New Baltimore Town Board to Be Roasted!

08 Dec

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New Baltimore Town Hall on Monday, December 9, at 7:00 p.m.

Don’t Miss the Roasting of the O’Rorke Town of New Baltimore Town Board.

What's that you said, Suz?

What’s that you said, Suz?

Special Menu Items Will include Chris Norris and Lisa Benway Crispy Critters in a Brown Sauce!

Lame-duck, defeated New Baltimore Supervisor Susan O’Rorke and two town board lackies, Chris Norris and Lisa Benway, will explain their personal recipes for roast pork. You know, the ones Denis Jordan and selected vendors have learned to enjoy these past years. Susan O’Rorke will try to squirm out of her putrid corner to explain why she and lackies Chris Norris and Lisa Benway approved so many illegal and unlawful expenditures of New Baltimore taxpayers’ money. David Wukitsch, New Baltimore town attorney will be available to explain why the residents of New Baltimore should not petition the Committee on Professional Standards to suspend his license to practice law or at lease sanction and censure him for legal malpractice while advising the O’Rorke monkeys.

Not Any More!!! Be at the New Baltimore Town Hall and Find Out What Happened to the Bacon!

Not Any More!!!
Be at the New Baltimore Town Hall and Find Out What Happened to the Bacon!

The New York State Comptroller’s auditors found some very serious misuse of taxpayer money and some very suspicious purchasing practices made by the Susan O’Rorke/Chris Norris/Lisa Benway trio. Denis Jordan, an elected town official and town highway superintendent was at the center of most of the abuse of public office. So what do O’Rorke, Norris, Benway do with New Baltimore taxpayer money? They give Jordan a raise!

Concerned residents and taxpayers of New Baltimore intend to show up at the December 9, 2013, New Baltimore Town Board meeting to demand that O’Rorke, Norris, and Benway explain their mismanagement and violation of town policies and New York State Law. They will have to explain why criminal charges should not be brought against them.

Mr Jordan will have to explain why he got the raise and why he was involved in so many illegal purchases. We already know from Jordan’s, Benway’s and Norris’ own statements put out in a recent campaign letter supporting O’Rorke that Jordan and O’Rorke are very close. So they’re so close they, O’Rorke, Norris, and Benway vote to give their friend Jordan a pay raise. Nice!

And where was New Baltimore town attorney David Wukitsch when all of this illegal crapola was going on? He’s being paid by New Baltimore taxpayers to keep things legal. Davey was sitting on his muffin giving illegal advice for unlawful practices. We think New Baltimore taxpayers should demand that the State of New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department, Committee on Professional Standards review David Wukisch’s conduct in his role as New Baltimore town attorney and recommend that he be suspended or at least sanctioned and censured for his legal malpractice!

In the meantime, the only right thing for Denis Jordan to do is to refuse the pay raise and let the new New Baltimore Town Board vote on it. If the new New Baltimore town board thinks he deserves a raise after careful consideration of his past performance and record, we’ll stand by them. But in the meantime, Jordan should not be handed a raise for kissing O’Rorke’s ass at New Baltimore taxpayers’ expense.

New York Governor Mario Cuomo and his Attorney General Eric Schneiderman are so hot and bothered by public corruption, let’s see what they do about radical local government corruption like we have in New Baltimore and in the town of Coeymans! Do their wars on corruption in public office  target only their political opponents and the other party, are their threats and campaigns just smoke-and-mirrors, dogs-and-ponies? We’ll see. They’ll see when they get the numbers from the voting booths!

In the meantime, we citizens have to ensure that the crooks and the corrupt in public office get what they deserve, and lose what they don’t deserve.

JOIN US! December 9, NB Town Hall, 7:00 p.m. The Editor

December 9, NB Town Hall, 7:00 p.m.
The Editor

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