Local Resident Requests Publication Before New Baltimore Town Meeting

03 Dec

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Content Update_Smalbany Blog_BWIn a well-written letter-to-the-editor, local a local business and property owner and community organizor alerts the residents of the town of New Baltimore and warns of the forked-tongue of the lame-duck supervisor Susan O’Rorke and her cronies on the New Baltimore town board, and the damage they are doing before they have to vacate New Baltimore Town Hall.


New Town Officers Continue to Urge Residents’ Participation

Local Resident and Business Owner Calls for New Baltimore Residents to Attend December 9 New Baltimore Town Board Meeting and STOP the Eleventh-Hour Favors Being Paid by ex-Supervisor O’Rorke and her Psycho-Cronies Lisa Benway and Chris Norris!
Here’s the full-text, unedited version of the resident’s letter.*

 Letter to the Editor

December 4, 2013

 My fellow taxpayers, please note that the next Town Board Meeting for the Town of New Baltimore is scheduled for December 9, 2013.

 The purpose of this letter is to provide every member of our community with information regarding the performance of our current elected officials, based on the following official documentation:

  •  Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) Audit of the Town of New Baltimore’s Procurement Practices – Released 11/15/13 (10 days after the election),
  • Town Board meetings, and
  •  Recent election literature

 Based on the facts provided for your review the “leadership” has not acted responsibly, especially when it involves fiscal accountability.   As you read this letter please keep in mind that the expenditures in question ($530,634/$135,377) in the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) Audit are approximately one third of our Town’s budget ($l.6M).

 Page 3 of the Comptroller’s Audit states:

 Fact:  “The Supervisor, who serves as the Town’s chief executive and chief fiscal officer, is responsible for implementing Board policy and overseeing the financial management of the Town’s moneys.  As chief fiscal officer, the Supervisor is responsible for overseeing most of the Town’s financial duties. The Town’s Highway Superintendent is an elected official and is responsible for overseeing highway operations.

 Page 8 of the Comptroller’s Audit states:

 Fact:  Additionally, prior Board approval was required, but was not documented, for individual and aggregate purchases totaling $135,377 of our sample of $165,455. Town officials said the approvals were given in committee meetings. The Supervisor [O’Rorke] and Deputy Supervisor [Norris] told us that they meet regularly in committee meetings with the Highway Superintendent [Jordan] to discuss planned Highway Department purchases, but do not ask for or receive copies of quotes.”  [bracketed names added]

 The Comptroller’s Audit continues:

 Fact:  “By not enforcing Town procurement policy, requiring evidence of  compliance with guidelines of OGS and county purchasing contracts, and ensuring that written quotations or prior Board approvals were obtained when required, the Board cannot be certain purchases are made at the lowest cost and without favoritism.”

 Fact:  Based on the Comptroller’s Audit: In just a 14 month period – l/0l/12-3/0l/13 – the Town Highway Superintendent made purchases of $530,634 which were not in compliance with General Municipal Law.

 Claim:  “A Great Team for New Baltimore” was the title of an October 31, 2013 Letter to the Editor in support of the Democrat slate of candidates for the 11/05/13 General Election.  The slate was led by then Town Supervisor – Susan O’Rorke.  [Editor’s Note: O’Rorke was voted out, defeated in the November 2013 elections.]

 Claim:  The letter states about Ms. O’Rorke:  “She has promoted open and transparent government together with a bipartisan spirit with her colleagues on the town board. Susan has a great working relationship with Highway Superintendent Jordan and they will continue this relationship to improve our roads. Susan deserves your wholehearted support.

 Claim:  The letter ends with the statement:  “We believe that these candidates for public office will provide the commitment, experience and leadership that is needed to represent you and will put the needs of the community first. They will work hard for the good people of New Baltimore and will be fully engaged to continue to build our towns bright future.  We ask that you support and vote for these candidates on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

 Fact:  The above letter was signed by elected town officials:  Highway Superintendent-Denis Jordan, Councilwoman-Lisa Benway & Deputy Supervisor-Christopher Norris.

 Fact:  Wait, it doesn’t end there!  Knowing full-well the original content of the Comptroller’s audit, the same  three  officials  (who signed the October letter  and approved spending) were the only votes in favor of a 2014 raise for the Highway Superintendent [Jordan] at the November 11, 2013 Final Budget meeting.

 In a The Daily Mail article dated November 19, 2013 entitled:  State audit takes issue with purchasing, bidding policies the article states:

 In a telephone interview on Monday, O’Rorke said, Now that the report is public and finalized we will discuss it at the December board meeting.”

After reviewing these documents I thought that if our elected officials owned a private business the company would be bankrupt!  However, with the authority to raise taxes and/or borrow money from other accounts, we taxpayers are now paying for their lack of leadership and frivolous spending.

 All too often within our community people talk about the deterioration of our society – each of us have a responsibility, as well as the opportunity, as members of our community to initiate change. 

 Let’s start in our town at the next Town Board Meeting on December 9, 2013.

    What do you  think  these elected officials should do now? 
You be the judge! 

God Bless our community and best wishes to all for a healthy and prosperous holiday season,

AnnMarie Vadney
Town of New Baltimore 

We agree with the author of the letter: New Baltimore residents need to show up at the New Baltimore town board meeting on December 9, 2013—and we don’t mean only the O’Rorke loudmouths and the Ross-Angelis backstabbers—we mean the real residents, not the sockpuppets who take orders, residents who vote and care about the New Baltimore community and want to see it return to its roots of good, civil, caring neighbors! Take a good look at what we have become and you’ll know what we’re talking about. There’s change, BIG CHANGE in the air, and it’s change for the better.
We almost split a gut when we read the quote above that “Susan has a great working relationship with Highway Superintendent Jordan.” O’Rorke sure does! O’Rorke and her two buddies, Lisa Benway and Chris Norris, just gave Jordan a pay raise! If anyone has seen the state of the roads in the so-called National Histori District part of the Hamlet of New Baltimore, you’d think they’d have docked his pay or fired Jordan! But NO! They have to take care of their pets so they give him a raise!
We think it’s time to demand some resignations: Starting with Denis Jordan, Christopher “Chris” Norris, and Lisa Benway. They’ve all been abusing public office for far too long and have caused this town of New Baltimore enough embarrassment and illegally spent too much of your tax money already. They need to go, too! You got rid of the Dictator-in-Chief, Susan O’Rorke, now go get her flying monkeys Jordan, Norris, and Benway! Clean house for REAL! You got rid of the major cockroach but if you leave the others, you’ve still got roaches in New Baltimore Town Hall!

Got Roaches in Town Hall? You Have to Get them All Out!

Got Roaches in Town Hall?
You Have to Get them All Out!

 * We are informed that The Daily Mail is to publish this letter-to-the-editor. The author of the L2E was contacted by Mr Jim Plank of The Daily Mail who was preparing the letter for publication. Are the Johnson Newspaper Corporation and Mr John J. Johnson and the Hudson-Catskill Newspapers group, Mr Mark Vinciguerra, finally getting a conscience and a set of balls to match? We’ll see. Perhaps they’re finally realizing they’re on the losing side in Coeymans and Greene County.

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Got'em, Use'em! If you don't have them, grow a pair and join us! The Editor
Got’em, Use’em!
If you don’t have them, grow a pair and join us!
The Editor

2 responses to “Local Resident Requests Publication Before New Baltimore Town Meeting

  1. pundit

    December 3, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    It is just so hard to believe and understand how and why this stuff happens, but it does and it is not restricted to NB, It just happens throughout government and is getting worse.
    The Audit Report just be discussed publicly on a line by line basis and those who did not follow rules causing the chastisement should be made to pay in some way, whether monetarily or criminally. We have to begin to say ‘Stop’ and this is as good a time as any to start. In fact, it appears this one would be easy–the Town Attorney must have approved all the shenanigans, and, if not, why not? If so, then he needs to get grief too.
    Let’s begin to take control back!


    • RCS Confidential

      December 4, 2013 at 7:12 am

      Absolutely right, Pundit! It’s gone this far because so many people have allowed it to, and because so much government is being done by elected officials, behind closed doors, excluding the people, and taking good care of their friends and family members.

      Yes, it has to stop but only WE THE PEOPLE can stop it! Participation in government OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE does not stop at the voting machine. It’s like buying a dog. You can buy a dog but you have to take responsibility for it, train it, keep an eye on it or you’re in for a heap of trouble. Same with politicians. Most are just untrained dogs looking for a place to dump…here it’s on us.

      The author of the L2E is absolutely correct. People have to fill the town board meeting chamber and tell them what they want and don’t want. First of all, they need to tell them how to behave!

      Thanks again for your comment! Nice to hear from you again!

      The Editor



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