New Baltimore Fire District Elections

09 Dec

Poll Results:
New Baltimore Fire District 1 Unanimously Elects (86-0)
Jeff Deso to be Fire Commissioner
Congratulations, Jeff!


Just a reminder that your New Baltimore Fire District Commissioner elections are tomorrow night, Tuesday, Dec. 10th.  We understand that both Medway and Dist. No. 1 are both open 6pm to 9pm. You must be a registered voter in the appropriate district to cast a ballot.

It is rumored that there may be a write-in campaign in Fire District No. 1 (Cornell Hook & Ladder) to replace Jeff Deso. This may be due to lame-duck supervisor Susan O’Rorke blaming the fire company, in part, for her defeat in the November 5th elections. It may be completely untrue, backlash and revenge are part of the losers’ script. Jeff Deso is the chairman of the board and does a fantastic job for New Baltimore residents and taxpayers. Normal election attendance is about 10-12 voters total. The Lewis-O’Rorke-Benway-Norris agenda has never really had the New Baltimore community high on their priorities. We want to avoid the situation where their type of retaliation counteracts the common good. Please come out and support Jeff Deso for re-election if you are in fire district 1. A similar request has gone out to fire company members as well. Thanks for the support!


Support Jeff Deso for Re-Election as
Fire District 1 Commissioner!

Visit the New Baltimore Fire District Website: Click this link: NBFD



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2 responses to “New Baltimore Fire District Elections

  1. Interested citizen

    December 11, 2013 at 8:36 am

    Where did you get the results? I’m curious as to the outcome of the Medway-Grapeville election, and if those results have been released as well.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 11, 2013 at 10:54 am

      Hello, Interested:

      We have not received the Medway results yet. Sorry. Because of the rumors of retaliation we did have a poll watcher for the District 1 election at the Cornell Hook and Ladder location.

      The Town of New Baltimore clerk should have that information. You can contact Janet Brooks, Town Clerk,, or call her at (518) 756.6671.

      We e-mailed the New Baltimore town clerk earlier today but have not received a response after several hours.

      Town clerk has not responded. Another source provided this information: The tally was much closer in Medway-Grapeville…Jean Horne (41 to 37).

      The Editor



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