Week 3 of Our Poll: Results

13 Dec

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The Poll is Still Going Strong!


Get Rid of Bruno, Coeymans P.D.!!! Poll Responses Overwhelming!

Get Rid of Bruno, Coeymans P.D.!!!
Poll Responses Overwhelming!

Now, in its 3rd week, we’ve almost doubled the responses from our last report: We’ve gone from 278 responses to 517 responses. To put this in some perspective, about 1900 Coeymans residents voted in the last elections on November 5th, 2013. Our 517 responses represent 27% of the entire number of votes in the last town of Coeymans general elections. That’s an incredibly good response and certainly represents a reliable trend among local residents.

That figure gets even larger when we consider that many of the people who voted on November 5th don’t even use computers. Furthermore, even if they are computer users and follow this blog, most are passive readers; this means they visit, read and leave, some occasionally leave a comment, but not much else. So the 517 responses we have received a people in the town of Coeymans who feel very strongly about what they’re voting on.

But in all honesty, we have to consider that some responses may come from people outside the area who have an opinion on what is going on in the town of Coeymans and the surrounding area. Perhaps they live in the town of Bethlehem but their children attend RCS schools or they have friends in the RCS area. Some responses may come from the the Town of New Baltimore, but New Baltimore has less than half the population of the town of Coeymans and less than ¼ of the responses come from the town of New Baltimore. It’s also unlikely that someone living in New Baltimore would respond to a question about Ravena but even if they did, it’s still a good indicator of what people think of the village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans. So take if for what it’s worth.

The Analysis

Numbers Don't Lie

Numbers Don’t Lie, Bruno Does

First of all, 100% of respondents say that they answered the poll questions honestly and seriously. That’s good.

This blog continues to get very high marks with 87% of respondents saying they get more information from this blog than from the media. 85% feel that this blog is an important community resource. 77.5% of respondents rely on this blog for truthful information about the community. and 65% say they would gladly do business with a business that supports this blog. Needless to say, we’re very happy with these figures. Still, 17.5% feel that this blog is useless.

According to the responses received regarding Ravena mayor John Bruno and his flying monkeys, Nancy Warner, Martin Case (lost his bid in November for the town of Coeymans supervisor position), Rocco Persico, and Bill Bailey their time is getting really short. 65%  want no more Bruno, Warner, Persico, Case or Bailey in Ravena. 52% want to send mayor Bruno to Alaska, and only 7.5% think tht mayor Bruno is doing a good job. Byebye Bruno!

Flying-Monkey-We expect that after the recent revelations of the Bruno-CSX betrayal of Ravena residents, especially those on Magnolia Drive, that Bruno’s and his flying monkey’s ratings have plummeted even further. Especially after that comedy of a village council meeting and Bruno’s unabashed lies and the village trustee’s absolute ignorance. Yes, people, that’s an embarrassing bunch!

As for the town of Coeymans Police 80.0% of respondents say that the Albany County Sheriff and the New York State Police should provide law enforcement in the town of Coeymans. A whopping 75% of respondents want to eliminate the town of Coeymans police department.

70% of respondents want the police presence out of our RCS schools. Only 17.5% want to keep the police in our schools. What do you think? Take the poll.

We expect these Coeymans police department figures with skyrocket when we publish the story about how Mrs Darlington pushes out a pup and then goes back to work at Albany County DA Soares’ pigpen, while Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington stays home and babysits his new pup. Yes, Coeymans has a police chief is a stay-at-home mom but he’s doing it on taxpayer dollars. Question: Is he taking personal time, vacation time, sick leave to stay home? Likely not.

We have a story in the making that reports how two Coeymans police department employees got hold of Kerry Thompson’s official laptop (it was allegedly left unsecured in Thompson’s unlocked vehicle) and the perps sent an Albany County Sheriff’s deputy on a wild-goose chase. Craig Apple, Albany County Sheriff, almost immediately removed Thompson from the Coeymans p.d. and gave him an assignment at the Albany County Sheriff’s department, a desk job, a sort of demotion-promotion. The two Coeymans police officers, Danielle Crosier and Peter McKenna got temporary suspensions—Crosier got a week and McKenna got a month— they should have been fired. It was all discussed in “executive session,” that is, behind closed doors but our informant has the details and you will, too, very soon. What do you think of law enforcement officers involved in such stupidity?

87.5% of respondents say that no decisions should be made by the town boards until the new town boards take over. This is still very high but down 8.9% from the last tally. At this point in time, the lame ducks on the boards probably won’t get anything pushed through anyway. But any raises and promotions passed should be critically reviewed by the new boards in January.

Then we have Cathy Deluca’s payoff playpen, you know the one that mayor Bruno and his flying monkeys allocated more than $100,000 of Ravena tax dollars to support while Bruno and Warner were evicting the RCS Community Library, and working so hard to destroy the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activity Center? Well 67% of respondents still consider the Ravena Health and Fitness Center to be “an illegal joke!”  And 0% still say that they or a famly member use the RHFC! How’s that for wise decision-making as far as your tax dollars are concerned, Ravena residents? Cathy Deluca probably loves the idea but she’s cashing in at the rate of $30,000 a year in salary plus very generous benefits. This is all happening while more and more buildings are going empty and CSX is cutting down residents’ trees for a second rail line nobody but Bruno and CSX knew about. You GO! Ravena!

Nancy Warner Sends Season's Greetings from Mayor Bruno Those aren't Christmas trees in the background!

Nancy Warner Sends Season’s Greetings from Mayor Bruno
Those aren’t Christmas trees in the background!

Speaking of the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activity Center readers may have noticed that that building is now what is politely called “distressed property,” that is, mayor Bruno and Ravena village trustee Nancy Warner have succeeded not only in depriving local youth of a place to go for supervised and safe entertainment but they now have another empty building on Main Street, Brunoville. It’s big, ugly and empty. Congratulations! Mayor John Bruno and Nancy Warner, Marty Case and Bill Bailey, Rocco Persico! You’ve done it again! Killed something good and put another empty storefront on Main Street, Ravena.

hatchet figureRespondents, however, feel differently and it’s not good for the Bruno crowd: 70% of respondents vote to save the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activity Center. The figures are very encouraging but unfortunately Bruno and Warner did their dirty work: the Teen Center is gone and the kids are still here, bait for the Coeymanazi police department, nowhere to go, nothing to do. All this happened while two RCS Central School District employees, Marty Case, a teacher, and Rocco Persico, a school psychologist, sit on the village of Ravena village council! A teacher and a school psychologist, sucking up school district money, figures who should have the best interests of the kids at heart and they support two mummies, Bruno and Warner, in killing the Teen Center and dumping the kids. No wonder Ravena is a dump, a ghost town, a cemetery! The didn’t allocate a single cent in support of the Youth Center but had more than $100,000 for a fitness center no one seems to want (except for Cathy Deluca and the Bruno-Warner pair).

The increasing numbers of responses give us a more reliable idea of what the Ravena-Coeymans community is thinking. The fact that respondents take the time to actually answer the question about “honestly and seriously” clearly shows that they feel it’s important to know that fact. This also means that if they are being honest and serious, they’re likely answering only those questions that apply to them. This, again, speaks in favor of the reliability of the figures.

It’s interesting that the respondents were in the early days of the poll most emotional on issues like the Coeymans p.d. and the Bruno regime when the respondent numbers were low but the percentages were high. Now we have more responses and the percentages are leveling out more. This would indicate that people with really strong feelings against these issues came out first and then more moderate readers reacted, and finally, the minority needed to go on the defense and start countering the overwhelming responses against the Coeymans p.d. and the Bruno regime. Even so, the percentages against the Coeymans p.d. and the Bruno regime continue to be overwhelmingly high and appear to want to hover there.

We have one week to go before we close down the poll and present the final figures. We urge our town of Coeymans and New Baltimore residents to participate and to vote so that your neighbors know how you feel. This is information that Coeymans and Ravena residents won’t be getting anywhere else and it’s important in view of recent developments and historic changes that have taken place in recent months.

Click here to view the latest breakdown and comparison with the last report: Week 3 Poll Conversion Table 13-12-13_word.

Hope You’re Not Going to Leave Without Taking the Poll!
Just click on this link: Take Me to the Poll, and you’ll be brought directly to the poll.
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Beating Them Honestly The Editor

Beating Them Honestly
The Editor

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