Top Secret: Two Coeyman Cops, Idiots, Really, Suspended

18 Dec

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Two Coeymans Police Officers Send Sheriff’s Deputy on A Wild-Goose Chase, Get Suspended

Coeymans Police Department/Albany County Sheriff Keep Public in Dark

Somebody in Town Hall: Turn on the Lights!!!

Somebody in Town Hall:
Turn on the Lights!!!

Seems security isn’t a big thing with former Coeymans Police Department Lieutenant Kerry Thompson, now Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple’s “assistant chief deputy,” after he had been recalled apparently following the incident where Coeymans police officers Danielle Crosier and Peter McKenna got into some mischief on Thompson’s Sheriff’s Department laptop, which Thompson stupidly neglected to secure.

Apparently, the Coeymans police department has so little to do when they’re not executing illegal search warrants issued by short-order-cook town justices or worse, and the cops have so little supervision when they have nothing to do while collecting your taxpayer dollars, that they have to perpetrate criminal activity themselves. So, the allegations go, ex-Coeymans ” deputy chief” and current chief of Coeymans police, Gregory Darlington’s brother-in-law, Kerry Thompson leaves his laptop unsecured and Danielle Crosier and Peter McKenna get the bright idea to play a little joke on the Albany County Sheriff’s Department. They log on Thompson’s laptop that is equipped with C.A.D. or Computer Aided Dispatch, a system you’ll find in most police cruisers these days (see below for more information), and from Thompson’s computer, dispatched an Albany County Deputy on a wild-goose chase. That’s not only ultra-childish, stupid, it’s also a crime even if two idiotic Coeymans cops do it!

Coeymans Cops Send Sheriff's Deputy on a Wild-Goose Chase

Coeymans Cops Send Sheriff’s Deputy on a Wild-Goose Chase

Coeymans Police Officers Danielle Crosier and Peter McKenna Dispatched a Sheriff’s Deputy on a Wild-Goose Chase: Big Joke!



So, why didn’t we hear about this before? Well, we all know that Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington gets away with murder and so do his faves in the department. Why do you think DoDo Darlington put Kerry Thompson, his brother-in-law, on the payroll as his “administrative assistant” for more than $31.00/hr while Thompson was already full-time in the Albany County Sheriff’s Department. Why did Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple allow this, anyway? We also know that Darlington’s wife works in the Albany County D.A.’s office. We also know that the Darlington-Boehm-Rogers-Dolan plan by funning (or running) Michelle Maddage to be Coeymans town clerk was to get Darlington’s wife a part-time job in the Clerk’s office. But voters put a stop to that plan. We also know that Darlington’s plan is to leave the Coeymans police department and join up with his wife in Albany County District Attorney David Soares’ office. Don’t you see the corruption piling up here?

Darlington has been bad news for Coeymans since the sick decision was made to put him in the chief’s office. Once there, he managed to f-up all of former professional chief Scott Giroux’s clean-up and sanitation work in the Coeymans p.d. One of the first stupid moves Darlington did was to re-hire two duds Giroux had fired: Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and Todd Polverelli. (The facts also indicate that Deluca and Polverelli were hired illegally, not in compliance with civil service law. Same applies to Danielle Crosier. How and why was she selected to be the RCS CSD police presence in the high-school? We’d like a statement on that information.) It went downhill from there.

Backward and Downhill

Backward and Downhill

Back to the playful duo Crosier and McKenna. Well, when the perps were found out, Thompson suspended both Crosier and McKenna. But get this: Crosier got only a week’s suspension, while McKenna got a month! Why the discrepancy? You might well ask. Seems the rumor is that Thompson and Crosier had a little thing. So that must have played into Mr Thompson’s real professional and objective evaluation of the seriousness of the crime. But why no criminal charges? Just suspension? With pay? Are the Coeymans police above the law?

Or have we so quickly forgotten just a couple of special treatment cases, like:

  • woman pointing fingerKerry Thompson’s son’s theft and vandalism of campaign signs. Disappeared!
  • How about Kerry Thompson’s other delinquent son (is he the dispatcher at the Coeymans p.d.?) who took down mailboxes while speeding; never charged. Disappeared!
  • Kerry Thompson’s refusal to take a harassment complaint by a local woman (but taking the complaint of the same harasser against a local official and prosecuting it!)
  • Dawn Roger’s daughter’s multiple DUI’s.  Disappeared!
  • Tom Dolan’s son’s drug-related incidents. Disappeared!
  • Harassment charges against Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and Matt Miller. Disappeared!
  • Obstruction of justice charges against DoDo cop Gregory Darlington. Disappeared!
  • Investigations against Cathy Deluca for falsely filing a report. Disappeared!
  • Failure to investigate/obstruction of  justice by Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca  felony charges (Scott Lendin). Disappearied!
  • And many others, still DISAPPEARING
Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple Gets an Egg Facial Courtesy of Darlington, Thompson, Crosier & McKenna

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple Gets an Egg Facial Courtesy of Darlington, Thompson, Crosier & McKenna

You might also ask where Thompson’s bosses, Apple and Darlington, were when all of this was going on? Well, Darlington probably had his head up his arse as usual, monitoring what’s going on in the town clerk’s office upstairs—or, more likely, he was collecting his paycheck while playing Mr Mom at home. Craig Apple, Albany County Sheriff, was probably trying like hell to figure out how to get Thompson out of the Coeymans police department without coming off with egg all over his face.

So, Thompson’s embarrassed as hell by Crosier and McKenna. Two Coeymans police make asses of themselves, commit a serious crime, and get suspended (McKenna, it seems, just can’t seem to stay out of police trouble. He got fired from the Albany Police only to be hired by that jackass Darlington!). Darlington’s on another planet, as usual. Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca’s off to the side with psycho-cop Ryan Johnson sniggering. This is the Return of the Living Brain-Dead to Coeymans!

OK, Craig & Bill, Come Clean: Are these facts true?

OK, Craig & Bill, Come Clean:
Are these facts true?
Do you think if we citizens or the media call them we’d get the truth?

So what does Craig Apple, Albany County Sheriff, do? Well, he doesn’t waste any time in setting up a plan to get Thompson out of Coeymans real quick. He “promotes” Thompson to a desk job as “assistant chief deputy” in an elaborate dog-and-pony-act at taxpayer expense, so that it looks like he needs Thompson back in the Sheriff’s department to fill this “important” desk job. We reported on this silly smoke-and-mirrors act in our article (click on this link to read it), Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple: Has the Apple Gone Rotten? The whole thing was so obvious only the mind of a law enforcement person would be dull enough to think the public would swallow that rancid oyster.

After that, Kerry Thompson resigns from his position with brother-in-law Darlington and moves back home to the Albany County Sheriff’s Department so that Apple can keep closer tabs on him and keep him out of trouble. It’s absolutely scandalous, incredible that all of this is being paid for by taxpayer dollars!

Why are we kept in the dark?!?

Why are we kept in the dark?!?

This was all discussed, apparently, in a closed-door executive session by the Coeymans town board and kept real hush-hush because it was just before the elections and just before the big Böhm-Darlington-Thompson special press conference on Coeymans’ phony drug busts and the fabricated drug problem. That failed, too, and Boehm and Rogers lost their town board seats. Puts Darlington and the Coeymans police department in a real scary place right now, because Tom Boehm, Tom Dolan  and Dawn Rogers were the only thing separating Darlington and his criminals in uniform from the door and the street! Come January there should be some major changes happening. But the public was unfairly kept in the dark while Darlington, Boehm, Dolan and Rogers were promoting psycho-cop to sergeant, and giving that lunatic a pay raise. Criminals at play, it seems.

Our questions: Why are Crosier and McKenna still in uniform? Why are they still on the payroll of the Coeymans police department? If these facts are true and they did illegally access Thompson’s laptop and did actually send a Sheriff’s deputy on a wild-goose chase, why weren’t criminal charges pressed and a public investigation launched? What right does the Coeymans town board and the Coeymans police department have to keep the public, the taxpaying public in the dark? Why does the generally law-abiding, hard-working, honest resident and taxpayer have to pay for these dregs and then be subject to their abuse, too? Where was the media when all of this was happening? Where is the media NOW?

What right does the Coeymans town board and the Coeymans police department have to keep the public, the taxpaying public in the dark?

What is C.A.D.?

police computer

Computer-aided dispatch, or CAD, is a system used by police and other emergency response dispatchers to log, track and assign calls for service. Once performed with a notebook or laptop  computer, a punch-card and a file cabinet, CAD systems allow duty officers and law enforcement officers to check on for service, respond to calls, input call data and access call history almost instantly. This allows officers to get much-needed information faster and reduces radio traffic. It also allows police supervisors to better monitor their subordinates and manage the work load of the shift.

The CAD is also the system that stores reports, notes and basic information after a call for service is completed.

The Mobile Digital Computer or MDC / Mobile Digital Terminal is the computer program that allows dispatchers and law enforcement officers to communicate between each other in “real-time”.

Basically, dispatch receives a 911/non emergency call requiring Police response. The dispatcher generates a “CAD card/event/case number” and types the information related to the call into their computer. Dispatch “sends” the “call” to the responding Officers “MDC”. The Officer reads the “call card” hits a “key” to show “en route” and then “on scene.” After handling the “call”, the Officer enters whatever pertinent information (could be a two sentence disposition or a full report) and sends the completed “CAD” entry to the main “database”.

Thats the only way we know to explain it, however the system allows MUCH more than just receiving calls, etc, it is also used to “run” registrations,licenses, warrants checks and numerous other LE related “applications”.

The actual “acronym” for different agencies will differ also. We have only heard of the systems being called “CAD”, “MDC (Mobile Digital Computer)” and “MDT (Mobile Data Terminal)”, but we imagine they all work very similarly.

It’s obvious that these systems can be abused by the simple-minded and by criminally minded law enforcement personnel who have other agendas and are willing to break the law and the rules of confidentiality to obtain privileged information. (Right Jerry Deluca?).

Of course, we’d like very much to hear back from anyone in the Coeymans Police Department or the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, or the Coeymans town board with a statement or an explanation for the facts reported here. We would really like to know if any of the facts need to be corrected to represent the truth. Unless someone from the Coeymans P.D., the Albany County Sheriff’s Department or the Town of Coeymans comes forward with a denial or a correction or even an explanation, we’ll have to presume these allegations all to be true.

Keep this close by and handy, should you come in contact with Coeymans law enforcement The Editor

Keep this close by and handy, should you come in contact with Coeymans law enforcement
The Editor

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“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!


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30 responses to “Top Secret: Two Coeyman Cops, Idiots, Really, Suspended

  1. Stacy

    January 28, 2014 at 11:18 am

    It seems to me… matter how much you blog..
    .the respond to your blog…..nothing changes
    PEOPLE….CALL YOUR LOCAL COUNTY EXEC. DEMAND THIS BE TAKEN CARE OF! WITHOUT MANY CALLS….NOTHING CHANGES. I AM SICK TO DEATH ABOUT THE COP JOHNSON…..handing out business cards. He says he’s DEA! Did he just make a huge bust …….while criminally impersonating a DEA agent??? The County has to get it together!! And why is it…….that these cops are suspended with pay? They should be held to a higher standard…..after all….their in place to uphold the law……not break it. Bmgi


    • RCS Confidential

      January 28, 2014 at 11:36 am

      Hi, Stacy and thanks very much for your comment.

      The County Exec has little to do with local government activities. People need to attend town meetings and speak up. Voters did a great job in the last elections and cleaned out most of the bugs on the Coeymans town board. Now we have to see if they’re a bunch of all-talk wimps, or whether they actually are going to get down to business and get rid of the moeny pit Coeymanazi police department with its collection of leeches. And what else the new board is going to do to make the common persons’ lives more worth living.

      First of all, the Republicans and fed-up Democrats in Ravena have to get out to the polls and clean out village hall. Then perhaps the new people will join with Coeymans in getting the Ravena-Coeymans community cleaned up. But it has to start at the polls, just like it did in New Baltimore and in Coeymans. Ravena has to step up to the plate and say “Enough! Enough! OUT!”

      Coeymans do-do cop police chief dildo Gregory Darlington was a big mistake and we’re sure that former Coeymans town supervisior still regrets hiring him to be police chief. But that’s ancient history now. You’ve been stuck with the likes of Darlington, Deluca, Johnson and a couple of others, and the town of Coeymans board has the power to change all that. For one thing CUT THE DAMNED POLICE BUDGET! It’s scandalous for a town this size to have such a bloated police department or even a police department at all! The population’s shrinking (judging by the number of funeral homes that have closed) but the police department is growing. Doesn’t anyone see something wrong with this picture? The streets and sewers are kaput but the police department gets new personnel and new vehicles. Who’s crazy in the town of Coeymans?

      The town of Coeymans has become a police state. We all know that. So I cringe when I hear anyone in the area talking about American freedom etc. Whatever they’re smoking they’re probably buying from the Coeymans police.

      Thanks again,
      The Editor


  2. Chris Philippo

    December 27, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    My FOIL request for the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services special accreditation for the Albany County Sheriff’s Office that entitles them to less oversight was, surprisingly, fulfilled:

    Click to access Albany_Co_SO_App_and_AgreementRED.pdf

    Click to access Albany_Co_SO_2013_Final_ReportRED.pdf

    Whether they deserved that special accreditation, or deserve to keep it, is another matter.

    There were apparently some issues of some kind: “Auditor Murphy requested via email additional supporting documentation for the two remaining essential standards (29.6 Sex Offender Management, 44.2 Hate Crimes).”

    That’s not too surprising, considering:

    >From: Christopher Philippo
    >Subject: Re: Sex Offender Registry and Clery Act issues?
    >Date: September 27, 2012 at 2:59:51 PM EDT
    >To: Michael Conners
    >Cc: Ashley Brennan
    >I’d rather the problem be addressed through the system somehow, whatever system that might be in this case. Could Sheriff Apple suggest UPD fix those things?
    >I’m a little leery of making a blog post about it: would that be legal to do? I’ve been threatened in writing repeatedly, so I am not sure it would be a good idea to try blogging about it?

    >From: “Conners, Michael”
    >Subject: RE: Sex Offender Registry and Clery Act issues?
    >Date: September 27, 2012 at 3:38:21 PM EDT
    >To: Christopher Philippo
    >Cc: “Brennan, Ashley”
    >That is an excellent suggestion, I’ll ask him if he can check into the matter.

    I reported in September 2012 that the SUNY Albany Police had been mismanaging their Sexual Offender Registry for years to the extent that they’d wound up with two different ones online simultaneously, both of them quite obviously erroneous and terribly out of date. The older of the two didn’t get deleted until a month or two after I’d reported that. The one dated 2009 didn’t get fully updated until sometime in February 2013, or later – at least five months after I reported it. How much does Albany County Sheriff Apple care about the mismanagement of sexual offender registries in Albany County? Apparently very little, if at all. Seems like that intersects somewhat with the issues you’ve been reporting on this blog?

    • Sexual Offender Registry #1 “© 2009 University at Albany”

    “There are currently three (4) [sic] registered sex offenders enrolled or working at the University. The following Information has been released:” was followed by a list of six (6) offenders. Accessed: October 19, 2012 Archived by WebCite® at Accessed: February 19, 2013 Archived by WebCite® at (it still read © 2009 at that time)

    • Sexual Offender Registry #2 No date (probably circa 2007-2008)

    “There are currently two (2) registered sex offenders enrolled at the University. The following Information has been released:” was followed by a list of three (3) offenders. Accessed: October 19, 2012 Archived by WebCite® at now redirects to UPD’s homepage
    There was an audit by the NYS Comptroller’s Office in 2007 with a follow-up in 2009 which found a number of problems, but it evidently failed to take note of the mismanagement of the sexual offender registry.

    The behavior of a law enforcement agency with a special DCJS accreditation entitling them to less oversight?

    “Albany County Correction Officer arrested for assault on inmate.” News10 ABC. March 8, 2013.

    “Rodriguez allegedly recorded a January 2010 meeting where Apple brought together members of his department to boost morale. In the meeting, Apple, who officially succeeded former sheriff James Campbell in 2012 after serving as acting sheriff for nearly a year, encouraged the members of the department to work within a ‘gray area’ and is heard saying ‘I’ve been living in the gray for 22 (expletive) years. I know exactly how to manipulate the law and I’ve gotten pretty good at doing it. Is it right, wrong or indifferent? I don’t (expletive) care.'”
    Fitzgerald, Bryan. “Dismiss misconduct claim, court rules; Statue of limitations cited in investigator’s taping of undersheriff.” Albany Times Union. April 6, 2013: C5.

    Lyons, Brendan J. and Robert Gavin. “Gambling is bad bet for two at county jail; Arrest of correction officers part of illegal website operation, officials say.” Albany Times Union. April 11, 2013: A1.

    “Inmate found dead at Albany County jail.” Troy Record. May 12, 2013.


    The special accreditation for the SUNY Albany Police is even more outrageous.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 27, 2013 at 4:43 pm

      Dear Chris:

      Outstanding comment! Terrific contribution! It’s the kind of comment that doesn’t need us to dissect and analyze; it says it all!

      Thank you!
      The Editor


  3. Connie Weber

    December 23, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    I forwarded this story to the Times Union, Troy Record, WNYT and YNN….Why won’t they report on what really happens???? Instead they report stories that are fabricated and misleading, only to make those that should look bad look good.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 23, 2013 at 10:02 pm

      Thanks, Connie, for both forwarding the story and for your comment. The Times Union follows this blog quite regularly as does the Johnson Newspaper Corporation, owner of most of the Greene County rags.

      The most likely answer to your question Why don’t they report on what really happens? Is because they are not in the news business, not even in the facts business. They are political whores and advertising pimps. They have their cronies and they make sure they get the good press; the poor slobs, that is, the rest of us, can go to hell for all they care. They’ll report fact, fiction, truth (only if it’s convenient and really sleezy), or lies (the like these best) if it sells paper and gets them advertisers. There’s no morals or ethics to it.

      That’s the reason this blog was created, Connie, to get the truth out because you won’t get it on the 6 o’clock news nor in any of the local rags.

      Keep reading and we’ll keep publishing.

      Thanks again! And Happy Holidays to you and yours!

      The Editor


  4. Duane R. Keezer II

    December 23, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    RCS Confidential, if you do your homework, you would find out that “I can not bring electronic devices, into the facility”… I do not utilize taxpayer money, surfing the web, or blogging. Congratulations on finding my “public knowledge” 2012 salary. I will not continue to monitor your blog, because I will not give you the attention, you so need. The individuals, who follow this blog as if it were the bible, are just as needy as you are. I can say, the info you have posted is “accurate” in some areas, and that I have never argued. I have an issue with the attacks on innocent family members, that you use as tools to feed the story. I see that you post about others, and WILL NOT ALLOW the info to be posted about you? So, I can comprehend your topic, since you don’t believe I am able to do so…. I am an RCS student graduate….. wait, so are you? Well, here goes:

    You posted:

    “We get the impression you didn’t do well in school as far as reading comprehension goes, did you, Duane?” Answer: It’s public knowledge, figure it out

    “You see things that aren’t there, don’t you? Answer: No

    “You have a thing about “being a man,” “the man thing to do,” do you like gladiator movies, Duane?” Answer: I do

    “Do you like being in a corrections facility surrounded my men you can control?” Answer: You’ll find out one day

    “Do you enjoy having power over helpless men?” Answer: Helpless? They were put there, for not following the written rules, just like you RCS Confidential. I know YOUR history too, and it too, is public knowledge. I’d supply it, but, you won’t allow it to be posted.

    “Do you enjoy the prison, Duane?” Answer: I enjoy the employment, not the prison. I work, and have a retirement. The prison “as a whole”, is a great place to WORK FOR, and a teamwork environment. Why do you ask? Couldn’t pass the psych test or don’t have the testicular fortitude to become a correction officer? Too smart? are you? Or, afraid that you may align yourself with the “bad guys”, since you have “like” personalities and qualities?

    I have accomplished my task, and you have been exposed “outside” your cowardly blog, Have a bitter and cold holiday season, continue to be the mole, and the one way story teller, and I’ll see you soon…. I’ll let you mop the floors, if you ask nicely.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 23, 2013 at 10:03 pm

      Dear Readers:

      We are publishing Mr Duane Keezer’s most recent rant. We have nothing more to say about Mr Keezer or his rants. Read it and decide for yourselves what this guy is about. We’re no longer interested in him or his testosterone surges.

      We have better things to do than respond to his craziness.

      The Editor


      • April Audietis

        January 28, 2014 at 7:24 pm

        [readacted] You probably won’t publish this, but it needed to be said.


      • RCS Confidential

        January 28, 2014 at 9:43 pm

        You’re quite right: No matter how many times you change your e-mail or your name, you are always the same. And you stupid remarks are the same. You are so ignorant you don’t have the common sense to realize that you are predictable, and your comments are always the same. Please stop making yourself such a ridiculous figure, and stop trying to get your idiotic rants publised on this blog. You’re boring.

        The Editor


      • April Audietis

        January 29, 2014 at 9:21 am

        I posted my real name and my real email in response to this ridiculous anonymous rant and you twist it around claiming that I am some previous poster and I’m pretending to be somebody else. Really? This was the first time that I ever looked at your website. I followed a link on facebook, (also under my real name April Audietis), [redacted]. You probably won’t publish this either-can’t possibly allow a well constructed criticism of your methodology.


      • RCS Confidential

        January 29, 2014 at 12:50 pm

        Dear Ms Audietis:

        First of all, let me apologize for the error. Let me also remind you that you opinion of the topics count, not your opinions of me. If you have an opinion or a comment that speak to the issues or the facts, they will be published. But your personal attacks and angry diatribes will be summarily trashed.

        If you want to share with our many, many readers on topics of interest or the facts presented, we welcome your comments. The rules are that comments address issues represented in this blog. This is not the place to vent your personal frustrations or anger. If you can’t cope with what we publish our suggestion is simply don’t read it; just don’t log on. It’s that simple. We don’t come to you, you come to us.

        Again, we welcome your on-topic comments but your rants and angry outbursts will be trashed.

        Again we apologize for thinking you were one of the crazies who tend to write like you and keep changing their names and e-mails. We did not intend to offend you by presuming by your tone that you were one of them.

        The Editor.


    • pissed

      January 28, 2014 at 10:41 am

      [This response is in response to Duane Keezer II] You sound angry…..that you were called. Out! You all seem to forget….we the people want our government agencies to be held just as accountable…are we the pellets! Just resign…before we the people make you all look like bigger jerks than you look like!!!!!


      • RCS Confidential

        January 28, 2014 at 11:45 am

        While we try to encourage and publish most commentors’ thoughts, Mr Keezer is one of those who is just too nutz to continue humoring. You’re right Pissed Mom. Mr Keezer has some very perverse ideas about law enforcement and, judging by much of what he has written in the past, has some control issues. Like many in law enforcement, Mr Keezer feels he’s part of an elite brotherhood that has unchecked power and authority over others. That’s his first mistake and it’s a biggy.

        Mr Keezer’s second problem is that he sees thing only in black and white; he has no imagingation, no vision, no insight. He’s basically a machine that in his own words [paraphrasing] his correction officer job is just a job. Mr Keezer overlooks the important aspect of humanity and that he’s dealing with fallible persons who have made mistakes and have ended up incarcerated. Mr Keezer’s response is that they broke the rules.

        Well, Mr Keezer and his law enforcement thugs in Coeymans, whom he seems alarmingly attached to (though he previously admits he moved out of Ravena for a number of reasons), have broken plenty of rules and have abused their power and abused the community.

        But if you expect them to resign without sucking the community dry with their pensions (Yes, they expect to retire and receive pensions for their corruption, abuse, and criminality. Why not just pour salt into the community’s wounds?). Resign? Won’t happen. They’d be killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. There’s money to be had!

        The only way is to file complaints, push the town boards, eliminate the nest of rats, and have the Albany County Sheriff and the New York State Police do the job they’re also getting paid to do. Then send the Coeymans mob to jail.

        Thaks again for your comment!
        The Editor



    December 23, 2013 at 11:54 am

    How come when asking some people on the RCS school board how much it is costing the tax payers for cell phone a year? How come it cost the tax payer of the RCS school district almost $500,000 a year for the liberary This is every year, and why did it cost some were around or over $500,00 to move in to the new liberary. When you ask an elected official they just say they will look in to it?


    • RCS Confidential

      December 23, 2013 at 2:32 pm

      Well, Doug, the standard answer, instead of admitting ignorance and saying simply, “I don’t know”, is to make themselves feel important and to let you know they’re important, by saying “We’ll look into it.” and stalling. It’s not likely you or anyone else is going to get a straight answer from the RCS CSD board of education, not with its current composition. Why? Because they all think they’re smarter than you…and better. They’re just a branch office of Coeymanazis Inc.

      If you ask mayor Bruno or Nancy Warner or any of those other crooks on the Ravena village council, you’ll get the same treatment for the same reasons. Plus, they’re so crooked they couldn’t give you a straight answer. You might also want to ask why the Library was evicted and a fitness club put in that’s failing? Why $105,000 plus for the fitness club and Why!?? $30,000 plus benefits for Cathy Deluca who has no qualifications? I’m not sure whether you’re talking about the school library or the RCS Community library. The community library has its own budget which is voted on separately at the same time the RCS CSD school budget is voted on. The RCS Community library is a very important community resource; so was the Teen Center which received no support from Ravena or from Coeymans; Bruno and Warner made certain it had to close, dumping the kids back out on the street. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? There’s more, much more that we’ll be telling about the RCS board of education and their crooked ways. But that’s for another article.

      This article’s about the Coeymans police department and their own criminal activities. By the way, Doug, did you vote in the poll we have? Better do it now because we’ll be closing it next week and publishing the final results!

      Happy holidays!
      The Editor


  6. Videbuntur veritatem venire

    December 22, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    brace yourself


    • RCS Confidential

      December 22, 2013 at 7:45 pm

      In response to some readers’ concern and amusement at why we published the comment containing only, “Brace yourself,” by some deranged pseudo-intellectual, self-gratifyingly attempts to use a malaprops attempt to impress with a pseudo-Latin pseudonym, Videbuntur, we’d like to explain:

      Some readers come to this blog predisposed to looking for a fight or to simply be disruptive. When they find that their filth, their ignorance, or their depravity simply doesn’t get published, they get more and more frustrated and angry that no one’s noticing them, that they’re not being allowed to use this blog as a soapbox for their depravity. So they get all pissed off and start making nasty threats. But they don’t know really whom they are threatening, so they shoot blindly into the darkness.

      This character, Videbuntur, is the perfection of cowardice, not only does he or she use a real name but he or she doesn’t even use an English pseudonym, and hides behind that pseudonym to make his/her silly threats. Now, if a reader wants to comment not using a real name, we understand, but we still insist that the comment be civil and on-topic. Some people just don’t get it. Like “Videbuntur.”

      “Videbuntur” has been around for quite a while and has been making threats and tossing insults all the while. What “Videbuntur” does not realize this that every time he/she does that, he or she’s been traced, identified. Videbuntur is so stupid that he/she doesn’t realize that law enforcement, real law enforcement, has no problem using the tracks left by Videbuntur’s electronic footprints to locate him/her. (We’re using him/her in order not to give anything away or to prematurely identify V.)

      Any reader commenting or writing to us is guaranteed confidentiality, unless, of course, the commentor or writer choses to use his/her real name. If you are civil and stay on topic without getting crazy, we don’t care who you are. The important thing is you have the guts to come out and express yourself on the subject being discussed.

      Get crazy or make threats and we won’t waste any time on you: Like Videbuntur, your comments (or most of them) will be immediately trashed and your details go to law enforcement. We’re not her to be abused. So we wrote back to Videbuntur after he sent his/her last cryptic threat, “Brace yourself”:

      Dear Videbuntur:

      Your previous comments have been trashed but are still in our archives. You are apparently not aware that your comments go to approximately three locations before they appear on this blog.

      Law enforcement, especially the FBI Cybercrime division, will be informed of any real or probable threat via the Internet. An attempt to intimidate, annoy, alarm or any nuissance communication for no legitimate purpose by way of the Internet is at least aggravated harassment, a misdemeanor.

      We are hereby informing you that we have your identifying details and will ask our host to trace your communications if you continue to sent threatening comments or electronic communications. We will file a criminal complaint and will ask the FBI cybercrime division to investigate and apprehend you.

      You are an idiot and we do not suffer idiots. Stop your silly games or you’re going to jail. We’ll then see how smart you are.

      Your comment and this response is being posted as a public warning to you, and as a warning to any other idiot who wants to play idiot games.

      Any future communications from you will be immediately trashed and will be forwarded to the FBI Cybercrime division for handling.

      The Editor

      Videbuntur, whoever s/he is, like a handful of others, are probably being monitored or surveilled by law enforcement as we write. Probably would have been anyway, but we’re just making certain they are.

      It’s for all of our safety and peace of mind because it’s cowards like Videbuntur who put our protected rights at risk by attempting to intimidate and threaten. It doesn’t and won’t work.

      The Editor


  7. Debra Pelton

    December 20, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    This is a terribly written article, you’re supposed to write facts not opinions and theories. And you call yourself “RCS Confidential” maybe if you weren’t trashing other peoples names you’d be proud to put your name on your work! Not to mention that their is a better way to go about change then slandering people’s names.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 20, 2013 at 6:02 pm

      Dear Debra:

      Thank you for your comment. You seem to have some difficulty distinguishing between fact and opinion. The article reports FACTS, dear, not opinions. Unless you have some information to disprove the facts, shut up. Yes. Put up or shut up.

      Another fact, dear, is that it is not we, who are trashing these peoples’ names, if indeed trashing is the appropriate word. These people in public service have done the job themselves. They are the worst examples of public employees we have seen in years. Their conduct is reprehensible. They have done the deeds, we have merely made their conduct and behavior public. Get YOUR facts straight, dear.

      Speaking of terribly written, maybe you should have a look at your own written English, especially your spelling. But then, you have some very adled ways of thinking so why should we expect you to write intelligently.

      Don’t worry about the author’s name of this fine work, Debra Pelton. You should be worried about the substance of the reports, not the author. Just goes to prove what we’ve been saying all along: Feeble minds just can’t handle abstracts, they have to have something physical they can touch and punish. Right? Isn’t that why you need so desperately to know who writes what? Get a brain…NO! Don’t get one! You’d really be a danger to society 😉

      Thanks again for your comment. Join the Keezer club; it’s been created for you and your ilk.

      The Editor


  8. Duane R. Keezer II

    December 19, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    All I can say is “Whoa”…. Whoa, referring to the attacks you consistently make against people who YOU consider to be harmful…. Why? You, “RCS Confidential” must have run out of info to post about in the town / county that you reside in. I, for one, laugh at the thought that ANY of your info, that you post, has ANY substantial truth to it. For such an informative individual, I never see a POSITIVE post on this “Blog”. I see a very negative approach to a problem YOU have. The replies posted, are that of the same people, over and over. I will not attempt to insult you, because I will AGAIN receive an email that “has been trashed” (deleted), because my reply doesn’t align itself with your thought / opinion. Whatever happened to a “agree to disagree” with a mature debate? I do not agree with most of your info, especially the false accusations of nepotism within Coeymans Town. I also can provide proof, that the majority of your “accusations of corruption” are just ACCUSATIONS and there is NO PROOF of your “slandering insults” towards people’s family. Once you pay taxes, provide community assistance, or even mean something to the Town of Coeymans, why not find a constructive story to post, in Greene County? You should be able to find someone there, that you would actually have a right to worry about, since you seem to be so worried about SURROUNDING issues. The town of Coeymans Police, and municipality as a whole, have always been accommodating and helpful to the residents. I grew up there, NOT RELATED TO ANY MEMBER IN THE ELECTED POSITIONS (or appointed), and have always been accepted and treated with respect. I can explain why….. because I give the treatment I would want in return, RESPECT! I have NEVER read a single story (by you), on here, with any RESPECT towards Coeymans. So, I now know why you are a bitter and angry person…. because you LACK respect, LACK any moral compass, and LACK any type of human decency. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and continue to live your hostile and negative life. I will enjoy the holiday cheer with friends and NEIGHBORS in Coeymans, and I’ll be sure to extend the wishes of a prosperous future with Greg, Jerry, Kerry, Todd, Dawn, and everyone else that has EARNED my respect. Respectfully signed and submitted….

    DUANE R. KEEZER II….. <—- (Not afraid to show MY name) a proud "Coeymans / Ravena" society member and community supporter!


    • RCS Confidential

      December 20, 2013 at 6:44 am

      To be more than fair to you, let’s just be clear: You are alleging in your comment that none of what we reported happened? You are stating that none of the report is factual? You are coming out in defense of Gregory Darlington, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, Todd Poverelli, Kerry Thompson, and the rest of the local mob? Can you please tell us who’s paying you off or from which psychiatric holding cell you are writing from?

      Poor, poor, deluded, Duane-in-Denial. Your feeble mind just can’t embrace the facts that your little “corrections system” world is not the perfect idyllic police state heaven people like you in the corrections system want to impose on the rest of us. While you are whistling while at work warehousing human beings and correcting nothing in the world you look at others who are REAL CITIZENS of community and persons with HEALTHY attitudes towards what HEALTHY society should be and point your crooked, misguided, ignoran fingers and cry such things as: SOVEREIGN CITIZEN, TERRORIST, INMATE while pandering to your small subculture you call “corrections” or “law enforcement.”

      The fact that you come out and praise the real criminals is proof of your pitiful derangement and dissociative disorder. You, Duane Keezer, are worse than just brain dead, you are morally dead.

      No, we won’t delete or trash your comment. It’s just the proof we need that people like you are really out there. People with such a loose grasp on reality that all you can do to keep what little you have is to ally yourselves with the shit of society and to deny, deny, DENY Truth and Facts.

      Just crawl back into your little burrow and make believe it’s heaven. The ones in your world who need to be locked up, Mr Keezer, are not the poor souls at your mercy in the “correction system”, but the very ones you ignorantly set up as idols, who in reality are the filth of hell.

      As the adage goes, “Show me your friends and I’ll know who you are” says a lot in your case.

      The Editor


    • Virgil

      December 20, 2013 at 8:13 am

      Duane you obviously have no idea what your talking about. And you say that you can provide proof that all that’s said on this blog are accusations? Everyone in this town knows the B.S. thats happening behind the scenes. It’s no secret. Ask people that live in this town what they think of Jerry, Greg, Kerry, Todd, Dawn and the rest of the losers. They’re not very well liked at all. In fact just look at the elections this past November. Pretty much everyone in this town wants change. The people have spoken! The Coeymans Police and the current elected officials are now the minority, not the majority. Change is coming to the town of Coeymans. As soon as Steve Flach and the newly elected officials with actual brains starts in January…the Coeymans Police will be no more. And I personally can’t wait!


      • RCS Confidential

        December 20, 2013 at 9:54 am

        Bravo! Virgil! Thanks for coming out so courageously!

        It seems our little friend corrections officer Duane is a real company man. But being a company man exposes him to the risk of looking like he’s got his head stuck way up his butt! We can excuse his ignorance but not his obstinacy and refusal to admit the truth.

        We sometimes publish comments like his just to show how ridiculous they are, and so that our readers know that there are still blockheads out there who refuse to smell the smoke of the fire burning their own asses.

        Thanks again, Virgil! You’re not alone judging by the reader statistics over the past two days; our reader stats are going through the roof! On Day 1 we had over 1000 readers of that single “Top Secret” article. Yesterday, almost 2000! And it seems today they’re not slowing down, either. And it’s not even the weekend!

        The fact remains that if anything we print were untrue, we have invited those concerned to respond, to correct what they feel is untrue, to provide the facts if these facts are not representative of the real situation in Ravena-Coeymans. Have they done that? Have they left a comment? NO! Not a peep! They’re guilty as hell and they are keeping a low profile. But that’s not going to save their asses. We now have the world’s attention but more importantly, we have the community’s attention.

        Peace and Joy! Happy Holidays!

        The Editor


      • Duane R. Keezer II

        December 20, 2013 at 6:43 pm

        Virgil, thank you for the respectful reply. I am a person of “maturity”, and I will not disrespect you. I like the idea, that you voted for change. You have that right, and so do others. If the people have spoken, then the change is coming. With that said, hopefully the individuals who will be replacing the current “team”, aren’t as corrupt as RCS Confidential is saying, themselves. I am all for, exposing corruption. I am all for FACTS. But, is it necessary to drag families into an issue? Insulting children, or distant relatives, of a person that RCS Confidential isn’t happy with? A real man, will do as you did, above. Address the issue, with respect. Nothing in your post is insulting, degrading, or inappropriate, and I thank you. I would like to see a mature approach, instead of the above information, being posted. [redacted] RCS Confidential, isn’t able to control his inner anger, and resorts to defaming and insults. If change is coming, I hope it makes you happy. I feel, there are changes needed, but ousting an entire board for “personal issues”, like RCS Confidential seems to have, isn’t right either. I haven’t seen any factual evidence, just accusations, in the problems with the Coeymans PD. If there are facts, show them, that’s all I am asking. The tirade of immaturity, shown above, is just unnecessary and childish. And the “stealth” mode to expose, is just laughable. Step up, as you did above, and show your face. That’s the man thing to do. Again, Virgil, thank you. For allowing to “agree to disagree” without disrespect


      • RCS Confidential

        December 20, 2013 at 8:20 pm

        Duane Keezer:

        We get the impression you didn’t do well in school as far as reading comprehension goes, did you, Duane. You see things that aren’t there, don’t you? You have a thing about “being a man,” “the man thing to do,” do you like gladiator movies, Duane?Do you like being in a corrections facility surrounded my men you can control? Do you enjoy having power over helpless men? Do you enjoy the prison, Duane?

        Here’s another question for you: In 2012 you made a rate of pay as a corrections officer at Coxsackie of $55,745 and a total amount paid of $70,453. Was the additional $14,708 you received payment for overtime? How much of that was you on the Internet visiting blogs and writing comments? Sounds like the sort of thing that’s going on in Coeymans with your little buddies down there, doesn’t it? We just might look into that and publish something about it. We know your IP address, we have the times you log on. Were you at work spending taxpayer money?

        Your pseudo kissing up to Virgil to expose your doubts about your own masculinity and your own insecurity in facing reality is pathetic. You continue your stupid denial of what the majority of the community experiences every day, day-to-day, in some form or another. You are pathologically in denial and keep repeating the same mantra, apparently hoping to convince yourself of what you are thinking. Stop the mantra and come out of your trance.

        And please, spare us your amateur psychology act. “Anger,” “inner anger” etc. is just plain bullshit. You are the angry one but don’t know it. Why do you come out and write such rubbish. You only appear to be painting yourself as a complete idiot.

        We are approving your comment for the sole purpose of exposing your sickness, nothing more, nothing less. You serve as the pathetic example of what anyone can become if she or he doesn’t get a grip on reality.

        This is the last comment you will get published, unless you can control your screwball thought process and stay on topic and address specific issues. So far you have not been able to do that and instead have done exactly what you claim RCS Confidential has done (but really hasn’t done). Amateur psychologist that you are you’d have to call this “projection” or “countertransferance.” Of course, you have no clue what they are but you really should look them up, for your own good.

        You’re not as smart as you think you are. But if you keep exposing yourself to ridicule, we have no problem gently pointing that out to you and our readers.

        The Editor


  9. Chris Earing

    December 19, 2013 at 11:22 am

    Wow someone has a lot of time on their hands. And is a VERY bitter person. Happy Holidays!!!


    • RCS Confidential

      December 19, 2013 at 11:44 am

      Thank you, Chris, for your comment.

      Everyone has the same amount of time but some of us use it for the benefit of our communities. You might want to try it. Others use it to ruin their communities, which is why this blog was started: to identify the criminals and maggots and to let the public do with them what they see fit. In other words, some of us try to clean up the things others just bitch about.

      One correction: Your myopic vision (that’s shortsightedness) and sheeple character plus your projection of your own anger and frustration make you see bitterness where there is none. People like you call exposure of Truth bitterness because it upsets your fiction world of nice-nice; what are you, anyway, some economic parasite sucking up pension funds or free lunch? Bitter? No. Civic minded, yes. You must be identifying with the criminals we expose.

      Or you might want to share with us what your game is, rather than dropping your stupid oneliners and running for cover.

      And Happy Holidays! to you, too.

      The Editor


  10. Virgil

    December 18, 2013 at 9:16 am

    Wow unbelieveable. And the public had no knowledge of this? This should be forwarded to the news stations immediately, so they can dig into it and make it public!


    • RCS Confidential

      December 18, 2013 at 9:42 am

      Hi, Virgil, and thanks for your response!

      The problem is that it IS believable. We waited a couple of weeks before we considered publishing this information. We had to verify the facts we had received several weeks ago. An informant has come forward who has great credentials and who has confirmed the facts.

      Yes! It’s true and believable. Problem is there’s much more under the surface. Stay tuned.

      The Editor



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