pocket people. Why are you fighting it? Here’s why: You’re being lied to by the leeches and their idiot friends. The Coeymans p.d. leeches don’t want to lose a good thing; where could they go to suck as much blood and play cops and robbers at a community’s expense like the Coeymans p.d. does?

Coeymans Police Department and Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca:

It must be getting a bit hot in the basement of Coeymans town hall, though. Kerry Thompson get’s pulled out by the Sheriff in an eleventh hour effort to distance himself from the Coeymans p.d. and avoid certain embarassment. Now we hear it’s getting too hot for Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca who’s retiring (actually resigning) from the Coeymans p.d. Does the Coeymans town hall know that Deluca was hired illegally by his friend Gregory Darlington? That should affect his “retirement”, shouldn’t it? Before they start signing any checks they’d better audit the books and check the records and the law; we wouldn’t want the New York State Comptroller’s Office and the Civil Service Department to go behind closed doors with the New York State Attorney General and find that there’s fraud in the Coeymans P.D., would we?

Dirty-Hands Jerry Resigns; Is Darlington Next?

Dirty-Hands Jerry Resigns; Is Darlington Next?

Are Jerry Deluca and Gregory Darlington going to try to run and hide before the shit hits the fan? Do they really think that if they abandon ship like rats that they’ll be beyond the reach of the law or retribution to the public they’ve screwed so royally? Is the Coeymans taxpayer going to be satisfied paying the leeches their pensions in view of their years of abuse, corruption, and hypocrisy?

"Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca" Resigns

“Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca Resigns

It was difficult to keep from vomiting when reading the page one article “Happy birthday, Ravena!” (Ravena News Herald, January 23, 2014) and its sickening portrayal of Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca. Town councilman Kenneth Burns revealed a side of himself that made us doubt both his sanity and his connection with the community when he characterized the cop-bully Deluca as a “father figure to the community.” Either Burns was high on something or otherwise intoxicated to describe Deluca as a “father figure” to the community Deluca has deceived, taken advantage of, lied to, and bullied for years. Maybe Mr Burns has a different idea of a father figure; maybe Mr Burns means an abusive father with no ethics or morals. A “father-figure” who is a hyppocrite.

Our Message to Coeymans town councilman Mr Kenneth Burns: It’s that kind of stupid remark that gets you noticed. You’ve been noticed, Mr Burns.

But then, when saying good riddance to bad rubbish, maybe the Coeymans town council members are just so happy and relieved to get rid of the bully Deluca that they figure he’ll still be roaming the streets with time on his hands (when he should be doing time), so why rock the boat. Deluca was always in trouble while they had reasonable control over him. What now? Deluca is allegedly involved as a defendant in several lawsuits pending so he’ll be kept busy…one would hope.

We Recommend: That the New York State Comptroller, the Office of the NYS Attorney General, and the New York State Civil Service Department carefully audit and investigate Gerald Deluca’s employement record to ensure that his employment by the Coeymans Police Department was in accordance with the law. We have reason to believe that he may have been hired by Gregory Darlington illegally. That should certainly raise some eyebrows at state level. The Town of Coeymans had better do its own investigation and pronto!

Deluca Supersize Greed:

Lady-Kiss-Hips animationThe greed of the Deluca pair is about as super-sized as they are. Ravena News Herald sockpuppet Bryan Rowzee reports in that same article that Ravena mummy mayor John “Black Mamba” Bruno was accompanied by “Ravena Health and Fitness Manager and Centennial Celebration Committee chair Cathy Deluca” to tout Ravena’s 100-year anniversary of incorporation. With Bruno and Deluca working on it it’ll probably be featured at the Babcock Funeral Home more as a wake or memorial service than anything else! But Cathy Deluca will do anything—and we do mean anything—to get noticed (How could you not notice her?). Cathy’s a real steal-the-show dog-and-pony act, that’s for certain. But now that she’s been appointed to run her little money-pit playpen, the illegal Ravena Health and Fitness Center, that’s not enough for the gluttonous queen of grab-it! Now she’s finagled her way to be the Centennial Committee chair. Look: She’s getting $30,000 + benefits to run the Fitness Center for the village of Ravena. The Fitness Center is in its first year of existence and isn’t doing all that well—call us cynical, but it’s a money pit (your money, Ravena taxpayers), it’s losing the membership battle, it can’t keep employees, and it just doesn’t have the numbers. Cathy Deluca has already managed two previous fitness centers to failure, and we think she’s doing the same thing to the Ravena Fitness Center. She can’t even manage a bunch of fatties in tights let alone a business operation!

old blond stripper smSo don’t you Ravena taxpayers think she should keep her bottom at the Fitness Center to make certain the public’s money is working for the public? No, that’s not the Deluca way! The public’s money in the Deluca world works for Deluca! Our advice to Ravena mummy mayor John “Black Mamba” Bruno is to keep Cathy D. in the Fitness Center and make her make it work. It’s YOUR duty and responsibility Mr Bruno, to the people of Ravena. You have to make your bad ideas and bad choices work! You have to take responsibility Mr Bruno! Do it now! Make Cathy Deluca put all her energy in making that fiasco, illegal Ravena Health and Fitness Center work for the people and taxpayers of Ravena. Take responsibility for once, at least in the last year of being mayor of Ravena! And don’t forget the pending lawsuits that won’t go away even if Cathy Deluca resigns…OOPS! we meant “retire.” There are actually three (3) pending lawsuits involving Cathy Deluca and the Ravena Health and Fitness Center. Some of the claims involve criminal charges and also involve the Coeymans Police Department on charges of obstruction of justice etc. So when you hear the names Cathy and Jerry Deluca, think greed, hypocrisy, corruption, and lawsuit.

Again, this is one of our concerns with Bill “Moose” Misuraca’s prospective bid for the mayorship of Ravena: What is his, Bill’s  and his wife’s, Jena’s, relationship with the Deluca pair and how does that play into the agenda? Will their coziness with the Coeymanazi pair and all of their corrupt activities in Ravena-Coeymans taint any potential Misuraca administration? That’s an important consideration in our view.

We’d like to know Bill Misuraca’s position on the Ravena Health and Fitness Center.

We’d also like to ask if the Misuracas, the Ravena Halfway House Tavern received Cathy Deluca’s recent letter to selected Main Street businesses to attend the January 30th Centennial Planning Meeting for the “revitalization” of Main Street, Ravena. (Our most recent intelligence informs us that the Misuraca;s, Jordan’s Barber Shorp, Hoots Bowling Alley (Houghtaling), Stolz insurance, Citgo, Miller’s Automotive, all Main Street businesses, and others were not included in that mailing. Why not?)

In short: We want to know, we want to be convinced that if Bill “Moose” Misuraca is elected by a fair process that Bill will be mayor and not Jena or her cronies. We want to be convinced that if Bill “Moose” Misurac is elected to be mayor of the village of Ravena, that the same insider group or, worse still, more insider groups will take over village hall. If Bill “Moose” Misuraca is elected to be mayor, we want to be conviced Bill will be mayor; not Jena Misurac, not the RCS Sports Association, not Matt Miller’s teachers union, and not the Cathy and Dirty-Hands Jerry pair. In short, we want a mayor not a Coeymanazi fortress.

So, a lot is happening since the upheavals and elections in November 2013. It’s happening in Coeymans and in New Baltimore because residents are sick of the backstabbing, the unfairness, the lying, the corruption, the intimidation and the retaliation. It’s time now to fumigate Ravena village hall and get rid of the cockroaches who have been ruining a lovely little village and killing it slowly and painfully.

Village of Ravena residents have two caucuses coming up at the end of January:

  • The Democratic Caucus to nominate candidates for Ravena mayor and two village trustees. They’ll probably kiss Bruno’s ass and nominate him and his two leeches, Marty Case and Rocco Persico. That will be the death knoll for Ravena (and for Bruno and his two leeches Case and Persico). Residents don’t want Bruno back or his leeches. Nominating them in the Democratic caucus will be a big mistake. But then, Coeymans Democratic Committee Chairman Tom Dolan could’t get himself elected, and he’s a dud from the start. We just have to keep an eye on whether he’ll manipulate his Choices clients, his social services recipients, etc. He’s played some shadey games with ballots in the past, and skunks don’t change their odor. The Democratic Caucus is on Monday, January 27, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. in the Ravena Fire House at 116 Main Street, Ravena (one of the few occupied buildings left on Main Street, thanks to the democrats on the village council!)
  • The Republican Caucus will meet on Tuesday,January 28, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. in the Ravena Fire House at 116 Main Street, Ravena. As we’ve already reported, Coeymans Republican Committee Chairperson Barbara Cumm expects to nominate Bill “Moose” Misuraca for the office of mayor of Ravena and two others for the 2 trustee seats. Ms Cumm appears to have weighed the pros-and-cons and we have to trust her wisdom. All Coeymans Republicans must attend the caucus and actively participate. Weighing all of the options, we recommend that Ravena Republicans support Ms Cumm’s choice and should support Bill “Moose” Misuraca for mayor of Ravena.
  • We have posted our options for mayor and village officers. If the Caucuses don’t see the wisdom in our selection, we will push for the residents of the village of Ravena to write them in on March 18. If they don’t get the political parties’ nominations to be candates, we and Ravena residents must run them as write-ins!

    An Example of a Write-in Vote It's that simple! Just print clearly and spell the names correctly!

    An Example of a Write-in Vote
    It’s that simple! Just print clearly and spell the names correctly!

Remember: Ravena village elections are on Tuesday, March 18, 2014. Don’t let the leeches steal the village away again!

Please don’t forget to make your choices for mayor and trustee candidates in our special Ravena Election Poll. Click on this link Poll to go to the article and take the poll or just scroll down to the article. Make your voice heard in advance of the elections!

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The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

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8 responses to “The Buzz is Out: Bill “Moose” Misuraca will Challenge John “Black Mamba” Bruno in the Ravena Mayoral Race!!

  1. Dom

    January 30, 2014 at 2:16 am

    NONE of the sheep that will vote for Moose Misuaca know the REAL man behind that fake smile.
    Id rather vote in Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. At least hes HONEST about agenda . And this is coming from his ” brother”. I can say more, but ll leave it at that.


    • RCS Confidential

      January 30, 2014 at 7:23 am

      Thank you, Dom, for your comment.

      We think it would be fairer to our readers if you WOULD say MORE because merely hinting at someting does nothing for clarity and only lends to uncertainty. In fact, because Mr Moose is running for public office, if you have something to say, please say it. It would be very unfair to the entire community of Ravena if you know something voters should know but don’t say it. It’s not about you or your “brother”, it’s about a whole community. So, if you hint at something, you need to clarify it for all of us.

      Apart from perhaps family feuds, which wouldn’t play big on the election script, any character or moral faults need to be brought out into the open. We don’t want to trade one devil for another.

      A fundamental fact is this: Ravena has been struggling under the yoke of John Bruno and his corrupt methods for almost 30 years. If Bill “Moose” Misuraca turns out to be a phony and a jerk once in office, Ravena will have at least the chance to embarass him publicly, to go after him publicly, to have oversight agencies monitor and surveille him, and the opportunity to dump him in disgrace after his term. In other words, if Misuraca turns out to be a younger version of Bruno, he stands to lose a lot more than he may gain.

      One further point: It will be easier to keep tabs on Misuraca from the start and to scrutinize his conduct than it would be to go back 25-30 years and sort out what Bailey, Bruno and the gang did.

      Once again, thanks very much for your comment, Dom, but please share with us anything you know at What you tell us may be published but we won’t disclose the source. In otherwords, it won’t necessarily be from you because you may not be the only one who knows.

      Besides, from what you’ve said already, you don’t appear to have much to lose anyway.

      The Editor

      P.s. Actually Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wouldn’t be such a bad choice for Ravena. He’s at least colorful and entertaining as a fat clown. The current Democrat lineup for Ravena mayor and trustees look more like they should be in the Albany Institute of History and Art, in the mummy collection: all dried up, sinister, and bloodless.


    • Virgil

      January 30, 2014 at 2:26 pm

      Dom,,,your brother has a great vision for this community and he’s one of the most honest people I know. And alot of people believe the same thing. The Halfway House has come a long way and Moose is a huge reason why. The place is always packed and has some of the best food around. Also, I do remember about 2 months ago, you stormed in the Halfway House yelling and screaming at your brother..for no reason at all…And you had to be escorted out by police because you wouldn’t leave when you were asked to. You wouldn’t see Moose do that…just saying.


      • RCS Confidential

        January 30, 2014 at 6:11 pm

        Thank you, Virgil.

        We don’t think we want to pursue what apparently is a disagreement between Dom and Bill Misuraca but if Dom has something to say other than what apparently is between brothers, we’d like to hear it. But we don’t want to get involved in a family disagreement, although we would like to see the two brothers patch things up.

        The Editor


      • Dom

        January 31, 2014 at 2:51 am

        Ill just say this to your assine reply to my comment:
        1.The way he makes a sandwich matters little in comparison to running a town.
        2. I did storm into the bar, as far as it being “no reason at all”, well you wouldnt know that i had just gotten off the phone with my crying mother….crying because he was blaming ME , as the person that reported the bar for HAVING UNTAXED WORKERS. While i do not condone off the book employees, i certainly did not report him…i am not only person on his bad side.
        The police were not necessary if he had only been able to COMMUNICATE WITH ME, instead of jumping to conclusions and allowing his wife to spread rumors. I certainly wouldnt have WASTEDTHE TAXPAYERS MONEY by calling the police….who ,in TRUE RAVENA FASHION ,arrived in a pack of three.
        3.HE IS NOT FULL OWNER OF NEITHER THE BAR nor PROPERTY. As partial owner of the property, i was within my rights to be there…i left to talk to the police outside ,away from nosey barflies…… It seems like it is YOU who does not know the whole story,


      • RCS Confidential

        January 31, 2014 at 7:40 am

        Thank you, Dom, for your explanation, though the “asinine” wasn’t quite necessary nor did it add any more credibility to your response (and we’re not quite sure whether you meant us or Virgil).

        Although it sounds like a family matter, there are three points embedded in your response that are of significant interest to our readers:

        (1) The allegation that Bill “Moose” Misuraca and his wife Jena Misuraca were evading the law as regards workers/employee taxes. That is a serious allegation, especially serious when it is made against someone who wants to be the chief financial officer of the Village of Ravena. We need to hear more about this allegation and maybe get some clarification.
        (2) The apparent communication problem is also worrying. If someone can’t communicate appropriately on a serious matter, whether the allegation is true or untrue, and that person can’t respond to the allegation in a rational and sensible way, that is another serious problem for someone who wants to be the chief communicator of the Village of Ravena.
        (3) Rumors have always been a problem in Ravena-Coeymans and have caused a lot of heartache to a lot of people. We mentioned in a previous post that we are concerned that Jena Misuraca may not respect boundaries if her husband, Bill Misuraca, is elected to be Ravena mayor. We base our concern on Jena’s many sometimes questionable participattion in local movements and the company she tends to keep. The RCS Sports Association with its Twilight Zone history of shabby bookkeeping and total lack of transparency, Jena’s involvement with certain groups involved in the schools (and we don’t mean the cookie-baking team), her outrageous political activism and partisanship relating to the RCS board of education, her questionable friendships with local renegade figures like Cathy and Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, and the list could go on. Jena simply doesn’t know when to mind her own business and to lay low, if necessary. Jena’s “individualism”, if you want to call it that, goes far beyond what we would like to see in the wife of the mayor of Ravena. In our opinion, there could be many conflicts of interest and problems created if Jena isn’t kept in her crate with her mouth shut.
        (4) The coziness with elements of the Coeymanazi police department bothers us, too. All of the above concerns culminate in the fact that the Coeymans police were involved and our question is: Why? Who called them? For what purpose? Was it Bill “Moose” Misuraca or Jena Misuraca? If Dom Misuraca was there to talk to his brother about a misunderstanding, why didn’t it play out that way? If Jena called her “friends” in the Coeymans police department, what business was it of hers to get involved in something that was between two brothers. (And is that going to become a pattern if Mr Misuraca occupies the mayor’s office?). And if Dom has every right to be on the property, and was not creating a disturbance, he was within his rights.

        Now, readers, take this scenario a step further and imagine the Halfway House Tavern is the Ravena Village Hall. Now imagine that there’s some illegal crapola going on in the village workings involving some mismanagement or corruption (= the alleged untaxed employees at the Halfway House), and some people are upset about it (= Misuraca’s mother and Dom Misuraca). A citizen (= Dom Misuraca) goes to the public space (= Village Hall) to discuss the isse with an elected official (= Bill “Moose” Misuraca) in order to get the story straight. The citizen (= Dom Misuraca) has every right (1) to be concerned about the situation, (2) to go to village hall, (3) to talk to the elected official, (4) to get the facts and the story straight. OK so far? Perhaps the discussion gets a bit emotional (it happens at town, village and school board meetings all the time) but it’s not an incident. Now, say someone who is not an elected public servant or even an employee of the village government (= Jena Misuraca, although she works at the Halfway House Tavern) sticks his or her nose in it and starts spreading rumors about the citizen’s (Dom Misuraca) discussion with the elected official (Bill “Moose” Misuraca) all over town, when s/he should have kept his/her mouth shut. Let’s also say that that rumor-monger (Jena Misuraca) has questionable motives and hangs out with questionable groups (RCS Sports Association, Fiends of RCS, the Coeymanazi police department, Cathy and Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, etc.) and the whole thing gets perverted in the telling. And say, as the story goes, that that Ms Buttinsky, calls the police to intervene in something only to make a scene.

        Does that paint a picture of open government where citizens can feel free to approach their elected officials, to discuss isses with them, to freely interact with local government without fear of retaliation or intimidation? Sure doesn’t sound that way to us! In fact, it sounds a lot like what we now have in Ravena Village Hall. It sounds a lot like what a local resident describes when he visited the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, a public place, and was told he wasn’t welcome and to leave. It sounds just like what Cathy Deluca and one of her minions, Claude Wheeler, did when they falsely reported an incident to the Coeymanazi police, too. It also sounds a lot like the obstruction of justice by the Coeymans police department when it came to investigating the violation of the resident’s protected civil rights (a crime), the charge of falsely reporting an incident (a misdemeanor), the charge of conspiring (a misdemeanor) to file a falsely reporting an incident, when they concerned Cathy Deluca, the wife of Coeymans cop Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca! And that’s only one incident. Many similar ones appear in the list of Notices of Claims against the Village of Ravena, the Town of Coeymans, and the Coeymans Police Department.

        We need some answers to these questions we’ve posed above. We need some certainty that on March 18, voters are not jumping from the frying pan into a very big bonfire. We need to know what we’re getting into and whether we need to seriously ignore what the political parties have cooked up for us and start thinking very seriously about some local men and women who can be write-in candidates and who don’t have so much damned baggage! Think Laszlo Polyak or Michael Fisher if the Bruno or Misuraca gang is getting too scary.

        This issue is so important we have decided to post it as its own article.

        The Editor


  2. RCS Confidential

    January 25, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    Thanks, Virgil, for your comment.

    Great that Dildo Deluca is leaving the Coeymanazi P.D. Now let’s see what the new board is going to do with the rest of the cockroaches.

    We’re a bit concerned with Mr Kenneth Burns’ comment about “father figure” when referring to Dirty-Hands Jerry. That sort of comment sends up red flags and indicates that we have to keep an eye on Mr Burns. Do you think he’s perhaps not what he appeared to be before the elections?

    As for Moose Misuraca, he’s a person embedded in the community and from where he’s at, he certainly knows both sides of the tracks. He may be a good choice. Actually, anything’s better than what we have now.

    Thanks again for your “Good riddance to bad rubbish,” which is the sentiment of most residents in the Town of Coeymans when it comes to Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and his Bimbo. But we’re stuck with Bimbo until someone new is in Village Hall and can give Bimbo the boot.

    Bryan Rowzee is an institutional company man. We think he should stick to his library job and stay out of the politics but it seems he’s caught the bug and is happy being a company lackey. His writing sucks and so does his perspective. Genuine ass-kisser; loves that booty.

    The Editor


  3. Virgil

    January 25, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    After reading this post I must say I’m very excited to hear that Moose could possibly be running for Mayor of Ravena. Thats just what this community needs..a fresh face and a fresh outlook on things. That’s the only way this community is going to get better. It’s time for the Mayor Bruno’s of the world to realize that there time is up and let someone who has the best interests of the community in mind instead of someone who has the best interests of himself in mind. This would be a huge step in the right direction for Ravena! Oh and to that retard Deluca that is retiring…Good riddance to bad rubbish!



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